Set in the not too distant future, Erik Black is a broken soul due to the loss of his wife Emily. Disillusioned and happy living a life of isolation, he spends his days self-medicating and without any real sense of purpose. But all of that changes when he is asked, by his estranged son, to help him reach an undisclosed destination. There, he tells his father, he will receive a divine message; one that he believes will change the course of humanity. In order to survive the ordeal, father and son must stick together while fostering a belief in something greater than themselves. Discovering the true meaning of sacrifice, Erik will risk everything to deliver his son so that he can in turn deliver the message the world has been waiting for. PRODIGY is a father-and-son dramatic thriller full of adventure and humanity, that builds to a nail-biting conclusion. Amidst a journey of self-discovery, Erik is given one last chance at redemption as his faith and ability to deal with his past demons are put to the test.

Also Known As: Prodigy

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  • maria-hakansson
    maria hakansson

    Kept me wanting to watch. I would watch again. Acting was very good. The suspense kept me on edge.

  • femke-van-t-riet-strik
    femke van t riet strik

    Was not sure what direction this movie was going to go, insane? alien? Sci Fi? I ended up being pleasantly surprised it’s about faith, true faith, what I’ve been taught in my life. I was rooting for Caleb, didn’t know if he’d make it. Who can you trust? You need faith. Might be slow for some, but it kept my attention. Beautiful camera work and location.

  • guilherme-rodrigues
    guilherme rodrigues

    A two-hour movie that could have been done in 60 minutes (or less) and still achieved the same effect. It has a fatal flaw in extremely bad sound and overly-loud music in the last few minutes that made critical dialog very hard to understand. Anticlimactic in nature. Characters are cliche. Teen actor’s voice is raspy and often difficult to understand. While the main story is mildly interesting, there is nothing original in this film, nor anything that makes it a “recommended watch”. What starts out as an interesting premise turns into an excessively long yawner.

  • matija-tesija
    matija tesija

    Worst, blandest, most emotionless acting ever. Especially the father and the aunt. And then the kid…he sounds like he is afflicted with a perpetual case of pubescent voice cracking. I could only stand 25 minutes of it. Which was probably about 15 minutes too many.

  • monika-kotnik
    monika kotnik

    Prodigy is a good movie, although definitely not an “A” movie. No big budget or special effects, but a decent watch. The 14 yr old son, Caleb, hears God and receives messages in dreams, and shares the messages he receives with the world. The dad, Erik, is not a believer. Throughout their journey to get to an appointed place and time for Caleb to receive a third message from God, Caleb’s faith never wavers, and Erik finally begins to believe. This movie has violent scenes, so I would not recommend young children seeing, but would consider it fine for 13 years old and up.

  • michelle-anderson
    michelle anderson

    This is the first film from writer/director Nathan Leon & it was an entertaining thriller that touched on some deeper philosophical themes throughout. The backbone of the film rests on the shoulders of its two protagonists, Erik & Caleb Black (Cory Kays & Embry Johnson). The duo must overcome their own challenges in their father-son relationship in order to help everyone else in their orbit.The performance given from Kays is the biggest thing I’ll remember about the film. The transformation he makes from the opening scene to the close really shows the work and attention to detail he & Leon invested in the role. There was also a really terrific monologue delivered from Adam Elliot Davis, who played John, which stood out.Can’t wait to see what they do next.

  • kelly-amorim
    kelly amorim

    Entertaining, and good acting.Just did not get anywhere by the end…

  • diana-larson
    diana larson

    Mr. Leon and company ALMOST made a good film.Production quality is very strong. Oregon woods, shot exceptionally well. Drone filming, static scenery, lots of natural light. Continuity smooth. Comfortable editing.However, the pace is slow. The script is tolerable. The delivery, by actors who may have wanted to do more, is plodding and tone deaf. “Prodigy” is like a well produced (technically), long, student film.As in another review here, “Midnight Run” meets “Knowing” at a sermon.

  • todd-king
    todd king

    A little slow, the soldiers in the beginning looked atrocious (why can’t movie people research Army regs), several illegally modified guns, having said that, it’s worth watching and makes you think about what’s important.

  • bilal-haack
    bilal haack

    The overall idea of the movie is great and very interesting but it lacks so much, it feels like the producer thought he had $10000 to make the movie, but looked at his account a day before shooting and realised he only had $1000 but still decided to go ahead and film. The actors spoke with no conviction at times like they had just heard there would be a pay cut. There were three very annoying things that happened. 1) They used loud music to cover up most aspects of the movie which just makes it look like they really didnt have money to pay a sound studio enough to make the proper sounds be it footsteps or “fight scenes” so they just covered it up with music.2) They cut so many scenes out or zoomed in too close purposefully just to avoid showing the actors “complete” normal tasks ie: there’s a scene where and actor is supposed to be bandaged up on his thigh, they start to show the dressing being taken off but it just cuts and goes to the dressing all done… like … wth… sigh3) The most annoying is a scene where a character falls and rolls down a ridge in the woods, both number 1&2 annoying things happen they play loud music to cover up the roll and they started showing the roll then tthey cut to a branch sticking out upright, then they cut to him rolling then they cut to only his thigh being pierced by the branch then the cut to his face screaming then cut to his only his thigh taken off the branch . That wasn’t even the annoying part. The branch went through his tie but somehow this dude was still walking normally and no, he doesn’t have any superpowers. He limped for like 5 seconds and started running normally and then started walking normally. He walked and ran normally for 2 days (in the movie) he even had more energy than other characters. Other characters wanted to stop walking and rest but he was the one saying ” we need to keep going” I’m just watching like “isnt this dude supposed to have a hole that goes through his thigh?”

  • timothy-phillips
    timothy phillips

    In descending order of goodness: -The camerawork and general cinematography was really nice at times reminding me of much higher budget movies. -The concept was a good one. -The dramaturgy was fine and provided for some thrills and twists even if some of them ver really predictable. -The music used was good, but at times unfitting and always too loud. -The acting had it’s moments from everyone involved, but also really bad moments from everyone involved. Decent effort, needs improvement. -The audio editing was not good. It wasn’t quite as atrocious as other low profile movies, but bad enough to put this in the student movie category. -The story…. was atrocious. It left me with a ‘damn this was awful’ feeling, even though the whole thing wasn’t really bad as a whole. The constant cringy dialogue and events and the super hamfisted religious bits… ughAll in all if A movies are blockbusters, B aresmaller budget hollywood movies, C are direct to video, comedies, and arthouse, and series tie ins, and D are student films, this is a D movie. I hesitated between giving this a 4 or a 5, but eventually, it wasn’t that bad, and it did some things right, the whole story just left one feeling profoundly unfulfilled and nonsensical and the ending didn’t help much at all. It felt a bit like some american bible belt fantasy. If that kid was not jesus2.0 then he shouldn’t have been acting like this much of a messiah figure. Nice effort, with lots of good bits, but could’ve been handled a lot better, with more believable characters especially the main father son duo, and a less shallow preachy plot

  • daniel-souza
    daniel souza

    This is one of those movies where the director and the writer are the same person. I often suspect this happens when the writer can’t get any studio to produce his work and so decides to go it alone and do it himself (not always, of course). Sometimes, the result is a really interesting, original movie. I’ve come across a few of those. Unfortunately, this movie does not belong to that group. Whatever studio(s) gave this script the thumbs down made the right decision. It is that bad.This is chock full of themes and ideas from other, better, movies. Despite that, there are plenty of holes in the plot. It boasts a roll call of truly cliched characters – the jaded father who drinks to forget and has become estranged from his family; the barmaid with the heart of gold and a sad past; the sinister doctor from a mysterious and unethical government agency; and the group of murderous rednecks with guns etc etc. They’re all there. What the movie does lack is tension, excitement and a plot you care about. You won’t have seen the cast in any other movies and you probably never will. They may very well be the director’s family members for all I know. Some of the male cast members do look similar. Sadly, none of them can act and it’s sometimes painful to watch them trying. This movie was done on the cheap and it shows. I hope no one mortgaged their house to make this movie! The script occasionally throws up some quasi-religious gobbledygook and once or twice I was asking myself if this was maybe produced by some religious organisation. I’m still not sure. The religious stuff does nothing to make the movie more enjoyable though, as you may expect.Coming in at almost two hours, this movie is a real test of endurance. I watched it to the end, not because I was engrossed in the story, but because I wanted to see how bad it got. The answer – pretty bad. I happily recommend that you give this movie a miss and assure you that you wont actually have missed anything.

  • florence-kambs
    florence kambs

    This movie has bad movie cliche all over it. Bad acting, poor story, terrible ending it is a cliched throw away movie you will not want to see again. Nothing redeeming except at the very end when the credits roll and you realize it is over.

  • mr-maurice-wood
    mr maurice wood

    I don’t think PRODIGY deserves a legitimate effort at a proper review from me for the following reason.I’m sure there’s a more commonly-used name for it, but since I don’t know what it is, I’ll simply call PRODIGY a “parasite” movie. A parasite movie is one that is quickly produced at the same time a very similarly named, more “legitimate”, big-budget movie is making the rounds in theaters. Right now, there’s a horror picture called THE PRODIGY playing at theaters accompanied by a lot of promotional advertising, and now here we have PRODIGY released direct to video.Another example current at the time of this writing is the digitally animated DUMBO in theaters and the direct to video junk-animated movie JUMBO trying to capitalize on it.The apparent objective of such parasite movies is a slimy attempt to capitalize on the popularity and advertising promotion of the host movie and get people to watch their crummy knockoff by mistake.A particularly irritating feature of PRODIGY is that it’s a spiritual/theological message movie from a Christian production company, Visionary Film Productions (VF). The only conclusion I can come to is Visionary Film Productions is hoping to Trojan horse their religious message by engaging in this kind of trickery.In the interest of full disclosure, while I’m not religious myself, I am generally pro-Christianity on a philosophical basis. To my way of thinking, the entire mechanism of parasite movies falls into the general category of lying which goes into the whole general heading of bearing false witness, and we know what the 10 Commandments has to say about THAT. The fact that a Christian production company would engage in this kind of deceptive behavior just helps to support what atheists have to say about Christianity.And the cherry on top is that the primary “prophet” character in the movie has the most ear-bleeding going-through-puberty cracking voice I’ve ever heard. It makes you want to stab yourself in both ears with a sharp pencil.Visionary Film Productions, and all the people that work for them, should be ashamed of themselves for engaging in this kind of duplicity. WWJD>:(

  • matthew-gordon
    matthew gordon

    No offence but did they just hired the actor/s from a random street? this movie is ridiculously weak and meaningless. i mistakenly picked up this title over another movie with similar title, unfortunately it took me 20 minutes to realize my mistake. badly written, badly acted.