When a man dressed as a clown enters a bank and tries to rob it, no one takes him seriously at start. But as this New Yorker pulls this daring robbery with the help of his friends, it looks like leaving the bank with all the stolen money is the easy part! All they have to do now is make it out of the city and to the airport. They have plenty of time, but its not that easy as they seem to get out of one problem only to fall into another. Will they make before the cops catch up with them?

Also Known As: Não Tenho Troco, Staigios permainos, Brza promena, Πάρε το χαρτί και τρέχα, Ein verrückt genialer Coup, Viszem a bankot, Con la poli en los talones, Quick Change, Hurtige penge, Hold-up à New York, Kesef Kal, Monnaie courante, Um Assalto Genial, Scappiamo col malloppo, Jaful, Denarja na pretek, Keikka putkessa, Быстрые перемены Soviet, Бърза смяна, No tengo cambio, Pare to harti kai treha, Latwy szmal, Raske penger, Snabba pengar

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  • aaron-james
    aaron james

    Every time I watch this movie it seems fresh and new. Such great humor and chemistry between the characters. Highly recommend this movie. Bill Murray at his best.

  • ivan-pavicic
    ivan pavicic

    I watched this on TV some 25 years ago and remembered as good satire. Spotted this days and made good decision: let’s watch it, if nothing else, to refresh memories. It was worth of every minute – no there were no slow, dragging parts, as some reviewers said here. Pace and timing are perfect.From beginning was obvious that this will caricaturing big City life situations, style. Exiting from metro was hilarious, as many other scenes. Is it one of the reasons for low rating here ? You will not see some recent comedy like this. I could call it ‘Modest masterpiece’ – nothing bombastic, plain storytelling, no forced jokes, really – and that self is great thing. If just movies like Postman or Heaven’s Gate were made with same approach – doesn’t matter is it comedy or whatever. And as I see, this is made by book, and is remake. But nobody of reviewers did read book, is seems. Too bad that good things are so often less known. This movie really deserves more publicity.

  • ignatev-miroslav-vladilenovich
    ignatev miroslav vladilenovich

    This movie, a Bill Murray remake of the Candian-French comedy Hold-Up, is very underrated. It’s hilarious. Murray is great directing his only film (as far as I know) and amazing starring as Grimm the bank robber. Randy Quaid is also awesom, and Geena Davis too. Tony Shalhoub has a great supporting role and the police captain trying to catch them is great as well. This is just a very funny caper comedy and I can’t believe it is only rated at 6.8/10!

  • j-kovacs-eszter
    j kovacs eszter

    Bill Murray is hysterical in this perfect little black comedy about a bank-robber trying to flee New York City. What makes the film work, at least for me, is that we never know much about Murray’s character (or Geena Davis or Randy Quaid), and that it takes place over a single summer day in Manhattan. The bank heist goes off without a hitch, but after a successful getaway, they become plagued by the maddening, ridiculous delays of New York City. Suddenly, every eccentric in New York City seems to be coming out of the woodwork, either slowing down or chasing after the three main characters during their desperate search for the airport.

  • tine-lavric
    tine lavric

    Bill Murray plays Grimm in this above average comedy (also Murray’s directorial debut). Grimm is one of a trio of thieves who rob a New York City bank and there are enough laughs here to please fans of comedy.The beginning of the film is priceless as Grimm-dressed as a clown-engineers a bank robbery. He gives the negotiator nightmares with his constant changing of the goalposts. At one point, he asks for a Bigfoot Monster Truck which the police manage to get, only for Grimm to tell them it is the wrong model or something like that. The beginning of the film is very good and any scenes after that had a hard act to follow.However, there are some good scenes as the trio frantically try to escape the city with the police on their trail. Good scenes include one where Grimm is stuck in a shop queue with the police near. Grimm had tried to get on the bus in order to evade police but the jobsworth driver wouldn’t let him on unless he had the exact change so Grimm had to go into the shop to get the money and all the time, the police are near. Priceless.There are a few good scenes after and I really enjoyed the ending-watch it and you’ll see what I mean.Not as good as a lot of Bill Murray movies but okay for fans of light comedy.

  • francisco-valero-cisneros
    francisco valero cisneros

    This film came post- What About Bob? I asked myself, now how will he top the off the brain-cuff comedy in What About Bob? Here is the answer!! Where there was serenity in the countryside, and the good Doctor played by Richard Dreyfus (Down & Out in Beverly Hills) now here is anything but, from the inner workings of the city of Gotham, New york. The busiest place on Earth (practically speaking). Jason Robards is one of my favorite role players in this epic debacle of ‘getaway’. He brings in the not so happy N.Y. detective that looks like he is going to have a heart-attack anytime now. The clown in the vault is one of the funniest parts in this, surely though, not to say that there is a lack of dead-pan comedic farce. There is enough to please just about any discriminating fan of Murray, or Davis, Quaid, etc. Bill Murray directs this I feel to a wonderful outcome of story and events. It shows that not only is fair-par Billy our man of the comedy hour, but as a director he is right as rain. Quaid is another addition that makes you feel good about yourself, by saying thank God I’m not that guy. Quaid is fantastic! There’s no argument that you see and feel the zany pain of his character, who just desperately needs time off. A vacation for sure. As they rob and attempt to find their ‘way’ out of the seedy bustling metropolis, they find out other news, that I won’t give away, to those who have not seen this feature. Looking for the on-ramp to the freeway is just Hell. The city road workers arguing over which way is the correct direction, the big hard-hat guy (played by Larry Joshua) I liked the Eastcoast attitude! Then following, amongst attempted robberies from ‘other’ criminals, just getting out will prove their biggest escape yet!! In addition a little trivia, I gave the title bar that name mainly, because Murray directed this and that was the road by where I grew up and the one just made me think of the other.Recommended highly! (****)

  • pan-kacper-zimolag
    pan kacper zimolag

    This movie is, combined with some popcorn and a coke, perfect for an enjoyable TV evening. But I wouldn’t recommend watching this movie on the big screen, because the irritating character Loomis, played by Randy Quaid, will attract too much attention. I noticed how everytime Quaid said something (mostly while nodding his head hysterically or while jumping around) my eyes focused on something else than the TV, and it’s hard to focus on something else when all you can see is the big screen in front of you. I know the character needs to be like that but it still irritates me.Bill Murray however acts almost perfect. He has to play, as usual, the guy who makes sarcastic remarks or who acts like nothing has happened when everything goes wrong, and he’s so damn good at it. Geena Davis has a crappy part, with a character that almost constantly changes her opinion, but she still manages to make something out of it.There’s nothing specific to say about directing or music or whatever, those are the quite-good-but-nothing-special-type of things that make this movie perfect for TV.7/10

  • sanja-jakopec
    sanja jakopec

    Quick Change is my favorite comedy of all time. Murray is at his best, and has a great supporting cast to guide the film. Geena Davis and Randy Quaid complete the trio, and Jason Robards (one of the greatest actors of all time) brings the film together. Also watch for Stanley Tucci as well as the actor who plays Vince Lombino–I forget his name. Anyway, it’s a really funny movie…so please add it to your list of movies to see!

  • alexandru-tomescu
    alexandru tomescu

    “Quick Change” is funny. Bottom line, everything in the film works. The cast has amazing chemistry, the scenes are tight, allowing the story to progress without skipping a beat, and the laughs abound one after another–while still maintaining a level of suspense. Even the story is every bored office person’s dream come true–let’s rob a bank, get out of town to some exotic island and escape this life of misery. Bill Murray, Geena Davis and Randy Quaid are the notorious bank robbers that can’t seem to get out of New York City with their loot. If that weren’t enough, the endless barrage of effective supporting characters makes their plight even more hilarious. Bob Elliott, Phil Hartman, Philip Bosco, and Stanley Tucci (as well as others) give the film the colorful cast of characters that have become New York City’s trademark. Look for Bob Elliott’s scene as a bank security guard attempting to describe the robber(s) to a police sketch artist. And Academy Award-winning Jason Robards provides the vital calm in an otherwise insane storm, ever-eager to capture the clowning robbers. It’s a shame that this film never really caught on with audiences. Bad timing, an R-rating, competing films–any one or a combination of all three could have been the culprit. It’s too bad, because it’s a great movie. And it truly is a shame that Murray has yet to receive his reward for being such a comedic genius. “Quick Change” provides relief to any urbanite who needs to escape the hustle and bustle of the city streets. Even if it is for only 90 minutes or so.

  • rebecca-swanson
    rebecca swanson

    I saw this in the theater when it came out, possibly more than one time. For whatever reason I really loved it, but I haven’t seen it in many years. I still think it’s a rather exceptional comedy with maybe fewer laughs but more real emotion than most. I would compare it to other great caper movies of the late 80s/early 90s like “A Fish Called Wanda.” The romance between Phyllis (Geena Davis) and Grimm (Bill Murray) is nicely frustrated, due to Grimm’s total inability to express emotion. As opposed to a lot of caper films where the two lovers have a lot of antagonism at the beginning, in this film they start out as devoted lovers and the situation goes downhill from there, mostly because Phyllis starts to believe that Grimm was more into the caper than he was into her.There are just a lot of really great moments in this movie, like Bill Murray in the clown suit at the beginning, riding the subway to a bank robbery. That’s the kind of stuff that pays off more after you’ve seen the movie and you know what’s happening. The whole movie is about living in the city, how sick they are of living there and all the ridiculous and weird people who live there. So it starts out with this postcard shot that appears to be a sunny romantic scene of New York but turns out to be just a poster on a dirty subway — hardly an original film image but a good one to convey the mood of the film. It’s in those parts when Grimm, Phyllis and Loomis (Randy Quaid) are trying to get to the airport and they’re on a public bus operated by a deranged anal retentive type, that’s where the soul of the movie is. Loomis with his head in Phyllis’ lap, finding out about her pregnancy before Grimm. They both trust Loomis and need him so much, even though he is somewhat idiotic.Murray, who also co-directed this movie, is the rightful focus of energy and attention, with his laconic style clashing at all points with his clown costume and the ridiculous situations he finds himself in. Davis was at the peak of her career when this film came out and gives a great performance — all 3 of the leads have to play these different characters at the beginning of the movie, during the robbery. Quaid is endearing without being geekily annoying in any way or just straight goofy. His character is basically getting beaten up all throughout the movie which is always a good laugh. Most of it is his own fault, like when he jumps out of the taxi.Special notice for Jason Robards Jr. for a really self-less and intelligent performance. To me his work here is just as good as, say, Tommy Lee Jones’ acclaimed work in “The Fugitive” or Yaphet Kotto in “Midnight Run.” It’s a great character type, the cop who’s trying to out-think the criminals, and in this case his character has a lot of the same feelings about NYC as they do. I love the scene when he muses about why he doesn’t use his talents to do something that would make him some money and get out of town.The movie’s also loaded with hilarious cameo and character performances, like Tony Shalhoub as a cabbie, Phil Hartman as a yuppie (“for your information, sir, I was AT Woodstock!”), Stanley Tucci as an intimidated mobster, and Kurtwood Smith as a very ornery mobster. It’s just a wonderfully entertaining and funny film with a very intelligent story and characters who I personally cared about. If it’s lacking anything, one or two over the top funny scenes would have really made this an all-time classic. The movie’s tone is sort of realistic and subdued in a lot of ways, so there’s not a lot of room or even attempt at that kind of thing. It’s sort of an understated film, not crazy enough to be noticed in the rush of the late 80s comedy chase.

  • robin-blaha
    robin blaha

    Take Dog Day Afternoon, blend it in with Scorsese’s After Hours, and don’t forget that it’s really about Bill Murray, Geena Davis and Randy Quaid as non-professional criminals who pull off a goof of a bank robbery and intend to escape to the airport, and you might get an idea of what Quick Change is about. It announces itself in the opening 20 minutes as a comedy to take seriously, as we follow along what looks to be an average circus clown around town, and he stops at a bank… and then proceeds to hold it up and do the hostage/demand thing. But it’s Bill Murray, and he has that attitude you might usually see him in in a movie even if it’s only for a minute: hey, I’m here, again, on camera, oh man, this is going to be another day in it. He has that great self-effacing attitude, dead-pan but very aware, and it comes through brilliantly as he balances between comedy and drama in the opening scenes (drama, as in a crying Randy Quaid and talk-back Geena David, who happen to actually be Murray’s character’s partners in crime).Quick Change is a dark comedy in a very rich form; it takes its aim not just at bank robbers and the cops who go after them (specifically the hard-nosed detective, here casted perfectly with Jason Robards), but also New York in the late 80s, its see-saw of really hazardous grounds among Queens and Brooklyn and the “plans” for urban renewal. Not to mention the characters who just pop up for a scene here or a scene there, almost like a trip to hell where there’s a stop-off every few minutes or so, sometimes with a car thief, a cab driver with no English (Tony Shalhoub), a bus driver described at one point as Ralph Kramden’s evil-twin, and of course the mob. It is parody, but it’s never spoken outright or made directly like in Hot Shots or Naked Gun. It’s Bill Murray doing smart comedy that relies on wits and edge, so that even as the screenplay makes fun of the tropes of heist movies it doesn’t lose its own voice.And, thankfully as well, Davis and Quaid are totally game for the production, and if I may say so Davis is a good here and convincing as a reluctant ‘squeeze’ of Murray’s bank robber (who, by the way, feels “complete” now that he’s pulled of the job) as she was in Thelma and Louise. Quaid, too, has his share of laughs, even if he may be saddled more than anyone with physical pratfalls and the ‘damage-to-his-body’ jokes that are sometimes riotous (the jump from the cab and slam into the newsstand) and sometimes not (the running ‘joke’ of his freak-outs at little things, a super neurotic). But very often the chances for comedy are taken on, and they’re risky ones, like when Murray rips off the gangsters as a means to just slip out of the place he and his co-horts literally stumbled into. And there is something unique to the film by having Murray co-direct it; one can feel his stamp more than anyone, and it’s good thing since he knows how to take the story forward while not losing sight of moments of great observation- of character and landscape- and of the plot itself, which comes to a great big twist when they finally make it to the airport. Only Kubrick’s the Killing has a better climax as a heist movie at an airport.

  • diether-christoph
    diether christoph

    I hadn’t seen Quick Change since it was initially released to VHS in the early 90′s, and I remember it was a funny flick with some funny scenes and of course Bill Murray at his deadpan best. (Bill Murray and Steve Martin are the 2 guys who I could watch make toast and somehow think it hilarious. No-one currently making comedies has the same aura to me.) After revisiting QC tonight I was stoked to realise that my initial impressions were correct. In fact, most so called “comedies” of the last 10 years might take a few tips from this little flick.First the plot, then the kudos. Bill Murray is Grimm, a pretty smart guy who hasn’t really done anything with his life and who hates living in New York so he decides to rob a bank of 1 MILLION DOLLARS!(apparently a huge sum in the 80′s though it seems insignificant now) and solve both problems.As can be seen in the poster he dresses as a clown to pull the heist, rightfully assuming that no-one would see past his makeup and outfit when describing the events. After successfully completing the robbery with minimal effort a slip up puts the cops on the trail, lead by Jason Robards as the head cop desperate for a big collar, and Grimm his girlfriend Phyllis and doofus mate Loomis spend the rest of the film trying to escape New York.What the film does so well is realise what it is and stay within the limitations of the genre. At a tight 80 odd minutes in duration no time is wasted introducing unnecessary plot points or characters, and every character that appears in the film adds a little to proceedings, especially the security guard who becomes increasingly brave each time he recounts his take on the events.The film doesn’t try to solve any world issues and though the plot is lightweight and the three fugitives find themselves in increasingly absurd situations they never overstay or overplay a joke. In fact most of the humour comes from Bill Murray’s throwaway comments and some of the 30 second dealings with random New Yorkers, most notably the Hispanic bicycle jousters and the militant bus driver.Geena Davis (inexplicably considered a sex symbol by some) as Phyllis, the girlfriend with a secret, and Randy Quaid as Loomis do their best when they stay out of Murray’s way. In fact without Murray this flick wouldn’t be half as good as it is, he is at his sarcastic peak and it is his interaction with bit characters and how he handles the various inconveniences that make the film.After a finale in which Grim has 1 minute and 45 seconds to make a vital deadline (that takes about 6 minutes of screen time,) the credits roll and I realised 2 things: current filmmakers overcomplicate things and the title really doesn’t make much sense.Also Bill Murray rocked the 80s.Final Rating 8/10. Definitely worth a look if you can find it at the Video shop.If you liked this (or even if you didn’t) try oneguyrambling.com

  • nika-simic
    nika simic

    This one is absolutely chocked full of accomplished writing, unforgettably comic performances, unexpectedly clever situations, and hilarious slapstick comedy. It only slows when the script turns to unnecessary melodrama. Otherwise it’s combination of witty dialog, drool understated delivery by Murray and fast pacing keep this a fascinating wild farce that surprises in almost every scene. Check out Philip Bosco as the anal retentive bus driver, Tony Shalhoub as the whacked out cab driver who because he cant speak a word of English must communicate in wild pantomime. There are so many fine comic performances that I tend to lose track of them.Too bad it did not do better at the box office. Maybe it was ahead of it’s time. Were it released today it might have had a better chance..Don’t debate, rent it on DVD and watch it over and over!

  • gunnar-nilsson
    gunnar nilsson

    Bill Murray is a great actor, his interpretations in movies which “Ghostbuster” or “Scrooges” are memorable. Quick Change represents his first and unique directional proof with the coo-direction of Howard Franklyn. The movie remembers the demential comedy of late 70s and middle 80s and even the picaresque genre consacrated by Martin Scorsese in “After hours” or John Landis in “Into the night”. The special confluence of this two genres creates comic effects in chain reaction. The scenes with the taxi driver and the mobster are very hilarious and Geena Davis confirmed her special comic talent, while Randy Quaid is very funny in the role of the good-dumb. But the very director of the scene is Bill Murray, the movie is constructed for his particular way of acting. He is one of the American actors who knows very well Buster’s Keaton lesson: make laugh without laughing. His comic style is a little bit more surrealistic and absurd of the one of the master, but Bill Murray his an actor of our times and the comparisons are always not possible. The only defect of this movie, and it’s not a little thing, is to resemble to the story of many other movie. It’s all so predictable that the only stuff we see is the speeches: it could be a programmed decision but in the long run it can also bore.

  • joel-wolf
    joel wolf

    This film is indeed one of the finest films ever made! If, and I say if you are a fan of sarcasm!!! Jay Cronley, where are you today?. I”ve seen it a million times and am willing to see it a million more. Everything about it is great Bill Murray is a genius. Randy Quaid is great. Even Geena Davis in the thankless role of the girlfriend comes off great . The character actors are great. The poster is great. The music is great. Bill Murray is great (I know I said that but he’s that good.) I’ve personally tracked down the novel from which it’s based it’s great too (with a different ending than the movie!) You can not go wrong watching this movie. Because it is one of the finest films ever made it is also the one that has been the most overlooked Not a lot of people seem to remember it but I am begging you to see it. If you live in the city it will change the way you look at things forever (it will change your life!)Jay Cronley’s novel should be put back into print!!!Jay Cronley is a genius. I personally would now like to read all of his novels(unfortunately all of them are out of print!) If you are sarcastic or have ever used sarcasm this movie is for you. Go see it! this is a great movie!!!!!!!!! The pace of the movie is yes its great too each performance is finely tuned to sarcastic perfection! Not a single extrainious moment every scene is crucial.From the pitch perfect bank robbery at the beginning to the airport fiasco at the end The camera shots the oneliners! Bill Murray is in top sarcastic form here and yes I am a huge Murray fan (you will be too after this movie) and just as a quick note if you like this movie even a tenth as much as i do you too will love certain other Murray films such as Groundhog Day (which was also one of the movies i have seen countless times.) Before the end of this love letter let me just say it really is great. I’m not just gushing here it really is a great film!!! Jay Cronley where are you?

  • zeynep-van-poppel
    zeynep van poppel

    I just saw this recently and I’m surprised I’ve never heard much of it before. This movie is hilarious! I’ve liked most of Bill Murray’s comedies but this one is maybe his very best. He is awesome and so is Geena Davis. Randy Quaid is hilarious as the slow-witted sidekick. I don’t want to give away the plot but it involves a bank robbery and the attempted getaway. Bill Murray is at his sarcastic best in this movie so if you are a fan of his or of heist comedies in general I guarantee you will love this movie. Quick Change is one of the best comedies I have ever seen in my entire life. The scenes where they catch the bus and have to deal with the bus driver alone are worth watching the movie.

  • amelie-blaak-kisman
    amelie blaak kisman

    I’m surprised “Quick Change” is not rated higher by the voters of IMDB because I found Bill Murray at his best. Some of his quips and retorts are great. My movie group found this a very funny movie. And what a great idea for robbing a bank.

  • pan-przemyslaw-snoch
    pan przemyslaw snoch

    Bill Murray stars as a bank robber with a unique plan – he’ll rob the bank dressed as a clown, but carry out the money taped to his body – and those of his two accomplices – “hostages” who have been released as a sign of good faith as certain potential getaway vehicles (2 helicopters, a motorcycle, a city bus, and a monster truck) are provided. The plan works perfectly as the gang makes their escape from the bank in plain sight. Then things go wrong.The movie contrasts the perfect execution of a difficult task – robbing a bank, and then getting out and past the police, with the terrible execution of a simple task – getting to the airport in time to catch a flight. In both stages, Murray provides the kind of humor associated with him, taking nothing seriously even in the tightest of situations. Jason Robbards provides an excellent contrast, as a chief of police who refuses to be outwitted by a smart-mouthed bank robber in a clown suit, who escaped from right under his nose.

  • davydova-varvara-igorevna
    davydova varvara igorevna

    Funny remake starring Bill Murray, Geena Davis and Randy Quaid as down-on-their-luck thieves who rob a bank and then have a hard time getting out of NYC. Funny from beginning to end. Well, almost. The last twenty minutes or so seem to drag a bit. But I loved the first 3/4, and the opening sequence is tremendous!Bill Murray is very funny and Randy Quaid is a likable goofball. Geena Davis manages to impress but the real star is Murray, as always. All in all a pleasant way to spend an evening and certainly a memorable comedy–if a slightly uneven one.4/5 stars.John Ulmer

  • radomir-riha
    radomir riha

    Many of the comments here are too enthusiastic, and some are far too critical. But a small group hit the nail on the head: this a very good film that is definitely worth watching. The highlight of the movie is the beginning, there is no doubt about that, but the rest is still good. While the relationships between the characters may seem “awkward” to some, they come off as very human, and not contrived. Human beings are awkward. The ending on the other hand, is a little contrived, and goes a little far in terms of just how much the viewer will believe. But it’s not a bad ending and as another comment said, it is very exciting.Very good script and very good acting. Funny, clever, exciting. I gave Quick Change an 8 out of 10, and I was even tempted to boost it to a 9.

  • michelle-kline
    michelle kline

    I’ve seen this movie a few times, and I always get some good laughs out of it. It’s not a genuinely hilarious comedy, yet it earns its laughs honestly, unlike most of the silly fluff that comes out recently. Bill Murray is in top form. Randy Quaid steals some scenes, and Geena Davis and Jason Robards top off a fine supporting cast. I liked the way the movie poked fun at New York City, being that 90 percent of the bystanders in each scene are complete wackos. Don’t get me wrong, New York is a great city, but anyone who has lived in or spent a lot of time in NYC should have a good time with the little inside gags. I loved the theme song, and the little surprise at the end was pretty nifty. If you want good, solid comedy that you can laugh with, rather than at, “Quick Change” is the film for you. My score: 7 (out of 10)

  • john-rivers
    john rivers

    This movie is really great. It’s got a great cast, a very funny story, and some clever writing. But it’s been so ignored; and I can’t understand why! I never see it on TV, and it’s not available on DVD; it’s hardly ever mentioned anywhere! Every time I go buy DVDs, I look for this one, hoping that maybe this time it’ll be there. It hasn’t been so far, and it’s always a let-down. It’s a tremendously funny movie, which I’d love to have in my collection! And if you like to laugh, then you’d be doing yourself a favor to pick this one up! Especially if you’re a fan of Murray or Quaid. But even if you’re not, you couldn’t watch this one and not laugh. As someone else commented, this is a shamefully “underrated gem.” So here’s my plea to the people who decide such things: PUT QUICK CHANGE ON DVD!!! PLEASE! I WANT IT!

  • jessica-fuentes
    jessica fuentes

    Not many people I’ve talked to have seen “Quick Change”. It wasn’t really a hit, which is what makes it such a nice surprise when you see a film like this which is very funny. Maybe that’s partially why I enjoyed the film so much, as it makes me feel a little bit like a pirate who’s discovered lost treasure, or like an explorer who’s conquered uncharted territory.It may not be Bill Murray’s best, but it’s pretty good. But make no mistake, this is a Bill Murray movie, he even co-directed it, and if you don’t like him in general, then this film isn’t likely to make a convert out of you. I’ve always been a fan, and try to forgive certain transgressions like “Larger Than Life” or “The Man Who Knew Too Little” which are the kinds of films I avoid completely for fear that it will taint my high regard for Mr. Murray. They might be good, but I’m not taking any chances without some seriously reliable source that assures me they aren’t merely “paycheques” for those involved. But in case some of you think the man has lost it, never to recapture any of his past glory, probably you should check out “Rushmore,” and see a true master at work.”Quick Change” has a story that is fun and the lines are executed with razor sharp comic timing. So what if some of the characters are one-dimensional? It gets the job done and sets up the bits and not in a low-brow kind of way.I’d be interested to hear what New York residents think of this film, as its story revolves around three people who just want to escape New York forever and find that robbing a bank is easier than making it to the airport.So if you consider yourself a member of the Bill Murray fan club, check this one out and you’ll probably enjoy it. He’s got plenty of support from some talented comedic actors including Tony Shalhoub, Stanley Tucci, Phil Hartman, Jason Robards and of course Randy Quaid and Geena Davis.

  • dr-kelemen-c-laszlo
    dr kelemen c laszlo

    This is a clever and entertaining comedy that has some dramatic and romantic touches as well. It’s almost two movies-in-one: a dramatic holdup and a comic getaway. The holdup scene does has comedy but is more dramatic. It reminded me of the ’70s classic “Dog Day Afternoon” in which the hostages are kept by a couple of robbers and the crooks demand the normal assortment of getaway vehicles. Except in here, ringleader Bill Murray wants a “monster truck” along with everything else. You know with Murray you are going to get outrageous humor and satire.Anyway, the bulk of the film concerns what happens after the trio – Murray, Randy Quaid and Geena Davis – after they successfully escape the holdup. The bottom line is that they just can’t get out of New York City. One disaster after another keeps happening, and it’s all kind funny (and frustrating!). The ending I won’t spoil.Murray plays his normal wise-guy role and Quaid is good as the emotional slapstick-type buffoon. For some reason, the scene in which Quaid runs full-tilt into a newspaper stand and knocks himself out almost had me in tears laughing. Davis complements the two with her coolness and eye candy for the male audience. Veteran Jason Robards plays the chief detective on the case, and shows comedic touches of his own.What also is fun to watch nowadays is Tony Shalhoub. When this film came out, hardly anyone knew him. Now he’s famous as “Monk” on the television series of the same name. In this film, he plays an Arabic cab driver and you have to see this performance to believe it! A couple of other familiar faces also show up in here, including Bob Elliot from the old radio duo of “Bob and Ray.”There is no sex, no bloodshed, just a lot of jokes but the “R” rating ought to tell you something about the language in here. The jokes and story were good enough on their own and didn’t need all the profanity.

  • nadia-samuel-solorzano
    nadia samuel solorzano

    This is one of the best comedies I’ve seen. Bill Murray not only stars but directs this one, and he should be damn proud of his accomplishment. This movie is a laugh-fest.You won’t regret watching this one. The three main players are all in their apex. Murray is fantastic as usual and Randy Quaid is hysterical. Tony Shalhoub has a small but VERY memorable part.This is one of those rare, great, infinitely “quotable” movies. There’s irony, sarcasm, slapstick, you can find all kinds of humor here, and even some suspense to keep things interesting. This is great to watch with friends, there are a couple of scenes that will almost certainly make you spit your soda.You want to laugh, watch this. Definitely an underrated comedy classic.9/10