Care-free Charlie cons his widower brother-in-law Herb into an expenses-paid luxury cruise in search of rich, lonely ladies. The catch is that they are required to be dance hosts! With a tyrannical cruise director, and the luscious Liz and lovely Vivian, our heroes have lots of mis-adventures before they finally return to port.

Also Known As: Bailando sobre el mar, Ζιγκολό της Συμφοράς, Croaziera cu peripetii, Svindlere til søs, Gli impenitenti, Por rumbas y a lo loco, Zigolo tis symforas, В открито море, Na pucini Bosnia and, Morska przygoda, Le pied marin, Gemide Dans, Tango til sjøs, Vanhat herrat vesillä, Merta päin, Tengerre, tata!, Dois Parceiros em Apuros, Mais Olhos Que Barriga, Out to Sea, La croisière aventureuse, Tango gefällig?, В открытом море

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