After a comet releases a mysterious virus that begins to kill all of the women in the world, a young couple’s relationship is severely tested. They hide out (from both the illness and the savages who hunt the remaining women) in their over-sterilized apartment. Ultimately the duo escapes their self-imposed quarantine to head to the wilderness for one final experience together.

Also Known As: Единственная, Only

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  • jennifer-flores
    jennifer flores

    So sad and amotional movie😭I like the story and tha actors

  • lic-pablo-arredondo
    lic pablo arredondo

    You would usually think when watching a sci-fi outbreak movie you dreaming but in today’s world we not. Story deserves more credit, at times a bit far fetched with a strange virus killing all woman from face of earth, story concentrates on couple survival last days. I have to say boyfriend is pretty well organized and ready for pretty much everything

  • tiffany-harper
    tiffany harper

    Before watching this I briefly looked at reviews and saw they were completely all over the place so I had no idea what to expect. The good? Not much. Frieda Pinto is extremely easy on the eyes. The cast is a talented group of actors, and the cinematography made me “believe” the dystopian future was “real”. The bad? Everything else. The cast, while talented, is a complete waste. Most of the time spent by the leads is spent literally staring at each other, with little / no dialogue. Does this portray deep meaning and emotion, or a lazy screenwriter? Honestly I bet this film has 3-5 pages of conversation, in total. Speaking of wasted actors, “Hi Chandler Riggs!” I hope we got a decent check for the 12 seconds of screen time he had, and he probably doesn’t say a complete sentence the entire film. As for the plot? Sad stuff happens. I really tried getting into it, but the lack of dialogue and plot pacing left me wanting. I constantly paused to look at the time, wondering how such a short film could seem so long. Also, there was no need to chop up the timeline as it was, it just makes the final reveal all the more confusing, in that it’s not much of a reveal at all. Probably the most anti-climatic climax I’ve seen in recent memory. This film could’ve been so much more, and give Chandler Riggs A sentence of dialogue, maybe?

  • barbara-kinkela
    barbara kinkela

    It was so predictable that I couldn’t bring myself to fully engage, but watched the beginning and the end and a few parts in between. I couldn’t bear to just go through an obvious and slow tragedy for the length of the film, knowing how it would end within the first few minutes, without any real unknowns except the way it originally happened, which was inevitable, and without anything to learn from it, given the situation, no solution in sight.

  • gianina-tomescu
    gianina tomescu

    Seeing as all the reviewers who rated this movie bad admit in their reviews that they didn’t watch the complete movie they can’t be taken seriously. If you have the attention span of a rock this is not the movie for you.A sad yet happy tale of a young couple in the midst of a wide spread virus destroying the female population.The acting was superb. The story line pretty basic but enough to keep you interested,6.1

  • lodii-indu
    lodii indu

    Good story and decent acting, but was pretty boring most of the time. Definitely needed more action and less drama. Wouldn’t recommend it. 5 stars

  • auguste-garcia
    auguste garcia

    Many apocalyptic films are focused on the causes of the cataclysm at the expense of seeing the human expense of such an occurrence. Budgets for such films are as big as the dramatic event. Takashi Doscher gets the absolute most out of a small budget to deliver a film that explores the human/relational side of a global pandemic. If viewers are unable to appreciate the love story in the midst of personal and social tragedy at a time when the world is virtually on lockdown “in real life” then they will miss out on the journey of this beautiful film. My “ten” rating is comparative for similar budgeted films. Congratulations, Takashi Doscher.

  • joseph-davis
    joseph davis

    ONLY Nature and cinema have always inspired or predicted each other in many ways. Ironically, sadly and scarily, writer-director Takashi Doscher’s “futuristic sci-fi” is an accurate and timely account of our troubled on-going times and changing lives, as everyone, rich and poor, black and white, are being afflicted by the coronavirus crisis. Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) and Tony-winning Leslie Odom Jr. (Harriet, the upcoming Hamilton) play a couple trying to survive a global plague targeting women. One of the last survivors, she remains hiding from authorities, as they seek a solution to re-populate Earth. She is unable to get pregnant, despite the many attempts with fertility technology. Their love support each other and maintain them in balance, but eventually they will risk everything in order to experience a bit of normalcy, unchaining from the quarantine and defying the obstacles, the hunting officials, and the mysteriously lethal ash storm, causing a virus that kills only women. Doscher proves incredible control with the material, creating a suspenseful thriller, punctuated by the brilliant editing, going back and forth in time to present the before, after and the current escape of the lovebirds. It opens with a knockout sequence, as a group of fully-armed guards, wearing protective gear and masks, unexpectedly enters the home of Eva and Will, looking to improve the quarantine rules and also hunting down women survivors. As a result, the couple decides to runaway, looking for a safer place to continue their journey and intense co-dependent love affair. The desperation and social conflict is captured with masterful techniques, setting up the narrative as a fast-pace and anxiously frenetic chasing-thriller. Unpredictable and coherent, the film presents through flashbacks idyllic moments of romance between the pair, their social activities and communion, as well as the initial impact caused by the contagion, the uncertainty and the unknown. During their escape, they stop at a diner, but her disguise is soon discovered and they are hunted by a couple of outlaws seeking to reproduce. They will do the unimaginable to overcome, including preparing for the worse and sacrificing some goals. Intense, bizarre, convincingly performed and well-structured, “Only” is an utterly important and alarming film for a crucial moment in humankind history. (Vertical Entertainment. On Demand.)

  • william-edwards
    william edwards

    The story is really slow, and little happens. Even given the fact that this film is very relevant to the Coronavirus outbreak at the moment, there is still little to engage or interest the viewers. It lacks intensity, suspense and engagement.

  • orestes-perpinias
    orestes perpinias

    Strange ash starts to fall from the sky and all the women in the world start to die. The acting and the production values are better than the normal low budget (I was expecting a no special effects-fimed in one house film, but they actually had a hospital and things) BUT anybody should recognize that is the same plot of “Y the last man”, where all the men died except one – there was a lot more of social destruction because of the social differences between women and men in society – how many scientists, doctors, engineers are male vs female, how many women are in the military, in politics, etc, in the post distater world…Being the women that died took a lot of the crazyness and politics of “Y”. So the main actress become a damsel in distress. It worsen because, for some reason, the main actor becomes just non communicative and decides things without telling her, and the nail in the coffin to me, she starts to act like a brat teenager in the apocalipse and he acts likes Matt Damon in “contationg” trying to stop his stupid daughter to kill herself.

  • bayan-tacnur-yilmaz-akdeniz
    bayan tacnur yilmaz akdeniz

    Clearly the current only reviewer ‘gerard_schmidt’ is a wannabe critic that probably only saw the trailer, and even with that, this film is certainly not a 1/10 smh. And if anyone thinks my rating and review is fake, click on my username to see my 1000+ ratings and 800+ reviews, and read my profile on how a film should be properly rated and reviewed.Now this little gem of a film; This is novice writer and director Takashi Doscher’s third full length feature film, and I have to say, he nailed it, especially considering this is a low-budget B-grade indie film.This was a true romantic psychological moral drama apocalyptic sci-fi thriller that actually combined those genres better than I would’ve ever expected. I’m not a fan of back and forth timelines, but Doscher’s timelines worked exceptionally well, especially with the perfect cinematography and distinct color choices for each timeline by cinematographer Sean Stiegemeier. Doscher’s directing was spectacular, in that every scene transitioned perfectly, even with the back and forth timelines. The score and sound were on point and very fitting in maintaining that constant level of suspense. Leslie Odom Jr. and Freida Pinto’s character chemistry and intimacy was convincing, and their performances outstanding – especially Pinto’s break-down scene that was award-worthy. My only critique would be the slow pacing. I know it had a lot to do with maintaining the tension and suspense, but maybe cutting down/out some scenes, and/or pick up the pace in many of them, the 98 min runtime would’ve flew by.I get this film wont be for everybody, but if you’re a fan of apocalyptic films with romance that actually works well, then you will enjoy this. If your gal wants to see a chick-flick and you a sci-fi, this film is perfect for both. But if you’re expecting a big budget Hollywood blockbuster from seasoned actors and filmmakers like Mad Max or Oblivion, you may be disappointed. But nevertheless, this is a well put together and entertaining film – especially considering it’s a low-budget B-grade indie film, put together by a novice filmmaker. Mad props to Takashi Doscher for this little gem, and it’s a well deserved 9/10 from me.