Sakthi is a petty thief in a Chennai slum, who learns the Adimurai, the ancient and oldest form of martial arts, to fulfil his father Velappan’s destiny. Meanwhile, an evil man and his son challenge Sakthi for a kickboxing tournament, and Sakthi agrees to participate in it.

Also Known As: Pattas New, Pattas

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  • brenda-baxter
    brenda baxter

    Can appreciate director for a good content But overall movie is total waster

  • dmitri-sorokin
    dmitri sorokin

    Nothing is special Darbar is 100 times better Can watch only for dhanush acting

  • norman-tomescu
    norman tomescu

    Romcom fair first half which drives us to the story in the second half. ADIMURAI is well known everywhere now.

  • naumov-vitalii-adamovich
    naumov vitalii adamovich

    This movie was 2 hours and 25 minutes long. In these 2 hours and 25 minutes, I went through a lot. I laughed a lot ( thanks to KPY Sathish – that guy almost steals the show in the first half). Sneha’s fight scenes were great. Both Dhanush’s were out of the world. Nasser did his part well. Naveen Chandra’s characterization was okayish. All the other’s did their part well. The climax fight gripped me with anger and enthusiasm. This movie is recommended to be watched with your whole family. So don’t think about money and go for this fantastic movie!

  • kalomoira-athanasiade
    kalomoira athanasiade

    I thought that durai SENTHIL kumar will give awareness and messages from contemporary movies but days go he is giving a waste film forever. The people are waiting their money by watching this kinda of crap Final verdict:Lousiest movie forever

  • auguste-dumas-le-jourdan
    auguste dumas le jourdan

    The movie is one time watchable for dhanush and sneha.both did it well Moreover I like the bgm 💜it was terrifying And I like the father dhanush role. But the movies characters was not well defined especially that new actress who pair with son dhanush and the villian is not at all suit . The story line is same which we seen in recent times but the pattern of showing was different.Overall its a watchable movie . The bgm of the movie make the movie better. And the performance of sneha and father role of dhanush.

  • gunta-podnieks
    gunta podnieks

    Appreciate the whole film crew for brought out our very own martial arts Adi murai to the audience. and dhilip subarayan did well in stunt choreography.

  • gaavit-jgnnaath
    gaavit jgnnaath

    Very worst screenplay ….and it was like 7 am arivu part 2 so the movie was not move in full swing just lagging

  • salome-chanturia
    salome chanturia

    Movie Is Good. The Base Of The Story is super. And The Screenplay has came really well. All the actors acted really well…Music is really chartbuster for this commercial movie…

  • oleg-chalii
    oleg chalii

    Good Movie. Everybody acted very well in the movie. Songs and BGM in the movie were good. The movie was so good at 1st half. The movie somewhat lagged at 2nd half but the movie was not so boring. Fight scenes in the movie were excellent. Good Movie.

  • filipe-pereira
    filipe pereira

    Although the movie has such a crap story.Due to Dhanush it makes a engaging one, and the Father getup with moral ancient tamil values that also worked well . FINAL VERDICT :For Dhanush fans this movie gonna big treat For General audience it is vast boring holy crap 5/10

  • sabrina-voinea
    sabrina voinea

    The movie title Pattas meaning ‘firecracker’ has nothing do with the story. It’s just the hero’s nickname in the movie. Dhanush will be seen in dual roles as father and a son which everyone knows after watching the movie trailer. First half of the movie is entertaining and the second half shows up the main story. Sneha has got a good role in this movie after ages and she’s done her best. It’s a must watch movie as it highlights about martial arts that we have to be proud about.

  • agathe-peroulake
    agathe peroulake

    Old fashioned predictable revenge movie without offering nothing new to the story as well as screenplay.The viewers can know what happens next.The songs also didnt worked anywhere.But some sentiments worked out (we have seen in the old movies).The other positive is that the action scenes also worked at an extent.Bottomline – Mixture of many recent and old movies.

  • denis-santos
    denis santos

    A story that has been made multi-million times in Indian cinema. The only difference that this movie has is that it re-introduced old martial art which they claim to be the mother of all recent martial arts. The screenplay could’ve improved in a much better by adding many connecting scenes as they did for portraying the protagonist’s power being distributed in both his hands equally calling it ambidextrous. Dhanush is the wonderful addition to Tamil cinema, he just simply fit into any kinda role just like that and does the act so efficiently that it’s very hard for us to point out his flaws. A good role for Sneha after a very long time.

  • cameron-kramer
    cameron kramer

    Salute for exhibiting the Tamil traditional Art Adimurai but the detailing work was very less. Usual Story and screenplay. But we can notice some interesting facts like teaching art to the baby during the time of pregnancy, Adimurai formation and styles. Songs are very pleasant to listen. Given importance to all those characters. Decent Family Entertainer. It will satisfy all the family audience. Hope it may fillup the box office collection.

  • tirza-van-geffen
    tirza van geffen

    4 Boquets1. Dhanush for the versatility 2. Naveen Chandra for the convincing performance 3. Mehreen for her looks 4. Durai Senthilkumar for awareness on Martial Art Adimarai