Almost four decades after they drew first blood, Sylvester Stallone is back as one of the greatest action heroes of all time, John Rambo. Now, Rambo must confront his past and unearth his ruthless combat skills to exact revenge in a final mission. A deadly journey of vengeance, RAMBO: LAST BLOOD marks the last chapter of the legendary series.

Also Known As: Рамбо: Последна кръв, Rambo: Το Τελευταίο Αίμα, Rambo: Son Kan, Rambo: La Dernière Mission, Rambo: Até o Fim, Rambo V - Utolsó vér, Rambo, Rambo: Do zadnje kapi krvi, Rambo - Do poslednje kapi krvi, Rembo 5, Rambo V: Last Blood, Rambo: Ostatnia krew, Rambo - A Última Batalha, Рэмбо: Последняя кровь, Рембо: Остання кров, Rambo: Last Blood

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  • bill

    Many may not like what I write here but who cares,this man has fought at least 3 wars and because of these wars he is a total post tramatic disaster he continues to kill and seek revenge,but even after getting it he is more dead than the men he killed,let this end.

    • real-talk
      Real Talk

      No no he has a point.

  • kailaash-dve
    kailaash dve

    I’ve been following John Rambo’s adventure since i was 9 years old. Somehow i can’t help myself to feel like this character is destined to only live a bitter life. When Rambo finally came home after his war in Myanmar (Rambo/2008) he also met a family torn apart. He took care Maria and her daughter Gabriella But despite he finally get a beautiful life, his mind never actually at peace. His horror memories keep haunting him. One day, Gabriella left to find his father that left her 10 years ago, only to be abducted by Mexican human trafficking mafia. The next thing, Rambo take this matter into his own hand and make it personal. Actually this last chapter could be more interesting.The story started in ranch belongs to Rambo’s father, and the ranch location near US Mexican border – which also one of Trump’s campaign. Gabriella’s abduction leads to a human trafficking mafia that should be get a large proportion. Sly try to give the emotional moments from his relationship with a mother and her daughter,but this also didn’t go well. The one that really absurd was when he decided to approach Martinez brothers HQ – where the whole human trafficking operation held. What a sloppy crazy- move even for a old man, considering Rambo not just an ordinary old man but a highly trained and experienced war veteran. In the end we can only expect for bloody retaliation, sounds of human flesh get chopped, scream of death. There area only 2 things absolute in this movie : 1) Rambo is a killer machine – 2) Rambo is a King of Misery

  • daniella-overgaard
    daniella overgaard

    The first thing I have to say is the non-stop totally irrelevant unengaging soundtrack played out from the start to the end. The stupid generic music is even worse than all of the bad soundtracks in Disney’s cartoons, just so annoyingly horrible. Secondly, this movie was poorly edited, lot of the scenes are like a poorly patched work not quite necessary. Thirdly, so predictable one way plot and scenarios. The fighting scenes in the underground tunnels although quite brutal but based upon what we’ve seen in Rambo franchise were just so formulaic and numb to watch.After so many plastic surgeries, S.S. seems to become an under-bite zombie, not quite comfortable to watch, on par with Michelle Obama’s under-bite facial structure when she moved into the White House. In summary, this movie is so boring that absolutely not worth paying expensive ticket to watch in the movie theater, better awaits its DVD release.

  • isabela-cristina-romo-cortes
    isabela cristina romo cortes

    After really enjoying my Rambo marathon over the last few days, it’s with a heavy heart I write my thoughts on the last film in the series. One way to describe the plot of the film is Home Alone meets Taken. . It will always surprise me, when a sequel is made, 11 years on, and there seems to be no time spent on the script. Here’s a plot that we’ve seen so many times before. As I say, most similar to Taken, a daughter (niece) is kidnapped by sex traffickers, and now Dad (Uncle) goes into rescue and revenge mode. In Rambo’s revenge tactics he main line of defence is to set up a load of traps for the enemy, and not traps like in First Blood. Like in Home Alone. The way it’s shot and the way they are set up, it really does feel similar. I wasn’t the only one thinking it in the cinema either. . The dialogue is cringworthy for the most part, especially the first half of the film. Not in a good 80’s action cheese way either. Just not good. The conversations feel very forced. . Through the trailer and probably also in part to the R rating, the film has had a descent amount of hype. Hype that this was going to be ‘The Logan of the Rambo films’. Hype that the violence was going to step up a level from Rambo 4 (honestly not sure how that would be possible). Unfortunately it just doesn’t live up to it. Not at all. I was so hoping for a violent gritty revenge western, which is what the trailer seemed to promise me. There’s a couple of scenes that are worthy, one which kind of starts the action off, but they are few and far between, and only happen sporadically. . What this could have been.. A Logan, Unforgiven, Rambo hybrid would have been so rad. I really want to see that film!

  • pentti-jauhiainen
    pentti jauhiainen

    Well 2019 has really been the ‘endgame’ year for many franchises and Rambo: Last Blood is the last tale of John Rambo. Growing up with action stars Arnold, Bruce and of course Sylvester… (hey hey Planet Hollywood reference) I just had to still show the support and love for the character by watching all 5 Rambo movies.Action is there, brutally is there, drama is there, the awareness cause is there… But still I wished there was more call backs or tribute to John Rambo since movie number 5 is the finale.I liked the realness of where John Rambo is at now, I just didn’t enjoy how he was sent off 🙁 I guess General Mc Arthur as right – “Good soldiers never die, they just fade away”. If this is true then it was truly poetic!

  • kacper-browarczyk
    kacper browarczyk

    This movie is definitely one time worth watching but later on it’s hard to keep in the memory. Too many expectations poured out after watching its trailer. Indeed this movie is a big disappointment for serious Rambo fans, perhaps all credits due to poor script, below average editing quality and unknown cast.For those who have watched the previous 4 installments and expecting high on this Last Blood, you won’t feel satisfaction. Too much of family drama in the first 30 minutes and lack of character development are the main causes of disaster.However, one thing I need to appreciate is the last action scenes. Rambo’s trick to tame and take over the villains is quite engaging and most scenes are brutal enough. Other than this, Last Blood is just an average movie.

  • vicente-cardoso
    vicente cardoso

    He is verry good good good he is super verry super

  • arthur-launay-du-bonnet
    arthur launay du bonnet

    It’s a gorefest. The story is lame. The Whole message of the movie is take revenge and kill in the most violent way possible without any reprocussions. Probably took 10 minutes to write this film. Save your money get it when it gets to redbox.

  • naomi-lieshout
    naomi lieshout

    Good plot, good acting, finale was good but all squeezed into a short space of time. If you like previous Rambo films. You will like this!!!

  • marie-hauge
    marie hauge

    Whatever people will say about this movie good or bad, Rambo has been around for so many years and Sly has always put its heart into it and that deserves a credit for a man being around for decades. Underestimated at times for his acting styles. At least he stands for being an Action movie star and not swirls around trying to do something else or be something else to please all movie style characters. Keep on going…

  • farkas-marton
    farkas marton

    After delivering an unforgettable coda to Rocky in the Creed films, Sly returns to Rambo and ends the franchise on a magnificent high. Along with the classic, high-octane brutal action and pure wish-fulfilment script, Sly gives a kick ass performance powered by a intense gravitas of Rambo drawing last blood.

  • univ-prof-horst-peter-stiebitz
    univ prof horst peter stiebitz

    This is like 2008’s Rambo but 10 times better I have never seen John true to his character no emotion what we always wanted great acting too The Bad guy is very violent get ready for the Rambo you always wanted The Man the legend

  • hnumaan-diikssit
    hnumaan diikssit

    Just saw tonight.. currious.. is it become worst than the 4th installment? , but the 5th pumped up my heart..👍👍👍John Rambo.. also the ending of credit title.. will make you remember, how old i am now..🙈

  • ms-kimberly-hull
    ms kimberly hull

    The movie is really well done in terms of action and it doesnt hold back on its gruesomeness when it comes to deaths/kills. The story is somewhat cliched and its something we have seen before in many films, at the same time it shows the age of the franchise when they have run out of ideas. Music and sound design was alright. Stallone as much as he is good, he is old and we can clearly see him struggling thru things whole thing.Overall, Not Great, Not Terrible. If you are a fan of the franchise, you will love it. If you are a avg. movie goer, you should probably watch something else.

  • noah-mariana-neto
    noah mariana neto

    Full of actionsAlways listen what old man says Don’t do stupid thingsGabrielle you are pundek

  • rosa-azorin-tur
    rosa azorin tur

    This film start with Rambo saving a woman from a mountain flooding and Rambo’s adopted daughter “Gabrielle” show to us right away scene! As turnout, this film is about Rambo revenge for Gabrielle after she finding her real father in Mexico and kill by drug overdose! The person who overdosed her is a prostitute cartel leader “Victor”! I really crying at two scene! First one, Rambo beat down by several member of the cartel and injure badly! Second one, his daughter exhausted and die in his car! First action scene! Rambo asking one of the cartel member the location of his daughter they kidnap, Rambo stab him and dig out his skin and bone! Second action scene! Rambo using a hammer to kill a several member of the cartel to rescue his daughter! Third action scene! Rambo stab several member of the cartel and eventually cut Victor’s brother “Hugo” head off to lure Victor come to his house for revenge! All the action scene bloody gore enough! The ending action scene surely is the most satisfy one! The member of the cartel arrive at Rambo house get blow up by his dynamite! The cartel member went into his tunnel, the cartel member kill by gunshot on the head, stab on the leg, stab on the head and neck, kill by the trap prick! At the end, Rambo confront Victor at the barn, Rambo shot him with several arrow and eventually grab his heart out to kill him! At the very end, Rambo sit on the rocking chair to rest! Still have some previous installment video after the credit! But I still hoping this franchise will have another chapter! That’s it! A must watch film of the year!

  • zvonko-rus
    zvonko rus

    OK, so I have to admit: I can’t help but love Sly Stallone. The guy just keeps coming back succesfully, against all odds. Who would have thought that he could pull off another Rambo flick at age 73? Well, I’m glad he did, because besides Liam Neeson, Denzel Washington and Mel Gibson, who are we gonna turn to for some old school, old-man-on-a-revenge-spree flick?I was a big fan of First Blood, but didn’t care so much for the second (too cartoonish) and third (too friggin’ awful) installments. The fourth however, was just amazing. A slow build up, a suspenseful breakout and then cathartic violence. That last action sequence, where Rambo goes totally berserk and makes minced meat out of a whole army, I mean, come on, that was awesome.The fifth Rambo is a little different in that it is more of a generic revenge flick in its setup. But only in its setup though. As soon as Rambo starts maiming and killing, this movie goes so far over the top you can’t help but cheer him on. This is one bloody movie. Last blood it may be, but it is many a full bucket of it.I also like how Rambo is more vulnarable in this flick. Stallone gets to use more of his acting chops in this one.I know it’s a lot to ask, and maybe I shouldn’t even hope for it, but damn it, I sure would like another one of these.

  • timofii-shapoval
    timofii shapoval

    Rambo: Last Blood is the last movie of the Rambo franchise and O MY GOD it’s amazing. It’s the Logan (2017) of the Rambo Series and I was very impressed with everything about this Movie. The best film in the Rambo franchise since First Blood, the curiously titled Rambo: Last Blood injects the heart back into the legendary action franchise, before ripping it out with an awe-inspiring avalanche of violence that re-establishes Sylvester Stallone as an action hero with equal. If on screen kills are an art, that what Last Blood delivers is a masterpiece. A deluge of bloody ferocious brutality, delivered with trademark Sly snarl and thankfully shaky-cam free, the violence of Last Blood more than matches the recent output from other one-man army movies.Suitably excessive in execution and wince inducing in its means, it’s the kind of action filmmaking that hardcore fans would especially appreciate. Much like the Creed films, Rambo: Last Blood successfully replicates the heart and spirit of how its franchise operates at the best level. John J. Rambo is back, and the cinematic killing floor is his domain.

  • meda-gaizauskas
    meda gaizauskas

    What a movie, more than expected too good, action all the way

  • cathrine-clausen
    cathrine clausen

    First off, try to avoid the trailers if you have not seen them already – especially the recent red band trailer. Just a heads up.Sylvester Stallone returns as the iconic one-man-army John Rambo – older and somewhat creakier but still the reluctantly brutal killing machine when pushed.When we last saw him, he effectively made tomato paste out of a brutal Burmese regime and returned to his family ranch in Bowie, Arizona. Eleven years have passed since then and John J. now tends to his horses and his adoptive family, including caretaker Maria (Adriana Barraza, “Babel”) and niece Gabrielle (Yvette Monreal). Gabrielle naively ventures to Mexico to find her birth father, resulting in her getting kidnapped by the Martinez cartel led by brothers Hugo (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) and Victor (Oscar Jaenada, “The Losers). This springs Rambo into action once again, whose struggle to cope with his violent past is affecting his health.The Rambo franchise has been four-for-four for me, with “First Blood” being one of the best Hollywood action films ever made, and its best sequel “Rambo: First Blood Part II” continuing that momentum albeit sacrificing some of the human elements of the first for bigger-scaled action. III and IV are both skilfully-made action films that still make most modern action films that aren’t named “The Raid”, “John Wick” or “Sicario” a run for their money.”Last Blood” is intended to be Rambo’s final adventure and its another good, rock-solid entry in a storied series. It’s also easily the darkest film in the entire franchise, going to thematic areas that wouldn’t be out of place in a Sam Peckinpah film. I didn’t bring up “Sicario” by accident” – think ol’ Sam doing Liam Neeson’s (“Taken”) but with Sly’s Rambo instead and you’ll get the idea.Some may be turned off by the grim tone but I appreciate the risks director Adrian Grunberg (“Get the Gringo”) took with bringing such a low-key and intentionally dour entry in a major action franchise whose name is recognised globally.Rest assured, this is still a Rambo film, and all of his rage gets and torment gets built up towards the Grand Guignol carnage (spoiled heavily in all trailers) that ends the film. While it doesn’t have as high of a body count compared to the previous three entries (especially the fourth one, Good God was that bloody), nobody who is unfamiliar with Rambo’s methods will be surprised at the level of soul-grinding brutality that he dishes out, making John Wick’s kills seem like a pleasant day in the park by comparison.This is Stallone’s character arguably moreso than David Morrell’s, and he brings the character to the only logical conclusion, considering the previous entries. It’s also great to see Rambo display the most emotions he’s felt since “First Blood”, grounding the character and raising the stakes even more. The rest of the supporting cast does a fine job – though I wish Paz Vega (“Spanglish”) was given more to do. Standouts go to Oscar nominee Barraza and Peris-Mencheta for turning what could have been two dimensional roles into something a bit more thoughtful. Just a bit.With the name “Rambo”, one would expect another typical shoot-em-up plot, and this film is just that, but writers Stallone and Matthew Cirulnick and director Grunberg keeps things lean and mean at a brisk 89 minutes. A gripe that I would have is that “Rambo IV” had a much better conclusion/retirement for the character than this one – considering the amount of crap he went through in all of the films – but to suggest more from my end would be to spoil the film. All in all it’s still a satisfying closing chapter to Rambo’s saga, flaws and all.There’s a lot of subtle emotional touches too that make this entry stand out as an entirely different beast from the rest of the franchise, yet its plentiful violence at the film’s final third immortalizes what fans pay their tickets for – to see a ruthless killing machine that’s the best at knives and guns, as the late Samuel Trautman/Richard Crenna once phrased.

  • donald-howe
    donald howe

    Movies this year have been to well below par however I didn’t think it be Rambo last blood that I would be giving 10 starts to, This movie as it all Its nothing short of a masterpiece I really lost faith in movies of late but my faith as been totally restored, Well written with a great plot and action and heart, Superb acting skills from Sylvester Stallone , Best movie I’ve seen in years I’m speechless, I’ve just booked to see it again which is not like me,

  • rodrigo-salvador-aleman
    rodrigo salvador aleman

    The best action movie in 2019. It’s pack with a lot of actions and murders. Recommend to people’s age 12 and above.

  • eric-castillo
    eric castillo

    Just come from the theatres and thoroughly enjoyed this well sequenced action movie, with a good pace story line!

  • arne-nygren
    arne nygren

    Great comeback after a long break in the rambo series and it only gets better definitely worth the wait

  • anthony-drew
    anthony drew

    Rambo Last Blood (2019)At 73, most people prefer to sit at home, relax and reminisce their youth while being surrounded by their family. Sylvester Stallone was not built that way and this year he made a movie to prove that action stars of the 80s simply don’t age. Obviously he has lost a step or two and is not flying around the screen like he used to but at bloody 73, he is still a one man army and the living proof that age is just a number.Rambo Last Blood is a no nonsense grim action movie with a cliche plot that does not pretend be bigger than it is. Nobody is saving the world from mass enslavement, spies or nuclear threats. It is a simple revenge thriller with loads of action, grit and violence that can easily rival John Wick in terms of creativity. Stallone is a lone wolf who still has sharp fangs despite his gray hair and his enemies will find out just how sharp these fangs are.Very similar to previous Rambo films, just on a smaller scale, so it goes without saying that if you are a fan of the franchise, 80-90s action or Stallone in general then you will feel right at home. Fast pace, simple narrative, grim settings and plently of violence give Last Blood a genuine throwback feel to the golden days of action.#moviesshmovies on Instagram

  • dra-carolina-rezende
    dra carolina rezende

    Rating 9.0/10 Truly amazing Rambo Last Blood. Sylvester Stallone is a very talented actor. No one could ever touch the character of John Rambo the way he did. I wish after he come out of retirement can remind the new generation what he have done. Rambo Last Blood is a grounded drama and action must see. To all of you, go see it a bloody good time !!