A comet bearing a deadly Pokemon creature crash-lands onto Earth, terrorising a nearby high-tech city, where Ash, Pikachu and friends are currently visiting…::Delton Cox

Also Known As: Pokémon 7: Alma Gêmea, Покемон: Судьба Деоксиса, Gekijouban Poketto monsutâ Adobansu jenerêshon: Rekkuu no houmonsha Deokishisu, Pokémon the Movie: Destiny Deoxys, Pokémon: Dagen D för Deoxys, Pokémon: Fratello dello spazio, Pokémon 7: Doel Deoxys, Pokémon: Cel - Deoxys, Pokémon 7: La Destinée de Deoxys, Pokémon 7 - Osud pokémona Deoxise Czech, Pokémon 7 - Destiny Deoxys, Pokémon 7. - Deoxys végzete, Pokémon 7: Alma Gémea, Pokémon 7: Destino Deoxys, Pokemon 7: Deoxys'in Kaderi, Pokemon - I tainia: Pepromeno Deoxys, Покемон: Доля Деоксiса

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  • hownan-k-ech-oghlyan
    hownan k ech oghlyan

    This movie was good from start to finish. It had some plot holes but i won’t be too harsh on it. The movie felt fantastic in quality compared to the previous that i’ve seen.Highlight was seeing Dexoy in action and Snorlax. I just wish they explained Deoxy a bit more. I didn’t know much about him by the end of the movie.

  • agnos-nistor
    agnos nistor

    After suffering through the cinematic travesty that is Pokemon: The First Movie, I made sure to avoid the following four sequels, as did most viewers who were as repelled by the first installment as I was. Some five years later, I noticed Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys make its U.S. debut on the WB network, and I was curious as to whether or not this particular installment would be any better than its original predecessor. It was–not that that’s saying much.In the film’s opening, we are introduced to a young boy named Tory. His father, a professor, gathers data on several ice pokemon in an arctic continent with the aid of his assistant. Young Tory enjoys playing with the pokemon until the group is interrupted by a pair of monstrous aerial pokemon: Rayquaza and Deoxys, who are apparently in a battle to the death just above them. Chaos ensues; all of the professor’s equipment is destroyed, and Tory cowers in fear as a stampede of ice pokemon flee directly in his path, nearly trampling the boy. This brief scene sets the mood for the action that is to follow–in a year that takes place four years after the incident. We see real drama and character development (particularly in Tory, who works to overcome his fear of Pokemon), both of which were entirely absent in the first Pokemon movie.We see significant improvements, too, in the visual quality of the film. Unlike Pokemon: The First Movie, Destiny Deoxys contains several visually stunning scenes–similar to scenes you’ll find in other popular anime features such as Princess Mononoke. CGI, for the most part, is incorporated seamlessly with traditional animation.Despite these strides, there are several moments throughout the film that simply do not work, including the film’s many attempts at humor. Amorous Brock, for example, becomes infatuated with the first girl he sees as he enters a new town–a tired routine that has been done time and time again in the TV series (as well as the first movie). In the middle of the movie, there is an excruciating musical montage in which the main characters’ pokemon begin laughing and dancing goofily for no apparent reason. Even the film’s climax feels drawn out; after a while, I just wanted it to end.Pokemon fans will probably enjoy this. Non-fans may find it watchable.

  • sarah-padilla
    sarah padilla

    This poke’mon movie is my favorite by far. It scores at the top across the board: great story, great battles, great music, great characters, and great new villains : Deoxys and Rayqueza. The opening fight between Deoxys and Rayqueza always reminds me of Godzilla, my other favorite Japanese export. Deoxy’s infiltration of the city is impressive, as is its multiplication scene. This movie is one of the darker movies of the series, hearkening back to Mewtwo Strikes Back and setting the tone for the next series, Battle Frontier, and would be a good watch even for someone who doesn’t like Poke’mon or anime’. All in all, top notch, an improvement over the previous Jirachi the Wishmaker, also a much more mature story. The battle at the end between the two Deoxys and Rayqueza while Ash tries to shut down the security droids is very suspenseful. Top notch!

  • cory-ryan
    cory ryan

    Definitely one of the better Pokemon movies, Destiny Deoxys goes a little beyond the usual adventures Ash and the gang partake in by bringing in a Pokemon unlike anything that has ever existed in this world.Plot: A meteorite crashes into the North Pole near a research team’s base. Out of the crater comes Deoxys, an alien Pokemon with extraordinary powers, who is suddenly attacked and defeated by the fiercely territorial legendary Pokemon Rayquasa. A few years later, Ash, Pikachu, May, Max, and Brock arrive at the high tech Larousse City to enter a special tournament the battle pyramid. Here, the gang meet many new friends, one of them a boy named Tory who is mostly afraid of Pokemon thanks to a traumatic experience he had back at the North Pole. Soon enough, Deoxys, having fully regenerated, arrives and causes mischief as he searches for something while getting rid of anyone who gets in its way. With Rayquaza once again hot on the alien’s trail, Ash and company must find a way to end the madness before it’s too late.The antics are raised in this movie as well as the stakes. The action scenes are more intense then usual compared to many other Pokemon flicks with a lot of great moments. All the characters are interesting, especially Tory who goes through a lot of character development. The story is pretty interesting and Deoxys is a fascinating character. With an expressionless face, an eerie voice that I could hear all day, and amazing powers, this alien is truly one of a kind. Rayquaza, on the other hand, is an awesome beast, undeniably powerful and just looks really cool.This is a welcome edition to the Pokemon franchise. Definitely check it out. Gotta catch em’ all!

  • nika-lovric
    nika lovric

    The animation and all of this movie is great, love to see Deoxy’s and Rayquaza fighting it off. And now Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire 3DS is on the horizon, this movie and the latest pokemon game will bring back those sweet nostalgia! Well I hope new movies for pokemon will have new protagonist aside from ash, since i found him really boring and all. But Deoxy was so amazing on this, knowing its origin as an alien pokemon from the outer space that crash landed on earth to form new life. Rayquaza is earth’s guardian in the sky find this unknown being as a threat to our world that it attacked it reluctantly. Blaziken and its awesome fights scenes is very nice which I always look forward to since he is my favorite fire pokemon.Hey if anyone like the new pokemon game,Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire 3DS ROM – check the game here — http://pokemonomegarubyalphasapphire.weebly.com/

  • skujins-andress
    skujins andress

    Man, this is the first animated feature by Pokémon without a Pikachu short. It is one of my all-time favorite anime series so I am always looking forward to them. Thankfully, the creators of Destiny Deoxys (2004) have make up for it with great backstory and plot! It also have great settings and the anime-exclusive Larousse City is totally one-of-a-kind; just a glimpse of it already make me want to visit it someday… if only it is a real place, though! What’s more amazing is that the creators of this animated feature have included lots of lovable characters in this one. Deoxys, the alien-like Pokémon is mysterious and its concept is certainly amazing! I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it but all the other Pokémon are also interesting in their own ways and most of them are super adorable too!Not only the human characters and Pokémon each have their distinct personalities, there are some intelligent non-human non-Pokémon characters such as Block Bots as well. My apologies if I have used words like endearing a lot for these reviews (I am reviewing all Pokémon movies, you can check my profile) but they have various expressions like emoji and they can perform numerous tasks including security which is just so cute. So overall, Destiny Deoxys (2004) is very impressive! Yes, there could be some stuffs that are mind boggling but well, the Pokémon Universe is essentially a fantasy based on video games so it is actually perfectly fine if you allow it! Nothing is perfect in this world but compared to the older Pokémon films, it is so much better and improved in various aspects! What’s matter most is that the whole experience doesn’t feel flat, isn’t it?Therefore, I am sure you will be pleasantly entertained if you give this animated feature a chance because I am quite certain that Destiny Deoxys (2004) is one of the easiest-to-love Pokémon film out there!

  • noortje-ansems-van-der-laar
    noortje ansems van der laar

    Well, this movie, in summation, is another 1 hour waste of my time. The movie had absolutely no guidelines, and starts out in total confusion. The ninth movie in the series follows a Pokemon named Deoxys. Supposedly, it is from outer space and comes to earth looking for its friend. Of course, it has to kill or capture every single thing in its way. The infamous Team Rocket is also in this, but their role is very minute and does not have any purpose. They are captured in the beginning and spend the entirety of the film in a prison. May, the fill-in for Misty has a admirer named Sid, who obviously, she does not like “that way”. Ash goes to this Battle Tower and meets a child named Tory, who has a fear of Pokemon due to prior experiences. They are teamed up in a double duel and lose which causes Ash to become upset and Tory to run away. This movie is no different than any of the others. They all involved a gigantic Pokemon set on destroying the world, when in fact they have “good” intentions. Shoot me.

  • derrick-maxwell
    derrick maxwell

    In my ongoing quest to destroy my childhood I have set out to (re)watch all Pokémon films, and see how they hold up now that I am an adult. I remember seeing “Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys” as a child, and finding the battles between Deoxys and Rayquaza one of the most awesome things I had ever seen. Watching the film today, I found myself primarily bored, and frightened by the notion that it is 1 hour and 38 minutes long. Fortunately, there was a little game I could play to keep myself entertained while watching: Spot the inciting incident.For beginners: The inciting incident is what fires a story’s plot, for example L.B. Jeffries witnessing a possible murder in “Rear Window,” or Luke Skywalker buying R2-D2 in “Star Wars.””Destiny Deoxys,” starts off with the extra-terrestrial Pokémon Deoxys crash-landing on earth and fighting the Rayquaza whose territory it has disturbed. No worries, nothing has been incited yet. I was tempted to think it had, but after the battle, Deoxys and Rayquaza scarper, so that was that: 15 minutes of hollow spectacle during which the protagonists haven’t even shown up yet.Matters improve little when they do. Ash and Co. are visiting city du jour to enter a contest. Regular viewers will know this means 15 minutes of battling to pad the runtime. As a slight variation, Ash is accidentally joined in the tournament by a boy named Tory, despite him being no trainer. Indeed, the child happens to have a paralysing phobia of Pokémon in general. This is clearly meant to force in a character arc and make it seem like something important happened during the film’s runtime, but the writers don’t bother to put in any effort. Things happening isn’t the film’s strong point anyway.After these cumulative 30 minutes, Deoxys appears above the city and, ehrm, shines a light for a couple of seconds. ‘The inciting incident radically upsets the balance of forces in the protagonist’s life,’ Robert McKee tells us in his screenwriting guide “Story.” Well, so far Deoxys has only radically upset the balance of our heroes’ panorama.A stronger case for the film’s first important moment would be Rayquaza nearing the city, prompting the mayor to evacuate the entire population. Besides the fact that this seems a tad drastic to me, this only forces Ash and Co. to walk a few miles and have lunch elsewhere. You can lean back again safely: Nothing has happened yet, although we are treated to some wonderful dialogue: ‘Oh no, it’s a Munchlax, and they love to eat!’ Brock shouts after we have witnessed the Pokémon devour an entire picnic. Thanks, Brock, for clarifying.When Deoxys, after 50 minutes, forces the protagonists to take shelter, it would seem the plot’s gears have finally started to turn. Going out to get food, the team is attacked, and a Minun that Tory had gotten attached to is kidnapped. Finally! This must be the inciting incident! After one hour of faffing about, Ash has an quest to go on: Freeing Minun from Deoxys. …Except he doesn’t. Instead, Tory gets a ‘there, there,’ and everyone goes back to their shelter.While hiding, the protagonists discover a crystal that may contain the answer to Deoxys’ aggressiveness, and find that they need to turn on the building’s power in order to open it. Here, after more than an hour, the heroes have found their goal, just in time for the story’s final act.If anything, the film becomes more boring once its plot has been incited. During some mediocrely animated chase scenes, Ash and Co. succeed in fiddling their MacGuffin, after which Deoxys and Rayquaza sort out matters for themselves. Doing so, they make the city’s security go berserk and have to climactically defend themselves against a mass of green cubes. So ultimately, Deoxys’ purpose in this film was making the heroes battle the actual threat: a horde of geometrical shapes. Not quite the epic I remembered.Not everybody may share my emphasis on story and structure, but “Destiny Deoxys” is a prime example of a film ruined by its incompetence in these areas. Why are we supposed to care about anything before actual stakes have been introduced? Of afterwards, for that matter? I couldn’t say, and neither could the writers. The big-name battles that are “Deoxys”‘s sole appeal would have been a cherry on top of the pie had they been relevant, but the absence of a decent framework leaves the film as a plate of topping: Overly sweet, insubstantial, and probably bad for your health.

  • alja-susnik
    alja susnik

    Pokemon movies tend to be rather hit and miss. This one is one of the better ones. It’s not truly compelling, like the 2nd movie, but it’s an improvement on “Pokemon Heroes” and a vast step up from last year’s “Jirachi, the Wish Maker”.Production design in the film is pretty impressive, and the city scenes are reminiscent of those old futuristic movies we were always seeing in 50s science fiction movies. Watching the backdrops is still more fun than watching the plot in this movie, but it’s not awful.There’s one really neat scene of the ‘block robots’ using their own bodies to build a bridge to evacuate the city’s civilians which is visually impressive.

  • murt-az-imnaze
    murt az imnaze

    I know I’m in a minority, but in my opinion, this is one of the best of the Pokémon series. It gets things back on track after the underwhelming “Jirachi” movie.The film returns the series to the epic scope and feel of “Pokémon 2000.” I loved LaRousse City as the setting. It was very colorful and creative.The story is pretty interesting. Tory being afraid of all Pokemon was a neat idea, even if it got a little annoying after a while. I liked Sid and Rafe as supporting characters.Deoxys makes for an awesome antagonist. He is an interesting legendary Pokémon, and he is also somewhat sympathetic as he is more misunderstood than evil.This is definitely one of the most action-packed Pokémon movies to date. From LaRousse losing its power to the gang battling multiple Deoxyses to the exhilarating battles between Deoxys and Rayquaza to the robot blocks going haywire, it really delivers some excitement.The music score is once again really good and, for some reason, I have a soft spot for the song “This Side of Paradise.” The song just gives me a really good feeling.The superfluous Munchlax scenes aside, this is one of the most thoroughly enjoyable entries in the series. I’d definitely say it’s in my top 5 Pokémon movies, but not quite top 3. This is a very underrated film that I recommend to any Pokémon fan.RATING: A-

  • prof-christian-johannessen
    prof christian johannessen

    This movie was the type of pokemon movie I always wanted to see. A lot of fun. I was hooked from the first battle scene. After all the previous ones I’ve seen (havent seen 3 & 4 yet) this one I found the best.I like the intro to these movies as they give a brief explanation of pokemon, this movie showed a few scenes from the previous movies.The starting fight between the alien poke and the earth one was cool, showing off the aliens strength for a little while.I liked the few scenes just with poke doing amusing things with feelgood background music.Ash is the focus of course, a few new characters and poke are introduced, and its good to see Tory make friends with those plus and minus pokemon.After the end you see everyone board a train and go their separate ways which ended it nicely.Really enjoyable movie in the hi tech city.

  • baadaamii-vijy
    baadaamii vijy

    This is great! Thanks to computer graphics and animations, this movie appeared on TV. Just like every Pokemon movies, Miramax Films made this movie associated with Kids WB! or 4 Kids Entertainment. But this time, the distributors are Walt Disney Pictures instead of Kids WB!. This surprised me, however, but different distributors has different ideas on the movie that they’ll make. This is ab assumption, but it could be a fact…. Anyway, it’s great to see a movie with different distributors with different ideas. Once again, thank you Pokemon for creating your 7th movie. I’m sorry that it’s not as great as the 6th one (which was my most favorite one), but you’ll do better. I trust you. Besides, every character has to play some role in every movies.

  • peteris-kaneps
    peteris kaneps

    I found this movie and movie number six (Wish Maker Jirachi) way different than the other pokemon movies. They were kind of more mature. Anyway, this movie was really good and I just watched it today on Kidswb. I think what really made this a good movie was the fact that it had featured pokemon from outer space, which was interesting and brings a whole new world to Pokemon. I recommend this movie because its feature length, It has two really strong pokemon in it, one secret pokemon that has something to do with snorlax, and its a lot of fun to watch. The only faulty thing I didn’t like about it was that it lacked good popular music like the other four before pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker. I think good rock songs would have made it earn the true title as a Pokemon Movie.

  • emal-alemdar-ergul
    emal alemdar ergul

    Actually, the storyline of this movie is simple to understand. Somethings are surprise, such as the twins Deoxys and the newest Pokemon – Gobigon, which love eating very much. This Pokemon’s appearance, means the new generation of Pokemon is coming.It is also the longest movie of Pokemon’s history. In old Pokemon movies, usually it took seventy minutes and have a short special episodes for kids. For this movie, it does not have any short special episodes. That’s why it takes one hour and forty minutes long.The drawing quality of this movie is also improved – with lots of 3D graphic – especially in Battle Towers.The sound effect is good, especially the ending music – Lovely Boy. It is the first happy ending song in Pokemon movie. Maybe because of it has a happy ending, unlike other movies.In Japan, it is the forth popular animation movie, four hundreds and twenty million dollars of tickets sold out, and sold number of its DVD in the first week reached 30,000, the second high number in Japan.Finally we talk back about the name. I don’t think that Destiny Deoxys is not a good name. At least I can’t find anything related to Deoxys’ destiny. For me, I think the original Japanese name “Polar Night Visitor” is better, as the movie ended with polar night.