A yuppie couple buy a large house in an exclusive San Fransisco neighborhood. They renovate it and plan to rent two apartments on the first floor to cover the costs. A prosperous looking man moves in but is not the ideal tenant. He never pays any rent, drives the other tenants away and systematically ruins the lives of his landlords.

Also Known As: De repente, un extraño, Morando com o Perigo, O Inquilino Misterioso, Uno sconosciuto alla porta, Fremde Schatten West, En fremmed flytter ind, Pacific Heights, Fenêtre sur Pacifique, Жилец Soviet, Пасифик Хайтс, En fremmed banker på, Ο άγνωστος του Πασίφικ Χάιτς, El inquilino, O anthropos tou Pacific Heights, Ödesdiger hyresgäst, Den objudna gästen, Pacific Heights - den objudne gästen, O agnostos tou Pacific Heights, Pacifik Hajts, Kohtalokas vuokralainen, Csendes terror, Pasifik tepeleri, Fremde Schatten

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