An outlaw band flees a posse and rides into Refuge, a small town where no one carries a gun, drinks, or swears. The town is actually Purgatory, and the peaceful inhabitants are all famous dead outlaws and criminals such as Doc Holiday and Wild Bill Hickok who must redeem themselves before gaining admittance to Heaven…or screw up and go to Hell. The residents must either defend themselves against the outlaws and risk eternal damnation… or die a second time.

Also Known As: Purgatory West of the Pecos, I katharsi, Showdown auf dem Weg zur Hölle, Purgatórium, Чистилище, Purgatory, O Purgatório, ЧИстилищетo, Przedsionek piekla, La ville des légendes de l'Ouest, Camino al infierno

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