Patrick, a young man whose father runs a remote spa, is injured in a roadside incident and is in a coma. Some years later, during the off season, five people arrive at the clinic – an ambitious politician and his wife, a swimming star who’s the son of a wealthy investor, and a tough-talking man and woman who arrive together but sleep in separate rooms. They’re greeted by Lydia, the doctor’s new assistant, and by two viciously barking dogs. The dogs’ keeper warns Davis, the swimmer, to leave. In a locked part of the clinic, Patrick is in bed, wired to three comatose bodies. What sinister purpose does the doctor have? One by one, the guests meet trouble. Does Patrick have feelings?

Also Known As: Patrick vive todavia, Patrick vive ancora, Le retour de Patrick, Il ritorno di Patric, Патрик ещё жив Soviet, Patrick Still Lives, Patrick lebt wieder West, Patrick Is Still Alive, Patrick lebt! West, Patrick lebt!

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