Parabeton – Pier Luigi Nervi and Roman Concrete-2012
Genre: Documentary
Director: Heinz Emigholz
Writer: Heinz Emigholz
Countries: Germany

A journey from Roman construction to its influences on modernist architect Pier Luigi Nervi.::Jon

Also Known As: Parabeton - Pier Luigi Nervi und Römischer Beton, Parabeton - Pier Luigi Nervi and Roman Concrete

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  • hector-leone
    hector leone

    Heinz Emigholz shows in his film the works of the Italian architect Pier Luigi Nervi who uses Beton as material. Beton was first used by the Romans and Emigholz show us old ancient Roman buildings.Like in his previous films about architecture the filmmaker concentrates his look on the buildings and finds absolutely fascinating perspectives which let the buildings come to life. Visually this is one of the most beautiful shot films you can see. The sound records the atmosphere of the buildings and lets you experience the depths of the rooms. The images and the sound really draw you into the world of Nervi. It is a unique way to experience his art.