Former rancher Clint Brenner and the younger Reese, his equal in skill at gun-fighting, are independently recruited to help farmer Seth Grande free the locals of Manitoba town Glory City from vast ranch owner Jack Villaine’s rule of terror. They become friends on the job but ignore they’ll be pitted as adversaries in the town’s founder’s day spectacular duel by last-minute blind substitution.

Also Known As: A Place Called Glory, Die weiße Hölle von Manitoba, Sfida a Glory City, Un lugar llamado 'Glory', Enas apo tous dyo mas tha pethani..., Die Unbesiegbaren West, Glory City, L'enfer du Manitoba, Um Lugar Chamado Pólvora, Manitoban helvetti, Un lugar llamado Glory, Die Hölle von Manitoba, Duel à Glory City, Place Called Glory City, Duelo em Glory City

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