Henry is a lawyer who survives a shooting only to find he cannot remember anything. As if that weren’t enough, Henry also has to recover his speech and mobility, in a life he no longer fits into. Fortunately, Henry has a loving wife and daughter to help him.

Also Known As: Una segunda oportunidad, Regarding Henry, Uma Segunda Chance, À propos d'Henry, O Regresso de Henry, Vse o Henryju, Tilfellet Henry, A propósito de Henry, A proposito di Henry, Fallet Henry, In Sachen Henry, Kokoronotabi, Kendini arayan adam, Det handler om Henry, Относно Хенри, Shetika me ton Henry, Staranje o Henriju, Odnaleźć siebie, Σχετικά με τον Χένρι, B'Nogea L'Henry, Myslete na Henryho, Tapaus Henry, Kitoks Henris, Кое-что о Генри Soviet, Darbareye Henry, A propòsit de Henry, Myslite na Henryho, Henryjev povratak, Csak egy lövés, La fuerza de la verdad

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