In 1954, a group of teenage male students of Florida’s Angle Beach High School are determined to lose their virginity. They embark on games of sexual innuendo with female classmates whose activities Billy, Tommy, and Pee Wee witness via their secret surveillance. Pee Wee is the most desperate, which gets him into one predicament after another, besides constantly being the butt of pranks. Good guy Tim deals with his learned racism that surfaces with the arrival of new student Brian Schwartz, who is Jewish. Meanwhile, new Boys’ Phys Ed coach Roy Brackett is attracted to cheerleading coach Miss Lynn Honeywell, who is attracted to him but doesn’t want to go all the way. Coach Brackett’s goal is to find out why Coach Warren has nicknamed Miss Honeywell “Lassie”. All these goings-on offend the sensibilities of the Girls’ Phys Ed coach, Miss Beulah Balbricker, who takes it upon herself to maintain the moral standards of the school. When the boys’ mission stalls, Mickey, whose brother Ted is the local sheriff, suggests that they go to Porky’s, a bar and unofficial brothel in neighboring Wallacetown in the middle of the Everglades, to lose their virginity. Porky’s is owned by the violent Porky, whose actions are supported by his sheriff brother. The boys’ experience at Porky’s leads to a feud between the boys and Porky and his posse, the boys’ collective anger fueled by Mickey. They will learn that they may not be able to beat Porky with their fists, but they might be able to do so with a little ingenuity, which may hurt Porky more in the long run.

Also Known As: Porkys, Varme drenge, Porky's: A Casa do Amor e do Riso, ポーキーズ, Μικροί στο Μάτι... Κανόνια στο Κρεβάτι, Malackodók, Бар Поркі, Bob Clark's Porky's, Porky's pikante pretpark, Świńtuch, При Порки, Порки Soviet, Porky's - Questi pazzi pazzi porcelloni!, Πόρκις: Γρανίτα Αμερικάνα, Porky's, Καυτά Θρανία, Chez Porky, Kuuma nuoriso, Het ungdom

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