When a disease in Africa is discovered, Colonel Sam Daniels of the United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases or USAMRIID, is sent to investigate. When he reports back to his superior officer General Ford and tells him that they should put out an alert on this disease but the General that since the disease is so far away and not airborne that it can’t possibly reach the U.S. However, a monkey from that part of Africa was captured and brought to the U.S. and a man who works at the customs house took it and tried to sell it but when the person he tried to sell it to rejected it he released it. Later the man who arrived in Boston collapses and dies, Col. Daniels wants to look into it but General Ford denies his request so he turns to his ex-wife, who works at the Center for Disease Control or CDC to look into and they discover it’s the African disease but since it kills very quickly, Col. Daniels feels that it’s been contained until another outbreak!

Also Known As: Outbreak - Fora de Controlo, Епiдемiя, Hitpar'tzoot, Smrtící epidemie Czech, Izvan kontrole, Vírus, Smrtonosni virus, Epidemie, Estallido, Izbruh, Epidemija, L'épidémie, Outbreak - I faresonen, Esclat, Το ξέσπασμα, Tehdit, Virus letale, I farozonen, Outbreak - I farozonen, Epidemia, Alerta, Outbreak, Эпидемия, Outbreak - Lautlose Killer, Tuntematon uhka, Viirus, Зараза, To xespasma, Alerte!

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  • sick-of-it
    Sick OF IT

    DUmbocrats have been cooking up COVID for yearS!!!!!!!!!!!!1 This movie was obviously a warning about liberal hollywood from the true patriots working behind the scenes.

    • true-patriot
      True Patriot