Royal Marines Commando Jake O’Neil (Adam Collins) struggles to adjust to civilian life. When a former girlfriend Jade Roberts (Jessica Norris) seeks out his help to uncover the truth behind her father’s mysterious death, Jake agrees, but finds himself tangled in a web of corruption and murder.

Also Known As: Heart of, Вне закона, アウトロー 咆哮, Outlawed

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  • henry

    i am not robot….

  • basanta-singh
    basanta singh

    i am not robot.

  • miron-sirobaba
    miron sirobaba

    I love a good shootout. The action was on point. Im truly impressed with what can be achieved with no budget.

  • bite-hermanis
    bite hermanis

    Acting was subpar…but gave it a 10 for the British nudity 😂

  • debra-mercer
    debra mercer

    Oh man I could not get thru the first 20 mins without cringing. The acting is shockingly bad. The gunfight scene at the car junkyard is just pathetic. I just could not bring myself to watch anymore. Do yourself a favour and give it a HUGE miss.

  • renata-carvalho-brito
    renata carvalho brito

    I was informed of this film since an actress I am a fan of was in it and has been hyping it up so I thought i would give it a go. A shame her scenes were cut! worst decision ever imo!I’d like to start on the good points I think. With it being low budget what was actually achieved was pretty amazing. The locations special effects and so on were really great!! The fact that a team of local cast and crew managed to do it all with such a low budget is commendable.I also think that the PTSD side of it was spot on and did actually strike a nerve with me. It’s something that people need to be more aware of and the events portrayed with the main character in this after service happen far too frequently and it needs to change. a relative of mine suffered badly with this so i applaud showing it.That said – What the heck was I watching???? I genuinely felt like it was some college boys wet dream!! It was as if everything that could be crammed into a film to make it ADULT was and it came off as cheesy and very laddish. Overuse of swearing to the point it was cringey – way too much gratuitous nudity without even much to see – a seemingly forced sex scene – drug use – blood and gore. Heck they even added in child death!!! All they needed was a minority and animal death and they’d be 8 for 8!! It was as if someone woke up one morning and wanted to add everything from their 80s action flick fanfiction collection into one movie. It just didn’t work!Not only that but the acting was abysmal. The lead actress was wooden and I genuinely cringed several times when she was on screen because of just how poor she was. I don’t know if that was just the direction or what. The relationship and sex scene was so forced I actually rolled my eyes and gave myself a headache. Hell the extras were better actors than the main cast!The nudity was so frequent I actually started to say ‘oh no not again’ which is a first for me. When that happens you know you’re losing. It was more objectifying than providing anything to the film – something for the chav lads to go PHWOAR over as they chug their cans of Fosters or Carling.Great action scenes, cliched plot, wooden acting, not using the cast to their fullest, too much in one film. Too bad.

  • univ-prof-bodil-jakobsen
    univ prof bodil jakobsen

    Acting’s awful, plots a far fetched, Jessica Norris is worth the watch though she’s tidy.It started off quite well but ended the usual superman taking on the world.

  • antero-luukkonen
    antero luukkonen

    Considering the budget of the film they’ve achieve more than expected with great effects and solid action through-out. Action packed from start to end.

  • lindsey-ketel
    lindsey ketel

    Well another low budget movie, but at least the blood was a LOT better in this one. The store was pretty good & really honestly nothing new. Some of the acting really wasnt that bad, but shooting the guns was pretty horrible. I think this movie would have turned out A LOT better if there was a better budget. Keep the main actor Jake & Smudge was horrible.

  • nick-russo
    nick russo

    Whilst it’s not going to win any Oscars for originality – Outlawed had some genuinely interesting and engaging scenes and the action/stunt work was top notch. From what I’ve read the filmmakers self funded the film and received no backing from studios or production companies which is incredible considering the overall scale of the production – shoots outs, explosions, skydiving etc.At times the film does feel quite patchy but the story homages classic cheesy action films of the 80s/90s with an evil corrupt politician bad guy, hostage standoffs and drug deals gone wrong. The performances are also fairly strong with Collins playing the heroic Jake – another homage to the action heroes of the 90s.Also worth noting the music/score is absolutely fantastic!Whilst the film isn’t for everyone, those who are fans of low budget action films will definitely enjoy and it’s worth seeing just based on the fact it was made with very little/no money.

  • toomas-hanson
    toomas hanson

    Worst movie ever made. And not in the so bad it’s amusingly good kind of way, this is just horrible. From start to end it is horrible. The acting is horrendous, the script is terrible, the premise is junk, everything about this movie is bad. Bad bad bad bad. Bad.

  • leslie-waller
    leslie waller

    For a low budget movie I thought this to be brilliant…. Stunts and fights were that of Hollywood….. And to be made local and not London gives it a different feel, some very good acting also

  • christopher-matheson
    christopher matheson

    I haven’t seen acting this bad in years. I think the actors, if you can call them that, were reading from the script & told not to use any emotion after their faces were pumped full of Botox. Robots show more emotion than these actors.Why do they let people do stunts with firearms when they have no basic idea of how they function & how to actually use them?

  • jason-ellis
    jason ellis

    Well, some people got some work…at least there’s that.

  • kate-slavica
    kate slavica

    I like when the old gay from the end shoot him in chest and when exit from the building the t-shirt was no longer penetrated(shooted) =))) english movie =)))

  • derrick-anderson
    derrick anderson

    There seem to be a lot of unfairly negative reviews about this independently made, low-budget British film. Watch this film and just consider the ambition on show.Shot in a cinematic 2.35 : 1 ratio, this is a confident and impressive directing/producing/writing debut from the inexperienced team of Adam Collins (also lead actor) and Luke Radford (also editor). It can stand proudly alongside the work of much more experienced filmmakers like Ross Boyask and Paul Tanter. There’s great production values, not least in the use of a genuine historic city council building, and the film is (in my view) never dull.It’s clearly a passion project and certainly a vanity project too. Some of the situations Collins puts himself in are almost certainly wish-fulfillment. Not just the former real life Royal Marines Commando’s accomplished action scenes, but the “sexy” scenes too – including an unintentionally amusing “lads mag”-style love scene.A touchstone for the film is HARD TO KILL starring Steven Seagal. Strongly reminiscent scenes book-end the film and there are references throughout, but it’s a very different film. I personally loved these touches as much as any of the other aspects of the production.If you’re a fan of action films you’ll have a lot of fun with this, but expect a slightly different ride to that indicated by the poster. There’s a lot of drama in here too. It’s not COMMANDO.This is one of the films I’ve most enjoyed seeing recently and I’m excited to see it again and whatever Collins brings us next. Well done to all involved.

  • silje-sorensen
    silje sorensen

    Never felt the need to leave a review on IMDB but after watching this I felt compelled to save others from suffering the same agony I just endured. Obviously it’s a low budget production but whatever they spent the little funds they had on, it certainly wasn’t on the script or talent. I’ve seen school plays that have been better performed. The storyline was passable for the action genre just really, really badly implemented. Please do yourself a favour and don’t waste 2 hours of your life watching this.

  • dejan-rukavina
    dejan rukavina

    A lot of people might not know this, but having known the film makers personally, it’s worth mentioning that this film was made with no outside investment or budget and was in fact entirely self funded. With that in mind, I think it’s an outstanding effort, especially for a first film. Okay, so the story is a little muddled and clunky in places, and there are issues with continuity, but the sheer scale and impressive production value on screen easily matches that of other B movie titles in its league. It has all the ingredients and feel of the old 80’s action movies and was definitely an enjoyable watch. If this is what can be produced with no money, I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys do next.

  • lisa-ramos
    lisa ramos

    It goes like this: imagine a bunch of your buddies, who never spent a day in the military, or in combat decide to write a movie about “British Special Operations.” Have them write a movie with all the cliches like “don’t call me sir, I work for a living.” Then add every “operator” flagging his teammates as they fire and maneuver. Then make sure that everyone is firing from the hip, and all of their M4s have full auto select fire. Then put an eagle globe and anchor (USMC emblem) on an SAS uniform. But wait….there’s more, imagine a service where a Sgt can write and submit his own discharge papers, and voila, he’s out! I wish I would have written this movie’s discharge papers, but without any viola, I am out.

  • emil-sieradzan
    emil sieradzan

    Absolutely loved this movie. Nottingham apparently has crazed terrorists, crooked politicians, private military contractors and much more – who knew? This is basically a British take on an American revenge movie. It’s an entertaining mashup of Die Hard, Commando, Lethal Weapon and more.There’s no real story being told. Some mumbo jumbo about a politician’s kids being killed and him seeking revenge against the main character. There’s also a subplot about Nottingham-bred terrorists.The acting is pretty bad. Only a few of the cast seem to have any experience or skill. There’s also lots of (needless) swearing that sounds really strange because everyone talks in broad Nottingham accents. There’s a little nudity but nothing too excessive.Some of the visual effects were obviously created on a budget and are pretty bad. Others are pretty good and up to the standard of American movies made with bigger budgets.Some of the fight scenes are terrible – you can actually see some people throw themselves down stairs well after being shot or otherwise dispatched!BUT the shootout at the end is incredible. It takes place in the Council House and involves countless killers with automatic weapons, lots of grenades and even a RPG. How the film makers got permission to film there is some sort of minor miracle. This is actually a passable action scene because it obviously received the bulk of the budget and a lot more care than the other fight scenes. I’m definitely going to be very careful if I ever need to sort out a Council Tax problem.Former stunt man Collins seems to do everything in this movie – he writes, stars and directs. As a showcase for his fighting skills, the movie is actually a good effort though it’s limited by its budget. With more money, I can see him becoming like Scott Adkins in the future.If you make allowances for the low budget, the amateurish acting, the lack of any coherent plot and a million other flaws, you might enjoy this movie. If you know Nottingham, you definitely will get a kick from it. This has got to be the first ever American-style action movie featuring the East Midlands instead of New York, LA or another US city. It’s worth seeing for that alone.This review is a little tongue-in-cheek but I’ve given the movie 10/10 because it tries very hard to establish Collins as a future action hero and features the UK for a change. Yes, it’s pretty bad as movies go but you’ve got to applaud Collins for effort and for trying to be a little different.

  • terezija-tepes
    terezija tepes

    1st half of the movie was just mediocre. The second half – it all just went to hell. This movie had the worst ending in all of movie history. Don’t waste your time watching this misery of a movie.

  • nicholas-hoffman
    nicholas hoffman

    Whoever was the military liaison for this needs shooting. Naval officer women plastered with makeup, Royal Marin boss with WW2 medal ribbons (I have the same set of my granfathers upstairs).Saluting the audience for medal collection, senior experienced soldiers (apparently) without medals. In todays day and age, any experience squaddie would have one.Some acting is actually OK but the timing is naff.The whole story is unbelievable.Shooting from the hip with intense accuracy. If it was filmed in USA then I could understand it.Watch the film for a laugh and some good looking ladies (and blokes).

  • edgars-turins
    edgars turins

    This film is downright awful for two unforgivable reasons. The first is that the main love interest characters’ names are “Jake and Jade”. Which throws you off at the very beginning when they randomly travel to the past & you’re trying to figure out who these two kids are and their names sound exactly alike.The second is Jake’s downfall which is so pathetic it’s literally unbelievable. SPOILER it starts off with Jake dropping out of the special forces. As he arrives back at his hotel he finds his fiance (not Jade) having sex with some guy in the room next to theirs – mind you, she gets mad at him for catching her in the act. He walks off with his tail between his legs and decides to head to the casino and get some hookers. He proceeds to play craps when he arrives, goes all in after he won a ton of money, and loses it all. Then he heads to the bar where he chats up one of the hookers, convinces her to go to the hotel with her hooker friends. What starts off as one would assume would be a massive drug and alcohol induced orgy, instead has Jake getting so hammered he walks away from all of the fun going on in the bedroom, and passes out naked on the bathroom floor. The hookers briefly glance and him lying there, get up, empty his pockets, and walk out. We then find Jake walking down an alley, drinking a beer, when he sees an attempted rape about to happen. He tries to stop it when a mob appears out of nowhere and beat the crap out of him (Remember this guy was a Sgt in the Special Forces ~12 hours prior). Jake goes and has a seat on the gutter when it begins to rain and a passerby gives him change because they think he’s homeless … fast forward 6 months when Jade searches for Jake so he can do her a favor. When she finds him – low and behold he is literally a bum in a sleeping back on the side of the road … You can’t make this stuff up

  • iker-torres
    iker torres

    Starts slowly and builds to a gratuitous mix of shocking violence and titillating erotica. Calls for suspension of all credibility and provides gut-level entertainment but with overdone, drawn-out wallowing in alcoholic depression on the part of the glib “hero”, who sustains critical injuries but still solely prevails against multitudes upon multitudes of heavily armed opponents (and hot chicks with knives). Probably best to watch with fingers on the fast forward and pause buttons.

  • meagan-williams
    meagan williams

    Man rides towards towards a government building on a motorbike in broad daylight and shoots a handgun towards 4 heavily armed guards with automatic weapons…. and survives.Enough said about this movie. Not a bad montage leading up to the action, so there’s your one star Adam Collins (story/director/main actor)

  • raymond-o-sullivan
    raymond o sullivan

    Got just over 30 min into it, it was bad, and then someone acting as a Lieutenant Commander is sat there her rank slides on the wrong way up! Poor research, poor continuity, poor acting. Did not waste my time finishing the movie, for the first time ever for me, I stopped watching it before the end.

  • matilde-abreu
    matilde abreu

    Bad acting bad directing worst film I have watched in a long time don’t waste your time on it