The US needs to convince the visiting emir Khala’ad of Othar to allow an American military base in his strategic realm. Clueless nightclub waitress Sunny Ann Davis accidentally spots and stops a terrorist shooting at the president and his royal guest. Her naive comments charm the press, so the State Department recruits her for its Protocol. She falls in love with charming Middle East desk chief Michael Ransome, who resigns rather than help trick her into a ‘contact mission’ to Othar, where the emir’s plan with her unexpectedly stirs a revolution.

Also Known As: Protokoll, Από το Φαστ Φουντ στον Λευκό Οίκο, Har jag gjort bort mig nu igen?, En herlig røre, Протокол Soviet, Alles tanzt nach meiner Pfeife West, Apo to 'fast food' ston Lefko Oiko, Hold på formerne, Protokół, Protocolo, Protocole, Trapalhadas na Casa Branca, Protocol, Menikö taas pieleen?, Протокол

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