READY OR NOT follows a young bride (Samara Weaving) as she joins her new husband’s (Mark O’Brien) rich, eccentric family (Adam Brody, Henry Czerny, Andie MacDowell) in a time-honored tradition that turns into a lethal game with everyone fighting for their survival.

Also Known As: Mi She'Omed Me'Akhorai, Nevesta na zabitie, Finché morte non ci separi, Ready or Not - Auf die Plätze, fertig, tot, Ready or Not, Гра в хованки, Noche de bodas, Aki bújt, Prêt pas prêt, Spremna ili ne, Ready or Not - O Ritual, Zabawa w pochowanego, Я иду искать, Докато смъртта ни раздели, Pripravená alebo nie, Wedding Nightmare, Family Ritual, Boda sangrienta

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    Love it

  • cristina-diez-franch
    cristina diez franch

    I was intrigued by this one because of all the positive reviews, even though the trailer didn’t quite sell it for me. It looked like a cross between The Purge and Eyes Wide Shut. Anyway, the movie starts of alright, the set up for what is about to come first with a flashback of the childhood of the boys, who then we see in present day is getting married to a blonde outsider played by Samara Weaving. I actually liked her initially. She seemed like someone we could root for and hope would kick some serious butt. Ultimately, I found her unlikable, just like all the other characters in the film. What was it about her I didn’t like? Well, she just doesn’t sell the role very well. Is she bad ass or is she just lucky, everything seems to work out too conveniently for her, considering she has several people hunting for her. She doesn’t appear to have any fighting skills. But the worst part: Her scream. Ugh, every time she did that yodeling scream, I couldn’t stop thinking about Adam Sandler in the waterboy. Or tarzan lol. I’ve never heard an annoying scream like that before lol. The story’s pacing and tone is just all over the place. Much of the killing is accidental, nothing happens due to skill. There were too many predictable moments, like that ‘goat pit’ or whatever they called it that scene was too obvious where it was going. And clearly the family didn’t care about piling bodies out in the open?! And the swearing was terrible. I’m no prude, and I look a good f word in the right place, but this movie was mainly filled with unfunny moments where the characters keep saying wtf over and over. The dialogue really needed improving. The ending was kind of funny, but ultimately, unsatisfying. It really didn’t make any sense either. Overall, this movie was just okay, I’d recommend watching it on Netflix. I watched for a discount price so I can’t complain. I give it 2 marks for the reasonably good CGI gore in a few places, but that’s about it.

  • ryugwangsu

    I had a choice between two movies on this rainy afternoon. DORA THE EXPLORER…or READY OR NOT. D.T.E. started sooner, so I chose that one.Boy! Was that a mistake.After twenty-five minutes of listening to Dora breaking the Fourth Wall, like an adolescent poor’s man version of Deadpool, I walked out of the theater and bought a ticket to R. O. N. A mixed blessing, to say the least. But, on the bright side I was able to sit through the entirety of it. And, even better, I was the only one in the audience during the matinee I chose! So, I was able to make slightly sarcastic comments, half out loud, without being shushed by other movie-goers.A good thing, too.The first half of this film is only mildly amusing…and definitely nowhere near as suspenseful as the second half. I mean, just the opening shot of all those board games (and one in particular) gives you a pretty good idea what the back story for this weirdo family is going to be!Then, there’s all the swearing.Were the writers getting paid by the profanity? I haven’t heard that many F-bombs dropped since the original CABIN FEVER! Which, if memory serves, I accused the cast thereof of trying to sound like vintage Robert Deniro…with none of his acting talent. Well, the same holds true for most of the cast of R.O.N. The only notable exceptions are Samara Weaving, who’s totally new to me (and totally believable as the unexpectedly feisty Grace); and Andie McDowell, the only recognizably big name in the cast.In summary, then, I give this five stars (four stars better than JENNIFER’S BODY). As in; not bad! But, I’ve definitely seen comparatively scarier.

  • kathleen-griffith
    kathleen griffith

    As soon as I saw the trailer, I loved the idea of the movie, a family of lunatics who have some kind of acceptance rituals for the new family members, but when I saw the movie, I hated that I even thought about seeing it, the comedy is just bad, as if they trying to shove the comedy down your throat, the actors did their best and they did a good job, but still… If it was a horror only movie it would be better, exploding like this in the end of the movie is just stupid, there wasn’t any paranormal power or entity from the beginning, why would you add it in the end ? Emily’s character is just annoying, and her husband is just trying so hard to be funny but it’s not working. I’m not a critic, but this movie could have been better.

  • luis-drub-klemm
    luis drub klemm

    Andie McDowell was on The Today Show praising the “very smart” dialogue and the brilliant directing. Wow, great salesmanship Andie, I’m going to buy a movie ticket and go watch it! 10 minutes into the film the warning signs begin that this movie is a huge mess – acting, pacing and writing and execution of ideas. Even the great Ms. McDowell doesn’t seem quite comfortable in how to play her character at times. When the screenplay writers ran out of scripting ideas, the F bomb was inserted, over and over again. It’s one of the worst films I’ve ever seen and it makes me want to venture out even less to the movie theater and take risks with my time and money.

  • berran-inonu
    berran inonu

    Thought this had promise but every part of the movie seemed just dumb. They had no choice to be in the situation? What? At every turn the characters could have made an acceptable choice to get them out of the situations but instead they almost always had to explain why the logical choice couldn’t be possible. Each argument was never convincing. After the third random kill of the servants I left. Wasn’t funny nor scary. Sucked. Not a break out role for the Margot Robbie wannabe either.

  • zelida-mariani
    zelida mariani

    Not gonna lie, the concept seemed interesting and original with potential. However, execution was terrible. It starts off well with proper horror vibes that kept me on the edge of my seat right until the first ‘accidental’ death of one of the maids. It was at this point that I knew it was going downhill. By the time they got to the third maid’s death, I was ready to leave.The excessive comic relief scenes were completely unnecessary and made me cringe. I still don’t get how/why movies try to incorporate comedy in horror films because they’re two conflicting genres that defeat each other’s purpose. What’s worse is that the characters were extremely unfunny and the deaths were ridiculous, therefore taking away the fright factor (if it existed).But the worst part has got to be the ending. So they were right all along and as a result, they all died in a comical way? Ha ha? We barely got to see any kills in the movie. Why kill all these characters in one stupid scene instead of using them to make a good horror film with several separate deaths.Overall, the movie was absolute garbage. Seemed like a mix of Get Out and the Cabin in the Woods but A LOT worse. All the high ratings are probably from teenagers or people with low IQs that find comedic horror films ‘entertaining’.

  • ricards-priede
    ricards priede

    -ly predictable as expected. Just by watching the trailer you’re basically already watching the whole movie. There’s almost zero character development, no suspense built up, and even less plot twists. Nothing really goes on without you already expecting it. It has the basic horror movie 101 jumpscare with no actual scary things happening. Even the humours are tasteless and overly used by other horror/comedy movies. Overall, it’s a good concept, but not enough great ideas went into the making of this movie.

  • lasse-laitinen
    lasse laitinen

    Man, I don’t even know where to begin. Trying not to spoil this for those that will insist on watching, BUT this film felt very borrowed from Ice-T’s 1994 film, Surviving The Game. The supernatural twist didn’t work for me. Might for others. And the language! Why do writers feel the need to pump a movie with so many F bombs. It just trashes up the dialogue. It started strong, then derailed for me. 🙁

  • koba-bukia
    koba bukia

    This film is just plain screwy from the get-go. I guess this is what you get if you want something original or original-ish. Not worth my time or my dime. I read and seen enough just from this profile.

  • sebastian-kristiansen
    sebastian kristiansen

    A rather interesting idea for a movie was ruined in how the movie came together. Swear-words are thrown out every second (often two or three words per sentence) as very crude poor attempts at jokes. Very unnecessary and bring the movie down as a whole. In a dark comedy hide-and-seek movie where to win is to survive through the night you’re obviously supposed to root for the protagonist Grace. But the actoress and the writing for Ready Or Not make it so that the protagonist is very unlikeable. Makes the movie hard to watch overall. If it wasnt for the unlikeable protagonist/actress and the (very unnecessary) consisstant swearing throughout the movie. Ready or Not (2019) would be a 5/10 movie.

  • bakos-racz-gyongyi
    bakos racz gyongyi

    What I got was a very dry dark comedy that just basically gives up at the end (and wastes kills). As a hardcore slasher fan, I went in looking for some decent kills, and maybe a decent survivor girl, but you get none of that with this. I can’t even remember one single kill. It was just a bunch of offscreen stuff and quick shots of aftermath gore.If you’re a slasher fan looking for some good kills, skip this one, it’s not made for you.

  • james-neal
    james neal

    Didn’t love it, don’t hate it. Kinda funny, kinda dumb. Even keel.

  • curt-jespersen
    curt jespersen

    Umm that was really weird and really dumb movie! It was entertaining I guess.

  • asbjorn-pettersen
    asbjorn pettersen

    (In fairness, I knew from the trailer that I probably would find this movie too dark. If you liked the trailer, maybe you will like this movie. The Rotten Tomatoes rating convinced me to see it, but sometimes statistics can be deceiving.)Samara Weaving plays a new bride marrying into an unusual family, who have board games on display in their hallways and taxidermied animals eating other taxidermied animals in their living room. However, she soon realizes that things are even darker than they seem, and she has to fight to survive her wedding night.Unfortunately, that’s about as much as the plot is developed. The movie could have been a satire on family dynamics or class, or maybe it could have pushed the absurdist elements to the forefront (instead of leaving that for the ending, which was just weird enough that it almost worked), but instead the flimsy plot is treated as an excuse to run through shock-value violence in which every meaningless death (most of them women) is treated as a punchline. Someone in my row walked out shortly before the end; I should have walked out long before.Although the great cast gives it their all, they are given little to do other than scream and run. A deeply upsetting and shallow movie.

  • kolesnikova-sofiia-maksimovna
    kolesnikova sofiia maksimovna

    I do not recommend watching it!!! Very silly and sick movie that doesn’t worth a penny, I’m a big fan of horror movies but that’s not categorized as such ..

  • elisa-pelayo
    elisa pelayo

    I have watched some pretty terrible movies in my time and this one takes the cake. It’s a pretty good concept for a movie just poorly executed with unnecessary “comic relief”. The chubby dude I forget his name was extremely unfunny and was trying to be relatable but failed terribly. The aunt with the ace looked like she was out of a comic book and the drug addict sister was just unrealistic the gore was over the top stupid. I was tempted to sneak into another theatre room and hope a better movie was playing but I thought I would give it a chance but I ended up being unsatisfied in the end of it.

  • kjersti-vik-dahl
    kjersti vik dahl

    This movie is not worth the money you spend on a movie ticket trust me. After a while I wanted to walk out it was so boring.

  • xavier-torres
    xavier torres

    I was really happy about this whole movie, it was really funny and had me on edge the entire time. This was a very wild movie that was just fun to watch. Just watching the trailer I thought how could they explain this and make it have sense, not only was it explained well but it was a good plot.

  • angeles-rubio-lluch
    angeles rubio lluch

    This was a film that I was pretty excited to check out as I caught part of the trailer. When I saw that it starred Samara Weaving that was when I knew I was on-board. The concept was something that had me intrigued as well. The synopsis is a bride’s wedding night takes a sinister turn when her eccentric new in-laws force her to take part in a terrifying game.We actually start this film off with two little kids running away from someone. They are Daniel and Alex. Daniel has his brother hide in a closet and when he turns, a man asks for his help. He yells for others to come and when they do, the man is shot with arrows. He’s then taken away.The film then alerts us that we shifting 30 years into the present. It is the wedding day of Grace (Weaving) to Alex Le Domas (Mark O’Brien). The Le Domas are a rich family that made their fortune off of board games. Daniel (Adam Brody) is an alcoholic, but still fairly close to his brother.Grace is scared the family doesn’t like her, because of how rich they are. We get to know them through the pictures before the ceremony. The father is Tony (Henry Czerny) and he’s married to Becky (Andie MacDowell). Daniel is married to Emilie (Melanie Scrofano) and they really don’t get along. There’s also Aunt Helene (Nick Guadagni) who keeps giving Grace the evil eye.As the night progresses, Alex finally reveals to his new bride that at midnight they are required to play a game. It is family tradition. Showing up just in time is Alex’s sister Charity (Elyse Levesque) and her husband, Fitch (Kristian Bruun) with their two kids. They go into a room reserved for family only. There’s a box that will decide the game they have to play that night. You can guess what it is from the title of the film. Grace doesn’t take it too seriously, but her in-laws do. She has to survive until dawn, but they have a lot riding on her not making it.Since this is a new film, I really just wanted to give the basics to those that are curious without spoiling anything. I really just want to start off stating that this is a fun film. I had a blast with this one and it is actually quite hilarious. To be honest though, as the film progresses, I really did see some deeper things here that I really enjoyed as well.The first of which to cover is the symbolism of Grace vs. the Le Domas. She is wearing a white wedding dress and they’re wearing mostly dark clothes. I took this as she is good vs. them being the evil. It is even more interesting in this idea as some things get revealed as to why they have to play this game and what they think will happen if they don’t complete what they need to do. I also like that she is wounded and her dress gets dirtier, she becomes stronger in fighting back.As it went on, I also picked up the idea of old traditions against the new ways of life. The Le Domas are old money. The like the idea how they earned it and they are trying to adhere to the rules of the game. The problem is that as it goes on, they get scared. They want to break tradition for the sake of winning. I thought this is a fitting look at the rich, who tend to bend the laws for their own gain. Going from there though, Alex is torn between protecting his new wife and the new life that they could be making for themselves and his duty to his family. It is kind of funny how inept this family is at hunting her. It definitely sounds like it was much easier as the ancestors were actually hunters.I do have to admit there is something that happened late in the film I could have done without. I’m trying to be as cryptic here as I can be without giving anything away and giving you even the slightest spoiler. It is interesting what they believe and it is actually a concept I’m down for. It does make for a quite a funny scene if I’m honest. I just prefer the fear to be there, but it to be grounded.The pacing of the film though is something that is really good. The film really just gets right into introducing the characters and getting to the game within the first half hour or so. I do like that we see a gradual change in Grace as she has to go to greater and greater lengths of surviving. There wasn’t anything in the film that really bogged it down for me and I had fun all the way through. I’m said my peace on the ending, but I will reiterate, I didn’t hate it.Something that was really good here was the acting. On a podcast I heard them compare Weaving to the horror Margot Robbie and I love this comparison. She is such a beautiful woman, but she is an amazing actress as well. I love how quirky her character is and she gives off that vibe that she is down to Earth without realizing how good looking she really is. I love the change in her character as things happen to her. Brody is actually really good here. Much like O’Brien, who is fine in his role, they’re dealing with keeping up with traditional or finally breaking it to move on. I thought the rest of the family and staff was fitting for what was needed, they definitely rounded out the film and they all kind of bring their own humor to their specific roles.As for the effects of the film, I think there was some CGI, but to be honest I was stoked to see that they went practical. This film can be quite brutal at times and there are some things that Grace goes through that had me cringing. The CGI that was used looked good to me and I didn’t really notice it. There was good amount of blood and gore for me, so no complaints. The film is also shot very well as it does do some interesting angles.The last thing to cover would be the soundtrack of the film, which I have to admit didn’t really stand out. It did fit the scenes for what was needed and it helped to build tension. The only time I remember it was when they play this ‘Hide and Seek’ song. It is an old timey one and was quite eerie if I’m honest. I might see if I can find it actually.Now with that said, this film is definitely a fun one. I heard that, but I like to check things out for myself and it didn’t disappoint. I thought it had an interesting concept, by taking a children’s game and turning it deadly. The reason they’re doing this I liked, but how it plays out in the end I wasn’t the biggest fan of. I do like the social commentary we are getting here and how it is plausible a family like this could get away with it. It is paced well, it built tension and I never got bored. I thought the acting from Weaving and Brody was really good while the rest definitely rounded out the film for what is needed. The effects were really good, both the practical and the CGI. The soundtrack didn’t stand out aside from one song, but I don’t have a lot of complaints either. I’m not always the biggest horror/comedy fan, but there was something about this one that I liked. I thought this was really good.

  • laetitia-foucher
    laetitia foucher

    Many positives about the movie. But the bad out way the good. First half was intriguing with a few mediocre elements but nonetheless entertaining. During the last half the movie strays off and losses it’s touch and becomes very stupid within the last 20 minutes.

  • kimberly-boone
    kimberly boone

    I typically enjoy schlocky horror-comedies a la Drag Me To Hell or The Cabin in the Woods, but Ready or Not just didn’t quite do it for me. It has a neat premise that toys with ideas of class, privilege, and entitlement all while, of course, reveling in comic absurdity and bloodshed. It doesn’t have anything particularly insightful to say but hey, I’ll take a novel premise over another Annabelle copy-and-paste job any day, regardless of how shallow the subtext. My issues, then, lie more in its execution: the cartoony and somewhat irritating quality of the characters, the limpness of the humor, and the lack of memorable set pieces. I walked away from the other two aforementioned films with a head full of stand-out gags and striking images. Here, the experience largely blended together and slipped by without truly shocking, scaring, or amusing me. Perhaps that’s the fault of the direction, which is so crucial in translating a good premise into a kinetic, absorbing, and visually compelling film. Still, I can see why others may enjoy this and I do appreciate the original and playfully-executed concept. Perhaps it just wasn’t my cup of tea.Strong 2.5/5

  • bo-ivarsson
    bo ivarsson

    Ready or Not tries to be a mixture of a comedy and a horror movie and fails at both. The movie is never atmospheric, intense or scary enough to be a great horror movie. The film is never clever, surprising or vibrant enough to be an entertaining comedy movie. Even by poor b-movie standards, the story of this film is completely ridiculous in a way that it’s almost insulting.If you were wondering why this film still deserves four points, the movie isn’t entirely bad. The settings look great and especially the mansion where the sinister hide and seek game takes place is really gorgeous, including hidden hallways and elegant gardens. The movie features a few intense action scenes that make you root for the desperate lead character. The film has a fast pace and doesn’t overstay its welcome with plodding storytelling. Lead actress Samara Weaving does her best with a poor script and has enough charisma to be the only great actress in this film.Ready or Not should be ignored since it’s neither a gripping horror film nor a clever comedy. It’s a shallow action film with a few gore elements. Movies like You’re Next are similar in style but executed much better. The overtly positive reviews for Ready or Not show that expectations for horror movies have significantly decreased in an era of prequels, remakes, sequels and overall rehashed ideas. Refer to European or Asian cinema to find some creative horror movies these days.

  • benjamin-lenoir-roche
    benjamin lenoir roche

    When you can balance funny moments with real suspense you’ve done something right and that is exactly what Ready it Not does. Very well paced film with a fun enough plot that you can’t help but enjoy.It stays grounded in reality with a character that you can relate to and genuinely want to see survive as she continually makes smart choices. The humor is not lost and in many ways this feels like a dark comedy in several parts but walks such a fine line that everything seamlessly works.

  • matilde-lima
    matilde lima

    To me this was one of the best horror experiences have I ever had! Very suspenseful and fun to watch throughout! Samara Weaving is masterful in the type genre and I absolutely love how there’s dark comedy in a few parts. It’s very important to note this is very gory no it’s not a spoiler just a warning for the squeamish type; for the horror fans you’re in for a wonderful treat! Also this really helped me feel better in a weird way – I have had a rough few days and I love morbid stuff. Seriously stop hating on my review this movie is awesome and I’m truly sorry if I said something wrong!

  • zohrab-kayfejyan
    zohrab kayfejyan

    Ready or Not is a fresh take on the slasher genre. It crafts a creative arch on the basic storyline concept that is rarely done in movies with similar genre. It is not the typical house invasion or vacation goes wrong.Ready or Not serves a plate of dark comedy that escalates as the run time goes along. What makes this so great is the general get to spot each laugh easily, not just its specific target audience.For a slasher film, Ready or Not deserves an applaud for its remarkable acting performances by the cast. Everyone shows their distinct characters from behaviour to costume that they are so entertaining to watch similar to that feeling when you get dozens of characters to choose from in a game.The lead character, the one who you will be rooting for is created in such a way that she is not dumb like in most movies. However, she is not smart either but the circumstances make her character safe from the trap of being a daft person. In other words, the movie does not unravel her intelligence nor her ludicrous manner.Also, the lead character has little to no character development. The fundamental question of her historical context and background is extremely lacking that we as the audience fail to connect with her as humanely as possible.The biggest complaint has got to be the rushing third act (final 30 minutes). The first two acts peel its layer off one by one steadily but the third act however loses its balance and goes downhill. They tried to do something completely different but it fails to satisfy the audience because we want something more pleasurable than what they have given us.Verdict: Ready or Not is a phenomenal gem that breaks the stigma free of ‘slasher genre is dead’. However, it is not considered a masterpiece although seems very close due to its disastrous third act nature that falls short compared to the other two acts.