The film revolves around a haunted house where an infamous MMS is shot on a girl called Ragini which goes viral. the girl kills her boyfriend and claims that a witch had killed him. She ends up in a mental asylum. Later a film is planned based on the story, the same haunted house being the location of the film. Sunny Leone is cast to play the role or Ragini. Sunny goes to meet Ragini to understand her role better. But the meeting turns out violent. On one hand Ragini’s doctor tries to solve the mystery and on the other hand shooting starts with unexplainable events. Junior artists get killed one by one. At last the scriptwriter Satya and Dr. Dutta have to fight the ghost to stay alive and save Sunny.

Also Known As: Ragini MMS 2, Nguoi Tình Ma, Последняя запись 2

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    maa ki chut tumhri

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    thomas rodrigues

    Review of Ragini MMS 2: —————————– Breaking from my tradition this time i will give my recommendation before the review, separately for men and women.Men: Go and watch it. Women: Don’t watch it, unless you like Sunny leone. The movie is exactly as the trailers suggested. Disclaimer being some scene MAY NOT contain nudity. Undoubtedly its a sleaze fest. Reminds you of Ramsay era except this was in HD and not technicolor. And had Sunny leone and not Huma Khan… I consider myself a big horror fan the last scary film which impressed me was paranormal activity one i wouldn’t go to the extent to say that ragini fails to impress but on a horror scale for horror fans its a 4/10. Other than the song baby doll which has some surprise element…the only song worth recalling is char bottle.. Music 4/10Direction the movie builds up brilliantly and answers a lot of question let unanswered in the first part which i found really impressive; what i hated was the climax which gathers lovely pace extends a bit and then falls dead… 4/10Over all i believe there are two winners in this movie. 1. Ekta Kapoor this is surely a cash cow (by cow i didn’t mean Ekta. Its a management concept) she took TV stars hyped the movie on Sunny and sleaze and has definitely given a money churner. 2. Sunny leone. The woman surely knows how to act. Boy if you compare her to Katrina in her first film she deserves a ‘Chacha Saheb’ No jokes apart she has really acted well and don’t be surprised if she comes up as tomorrows star or who knows may show up as the third bahu of Mihir/Dinesh in some Ekta kapoor serials…sometime down the line…Not worth watching unless of course you really are a Sunny Leone fan. Or want answers to ragini mms Part 1Till next time… Akshat

  • chloe-van-poppel
    chloe van poppel

    i cant say anything bcz it copy of The Conjuring how easy to make fool Indian ppl sry like Karenjit Kaur Vohra AKA Sunny Leone but not the kind of porn she does. You know, screaming, making faces, fake demeanor and all that. Had started to watch one of her porn movies out of curiosity but stopped it midway. But most other men like it. If you are one of those, chances are that you may feel a bit titillated in some scenes. There’s even kiss shot between her and Sandhya Mridul as a mock-up of her lesbian porn- scenes. However, after having watched her hardcore porn, these 2-3 abrupt, censored, scaled-down-on-sexuality, fit-for-mainstream-movie scenes may not satiate you like you expect to.The horror part is ludicrous, to say the least. The kind of horror nuggets you’ve been watching in movies since the beginning of time have been very badly mashed up. Mashed up with deafening sound in the background. The makers thought the louder and the more jarring the sound, the more scared the audience would be. Stupid thought.As usual, Sunny Leone has played herself – porn-star turned mainstream actress. Even her name is Sunny Leone in the movie. In one scene, she even tries to justify her porn career by spoofing a porn act. I would like to see her in hot, glamorous roles indeed but not playing a porn- star. Enough of it.

  • ebony-bowen
    ebony bowen

    RaGiNi MMS – 2 – Who would have thought Sunny Leone could give us a decent horror to us,,,,but its true…..Believe me….. I have decided earlier to skip this movie,,,,as i wasn’t expecting anything from the movie,,,,as compared to first part which i liked actually…..But as the day passed i look into some reviews and i find that movie is getting decent rating from the reviewers so i decided to watch it in the evening…….. The first good thing about the movie is that ,, its a true sequel,,,,it uses the back story set in the first part very smartly….. So what we have today is a new genre for bollywood,,,,its called HORREX(a mixture of horror and sex),,,,and it has been cleared in the beginning in the movie itself…..And then again don’t we know it from the trailer…….. But the bad thing is that the movie has taken the sex part more seriously than the horror part,,,,and that would be the biggest reason for the movie to be a high grosser (smart Ekta Kapoor)…….. Sunny Leone is actually perfect for the movie,,,,because she is playing herself in the movie,,,,a porn star who get a chance in a Bollywood horror movie,,,,yes you heard me right….. A scene where Sunny Leone acts for orgasm to poke a TV actor,,,,she was hilarious,,,,,i bet non of the actress could have don’t it better then her….. In many of the scenes Sunny is almost nude in the movie,,,,and she does it well because it is her comfort zone……But the problem arises when she has to act in dramatic scenes,,,,,and that’s the area when Sunny fails to act,,,,but that’s not a thing to worry because such scenes are very less in the movie……. The movie uses blue humour (jokes about sex) to its limit,,,,but such jokes fits perfectly in the movie and written well at least in comparison to GRAND MASTI and KYA SUPER COOL HEIN HUM….So it will make you laugh a lot of time,,,,and that what makes the an engaging one because it doesn’t bore you,,,,except the 15 mins after the interval in which you will get to watch a girl on girl lip lock but that’s not exactly much interesting as compared to the other erotic scenes….. But an engaging screenplay only cant make a film really good,,,,the horror quotient was less,,,,and you will not get scared much unless you are really afraid of ghosts……So its not a movie for hardcore horror movie fans,,,,unless it is a film for those who wants some skin show and blue humour jokes…… Sneha Mridul is best among all the actors in the cast,,,,her broken English character will make you laugh a lot of time,,,,,,Divya Dutta was decent in her act…… So all in all i think you would have understand that what to expect from the movie,,,,……. When it comes to Blue comedy(please don’t confused with black comedy which means comedy with Galli Galoch like what we get to watch in Gangs of wassypur) Ragini MMS 2 is a lot better then non sense movies like Kya Super Kool Hei Hum and Grant Masti,,,,but my favorite in Bollywood for blue comedy is DELLY BELLY….. M going for 3 out 5 ,,,, which is actually a good rating for a horror movie in Bollywood…… Watch this without your family members and remember to shout on the entry of Sunny with BABY DOLL…. by ANuP APu KuMaR

  • tat-ewik-at-erzyan
    tat ewik at erzyan

    saw it on the first day first show. it was a fabulous movie a single word to describe the film. the film makes u feel shivers even when a glass is dropped. Yes it is a ho-ex film i.e. horror + s ex which will confuse you pretty much whether to go to your mother or to your girl. i have got another one, in the interval you’ll be confused whether to go to the toilet to do some action or to do some actual s hit as the film might make you do that. in short i would say awesome work by the director, sound team, script writer etc. well done. P.S. this film also casts Sunny Leon e (acted well for a change) might not be a big attraction when you watch the entire film.

  • santiago-del-franco
    santiago del franco

    Ragini MMS 2 (A) Hindi New movie Reviews and lots more Hot news …. LIKE THIS PAGE : English Hindi TAMIL TELUGU Facebook : Movie Review by Yunus Irshad https://www.facebook.com/YunusIrshadsMovieReviewRagini MMS 2 (A) Hindi —————- my Rating : ★★★★ A sequel to the sensual horror returnsSTRENGTHS :- * Sunny Leone steamy scenes… * Songs were fantastic …. * Thrills and chills with twists ……. * Screenplay and Direction was good ….WEAKNESSES :- * Hollywood horror scenes were seen in this flick ….. * First half no story just Sunny leone …..FINAL VERDICT :- * Overall…. it is the best horror entertainer …. I recommend Horror night shows ….. Worth it ..if u are a horror lover A young enthusiastic crew and an over-the-top film director, visit a farmhouse on the outskirts of Mumbai, to make an erotica-horror!

  • niina-ounapuu
    niina ounapuu

    ‘Ragini MMS – 2’ A bone chillingly scary horror flick mashed with sensuous erotic masala that you won’t forget any sooner! It is all about combining horror and sex into an ultimate package that evokes emotions of excitement, both erotic and that of horror. The scenes are so well planned, conceived and executed that this film indeed becomes worth a watch, along with its characteristic erotica, which is one more reason why you may love to watch it so badly. Performances by lead roles are impressive which certainly prove as an inseparable asset for the film. If the director would have kept some unwanted ‘Bollywood-ish’ stuff and trite jokes away from the film, it would have been much better.Though music is not much part of the film, the song ‘Baby Doll’ is the grooviest and also a bit teasingly sexy number in the film, which actually carries the mark of the film’s identity.’Maine Khud Ko’ and ‘Char Bottle Vodka’ are just cursory songs in the film but still do well, but definitely not as much as ‘Baby Doll’. The Screenplay works, but its more erotic than terrifying. Bhushan Patel’s Direction is atmospheric. Cinematography is average. Editing is fine. Art Design & Make-Up, are superb. Songs are peppy.

  • mr-anthony-mccarthy
    mr anthony mccarthy

    The movie is an inspiration from the Japanese movie Reincarnation and scenes of some classics like Shining (scene with 2 kids at the corridor), Ringu (makeovers), Exorcist (the exorcism scene) etc were added to screenplay. There is a flashback like most Indian movies which breaks the suspense before the climax. The director actually wanted the movie to be more sensual and more frightening than the first. Sunny Leone displaying her assets (you must know what i mean), walking half-naked at nights, baby doll song etc added some sensuality to the movie. There were some frightnening images to fear kids and sensitive viewers but no substance to fear others unless you’re easily scared. The script and screenplay could have been much much better.Bottom line : Too many inspirations from foreign movies. Still a film to watch lonely late at night for an okay/average horror. You’ll be displeased to watch for sensuality.

  • cameron-anderson
    cameron anderson

    Ragini mms 2 is a bold attempt of balaji.Sunny carries the movie away with a easy role for her. Anita hassanandini could have bettered herself but still woes everyone with her killing expressions and should have given more importance .other performances are worser than TV serials but a watchable movie. The sunny leone part was done by perfection with a pond scene the best part ,Anita hassanandini could have done it instead of sunny and given more importance for her talent.No hero stands up in the movie and roles were made up The sunny leone part was done by perfection with a pond scene the best part ,Anita hassanandini could have done it instead of sunny and given more importance for her talent.No hero stRagini mms 2 is a bold attempt of balaji.Sunny carries the movie away with a easy role for her. Anita hassanandini could have bettered herself but still woes everyone with her killing expressions and should have given ands up in the movie and roles were made up

  • meyhanim-sezgin
    meyhanim sezgin

    Ragini MMS 2:Its not up to mark. In short its a waste of time. Its an Useless horror, better to watch Ragini MMS 1 which is at least watchable and scary.Some scary scenes are watchable but not full movie. If some thing really is watchable then its climax, but its also copied from Hollywood hit horrors exorcist and conjuring which released in last year 2013.Sunny Leone is better and performed well then its previous releases Jism 2 and Jackpot. She’s eye catching by her performance.In short Ragini MMS 2 is an useless horror. Don’t go for it.

  • s-sandor-peter
    s sandor peter

    Sunny Leone just cannot act. Yes, she’s got the hots and has quit her previous, much-hyped job, but role-playing is just not her cup of tea and I can give you two big examples: Jackpot & Ragini MMS 2.Starting off with that seductive song, the film talks about a film crew who attempt to make a film on the prequel Ragini MMS. Things go bad when characters fool around with the haunted location they chose to shoot. Borrowing certain elements from yesteryear Hollywood flicks, it shows how Sunny is possessed and then predictability kicks in. I don’t know whatever happened to Parvis Dabbas, but involving certain faces that are synonymous to wooden expressions just is the best spoiling factor of the film.Not to talk about how poor the dialogs are, I seriously doubt Bhushan Patels’ abilities as a director. Poor show by the art department, who play the most demanding work in horror films. But, thanks to the humor and immensely amateur horror shots, Ragini MMS 2 will give you few chuckles instead of those thrills & gasps. One thing I liked is the guy who is TV actor on reel; he was funny.What annoyed me most is that when characters themselves term Sunny Leone as a porn-star and Sunny herself refuting that she is not a “wh*re”, what would you expect the audience to interpret & expect. Plus, the addition of heavily explicit scenes makes it not only a bad film for children, but also for general people. And the disclaimer at the beginning of the film will make you laugh.BOTTOM LINE: Ragini MMS was far better than this piece of pretentious overplay. Horror lovers should stay away for it is possible they may even loathe the genre for the rest of their lives after watching this.Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NONudity: Strong | Sex: No | Foreplay/Mouth-Kiss: Critical | Porn/Masturbation: Mediocre | Alcohol: Very Critical | Gore/Violence: Strong

  • tatjana-jeric
    tatjana jeric

    Ragini MMS was a superhit with then newcomer Rajkumar Yadav and now after 3 years comes Ragini MMS 2, this time with Sunny Leone who plays herself but the film follows the same mandate like every horror film, We have Sunny Leone who goes to meet real Ragini to study her character and then gets possessed. The film has all the horror ingredients, also sex scenes thrown in plus the infamous kissing scene. Plot is okay nothing great but some times scenes get irritating especially the jokes between the cast irritate The climax too lacks conviction and follows the same mandate of Raaz 3 and such horror filmsDirection is okay Music is decent, the songs being famous helps, Baby Deol and Chaar Bottle Vodka are good though Yo Yo Honey Singh is getting repetitiveSunny Leone still annoys with her expressions and her voice is awfully dubbed, though she is much better then JISM 2 but yet long way to go Saahil Prem is okay for his debut, Karan Mehra as the horny TV actor is quite good though he annoys at times, Parvin Dabbas gets irritating Sandhya Mridul too annoys this time around, Anita gets hardly scope Divya Dutta is good as always rest are okayThe end signals another sequel….Be aware

  • eryk-pabis
    eryk pabis

    A sequel to the well-made Ragini MMS, ‘Ragini MMS 2′ is a Fun watch! An Erotic-Horror flick, along-with some intentional & unintentional humor, makes up for a good time-pass fare!’Ragini MMS 2′ starts off from where Ragini MMS ended which revolved around a young couple Ragini & Uday who went to an isolated house for a dirty weekend and the creepy and paranormal happenings that took place to them there. Uday had planned to make an MMS scandal of Ragini in that house. But the MMS shot goes viral, Uday goes missing and Ragini after that incident became crazy & ended up in a mental hospital. The Ragini MMS scandal catches the attention of a filmmaker who plans to make a film on it. He casts a Bollywood actress in his film to play the lead, Ragini. The film crew goes to shoot the film in the same house where the MMS scandal took place, leading to further horrible & creepy happenings.’Ragini MMS 2′ focuses more on sex, than horror, at least in the first-hour. The protagonist, played by Sunny Leone, shows off quite possibly everything in here, which, definitely, will work big time with the masses. The horror element, however, strikes in more prominently in its second-hour, where some spine-chilling moments are presented, along-with a noisy climax.’Ragini MMS 2’ shouldn’t be taken seriously. In fact, this film belongs to ‘The Evil Dead’ category of film, where the focus is not only on horror, but also on sleaze & surprisingly, even comedy. The Screenplay works, but its more erotic than terrifying. Bhushan Patel’s Direction is atmospheric. Cinematography is average. Editing is fine. Art Design & Make-Up, are superb. Songs are peppy.Performance-Wise: Sunny Leone looks sexy, flaunts her body without any inhibitions whatsoever & participates freely in sex scenes. As far as her performance is concerned, she is strictly okay. Saahil Prem seems to have taken this film a bit too seriously. Sandhya Mridul is entertaining. Parvin Dabas is gloriously over-the-top. Karan Mehra is fair. Divya Dutta is efficient. Kainaz Motivala is sincere in a cameo. On the whole, ‘Ragini MMS 2’ isn’t great, but its entertaining till it lasts.

  • frederick-keller
    frederick keller

    A very amateurishly made ‘horrex'(a heady cocktail of horror and sex) movie,marred by a hollow script,footloose screenplay and uninspiring performances. Balaji Telefilms takes this franchise a step forward and director Bhusan Patel invests all his efforts in the sleaze content,making it look like a B-grade erotica with Sunny Leone playing herself! A film unit led by a over-complacent director (Parvin Dabbas) with a bunch of TV stars and a weirdly disinterested scriptwriter go the same haunted building where the actual horrific incident had taken place in the prequel.Quite expectedly, menacing things begin to happen when the vengeful spirit kills the crew members one by one. Barring a few chills, this spooky fest has nothing more to offer.Even the back-story falls flat.Sunny Leone does a good job where she has to display sensuousness. Sandhya Mridul adds a comic dimension to her character and perhaps the only saving grace amidst the non-actors.Divya Dutta is wasted.I would Rather recommend you to watch the prequel if you want to indulge in an horror affair.

  • ingrid-rizzi
    ingrid rizzi

    In the late 70’s Italian filmmakers like Lucio Fulci and Dardano Sachetti introduced a new genre in motion picture history-HORREX. A combination of horror and erotica obviously targeted at an adult audience. This genre caught up in a big way and you had a new wave of movies flooding the movie market.In 2014, Ekta Kapoor and Bhushan Patel introduce this genre to the Indian audience in a big way in the form of RAGINI MMS 2 featuring Sunny Leone. They succeed in presenting Erotica in its truest form without resorting to obscenity, which itself is a tight rope walk when you have Sunny Leone in the movie and the movie going audience is already prejudiced about what the movie has to offer.The introduction scene of Sunny Leone in this movie leaves very little to imagination and the ball sets rolling in to what is yet to come. The movie picks right from the the moment the first movie ends,Ragini (Kainaz Motivala) is in a lunatic asylum still haunted by the witch and is being treated by a psychiatrist Dr. Meera (Divya Dutta).Rocks (Parvin Dabbas) announces a movie on the Ragini MMS scandal to be shot on actual location. He cast Sunny (Sunny Leone) a porn star in the lead role. The entire unit moves to the location and is stalked by the witch and killed in a gruesome fashion.You have ample scary moments, the movie scares you and you also hear an occasional nervous giggle from the audience. There is a particular scary scene when Monali (Sandhya Mridul) is hanged upside down for a scene and she encounters two ghosts playing peek-a-boo with her and a scene which starts with a promise of a threesome (Sunny Leone, Parvin Dabbas and Sandhya Mridul) but ends in a gruesome death scene of one of the characters.The movies takes erotica to new height and the makers are unapologetic about and why should they be, they delivered what they promised. Erotica is an art in itself and you require a competent filmmaker to be able to distinguish it from obscenity.The following scenes will actually shock puritans, but they do work when it is eroticism you are looking at: 1. The baby doll song (much of it was censored on TV) 2. The shower scene between Sunny Leone and Karan Mehra 3. The kissing scene between Sandhya Mridul and Sunny Leone 4. Two Masturbation scenes (which go all the way) 5. Sunny’s fake orgasm scene 6. Ample use of the F****K word without beeps (and no it was not used as a swear)The movie does have shock galore as noted in the scenes below 1. The two kiddie ghosts playing peek-a-boo 2. The fingers from inside Sunny’s throat (literally) 3. Anita Hassanandini’s death sequence 4. The final exorcism sceneSunny Leone struggles to act, but comes up with a beautiful performances in two of the best sequences In the movie:1. The fake orgasm scene which she does to prove that even porn actors HAVE to act. This is on par with Meg Ryan’s orgasm act in HARRY MET SALLY.2. The exorcism scene where she uses the F word and mocks Divya Dutta and Saahil Prem.The best performance in the movie however is by Sandhya Mridul as Monali, a drama queen, who is ready “for any thing” for a one scene role. Her drama queen performance evokes most of the hilarious moments in the movie. End of the movie, you just love to hate her. Anita Hassanandini is barely recognizable with tattoos and piercing but is her best with reaction scenes both in the orgasm sequence and the lesbian kiss. Her awe expression is superbly done.Parvin Dabbas is fantastic as the lecherous director and his best in the movie was the press conference sequences.Karan Mehra will probably be remembered for his fantastic performance in the Masturbation sequence and the aftermath of the shower scene.Divya Dutta underplays her character, but comes up with in a winning performance in the climax during the showdown between her and Sunny. OK, the movie is not without its limitations, the witch’s back story defies logic, but yes then again it is illogical to look for logic in horror features. But after the back story it is like “baath kuch nahin jammi yaroon” which haunts you at the back of your mind. The movie celebrates sex unabashedly but at least the film makers were not as hypocritic as Raj Kapoor who did the same thing in RAM TERI GANGA MAILI and attributed it to æsthetics.The screenplay does not wander like other horror flicks, but gets straight to the point, the entire sequences right from the beginning to the end are phased evenly without any brain taxing. Yes it does lag during the flashback sequences but soon finds it way back.Direction by Bhusan Patel, is noteworthy. He has succeeded where Pooja Bhatt failed-getting Sunny to act. It does prove the fact that when an actor fails to emote, it is the director who is to be blamed and not the actress. Getting Sunny to emote in the climax sequences is one of the biggest achievements of Mr. Patel. Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor, should be given a pat on the back for backing a movie like this and taking Indian cinema to a new height—wish they concentrated on the plot though-which minus the amazing screenplay is something which a kindergarten kid could dream of to scare his peers.Finally, Puritans please stay away from this movie and the rest of us—-please do not try anything shown in the movie at home——could put you out of action for some days.

  • venera-ionescu
    venera ionescu

    Ragini MMS 2 starts with the glimpses of its prequel Ragini MMS. These beginning frames with Hanuman Chalisa in the background gave a feeling that the movie might unfold the story in an interesting manner, but unfortunately it does not happen. Parvin Dabas plays the role of a Film Director Rocks who is going to make movie on Ragini MMS scandal. In Ragini MMS, young couple Ragini and Uday had gone to an isolated house for a weekend. Uday had planned to make an MMS scandal of Ragini in that house, but the MMS went viral. Uday went missing and Ragini ended up in Mental Asylum after that incident. During a Press Conference, Rocks introduces the lead heroine of this ‘Horrex’ (Horror and Sex) film – Sunny (Sunny Leone). Sunny goes to mental asylum to meet actual Ragini so as to ‘research’. That makes Rocks comment, ‘Tum Porno se Rituparno kab ban gayi.’ Was this out of good sense of humour? The whole cast and crew goes to the actual location where Uday and Ragini had gone for the weekend. In spite of ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) warning board, the crew moves to the haunted house for shooting. This is a very loosely knit film. Director Bhushan Patel disappoints. No logical approach is being taken. The usual tricks of a horror movie are shown here also viz. creaking doors, some movements in the vicinity, some cranky noise, sleepwalking etc. The horror shown is hardly scary. Lot of skin show by Sunny, dialogues with double meanings (pun intended), so-called erotic moments are there probably to establish this as an adult-horror-thriller movie. Sunny looks hot in the movie but her performance is not great. She has been given skimpy ‘clothes’, laced nightwear, almost all the time cleavage projecting costumes. Saahil Prem as Satya, the writer, looked promising in the beginning of the movie, but later on his performance fizzles down along with the script. Parvin Dabas is good. Sandhya Mridul, Anita Hassanandani (part of the crew) and Divya Dutta (as a psychiatrist who handles paranormal cases only) : Oh! What a waste of these talents. Karan Mehra as a TV / Film actor is good. Overall, none of the actors are able to create much magic in the film. Post interval, relief is there during few frames where the ghost’s story is unveiled. But, then, movie does not deal properly with very basic intention of the evil spirit. Certain questions are unanswered in the movie. What does Sunny find when she looks inside her mouth using a torch, and what does she vomit ? Why Ragini’s family would allow only Satya to write the script for this movie and no one else.Psychiatrist Divya Dutta playing an exorcist is a powerless scene. Very very predictable, no novelty. Music is composed by Meet Bros Anjjan (Baby Doll), Yo Yo Honey Singh (Chaar Bottle Vodka), Pranay Rijja (Maine Khud ko), and Chirantan Bhatt (Lori of Death). Baby Doll (sung by Kanika Kapoor and Meet Bros Anjjan) and Chaar Bottle Vodka (sung by Yo Yo Honey Singh) are ranked high in the chartbusters. Maine Khud ko (sung by Mustafa Zahid) is bit pleasing to hear. Overall, music is OK. You can give a miss to this movie if you enjoy horror genre since no horror. Watch it, if you want to enjoy some Sunny Lone Footage.

  • erika-morales
    erika morales

    The film is a sequel to the 2010 horror movie Ragini MMS.The horror scenes are very similar to the recent Hollywood horror movie.First half of the movie is good with horror and other stuff but when it comes to second half the story loses track and quite frustrating. The director had concentrated more on horror scenes rather than the story.Pros of the movie are few scenes like in which Sunny manages to show a spark of brilliance in a scene where she parodies herself and fakes an orgasm, few horror scenes are good.Cons of the movie are music, sound effect are uncomfortable.By infusing it in almost every scene to add to the horror value. This works on a basic level but as it progressed towards the climax, the movie begins to jar on the ears.The makeup work is atrocious.The acting of the cast is just average. It is better to avoid this movie.

  • maristella-benedetti
    maristella benedetti

    The camera-footage films was popularized by Hollywood film Paranormal Activity which was later utilized in Ragini MMS, touted to be the India’s first film to do it. Ragini MMS 2 kicks off from where the first part ends but is saddened by over-the-top performance and lame script.After brutal incident at a farm house which killed Uday and left Ragini in unstable condition, a director is inspired to shoot the film at the same farm house based on unfortunate events.The trailer of Ragini MMS 2 was catchy and interesting but when you will watch the film, you will be flabbergasted to watch half-porn sleazy skin show with no spooky moments enough to scare the hell out of you. In fact, the movie will remind you early 80’s Ramsay’ classics like Purana Mandir and Veerna which had C-grade actors , blazing lights, big-old broken house. Screenplay is weak with no sense of storyline. Cinematography is bad. Art direction is worse. Editing is loose. Sunny Leone gets ample scope to show her well-curved figure but that is it. She is still has long way to go in terms of acting. Other actors are pathetic including talent like Divya Dutta. Songs are the only silver- lining in this boring flick with “Baby-Doll” and ” Chaar Bottle Vodka” being pick of the lot.Overall, The original Ragini MMS was fun to watch with enough scary moments and fabulous acting. The sequel is a disappointing follow-up. Forget it .Poor 1/5

  • bradley-edwards
    bradley edwards

    watched RAGINI MMS 2 …as we all know its prequel was “inspired” by the film PARANORMAL ACTIVITY (BUT that was still worth a few scares)…this one too carries-on the legacy of its preceder + it also takes it to the another level..MEANS this time its “makers” got so shameless that they ripped off the material from another films AS F**KING IT IS Here’s a list of what they stole…THE SHINING(two girls concept), THE CONJURING(main theme+chair exorcism+toy concept), THE GRUDGE(make- up+placement of “horrors”), THE RING(again make-up/hair), THE POSSESSION(fingers in the throat)..AND many more thing that I might have missed…STILL the quality of their plot was lower than bull’s sh!t NOW should I also tell how poor the “direction” was? How the whole cast collectively performed bad?(THO Sunny Leone has improved a bit since JISM 2..still acting remains a far cry for her)..How tacky the film’s editing, script n set was(its filled with useless scenes)..Hell they even tried do comedy here!(LEAST pretend you’re serious for the genre)..& How the cinematographer’s main focus remains on the Sunny’s cleavage for least 30 minutes in this 2 hour long film(personally I/guys don’t mind that BUT if we wanted to see that..we’d have gone to the internet ..offering much more) THE POINT of my bullsh!t mentioned above is that_DO NOT WATCH_this carp

  • victor-manuel-abascal-gilabert
    victor manuel abascal gilabert

    Making a good horror movie is a tough job. Modern day digitally connected, and increasingly rational audience is notoriously demanding fresh takes at traditional horror concepts. This is also leading to fusion of genres. Ragini MMS2 is one such genre mix- horror and sex. I know Balaji Telefilms has taken it upon them to be “bold” but a movie such as this starring a porn star in and as a porn star is questionable. The original Ragini MMS had some amount of originality- a couple unknowingly going to a haunted house to shoot a MMS and becoming the target of an evil spirit. In a recent interview, Sunny is quoted to have said that directors approach her with scripts just to find a reason to meet her. Parvin Dabas plays one such sleazy director, who comes up with this brilliant idea of shooting a movie based on the plot of the first movie, at the same spooky house. He also wants real actors, not big stars and strangely so, he selects the one actor who has made a career out of faking it, as the lead. Rest of the plot is a lift from the recently released The Conjuring- creaky house, an angry poltergeist, possession, levitating chairs, missing children, human sacrifice, a tree hanging, the spirit embodied in an object from the past- all is been there done that category.It is a known fact that clothes and Sunny do not like each other. So much to the satisfaction of front row whistle blowers, all throughout the movie, she features in various stages of undress. At one point, Sunny says that she wants to research for her role. To which the director pulls out an epic quote- “Porno se Rituporno kab ban gayi”. In many ways, this statement sums up Sunny’s real life quest for respect in the acting world. But can the audience ever stop objectifying her? Surely, not when she is thrusting out her assets at the slightest instance, and indulging in sex in the lake, in the bedroom, in the bathroom, and in the rain.And surprisingly though, she acts pretty well, especially considering how insipidly written the other characters are. Director Bhushan Patel ensures that decent actors like Sandhya Mridul, Dabas, and Divya Dutta come out unintentionally funny. Divya Dutta is an incredible character in herself- she is a psychiatrist who moonlights as an exorcist! The crazy cinematography has ghosts appearing in almost every alternate frame, but with no sense of drama and hence leaves little impact. Even her porn movies have seen better direction. So ultimately you only get to do the guy thing and admire Leone’s body. So there it is- baby doll and bottles of vodkas notwithstanding, Ragini MM2 is generic horror, devoid of logic and scares, it is little more than an uninhibited skin show. But maybe that’s something deep down in our hearts we actually wanted- 4/10

  • greta-kaulins
    greta kaulins

    A new horror movie having 30-40% occupancy in its first early morning show once again strengthened my strong belief that Indian filmgoers are always ready for a good spooky movie without any doubt. However on the other side, the sad fact remains that 8 out of 10 times, they mostly feel like fools walking out of the theater after watching these badly made films in the name of horror, trying to earn some quick bucks through a cunningly planned promotional campaign.Following the same intentions, here is RAGINI MMS 2 ready to make a fool out of the viewers once again, with the western porn star Sunny Leone promising you the glimpses of something which you must have already seen in its complete form earlier. And when a clever production house signs a famous, gorgeous girl who has no hesitation to bare it all in front of the camera for a Hindi horror film then there is no better recipe to make such a project, especially for our ‘sex-starved’ Indian market and that too with two hit party tracks working as a perfect icing on the cake ensuring its safe run.Hence telling you the truth, RAGINI MMS 2 is not any so called horror film or a sequel at all. Instead it’s just a specially written and designed project (with no script as such), simply aiming at giving all its male audience a kind of ‘mental sexual pleasure’ in that dark ambiance of the theater & nothing else. En-cashing the buzz around their earlier hit RAGINI MMS (2011), the famous production house vaguely takes the story forward and then conceives the whole project just like ‘a soft-porn’ made in the name of horror.The so called sequel revolves around a movie shoot happening in the same haunted house of its first part. But in reality its every single scene has been written to use or exploit the ‘all willing star’, Sunny Leone in the best possible manner on the screen. To give you a fair idea of its story progression, after a good scary sequence right in the opening, we have the ‘Babydoll’ song and then the director straight away shows Sunny undressing in her green room, being watched by the (in-film) director openly. Next she does a detailed moaning scene as if involved in a sex act in front of the whole unit to prove her acting skills followed by a long, bold bathroom sequence where even blurring effect has been used to hide her visible assets. A lesbian act involving Sandhya Mridul is thrown in without any purpose post the interval and then Sunny takes off all her clothes deep inside a lake seducing a lusty man to jump inside. After all these deliberately inserted suggestive scenes the director returns back to his basic theme of horror in the last 15 minutes, exactly like a clean-up activity required post the dirty act. And that is all what the film has got to offer in its 2 hours of duration.Along with the sexual content, RMMS2 also features few cheap double meaning dialogues keeping everything focusing at the sex element alone. Plus we have some foreign film references too as usual, like the two little girls reminding you of A TALE OF TWO SISTERS (2003) right away. In the performances, Sunny Leone perfectly knows why she is being signed by these Bollywood producers eagerly and she daringly delivers what is expected from her too with a visible ease. The girl has an expressive body language and speaking eyes but her well known background doesn’t let you think of her as an actor even for a minute to put it honestly. Still it seems she is really trying hard to learn the basics of this art-form fast and may achieve what she wishes to in the near future.The supporting cast has many over the top acts, repeatedly giving you an indication of the project being nothing but a quickly made, sexy marketing product to gain some quick profits. And it is really weird to see actors like Parveen Dabbas, Sandhya Mridul& Karan Mehra playing it so loud, forcefully in their respective roles. On the other hand, Saahil Prem at least plays it decently as required, Divya Dutta remains wasted in her short role as the ultimate savior but watching Anita Hasanandani in such a silly role was nothing short of a shock as I strongly felt. In fact this simply tells you a truth, that how a powerful production house can make or break the career of aspiring actors so cruelly as per their own wish.For friends who wish to know about the horror element in the film, it just has the scary faces popping out from here and there, with some screechy sounds as usual and nothing beyond that. The camera remains more interested in capturing Sunny’s inviting curves throughout and does a pretty routine job in canning the creepy scenes, probably as instructed by the producer and not the director. So its only the two hit songs ‘Baby Doll’ & ‘Chaar Botal Vodka’ (used in the end credits), which give you some relief moments in this otherwise sick, sex product coming from a reputed production house, disguised as a horror film.To sum up, looking at this film presented as a HORREX venture, I feel relieved that we have CENSOR BOARD here to stop these people to go over the board following their greedy intentions. Otherwise with a lead like Sunny Leone available to show it all, these production houses are capable of making any kind of sleazy product in the name of Cinema as it seems in order to make their quick money.

  • siv-fredriksson
    siv fredriksson

    I voted just two stars, just for Sunny Leone who happens to be the best thing about this movie. This is a horrex movie about shooting a horrex movie. Actually it is not a movie at all. It is just selling Sunny Leone in Indian market. You can look at the main actors of the movie and can say right about then that they have never acted in their life before apart from Divya Dutta( I don’t know why she chose to do this movie). As many of us already know, Bollywood just copies Hollywood movies(almost all) scene-to-scene, and take credit for it and does award functions and share awards with each other( for best direction, scriptwriter and cinematographer etc. Can you believe this audacity?) and make real good money by doing it. You can just imagine about this mentality. And, even after that they somehow screw the movie. They can’t even copy a Hollywood movie properly. So, basically you know this “movie” will suck and if you choose to pay and watch it you are surely going in for Sunny Leone.(Yes, why watch her naked for free when you can pay to watch her in clothes? Right?)I just took some time out to slam this movie because I love cinema and hate rich people who want to screw it. I really want Hindi cinema to improve and so I am helping in my own small way by writing this review on IMDb to discourage such waste of money and the initiative of many directors in Hindi cinema who want the audience to look someplace else for real entertainment.Thank you.

  • mikhailo-eroshenko
    mikhailo eroshenko

    The movie aspires to be “Horrex” (combination of horror and sex). There is even a dialog in the movie stating this aspiration. However, it fails to deliver either horror or sex.I like Karenjit Kaur Vohra AKA Sunny Leone but not the kind of porn she does. You know, screaming, making faces, fake demeanor and all that. Had started to watch one of her porn movies out of curiosity but stopped it midway. But most other men like it. If you are one of those, chances are that you may feel a bit titillated in some scenes. There’s even kiss shot between her and Sandhya Mridul as a mock-up of her lesbian porn-scenes. However, after having watched her hardcore porn, these 2-3 abrupt, censored, scaled-down-on-sexuality, fit-for-mainstream-movie scenes may not satiate you like you expect to.The horror part is ludicrous, to say the least. The kind of horror nuggets you’ve been watching in movies since the beginning of time have been very badly mashed up. Mashed up with deafening sound in the background. The makers thought the louder and the more jarring the sound, the more scared the audience would be. Stupid thought.As usual, Sunny Leone has played herself – porn-star turned mainstream actress. Even her name is Sunny Leone in the movie. In one scene, she even tries to justify her porn career by spoofing a porn act. I would like to see her in hot, glamorous roles indeed but not playing a porn-star. Enough of it.Saahil Prem tries hard to look the macho, silent type. Ends up looking and acting constipated.Divya Dutta didn’t have much to perform.Everyone else, who had some “comedy” to do, overacts; be it Parvin Dabas or Karan Mehra or Sandhya Mridul. I don’t blame it on them, I blame it on the director who must have asked it from them to make them look funny. Most of the time, they look irritating instead. Sandhya Mridul is one of the finest actresses and she did act really well, given the scope and the director. Plus she looks sexy at 45 playing a young actress! Kudos!Just like the first part, there is mispronounced and incomplete Hanuman Chaalisa that runs with the titles. And to drive away the evil spirit, Divya Dutta recites a sacred stotra very improperly and the evil spirit is shown mimicking it in a ridiculing way. Being a Hindu and a Hanuman devotee, I didn’t like that. However, I won’t demand a ban on the movie or vandalize the theaters. :)If you like Baby Doll song, as I do, and are planning to watch the movie just for it, watch the song on Youtube instead. There are two very slightly different versions there, one little bit bolder than the other.If you want scary entertainment, you can watch a good and real horror movie, if you want sexual thrill, you can watch explicit porn of Sunny Leone. Most people in the movie were there for the “let’s see a porn-star do another mainstream movie” amusement-factor. You may watch it for the same reason. There’s no other good reason I can think of.