A team of former robbers arrived at Paradise: Phuket, southern Thailand. Now traders, they are happy days. Until the day when the devil arrives: Mehdi, sentenced to 15 years in prison during the robbery, comes to recover his share of the cake.

Also Known As: Paradise Beach, A nyaralás vége

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  • anzhela-hovsep-ov
    anzhela hovsep ov

    It was a nice story. All the characters motivs are well done. Not thee great movie, but I enjoyed it.

  • jinjihun

    Let’s be clear; that’s not a great movie, not a masterpiece, but I love this film. Remember J’IRAI AU PARADIS CAR L’ENFER EST ICI?, twenty one years ago, also directed by Durringer and also written by ex con Jean Miez? Here you have another hoodlum tale taking place in Thailand, a place which Durringer has some connections with; check one or two of his past features. In this movie, you have a table conversation scene made with a long shot, as you also had in J’IRAI AU PARADIS, with excellent dialogues and character scenery…As Durringer probably took from Tarantino’s RESERVOIR and also a heist that we never saw. That said, back to this movie, that’s not a so good film as directing and sometimes acting, but thta’s a bloody, drak, bleak and brutal gangster film, in the pure film noir tradition. I highly recommend it for crime films lovers.

  • lakatos-mark-lajos
    lakatos mark lajos

    Sami Bouajila (Sauver ou périr, Indigènes, …) and Hubert Koundé (La haine) are trapped in a disappointing movie in which the 9-3 invades Thailand with a superficial script and an avalanche of clichés (communitarianism, violence, …)