“Redline” is an auto/action thriller that features an extensive exotic car collection. The movie features a Phantom Rolls Royce, Lamborghini Murcielago, Enzo Ferrari, Ferrari F430, Ferrari Scaglietti and two Mercedes SLR McLaren AMGs. A $450,000 Porsche Carrera GT is actually crashed during one sequence. Eddie Griffin accidentally crashed and destroyed the Enzo Ferrari, one of only 400 ever produced. The film follows an ace driver who becomes part of illegal drag racing.

Also Known As: Speed Returns, Redline, Redline: Velocidade sem Limites, Redline: Competición mortal, Redline - Padlógázzal, レッドライン, Redline - Velocidade sem Limites, Жажда скорости, Червена Линия

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  • bradley-hall
    bradley hall

    So you want to see redline, huh.. What type of viewer are you? If you liked The Fast and The Furious or 2 Fast 2 Furious with the cool cars and well rounded plot, this is not for you.This movie shows tons of beautiful exotics (expensive ones). The only problem with the movie after viewing it, I said to myself what was it about? You only get the pleasure of seeing fast rides being rode hard and fast. The weak plot goes 100% for this movie.I most say I was hurt to see the car damage with the corvette and Shelby cobra. However if you like beautiful cars and an rush of excitement go see this movie right away.Despite the shuffled plot and unusual filming orientation I enjoy this movie a lot. I would recommend it to viewers if the can look past the plot and enjoy seeing fast cars and a rush.I thought it was amazing the War hero would get into fights almost everywhere like he was some kind of Jackie Chan. He would even take on bigger pumped up men and toss them like flies.I did enjoy seeing the Ferrari Enzo, the Mercedes SLR, and the Yellow Koenigsegg CCR at the end. All nice rides everything from Ferrari’s, Mercedes, Lambo’s, Ford GT’s, Ford Shelby Cobra’s, Corvette’s, Old school cobra, and so on.I still give it 7 out of 10 for the rides.

  • jeongjaeho

    The movie is great if you like cars and more specifically fast cars. This movie has my friends and me talking. It gives you a rush that when you get back into your car you just cant help but feel like your taking on the role of the characters in the movie. I don’t see how this movie could be getting so much hate comments. The movie uses great camera angles and the plot isn’t so bad. Basically it brings teens into the theater. Bare with me for a moment. What do teenager want most from their movies? Teens like action, violence, revenge, speed, cars, and girls. This movie has all of those. The characters drive some of the most expensive and most desired cars out there. The girls are attractive and wear clothes that make them look half dressed but is considered our everyday fashion now. There’s speed all over the place. Duh! They are racing. This movie is a teenagers ideal movie.

  • prof-herwig-jopich
    prof herwig jopich

    As REDLINE is yet another film in the FAST AND THE FURIOUS vein, and there are people who hated those films, I expected REDLINE to get negative press, but not to the extent that it ultimately did. Sure, the plot is minimal and the acting mostly so-so, but I am glad to say that I spent money on a DVD of REDLINE as soon as it was available and I have to say that I found it completely and utterly fantastic.What attracted me was that producer Daniel Sadek used cars from his own extensive collection for the film, just as the late H.B. Halicki had done for his films GONE IN 60 SECONDS (the original one) and THE JUNKMAN, both of which are favourite movies of mine as well. The fact that they are all exotic cars in this movie was to be expected, and the race sequences involving the various cars are all handled excellently by director Andy Cheng.Nadia Bjorlin, Nathan Phillips and Eddie Griffin are all great in their roles, even though their characters are little more than stereotypes. The plot DOES have predictable twists (although, I WAS surprised as I had never heard mention of it anywhere, when one of Bjorlin’s opponents is the racer who killed her character’s father, thus allowing her in the race to get revenge), but ultimately, REDLINE is just good, harmless, mindless fun. I mean, you can’t expect EVERY movie that comes out to be Oscar material. I just like to have a good time when I’m watching a film, which is why I give REDLINE a positive six out of ten. And I’m certainly glad that there are others, no matter how few, who agree with me.

  • anita-gregov
    anita gregov

    I don’t have an idea what bite you guys, I guess you have been watching too much of that Potter crap.. Redline sure isn’t something to pay for yourself – I saw it at my friends place – but surely a great movie. It had nice cars and beautiful women, yeah the story was a little bit weak but still acceptable. The ending was a little too fast – I would’ve preferred a longer one. I really liked Carlo and Natasha as the main characters.In conclusion, I wouldn’t trade these 90 minutes to nothing else(well, maybe except s*x lol) and I’ve seen better movies, but still this is something to watch & enjoy.

  • kazakov-gerasim-fiodorovich
    kazakov gerasim fiodorovich

    The cars in this movie are awesome. The acting in this movie is awful. The plot and driving scenes don’t make much sense and are equally bad. If you get really bothered by movies where someone shifts and suddenly goes ridiculously faster, save yourself the trouble and money. Good movie for racing fans? Well, there is a part where they make the mistake of referring to a NASCAR driver as a rally car driver. If you can’t tell the difference, go watch it, you’ll have a blast. It really comes down to this, there are really really really nice cars in this movie, they are driven horribly and are completely unrealistic. The acting is horrible mainly because of the extremely bad plot. If you want to see hot girls, turn on mtv or vh1 instead. I am disappointed that such nice cars would be represented in such a bad movie. If the class of the cars were to match that of the movie, they should be racing with rusted bicycles.

  • joaquim-machado
    joaquim machado

    Redline is a knockoff of Fast & Furious, without any of the redeeming qualities. It doesn’t need to have a convoluted plot with multiple twists and surprises, but it needs SOMETHING! This is the equivalent of a porn film, where the storyline and dialogue consist of 60 seconds at the beginning and the same at the end. Except that this is worse, because you don’t get your money’s worth. Mind-numbingly boring, impossible race sequences, and a terrible waste of expensive beautiful cars, which almost acquire negative points for having appeared in this movie. Sure, she’s hot, but who’s that desperate for an on screen female? I feel like the director sat there with a hat full of dialogue and plot snippets, and shook an 8 ball every time they switched scenes. No serious person who races or knows anything about it would watch this movie and enjoy the race scenes.

  • ekaterine-kazariani
    ekaterine kazariani

    I saw this film at its world premiere at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on April 12, 2007. It is horribly written, directed, and put together. There is no plot. It is basically a music video for 90 minutes featuring cars and attractive women. Stay away, stay far away. Also, the sound is randomly really bad. I have no idea why this is, but you’d think they could afford decent microphones with the $25 million dollar budget. Also it is obvious that the movie was made simply because the producer spent his own money to complete the film. There is no way, no possible way, this movie would ever attract outside funding on any level whatsoever. Also, Eddie Griffin is PARTICULARLY forgettable and unfunny. He is this strange representation of mediocre celebrity that is featured routinely on VH-1. No one really thinks Eddie Griffin is talented, no one really thinks he is funny, and no one really thinks he’s that popular. Therefore, no one in the business really understands his appeal or why he has a career. He should’ve disappeared long ago. At least Lindsay Lohan can blame her career’s existence on the fact that many men over 30 would like to date her – which is entirely why she has a career – she is unequally untalented. But, Eddie, please stop doing what you ‘do’.

  • bruna-frederico-rocha
    bruna frederico rocha

    “A total waste of time” Just throw in a few explosions, non stop fighting, exotic cars a deranged millionaire, slow motion computer generated car crashes and last but not least a Hugh Hefner like character with wall to wall hot babes, and mix in a blender and you will have this sorry excuse for a movie. I really got a laugh out of the “Dr. Evil” like heavily fortified compound. The plot was somewhere between preposterous and non existent. How many millionaires are willing to make a 25 million dollar bet on a car race? Answer: 4 but, didn’t they become millionaires through fiscal responsibility? This was written for pubescent males, it plays like a video game. I did enjoy the Gulfstream II landing in the desert though.

  • mason-huijbrechts
    mason huijbrechts

    I’m sorry to say that there isn’t really any way, in my opinion, that an Enzo would really be able to keep up with a Saleen S7 Twin Turbo. The power to weight advantage possessed by the S7 would just be too great. The S7 has a power:weight ratio of 3.93 lbs/hp while the Enzo has 4.61 lbs/hp. The S7s low end is much better too. Sorry Ferrari fans but the Saleen just gets it done so much better.As for other parts of this film, I just have to say it’s so substandard as to be pathetic. The story is way too weak. The acting in this lemon is worse than daytime soaps.I can say that as far as it being a treatise on negative psychology its kind of a gem. This film is nothing if not a glaring definition as to what narcissism and sociopathy are all about. Its all about these rich punks getting their rocks off while showing only traces of feigned remorse for all the innocent road users they cause injury or death too.I can’t give the film a “1 Star” rating because it didn’t compel me to actually walk out of the theater. I also think that having an amazingly beautiful brunette with killer blue eyes as the leading female saves it from being completely abysmal….although there is no way her singing would put her on the cover of ‘Variety’.ps: the guy who plays Jason is SOOOOO the skid row version of James Vanderbeek.

  • mirsad-jerman
    mirsad jerman

    So it has come to this. Fast, expensive cars that only the upper 1% will ever drive. The girls that pose next to them in gearhead magazines. Second-tier and no-name actors. Cheap promotional appearances by people from niche culture. This is the garbage that Hollywood has to offer. Don’t get me wrong; I love the mindless action flick with hot chicks as much as the next guy. But please, will the collective Braintrust that greenlights this stuff please stop, count to ten, breathe, have a hearty “Woooooosaaaaaah”, then rewind twentyfive years and recall what made movies enjoyable once upon a time? Then actually MAKE some movies like that again? I have nothing against poker, but the entire pop-culture explosion it has enjoyed over the past five years is ridiculous. Everyone and their mother thinks their Maverick now (not that half of them even will get that reference). Some executive said, “Hey, what demographic do you want to leach $9.50 out of?” “I know, sir. The 18-35 market.” “Ok, let’s give them poker, girls, and fast cars.” “Brilliant idea, sir.” The result? A film that I’ve seen a hundred times late at night on Spike TV, and more often than not, starring Dolph Lundgren. Now don’t misunderstand me;I am not a film snob. Over-the-top artsy flicks like The English Patient don’t float my boat, but generic films that should not have even been made straight to DVD bother the hell out of me too. Only adolescent gearheads will have their engines revved by this, and I imagine the ones in the higher end of their IQ range will see this for what it is: a junkyard.

  • andrea-cerna
    andrea cerna

    Redline is not the worst movie you will ever see, in fact believe it or not, there are worse movies out there and I can name a few.1. HUNTING SEASON, a low budget movie that displays a level of stupidity Redline doesn’t come close to, and with acting that is beyond the worst you’ll ever see.2. THE CAVERN, a horror film that has a director who thinks shaking the camera makes the movie scary each time the monster jumps out, but it only gives you a headache and you can’t see what goes on half the time because more than half of the scenes are too dark.3. FIVE ACROSS THE EYES, another low budget movie that shows pure stupidity, it features a group women returning home from a football game and soon find themselves being chased by a shotgun carrying maniac, and during these chase scenes the only thing these girls know what to do is scream, argue, slap each other in the face, and puke coffee, and to top it off the shotgun freak you can easily tell is a woman, but is referred to as a guy.If I consider these titles I just pointed out, Redline I can guarantee is not the worst movie on the planet, granted it has its flaws, but so do a lot of other films, including some of the big names, and I’ll bet you will find possibly one or two films, with similar flaws as this one and they’ll have better ratings, and one thing I would like to point out, this film does not have as many plot holes as I thought, but you do need to pay attention though, and the acting wasn’t that bad either, the better performances are given by Nathan Phillips who shows more emotions in his scenes, and Nadia Bjorlin who is possibly the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and reminds me of a girl I haven’t seen in years and miss very much, and does play role really well.So, love it or hate it, like I said its not the worst.5 out of 10

  • xavier-de-la-cordier
    xavier de la cordier

    Hold on a second, everyone’s complaining about this movie saying either that there’s no story or the acting sucks or whatever but let me ask a question; who watched this movie for the story or the acting? Personally with movies like these i just watch them for the cars and women thats it. So really its your own fault for not liking this movie because you were expecting something else from it. I do agree that as a movie its average but as a car movie its awesome, great cars shown and some cool scenes. In my opinion there was nothing to complain about. Obviously not the best of movies and wont be winning an Oscar but see it if you like cars, especially expensive cars compared to ‘suped-up’ cars.

  • bruce-pollard
    bruce pollard

    I have read many of the reviews on this site talking about the movie and I have to add my own 2 cents worth.First of all the character of the returning from war veteran story is not told well at all, but that was just a sidebar anyway.The story revolves around high stakes speed racing of the exotic cars.The actress in the movie is quite attractive and if she would have been cast in Michelle Rodriguez’s role in Fast and the Furious the movie would have doubled its box office take.As I said this is a fun movie but the stars are the cars. The Ford GT, the Ferrari Enzo the Lamborghini’s’s, the Z06 and of course the McClarren Mercedes . Now the problem with the movie is they don’t take time to really talk about the cars or tell you how and why they are so fast. To me if you want to make a movie and the stars are the cars, introduce the cars character same as you do an actor.

  • jeyn-janownts
    jeyn janownts

    Acting is horrible. This film makes Fast and Furious look like an academy award winning film. They throw a few boobs and butts in there to try and keep you interested despite the EXTREMELY weak and far fetched story. There is a reason why people on the internet aren’t even downloading this movie. This movie sunk like an iron turd. DO NOT waste your time renting or even downloading it. This film is and always will be a PERMA-TURD. I am now dumber for having watched it. In fact this title should be referred to as a “PERMA-TURD” from now on. Calling it a film is a travesty and insult. abhorrent, abominable, appalling, awful, beastly, cruel, detestable, disagreeable, disgusting, dreadful, eerie, execrable, fairy, fearful, frightful, ghastly, grim, grisly, gruesome, heinous, hideous, horrendous, horrid, loathsome, lousy, lurid, mean, nasty, obnoxious, offensive, repellent, repulsive, revolting, scandalous, scary, shameful, shocking, sickie, terrible, terrifying, ungodly, unholy, unkind

  • jake-van-der-stael
    jake van der stael

    Okay so I went into this movie not really expecting much I figured an action flick similar to The Fast and the Furious. Some nice cars some nice girls somewhat of a decent plot. Unfortunately I would have to say that this was probably the worst movie I have seen this year. Don’t get me wrong the cars were nice and the girls were OK but the way they put the movie together was just plain crappy to put it nicely. The story just never made you care about the cast and the movie seemed just pieced together. So overall this movie was not the worst thing ever by far but if your looking for a movie to go to this weekend I would pass on this one for now.

  • kristian-karlsson
    kristian karlsson

    Apparently Hollywood is just handing out money to anyone with a camera and the ability to speak. This movie was mind numbingly bad. The casting was terrible, the acting unspeakable, and the story filled with holes. Script? who needs script? I was surprised that the movie wasn’t as verbally vulgar as I thought it would be, however I got enough shots of T&A to last me a lifetime. The movie was like listening to a 19 year old street racer with ADD (who decided to buy a car instead of go to college) tell a story. Being so poorly scripted, I thought the two brothers in the film were lovers at first. The scenes at the racetrack, along with the main female actor in the film kept making me think of Herbie: Fully Loaded. This is the kind of film is what Grindhouse modeled itself after…only the writers thought they were being serious.

  • arthur-stevens
    arthur stevens

    It was almost worth sitting through this entire god-awful “film” just to know that I can never experience anything as bad as this again. Acting – 0, script – 0, fight scenes – 0, male lead – 0 (cheddar bob from eight mile as a suave war hero who gets the girl), Nadia Bjorlin – 10 (She is gorgeous and not a terrible actress). This is the criteria I used to average it out to a two. I lost count but I believe ever movie cliché, ever, is in this movie. When the driver that supposedly killed her father miraculously shows up at the end to race against her, from out of nowhere it cemented the previous statement. Plus he just shows up for no reason. He was never even mentioned before. I don’t know what else to say here. Just watch it when it comes out on TV in a couple years. At least that way some of it will be edited out for commercials.

  • f-szabo-tibor
    f szabo tibor

    This is by far the WORST movie I have ever seen. I was going in expecting a cheesy movie but at least with some cool car scenes/races. What I got was nothing. The racing scene are so low budget they sped them up to make it look like the cars are “going fast” In one scene a Mercedes SLR goes from over 200 to 0 in like 4 seconds by just spinning around in circles. Its just ridiculous.If you wanna see a real movie about cars, see the fast and the furious series. They may be a little cheesy, but 100x better than this movie could ever hope to be. Better yet just watch Mischief 3000, the best car movie ever made I think.

  • rhita-k-aghts-rikyan
    rhita k aghts rikyan

    This movie has some of the most awesome cars I’ve ever seen in a movie, and definitely the hottest women, but I would have to say it is still one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.Here is the plot, and if you read it with a little inflection, you have the acting as well.Beginning, bring in characters, hot woman singing (obvious lip sync). Music agent or producer comes in, thinks that she is awesome asks her to race. She turns down, too many bad memories. Flash to war hero, back from war, has several fights, and becomes movie hero with attitude that he is better than everyone. Drive off in fast exotic car. Brother races, then dies. Hero to avenge death, cut away to getting weapons from friend. (You have never seen this friend before or after, but seems to really care about him) Are you sure you want to do this; Yes; I mean are you really sure; Yes, give me weapons; are you REALLY sure; Yes; OK, I guess I can’t talk you out of it, be careful man, I love you.Now he goes to blow up his uncles house who owned the car his brother drove. Finds woman, decides to rescue her, She drives off, and he doesn’t finish killing his uncle. Now there will be a race to finish the movie. Oh yeah, need to throw in one more scene with bad people coming in to beat up people that don’t really matter, but maybe it adds a little plot. Race is not even that exciting, of course it ends with two cars racing, and one that should win throws in a surprise ending.OK, I just saved you $7.00. You can send all of your money to me, because I should have given you the same amount of enjoyment as this movie does. Don’t get me wrong, the cars are awesome, and Nadija is beautiful, but it is truly an awful movie.

  • karen-cross
    karen cross

    My Favorite part was when the credits started to roll. I wish I could give it a .0000000000001 out of 10. I really wish I had that Hour and thirty minutes back. Don’t waste your money or time on it. I really could have watched grass grow and felt better after wards.Nadia was really pretty and I hope the movie didn’t destroy her career. But she chose to be in it.All in all it sucked more than any other movie has sucked. More than Kazaam and Glitter combined. That’s saying something.Don’tDoit!!!!

  • jana-rozitis
    jana rozitis

    After seeing the previews I felt that this movie was going to be a nice improvement over that fast & furious series. So, I already expected it to have a lacking storyline, but at least this time it won’t be loaded with a bunch of powerless civics with fart cans. Unfortunately, I was wrong. If you could only imagine a Fast & Furious movie with a worse story line than by all means this movie is for you.This is the absolute worst movie I had ever seen (I’m being nice – no I would not take baseball bat to my nuts like what others have said). Not only was the storyline non-existent, but the action was crap too. I guess the director thought that they could just throw bunch of females and exotic cars and then call it a movie. For an example, there is a point in the movie where the guy pushes the nos button and his Lamborghini takes off in the air and flies over a SLR McLaren to win. And after the bit where Eddy Griffin got in a fight with one of his “girls” (an Imus comment would work in this case) the girl asks to pull over and get out of the PLANE and of course they do in the middle of the desert. After this wonderful scene I couldn’t take it anymore. So, I only got to see half of this monstrosity. This is the first movie I had ever walked out on. Afterwards, I had to stop for some drinks to kill all of my corrupted brain cells.I gave it a 1 because 0 is not an option. You’re better off going to the local car show and stopping at a strip joint on the way home. I will keep all viewers in my prayers.

  • sasha-rossetti
    sasha rossetti

    I registered just to make this comment (which pretty much echos some of the ones here already) The acting is worse than subpar, it expounds on commonly held stereotypes, has some of the worst displays of tasteless female objectification (all bod no brain), and has some of the cheesiest lines known to man.including but not limited to “allright lets see what these guys can do” I should also mention that when they show the crashes involving innocent civilians, you end up feeling bad for the innocent people and start to hate the characters themselves. Eddie Griffin’s character is also one of the most stereotypical black guy personas that just rubs people the wrong way. He may or may not be a good actor but this movie doesn’t allow for that kind of character exploration. You want a movie that leaves the audience on the side of the bad guys? Oceans 11. This movie just makes you hate the bad guys instead of capturing the audience.Even the cars can’t make up for this fluke of a movie. That Enzo that Griffin wrecked sums up this movie perfectly. It just sucks.

  • garhnik-glech-yan
    garhnik glech yan

    Before watching this film I had very low expectations and went to just see the cars. Eventually I even regretted going for that reason. Plot is almost non-existent. Character development is non-existent. So many clichés and so much jaw-dropping cheesiness existed in the movie that I could only stare and wonder how it was even released. If not for the exotics, I wouldn’t have even rated this movie a 1. An attempt at a coherent story line is destroyed by the sheer absurdity of this elite racing cult and the laughable characters that make up its members. In fact, the movie’s plot is so predictable and simple-minded that an average child could foretell the majority of the storyline. Bad acting, bad plot, bad jokes, bad movie.Don’t see it. Play Gran Turismo HD instead and it’ll satiate your thirst for fast sexy cars without leaving a bad aftertaste.

  • kjell-gulbrandsen-antonsen
    kjell gulbrandsen antonsen

    Im proud to say I’ve seen all three Fast and Furious films.Sure,the plots are kinda silly,and they might be a little cheesy,but I love them car chases,and all the beautiful cars,and the clandestine midnight races.And Ill gladly see a fourth one.Wanna know what the difference is between those three and Redline?Decent acting,somewhat thought out plot,even if they are potboilers,and last but not least,directors who have a clue.All three were made by very competent directors,all of them took the films in a different direction,equally exciting.Redline looks like the producer picked out a dozen women he slept with on the casting couch,and made them the extras,then picked up his leads from Hollywood’s unemployment line.And the script.Yikes.Its Mystery Science Theatre 3000 bad.This is 70’s made for TV movie bad.Yeah,the movie had a few cool cars,but you don’t really get to see that many in action,and the action is directed so poorly you cant get excited by the chases,and if the cars aren’t thrilling you,why go to a movie like this?Im in the audience with a bunch of teenagers,and I cant stop laughing out loud.Im getting dirty looks,but this was just a debacle.Rent the F&F movies.Go to Nascar Race.Go to a karting track and race yourself.Whatever you do,avoid Redline like bad cheese.

  • mitchell-mata
    mitchell mata

    Whoever wrote up “Redline” as a great car movie must be getting paid off by Daniel Sadek to promote this ultra crappy flaming, steaming pile of amateur crap. Easily the worst automotive movie or any movie ever made. This makes Showgirls look like Citizen Kane.Take every cheesy cliché out of an 80s action TV series, put in some really crappy special effects and lame characters with no relevance and you have living proof that Daniel Sadek should not write screenplays and produce movies but should remain in the real estate business.This is such a lame movie with such a lame plot and the most contrived action sequences ever. What offends me is not that the makers of this film are idiots but that they consider the movie going public to be idiots enough to fall for this crap.