Three students and a school teacher disappear on an excursion to Hanging Rock, in Victoria, on Valentine’s Day, 1900. The movie follows those that disappeared, and those that stayed behind, but it delights in the asking of questions, not the answering of them. Even though both the movie and the book it was based on claim to be inspired by real events, the story is completely fictional.

Also Known As: Picnic na Montanha Misteriosa, Utflykt i det okända, To mystiko tou vrahou ton kremasmenon, Picnic ad Hanging Rock, Piquenique em Hanging Rock, Пикник у Висячей скалы Soviet, Piknik a Függő Sziklánál, El enigma en las Rocas Colgantes, Utflykt till galgbacken, Pique-nique à Hanging Rock, Piquenique na Montanha Misteriosa, Пiкнiк бiля Висячоi скелi, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Picknick am Valentinstag West, Picnic en Hanging Rock, Piknik pod Wiszaca Skala, Piknik pod Wiszącą Skałą, Huviretki hirttopaikalle, Udflugten, Hanging Rock'ta Piknik, Το Μυστικό του Βράχου των Κρεμασμένων, Išvyka prie Kabančios uolos, Piknik na Henging Roku

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