When a tiny country is invaded by a dictator, a young Princess (later known as Rosie) is taken into custody by the Princess Protection Program. She is whisked away to rural Louisiana where she must learn the ins and outs of behaving like a normal American teenager. In the process of adapting to her new life, Rosie gives her new friend and roommate, Carter, a few lessons in how to act with royal aplomb.

Also Known As: Programa de Proteção para Princesas, Projekt prinsesse, Πρόγραμμα Προστασίας για Πριγκίπισσες, Princess Protection Program - Mission Rosalinda, Programa de protección de princesas, Projekt prinsessa, Hercegnő Védelmi Program, 'Prenses Koruma Programi', Programi i Mbrojtjes së Princeshave, Program za zaštitu princeza, Programa de Protecção de Princesas, Princess Protection Program, Prinzessinnen Schutzprogramm, Prosjekt prinsesse, Operaatio Prinsessa, Programma protezione principesse, Програма за защити на принцеси, Programa de protección para princesas, Program ochrony Księżniczek, Princesin zascitni program, Program zaštite za princeze, Программа защиты принцесс

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