A mutually uneasy alliance is formed between the stern Captain Ivan Danko of the Moscow Police and his American equivalent, the Chicago Detective Art Ridzik when the latter captures Viktor Rostavili, a dangerous Georgian drug kingpin. With his partner murdered by Viktor’s hands, Ivan lands in Chicago to extradite the crime lord back to Russia, however, when he manages to escape, a frenzied chase in the bustling downtown will begin. In the end, to bring down the ruthless criminal, are the two reluctant comrades who are worlds apart willing to put their differences aside?

Also Known As: Red Heat, Red Heat West, Dimitri, En russer rydder op i Chicago, Αποστολή εκτός έδρας, Red Bull, Danko: Al rojo vivo, Rudé horko, Röd fara, Rudé horko Czech, Czerwona goraczka, Căldură roşie, Inferno Vermelho, Infierno rojo, Червона спека, Danko, Чeрвена топлина, Vörös zsaru, Rød purk, Červená horúčava, Punainen vaara, Danko: Calor rojo, Красная жара Soviet, Red Heat - Punainen vaara, Danko - Kizil alev, Double détente, Crveno usijanje, Febra roşie, Danko: al rojo vivo, Kizil Ates, Apostoli ektos edras, Raudonas karstis

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