In Los Angeles, California, a gang of bank robbers call themselves The Ex-Presidents. commit their crimes while wearing masks of ex-Presidents Reagan, Carter, Nixon, and Johnson. The F.B.I. believes that the members of the gang could be surfers, and send young Agent Johnny Utah undercover at the beach to mix with the surfers and gather information. Utah meets surfer Bodhi, and gets drawn into the lifestyle of his new friend.

Also Known As: Point Break - Extrême limite, Point Break - Punto di rottura, Peklenski val, Ant bangos keteros, Riders on the Storm, Caçadores de Emoção, Le llaman Bodhi, Heart Blue, Tačka prekida, Gefährliche Brandung, На гребенi хвилi, Point Break, Στην κόψη του κύματος, Kirilma noktasi, Stormens ryttare, Holtpont, На гребне волны, Ruptura Explosiva, Bod zlomu, Point Break - Dödens utmanare, Na fali, Stin kopsi tou kymatos, La limita extrema, Punto límite, Extrême limite, Murdepunkt, Pakleni val, Punto de quiebra, Johnny Utah, Myrskyn ratsastajat, Критичнa точкa

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    Pls upload Point Break (2015).

  • abelone-laursen
    abelone laursen

    This is my first movie review on IMDb for a very big reason- I cannot recommend against this film enough. In my mind, the only reason this gets 1 star is that Patrick Swayze fits the “surfer dude” mentality very well (and that it ended).Unfortunately, there are no other positives.This is probably one of the worst, if not THE worst, acted film of all time (it doesn’t try to be, either, thus making it worse)- and the actors just don’t get any help from the screenplay. There is a young Keanu Reeves, a Special Agent, who goes undercover with surfing bank robbers, and delivers such crucial lines to the villain as “You crossed the line. People trusted you and they died. You gotta’ go down.” There is Patrick Swayze, the villain surfer dude who dresses up like a president to rob banks for the fun of it, who finds out there’s a cop in his crew. What does he do? He takes him skydiving! Let’s not kill him, hold him hostage, or even run to another city, guys, let’s take him on a grand adventure he’ll never forget! Maybe he’ll forget to turn us in! There is Gary Busey (but don’t get your hopes up) as an angry old cop, especially when he punches a fellow cop in the head because he “didn’t respect his elders” in any of his three lines the whole movie.And best of all, there is a passionate ending scene in the pouring rain, as Special Agent Johnny Utah approaches Bodhi, the person he once, kind of considered a friend, and Bodhi announces “Special Agent Utah, I knew I could count on you!” Touching, considering the relationship between them in the entire movie consisted of either Bodhi crashing Utah’s sleep to take him somewhere, or the two of them pointing a gun at each other. Yes, Patrick Swayze, you really did count on him.Other than the major actors, there’s a guy who proudly announces that he hopes to “not live past 30” yet seems to forget this when he actually begins to die. And Tyler Endicott, who falls for Johnny Utah, apparently just disregards that he lied (pretty much from the moment they first meet) in order to solely use her to get to her ex-boyfriend.The bottom line is- there are plenty of movies that focus on undercover cops, action, love, and even surfing out there. Please get one of them, because should you choose “Point Break”, the rest of your day will be in deep anger over why you saw this movie. Please, heed my warning, and watch something- anything else.

  • andrea-wiley
    andrea wiley

    Now, let me begin by saying I thoroughly enjoyed this film back in 1991. I watched it for the first time since last night. So let me add that it’s now patently clear I must have been a childish oaf who knew nothing about movies in 1991. You can go on all day about action sequences, adrenalin rushes or direction but if you’re saddled with a script as laughable as this one then there really is no point. I had to turn this trash off after 20 minutes. Oh, and Keanu’s acting didn’t help either. Normally I don’t mind Keanu but he was unwatchable in this garbage. The scene he’s shouting out at Gary Busey about “feeling alive” had me in fits. For IQ’s of 50 and below.Niz

  • julie-horn
    julie horn

    In the review below I an not writing anything about the movie for that go read spoilers below i wrote how i felt after watching this classic.Surely one of the great inspirational movie its not only inspirational this movie make you think. This movie is one my all time favorites. This movie is a adrenaline junkie. This movie can change your attitude towards life forever. Movie is a pure classic . My suggestion is watch the movie with no expectation. you will enjoy it.Finally i want to say feel the movie and the characters you may not see the life same way. There’s entire world out there go feel it………..its all your’s100% must watch movie.

  • zdravko-boban
    zdravko boban

    I would recommend this movie if you want to watch an action film that, despite its best efforts, is a comedy. This movie is quite entertaining for the simple fact that everything is so ridiculous that it becomes comical. That, and it does contain what I and several of my friends consider to be the best line in the history of cinema (after learning he has to go under cover to become a surfer, a bewildered Keanu asks, “But how am I gonna convince them I’m a surfer?”). XXX has nothing on Point Break. There is a theater group in Minneapolis that performs this film by having Keanu’s role of Jonny Utah played by an audience member, the idea being that the untrained audience member can do just as good or better than Keanu. That fact alone I feel sums up why this movie is worth watching (once). There’s not much else worth saying—no real plot to analyze, no impressive acting, just a really funny movie that almost all of those involved in the making of it would most likely want to forget (Mr. Busey being the lone exception; the man turns in another brilliant performance).

  • chris-graham
    chris graham


  • anna-kudrjavtsev
    anna kudrjavtsev

    aside from the visually stunning shots of the ocean and skydiving this film has some major fundamental flaws. the major problem was many of the scenes failed to make sense. for example when johnny is chasing the ex presidents in his car after they had robbed a bank why did he not call for backup to cut them off? thats the first thing any officer on any level would do. secondly i never understood how they figured out it was surfers committing the crimes. they claimed it was because of wax on their shoes? wax could get there by any number of ways. lastly, how did johnny know where the robbers were going after the final robbery? he was never told by bodie, in fact he deliberately kept it from him. don’t waste your 2 hours on this, read a book.

  • nika-zver
    nika zver

    There are a handful of numpties on here who have written rather disparaging reviews of this film. I mean really, if you cannot get your head around the basic plot and FUN, yes fun, that is Point Break; then i suggest you wrap your head around a washing pole or something.Yes, the storyline is a tad unbelievable and yes Keanu Reeves sounds dumb. That has more to do with where he comes from as funnily enough people pick up accents and dialects from where they come from. Yes?OK, so the film? It has surfing and the Swayze in it, i mean what more do you need? This is definitely in a list of my favourite films and i don’t care what anyone says. Plenty of action, big surf scenes, an amazing parachute jump/fight and it has the Swayze and Lori Petty in it.No it’s not a life changing experience but it does do what films are supposed to do, that being it makes you forget where you are for a couple of hours. Entertaining, funny and a classic 90’s yarn.

  • brett-ward
    brett ward

    I first saw this movie when I was 10, when it debuted on HBO. I know I shouldn’t have been watching it, but I loved it. The acting was superb and so was the action. I really enjoyed the part when Keanu Reeves chases Patrick Swazye through L.A. and the sky-diving was so amazing it made me want to try it. This movie would have receiived a lot more attention than what it got! I know one reason you would know this movie would be good, James Cameron produced it and everything he does gets rave reviews.No other action movie has ever really matched up to Point Break, because the movie was realistic. Somebody could go undercover and make friends with the enemy. **** out of ****

  • brandon-garcia
    brandon garcia

    Like many other people, I first heard of Point Break in “Hot Fuzz” – an all-time favourite of mine – but never got round to watching it for numerous reasons. I saw it was available on BBC iPlayer as it had been aired recently, so I thought – why the hell not?I’m so pleased I did.If you’re fond of action films like Die Hard, you’re going to love this. Abandoning the stereotypical urban setting for such films, and moving out to the coast, it provides a unique mashup combining my stereotypical view of adrenaline-fixed surfers with a killer plot.Although I saw the events that happen after the tables turn about an hour in coming a mile off (after seeing enough detective dramas on ITV3, you get to know how a writer’s mind works) the emotional attachment you have with the characters provides you with a huge moral dilemma. You can see the ‘bad’ guys are actually alright people when they’re off-duty – yet you know what they do on-duty is morally wrong on every level. The ending plays on this massively, and is the only way to satisfy both sides of the moral argument, for better or for worse.Sure, a few sequences aren’t in any way realistic (like the jump about 10 mins from the end) but if you suspend belief for a moment, and accept this film for what it is rather than a serious crime drama, you’ll agree that this is one hell of a film.10/10 – ordering it on blu-ray after I’ve typed this!

  • lea-botic
    lea botic

    Loved this movie from the day i first watched it -Inspired me to just to live your life the way you want. This is essentially the journey that Utah takes in this movie. Bodhi and the gang are not cardboard cutout baddies, they are actual the kind of guys you wanna hang with ( for the most part!) Katheryn Bigelow brought both a slightly mocking, but also a great sensitivity to the relationships in this movie, that the turd of a remake completely missed.Lori Petty also was brilliant as the no BS surf girl. who Keanu falls for (literally!). But of course, it was Patrick Swazye, who stole this movie with his brilliant portrayal of the surf guru Bodhi – He was the spiritual center of the gang, and even though he lost his way at the end – He still had some honour. Contrast that with the stiff at the FBI ( With the notable exception of the hilarious Angelo Pappas ( Gary Busey y’all!!),and you can see why Utah was conflicted – All in all a great action film, that has some real depth, and great (Corona accompanied) rewatch value.

  • zvonka-vodopivec
    zvonka vodopivec

    This film is pop music. No one can explain why “I am the Walrus” is greater than the “Missa Solemnis”… if it is for them.Anyway, along with Rashomon, Black Narcissus, Great Expectations, Terminator and other totally absurd confections this happens to hit the spot – mainly because of the aerial sequence, which is a perceptual/experiential blast, and thus provides a mind-altering objective correlative for the Californian-mumbo-jumbo take on life which serves to drive the morality of the film. But many people, Bro, won’t get it. Just as Patricia Highsmith’s books are ‘better than literature’ in PJ O’Rourke’s neat formulation, so Point Break transcends criticism… like… TOTALLY… and HYPER-REALLY.However I haven’t seen it for a while so I may disagree with myself when I do. Last and least of all it inspired Hot Fuzz which is a more than passably good/funny British Film.

  • pekka-ahonen
    pekka ahonen

    Good directing and crisp editing can’t save this mindless overwrought film. Keanu Reeves is his reliably wooden self as an FBI agent who maybe likes Patrick Swayze’s bank robber/surfer character a little too much. I love Reeves line to Swayze near the end, ‘You crossed the line. People trusted you and they died.’ (sic) I’d add: ‘And oh yeah, you broke the law a lot, terrorized a lot of innocent people, murdered a cop, kidnapped and almost had my girl killed and you’ve been generally an insufferable, pompous megalomaniac.’ Then I’d have shot him in the knee and arrested him. But that’s just me. Reeves lets him surf off into oblivion because the movie is really about the love/hate relationship between these two space cases.All that aside, the story and dialogue is all nonsense and the acting ranges from adequate to bad tho Busey almost succeeds in making a character you could give a damn about. A nice film to look at but not to listen to.

  • iakobina-mengk
    iakobina mengk

    FBI agent going up against a bank robberies executed by a band masked like US President, wearing Johnson, Carter, Nixon and Reagan masks. Although they never shoot anybody and never go into the vaults. The agent is hot on the trail but he’s sucked by Patrick Swayze guru, a leader of the beach subculture, a fun-loving with destructive ways who plays cat and mouse game with the Feds. Meanwhile Reeves falls in love with Lori Petti, a beautiful surfing trainer.This is a story of surfers and skydivers in Southern California. Impressive scenario and there are enough dazzling surfing and airborne stunts to keep you amused. Keanu Reeves as astute agent and Patrick Swayze as a thrill-seeker guru, help raise potential action-adventure story to a higher plane. Emotive and moving musical score by means of synthesizer, is splendidly made by Mark Isham with a Vangelis style. The film created the ‘Skydiving sub-genre’, such as, ¨Drop zone(John Badham), Terminal velocity(Deran Serafian) and Cutaway(Guy Manos)¨ among others. Nostalgic surfers with more than a little patience because the runtime is about two half and some, will enjoy this ode to the beach and mysticism and seeking the perfect wave. It’s well directed by Kathryn Bigelow with a perfect and assured direction which keeps this movie on the edge of your seat.

  • johanna-kinnunen
    johanna kinnunen

    Surfing, car chases, bank robberies, foot chases, cool music, fist fights, gun fights, beautiful women, crazy characters, skydiving, kidnapping, breathtaking scenery, humor.This is the one movie that has all this and more !! Some great performances by: Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, Gary Busey, Lori Petty, and John Mcginley. The action is non-stop superbly directed by Kathryn Bigelow and contains the best foot chase scene ever !! There is not another movie that combines so many different heart pumping scenes !!I LOVE IT !! I have it as the 9th best movie ever… 10 out of 10 …….. totally rad dude !!

  • onisim-skorik
    onisim skorik

    There’s bad-ass bank robbery and cool surfing. But what makes this movie great is the mind game between the characters. Kudos to W. Peter Iliff for writing the movie and to Kathryn Bigelow for the direction. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, stop here, as the rest of this review is a spoiler.If you’ve seen the movie, take a moment to think about what’s going on in the minds of the characters.Think about the scene that takes place in Johnny Utah’s apartment after he failed to chase down the gang of masked bank robbers. Utah records a message to his girlfriend, time passes, he hears the bell, comes to the door, says her name, opens the door and we see… the surfers themselves.That is such a great moment. First, it’s totally unexpected. Second, we get a deja-vu — it’s a familiar sight — we’ve seen a previous scene when surfers come to Utah’s apartment uninvited. Third, and most importantly, we immediately sense that something’s wrong. After Utah witnessed them doing the last robbery, why do they now show up in his apartment acting like nothing’s happened? That’s the awesome part. Think about what’s going on in the minds of the characters: * Utah knows that the surfers are the gang of bank robbers * the surfers know that Utah is an undercover FBI agent * Utah knows that the surfers know that Utah is an undercover FBI agent* the surfers know that Utah knows that they are the gang of bank robbers * but Utah doesn’t have a proof that the surfers are the robbers * the surfers know that Utah doesn’t have a proof that they are the robbers * Utah knows that the surfers know that Utah doesn’t have a proof that they are the robbersBut they engage in a mind game, because they both have something to achieve:* Utah wants to keep hanging on with the surfers, because that provides him with an opportunity to gather information where they would go in case they “disappear” and also gather proof that they are the bank robbers * Bodhi (the leader of the surfers) wants to keep hanging on with Utah, because he wants to “handle” the situation of the undercover agent. At this point, it is not revealed to the audience what Bodhi is planning to do. Bodhi is leading the game at this point and we are all pondering at how the story will unfold.And there are other important rule of the game: Utah shouldn’t confront the surfers with the fact that he knows that they are the bank robbers and the surfers shouldn’t confront Utah with the fact that they know that he is an FBI agent. That’s because the interaction may get too confrontational and unpredictable then and either party may walk away.A crucial component that makes that mind game possible is that by now a bond of mutual understanding has formed between the two main characters. So at this point: IT IS RATIONAL TO BOTH UTAH AND THE SURFERS TO KEEP PLAYING THEIR ROLES AND UPHOLD THE MASQUERADE EVEN THOUGH THEY BOTH KNOW THAT BOTH SIDES ARE FAKING.THAT’S AWESOME.And the mind game gets truly spectacular when they are on the plane and about to jump out and Utah asks “who packed my chute?”. He knows that the surfers would benefit from him dying in an mock “accident”. And Bodhi understands that Utah has a rational reservation here, so he offers him his chute — and even offers him to pick anybody else’s chute. By doing that he’s saying “no, killing you in a mock accident is not why I’ve brought you here, I have something else in mind”. But he doesn’t have to say that. Utah understands. That’s awesome.And there’s the awesome moment when Utah tries to “undo the spell” by shouting “I AM AN F-B-I AGENT!” to the surfers. But it doesn’t work — the masquerade and reality have blended by now.Everything in the movie prepares us for this. The characters are revealed step by step, as we are shown that they are capable of understanding the game and willing to take the risk of participating in it: * Pappas (Utah’s FBI partner) calls the gang “the most professional he has ever seen”. * Bondhi is called an “adrenaline junkie” by his former girlfriend. * Utah’s boss mentions that Utah graduated from the cadet school within the top 2% — which demonstrates his ambition and intelligence * Utah tries to surf without any training — and almost drowns — which demonstrates his dedicationNone of that is accidental in a movie, it’s the hard work of the writer, the director and everyone else involved in the film. W. Peter Iliff and Kathryn Bigelow — Google them up and remember the names.A sequel to Point Break is in the making!

  • tiffany-smith
    tiffany smith

    I like this movie. I can’t really go into why too much but I can tell you that I watch this flick everytime it comes on cable if I’m home. I think it’s worth a couple of hours of your day. It first comes off as kind of hokey but somehow ends up becoming very engrossing. Keanu Reeves gives us a nice display of things to come in his career as this movie was released pre-Speed and Matrix. Patrick Swayze gives us a nice little performance as surfing zen Bodhi. The surfing scenes are well done and so are the bank robbery pieces. Kathryn Bigelow does a good job directing this one and the rest of the cast, especially Gary Busey, turn in solid performances. Note the chase scene with Keanu Reeves going after a Ronald Reagan masked Swayze: I’d put it in the top ten chase scenes of all times and I think most people would agree with me on that one. Definitely worth checking out. **** out of *****.

  • pani-agnieszka-andrukiewicz
    pani agnieszka andrukiewicz

    This movie has energy. The story is kinda goofy, but the direction from Kathryn Bigelow has the right amount of pacing and atmosphere. The chase scene midway through the film is a breath-taking example of what film-makers can do, if they have energy and vision. This movie is pure entertainment and a blast to watch.

  • rhowben-zatikyan
    rhowben zatikyan

    Die Hard might be the greatest action movie of all time, but “Point Break” is not too far behind. Keanu Reeves plays federal agent Johnny Utah(a role he was born to play) who is teamed up with a veteran federal agent Angelo played by Gary Busey to crack the case of the ex president bank robbers. Angelo has a theory that the bank robbers are surfers, and Johnny goes undercover as a surfer to bust the bank robbers. Along the way he meets adrenaline junkie Bohdi played by Patrick Swayze. Well I am not going to give anymore away. This movie has some of the most amazing action scenes ever! It is highly entertaining and very quotable. Reeves is playing a role he was born to play(next to Ted in Bill and Ted) and Swayze has a lot of fun in his role. The movie is also very quotable and has a great soundtrack. So if you are in the video store looking for a good action film rent “Point Break”. “Vayo Con Dios”

  • arnis-abele
    arnis abele

    I must have seen this film a dozen times now, and I’m not going to stop watching it until I’m well and truly sick of it – it’s just superb.Certain sequences are stunning – the camera work during the chase and free fall scenes leave you breathless, and the surfing footage is excellent. The acting is generally good, particularly Busey as a veteran FBI agent, but Keanu’s usual expressionless vocals and face disappoint. The script is sharp and witty. And the stunts really shine, particularly the Bond-style psycho skydiving near the end.This is, in my opinion, a very underrated film which deserved better from the critics.

  • scott-jenkins
    scott jenkins

    Katheryn Bigelow’s 1991 action thriller “Point Break” is still a ground-breaking film of the early nineties. It tells the story of the cop John Utah (Keanu Reaves) hunting a bunch of bank robbers camouflaged with masks of the former U.S. presidents. His investigations leads to a group of surfers and extreme sports worshippers, and the cop becomes fascinated by the free-style philosophies and adrenaline rushes of the gang around the charismatic leader Bodhi (Patrick Swayze). Their close friendship changes to a hard-fought rivalry at the end when cop and gangsters face point blank.Bigelow uses typically American surf beach settings for this unusual and very stylish action thriller with great stunts like parachuting scenes, bank robberies, a car chase, police raids, martial arts, breath-taking chases and brilliantly photographed surf sequences. Watch out for the Red Hot Chillie Peppers as a gang of brutal surf nazis beating up Keanu Reeves and being captured by him during a hard-fought police raid.But “Point Break” is even more than that – it also shows the lifestyle of the nineties in many ways. Bodie and his gang are a group of New Age-like grunge guys reaching out for the most extreme adrenaline experiences. They stand for the new style of extreme/fun sport worshippers, ravers and new spiritualists of the post-yuppie era in the nineties who don’t care about wealth and status symbols but for fun, action, breaking the limits and finding the sum of all senses. “Point Break” is not only a well-done example of modern action entertainment without computer-generated special effects but also a very philosophical and spiritual study of society in the nineties.

  • univ-prof-cemal-jopich-b-eng
    univ prof cemal jopich b eng

    Point Break is one of those films that’s massively entertaining no matter how many times you watch it. Whilst this is common in the action genre, Point Break stands out in its era by being more of a morally complex story.The villain here is not your usual action villain. Keanu Reeves’ character forms a complex bond with him and surfing culture to the point where it breaks his heart to have to bring him down. Swayze plays him like a charismatic cult leader and its believable that he’d sway enough people to get them onside for bank heists, all in the name of adrenaline. This makes Point Break not a film of “bad guys vs good guys” but a real exploration of a subculture and how it gets inside people’s heads.It help that this is also a kick ass, brilliantly shot action film, with incredible sequences like the foot chase through LA and the skydiving making it as exciting as it is thoughtful. Unfortunately it came out in the same year as Terminator 2 so was (and is) criminally overlooked.

  • dag-lien
    dag lien

    Thirteen years on it sounds a little trite – an FBI agent examines his inner self whilst trying to bring down a gang of surfer bank robbers by infiltrating their scene. But dude, how Point Break pulled this off!In what can now safely be regarded as one of the more generation-defining cinematic moments of the nineties, Point Break serves as not just a credible well-paced action thriller spectacle, but also as a voice for advocates of the adrenalin rush. The movie’s sleeper popularity at the time would no doubt have helped issue in a new generation of ‘X’ sports for a new generation, as hungry sponsors leapt at a new market.Kathryn Bigelow takes some key pointers from then hubby James Cameron and paces the movie brilliantly. There are many key moments of unique action – that chute-less jump from 4,000 feet being the highlight – that filled the trailer, but it is the cumulative effect of bringing these moments together that adds to the picture. For so many films the denouement is a gross failure but Bigelow controls the films peaks and troughs expertly and the ending is genuinely well handled, something that appears to be a real struggle for Hollywood today.In what will go down as Patrick Swayze’s finest moment on film, he plays the adrenalin guru Bodhi with glaze-eyed and silver tongued expertise, and manages to pull off the very difficult assignment of being both sane and insane simultaneously with accomplishment.You can almost feel pulled by Bodhi’s enthusiasm for a sensation ‘as close as you get to God’, and as a result can excuse the decade for being labeled that of the ‘slacker’ generation. The nineties weren’t about slacking, just looking for a different kind of high.

  • soriana-sorrentino
    soriana sorrentino

    OK, sure it is just a big action film with a flimsy script and crazy stunts but…. it is filmed so great. It feels so summer in Cali. It makes you want to forget your blah zaa blah job, move to the beach and surf your azz off and have summer bonfires all night and party the night away. I have been reading others comments on why they can’t understand the guilty pleasure about this movie…. Duh that’s the whole idea. Yes you can like movies that have you thinking about this and that at the end. You can have movies that astound you. And of course you can have movies that can make you feel like you had a great F’N experience. This is what this movie is. Eat your popcorn. Dive into it AND have a great time. Who cares about the social impact. Enjoy it and think about this. Sex Wax! If it’s in the movie, it’s a FUN movie! Holla

  • clarice-barros
    clarice barros

    Movies are like Bands. People come together–maybe they’re not even the greatest musicians individually–but together, something meshes and they make great music. It takes more than great musicians to make a great band. Just so, some movies, no matter how much money, talent, and horsepower is brought to bear, just don’t coalesce. Others, like Point Break, come together with an ineffable “rightness” that defies any of the parts, logic, or analysis. This is one of my favorite movies. Period. Everything “works.” This movie ROCKS.

  • dr-pavel-nerger-b-a
    dr pavel nerger b a

    Point Break is one of those films that everybody loves, but that nobody actually talks about all that often. It is a film that if you mention it in conversation, everyone else around is bound to say how much they enjoyed it.The film’s two main assets are unexpected ones, in the form of the direction and the script. The direction by Kathryn Bigelow is nothing short of excellent. Her handling of the action and suspense scenes is exciting and riveting. The two sky-diving scenes are brilliant as is the foot chase through the streets (and houses) of the city. The script, by W. Peter Illif, is also very good and the best thing about the film. The plot is multi-layered and has an original relationship between the hero and the villain. The way the story resolves itself and the ultimate resolutions is excellent, by the standards of most Hollywood action films.This film deserves to be remembered as one of the better actioners of the nineties, not up there with Die Hard 2/3 or Speed, but better than 90% of the action junk made nowadays. At least this film has a plot.