Alledged wayward adolescent Louisiana gentleman Michael ‘Mike’ Blueberry is dumped by his family with a Wild West uncle. The brute’s only ‘motivation’ is a stick. After a nearly fatal encounter in the brothel with Wallace ‘Wally’ Sebastian Blount, Mike is left for dead in the desert. A Chiricuahua (Apache) medicine man’s family finds, nurses and initiates him. After the shaman’s death, Mike returns and becomes the town’s honest ‘deputy’ marshal. Gold fever strikes, with staged Indian brutalities to allow rivaling fiends to invade their sacred mountains.

Also Known As: Renegade, The Adventures of Mike S Blueberry, Blūberijs, Blueberry - Desejo de Vingança, Blueberry, experienta secreta, Blueberry: La experiencia secreta, Blueberry, Blueberry - Olağanüstü macera, Bluberis, Блуберри, Bluberi, Blueberry: A fejvadász, Blueberry: Müstilised deemonid, Blueberry und der Fluch der Dämonen, Blueberry: L'expérience secrète, As Aventuras de Blueberry, Muraya: L'expérience secrète de Mike Blueberry, Блубъри

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  • james-kennedy
    james kennedy

    Renegade (aka Blueberry in Europe) is a classic case of most people simply not understanding what the movie is really about. On the surface it is a “weird Western” with some trippy elements, a very loose adaptation of the Blueberry graphic novel series. From what I gather, the film was hated by fans of the graphic novels and Westerns alike.What the film is really about is psychological wounding and spiritual transformation – that is, it is a film about shamanism. It depicts this very human journey in a mythic, archetypal, visionary fashion that is almost unheard of in cinema.The film includes three or four main parts, or acts. The first 20+ minutes describes the protagonist Mike Blueberry’s backstory. In short, Blueberry is a spoiled and unruly Cajun youth sent to work with his uncle, who experiences a trauma that gets him involved with Indian shamans. The next almost 50 minutes is a relatively standard Western fair, with only glimmers of what is to come. It is presumably years, even decades later, and Blueberry is the town sheriff. Various folks seek the legendary gold of the Sacred Mountains, which incites conflict between the Indians and settlers, who view Blueberry with distrust due to his sympathies towards the Indians. A mysterious traveler, Wallace Sebastien Blount, enters the scene – played by Michael Madsen at his creepy, menacing best – seeking the Sacred Mountains. And so it develops…About 70 minutes into the film, and for the last 45 minutes or so, the film takes a different turn, especially the finale that is the last 15 minutes of psychedelic imagery. I won’t spoil it for you – it is intense, beautiful, and profound, especially the final scene of awakening and mystical union.The real heart of the film is its depiction of psychological wounding and transformation. If you don’t get this, the jewel that this film is will be missed. If that’s not your bag, it is a good enough film on its own–with some standout performances, especially by Cassel, Madsen, and Lewis–but maybe not as good at pure Western fair as some others.

  • dr-tothne-szucs-margit-ilona
    dr tothne szucs margit ilona

    This may be the dumbest film I have ever seen! The previews say “This movie breaks the mold of the Western genre”. No. This movie stuffs the Western genre into a blender, adds in sci-fi, puts in a drop of porn, hits frappé, and then pours the concoction down the toilet! Who the (expletive) came up with the idea of the spiritual visions that look like a kaleidescope on PCP? These journeys take up a good 10-15 minutes of the movie! With a small bit of voice-over, you’re watching a spectral lights show instead of a movie!The most awful thing is this: there is almost nothing in this piece of junk that can identify it as a Western! Yes, the location is in Colorado or something (an assumption because of all the mountains) and everybody wears Western-style clothing, but that’s it! There are only like 3 bullets shot in the entire movie…and that’s what you watch a Western to see! There’s none of it! And for all the talk about revenge, you don’t see any freaking revenge being taken! Come on!The only plus is that the acting didn’t suck. Several good actors in this thing–Michael Madsen was good, Vincent Cassel and Juliete Lewis did their parts well (with that bit of porno at the end that added absolutely NOTHING to the movie at all!!!!!!), and the supporting actors were good.I beg you all, if you’ve not seen this movie, for the love of heaven, DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE! IT IS HORRIBLE! SAVE YOUR BRAIN MATTER AND SPEND YOUR EVENING MORE PRODUCTIVELY!!!!!

  • tammy-martinez
    tammy martinez

    This movie focuses on an anti hero sheriff against the back drop of a western town in an uneasy truce with some local native Americans. Some people are looking for mountains they say are filled with gold, but that will mean upsetting the truce to get to them since they are on the chiracua’s land. This movie is best enjoyed under the influence of some mind altering substances because it contains some heavy references to the native American spirit world and the awesome visual effects to make your head spin like you were at a peyote ritual. The weak part of this movie is the female lead who I described to my sister as the scariest part of the movie, at least, when she sings that is. If you have ever done mushrooms or acid, it’s time to do them again and watch this movie. Great stuff.

  • rebecca-rangel
    rebecca rangel

    As the subject indicates, according to me this is a movie that cannot be compared to anything else in the entire history of film. It is, as suggested, the biggest breakthrough since Citizen Kane and there is without doubt a genius behind it, if that term connotes a person with the ability to the completely uncomparable statement on moving picture of a psychedelic trip, used to tell a really great western story in a clockwork orgy of photography out of this world.The story begins in a typical western town wherein a young man named Mike Blueberry escapes after a horrible accident in which a girl he loves is killed.He escapes into the land of the Navajo* people and comes to live with them for a while after being adopted into their culture, until he resurfaces a changed man and takes the trade of a sheriff in a small town. One day many years later Blueberry re-sees the man responsible for the death of his lost love.That is the beginning of a journey I will leave only for my personal reflections to describe.I dislike spoilers, and I’ll try to make this as little of a spoiler as possible, but I’m afraid the most important element of the movie has to be mentioned in some detail, and this is also the most radical part of it.Having had psychedelic experiences myself I was completely _stunned_ over how realistic and unbelievably similar to descriptions I’ve read about visits to DMT-space and my own mushroom and acid trips: the delicately thin and half transparent layer of psychedelic patterns were there almost exactly as I’ve experienced them myself. There were only slight differences like cube-shaped figures instead of Mayan logos and such, and the CG with which this was all depicted was like nothing I’d seen before.What I’d thus far believed nearly impossible was to get the exact sense of mental load (as in contrast to ‘body load’), i.e. when the mood of the psychedelic trip takes one into another state of awareness there is a heavy stillness in the air, just like before a thunderstorm, and this is all caught with an _unworldly_ precision and imagination in the film.To all those who’ll never be able to experience a real psychedelic journey, this is probably the best substitute to give them a glimpse of what is behind the walls of the closed reality we normally experience.Maybe the intent of the movie was more to show this than to actually tell the story, but even if the story itself can seem misplaced let me assure you it isn’t at all. At the end of the movie I could almost _see_ the the strings fold together and complete it perfectly, that’s how well everything was knit together in photography, story and spirit.It wasn’t misplaced, because psychedelics has been a very common ingredient in the lives of the shamanic North American Indian tribes, especially peyote which is certainly what is used in the movie. Combined with the same realism as the authenticity of the trip sequence, the realism in the movie as a whole while being also about the spiritual people of North America (a greatly suppressed people, as we all know) it also binds together an awesome respect for cultures along that line if one is capable to perceive it. At least the message is there.Finally, something of a disclaimer. I wasn’t aware of the story in the comic books when I wrote this review, but I found out later. I guess from that point of view this review doesn’t quite seem to be about the same subjects. Either way I think this is the best way of looking at it. You decide for yourself, of course. ;)* I’m not entirely sure about the tribes here…

  • lauri-salminen-nieminen
    lauri salminen nieminen

    I thought this movie was great. It made you think about things presented in the movie. Not everything was already processed and chewed ready for you to just consume while turning your brains off.The whole atmosphere to the movie was great, with good lightning and camera work, and some intriguing symbology (like the eagle, and the rebirth of the main character through hallucinations or trance or whatever)I also liked that fact that the native Americans didn’t speak English, which really made the movie more convincing.I admit that the last 30 minutes of the movie was kinda psychedelic, but nonetheless, it closed the movie nicely.I wouldn’t recommend this movie as brain nulling entertainment, but if you like to ponder about mysteries of life, watch this movie.

  • kimberly-khan
    kimberly khan

    The film deals with a young Blueberry (Hugh O’Connor) who after a hideous experience he swears vengeance against a villain (Michel Madsen). Adult Blueberry (Vincent Cassell) is appointed as sheriff in a little town , he’s helped by an old man (Ernest Borgnine) and a rough and ragged gunman (Colm Meany) . They will have to confront nasties and a greed bunch (Michael Madsen , Eddie Izzard , Djimon Honsou) that are looking for a treasury at Indian territory commanded by Apaches Chiricagua (leading Temuera Morrison) . When gold fever strikes white enemies invade their sacred mountains and Indians raid them . On his way, Blueberry meets a lot of villains on a persistent mission to find gold in the Superstition Mountains . This exciting movie blends western action , shootouts , breathtaking landscapes with hallucinogenics shots ; besides, a little bit of violence and nudism . The final confrontation amongst the starring and contenders is overblown with amazing as well as thrilling images . Passable acting by Vincent Cassel , though Val Kilmer was originally offered the headlining role but respectfully declined . Willem Dafoe and Benicio Del Toro were then considered for the role of Mike Blueberry, but Jan Kounen remembered conversations he had about shamanism with his friend Vincent Cassel and chose him instead . The picture has gotten classification apt +18 , because of the crude murders , sex and violence are varied . Strange storyline by Gerard Brach , Polanski’s usual screenwriter , from an original Jean Giraud (Moebius)’s comic book . However , being much better the drawings ; thus , the film is quite boring and isn’t well paced . The motion picture obtained limited success , in United States achieved a few box office , in Europe attained money enough . Film outdoors are spellbound and overwhelming , it’s the best part of the movie . Jean Kounen direction is mediocre , cinematography in Super35mm Panavision by Tetsuo Nagata is enjoyable and musical score is atmospheric . The flick will appeal to peculiar and queer western buffs. Rating : Mediocre , 5.5/10 . Well worth seeing for the extraordinary landscapes.

  • noemi-agathe-brun
    noemi agathe brun

    I have to say I am really surprised at the people who enjoyed this movie. The only reason I can think why is that like half the characters in this movie, they were high on psychotropic chemicals. But unlike the fictional ones that seem to experience highly bad trips, those of the IMDb seem to have taken drugs that make reality much better than it is. The only good thing I can say about the movie is that it reminds of attempts from the 70s that tried to recreate the hallucinations experienced with all kinds of substances including traditional native American stuff.Maybe I should have smoked something too before inserting the disc to the DVD player. On the other hand I haven’t done for some time and I don’t think enjoying this piece of crap worth the trouble.More to the point, the story is needlessly hard to follow, the typical Jan Kounen pseudo-camera movement do not fit the subject (still a western like set), apart from the Michael Madsen character who is a complex environment-loving villain, none of the others are interesting, likable, well described or even well played. The story is not very interesting either and I’m pretty sure from the way it is handled that nobody on the set gave a s- about it. And don’t get me started about the stupid and ugly CGI. It looks like what a 2nd semester computer science student would be able to do. And so childish.Sorry if I seem a bit angry but I wasted 2 hours with this and I certainly had better things to do.

  • kifaye-feden-bilgin-koruturk
    kifaye feden bilgin koruturk

    “Blueberry” or “Renegade” (U.S. DVD title) is an interesting movie but it will give you a headache. Vincent Cassel plays Mike Blueberry, who is the Marshal for a old western town. Michael Madsen co-stars as his nemesis Wallace. Juliette Lewis plays Maria, who falls in love with Mike.Also appearing in “Blueberry”: Ernest Borgnine, Eddie Izzard, Geoffrey Lewis, and Djimon Hounsou. There is a plot but it is overshadowed by almost non-stop CGI effects. The climax between Wallace and Mike is one the weirdest things ever. They both drink peyote and have hallucinations. All these hallucinations will give you a headache. There is also some unintentionally funny dialogue like “Animals are beasts, but men are monsters” It’s a different type of movie and it’s worth seeing once.For more insanity, please visit: comeuppancereviews.com

  • laurence-valette-de-de-oliveira
    laurence valette de de oliveira

    At the beginning of the movie, the authors stated that film is “losely based on Blueberry comics”. The word “losely” should be multiplied by 10 in this case. Don’t get me wrong, when I’m about to see the movie I take the distance of the preceding material. But that’s exactly what the authors shouldn’t do – they might as well call it “Jackson” or “Smith” or any other surname. What’s the point of making the Batman movie if you tell the story about the transvestite who dresses as cape crusader and disco dances in night clubs? Or lets say you shoot he James Bond movie about the guy working as a chef in restaurant? Those might be good parodies, but this movie tends to be serious (I think?)…The Blueberry comics are within my top 3 of all time; not because of the greatness of the series or the impact on the world comics, just because few simple things: the characters, the drawing and most important – the story. Jean Michel Charlier is the author of the most of the series until his death in the 1980-ies and the man is genius. His episodes are the page-turners. His stories were always graping, with excellent plots and even better twists and turns. In the western movie terms, something between “The good, the bad and the ugly”, “Unforgiven”, Indiana Jones series and even some good political thrillers.When I saw this brain plus action concept transformed into a bad mind-tripping David Lynch movie (which is a big compliment for this film), my jaw dropped and stayed that way all through the movie, while I waited for Mike Blueberry to wake up from comma or the film to change into something remotely like the comics. Alas, it didn’t happen.To all of you who haven’t read the comics and are disappointed by the film, PLEASE read them, you will be more then surprised!

  • kiseleva-evfrosiniia-olegovna
    kiseleva evfrosiniia olegovna

    I have to admit this is a schizophrenic review – matches well with this movie I assume.Now here’s me – the Blueberry fan. And I will not forgive the way the complex comic strip character evolution of Mike S. Blueberry from slave owning Southerner to friend of Indians and liberal minded westerner being replaced by the nonsense story in this flick (meeting the whore and so on…). Nor will I tolerate that best twitch from the albums “Dead Man’s Gold Mine/Ghost with golden bullets” is totally scrapped here – Prosit Luckner was never himself – he’s only his dis-humble servant. And so forth…But here’s me again – Giraud/Moebius fan and affiche of french cinema. And I rate this 9/10 for capturing the spirit of a genius like Moebius, for being most original movie I’ve seen in months, for even getting close to “Fear and loathing…”. It’s brilliant! Watch it!Some addition: meanwhile I read that Giraud/Moebius always intended to change Blueberry’s figure in the comic strips to a like in this movie but was not allowed by the “owners” of the story who inherited it from Charlier, original storyboard author. So from today’s view the must see is more recommended than ever.

  • george-humphries
    george humphries

    Dear God, Please reimburse me for the last 2 wasted hours of my life that I will never get back. I would love to meet the pitch man for this movie. He must be able to sell ice cubes to Eskimos! How on earth could they get so much talent to sign on for this crap? I was hooked in the beginning. It started very interesting with the Cajun dialog and the half ass attempt at Morricone score. However, the rest of the film might as well have spent the past five years hidden in Christopher Walkens ass next to my fathers gold watch.I truly felt sorry for Ernest Borgnine bringing stellar talent to the role only to have it wasted in such a film.

  • patryk-piestrzeniewicz
    patryk piestrzeniewicz

    What a find. TV on a Saturday night, and this movie comes on. I was going to fire up the Wii but was instantly hooked. I really don’t want to give too much away because it’s such a ride, in fact a trip *hint, hint*.Brutal, real, strange, spiritual and romantic…what a diamond in the rough. Yes, there are some low points but that would be like saying the Mona Lisa is an average looking woman. This genre busting action, western, adventure, horror goes somewhere else and not only can you ride it there, which would be enough, but unlike many movies that are out there, this one makes total sense from start to finish.Lastly, it was great to watch it completely straight, first time. Next time, after I have bought this wonder, I look forward to re-exploring it in a slightly altered state.Must see!Brian McCorry

  • barsamia-kontogianne
    barsamia kontogianne

    I must admit that while Jan Kounen made a movie like this, made it base on Blueberry comics, and names the movie ‘Blueberry’, he surely was asking for trouble. I do understand why many, or dare I say most of the Blueberry fans were riled when they saw the film. That is a shame, since Blueberry truly was and is a very beautiful film, not only visually but story-wise, too: to me, this is a haunting depiction of loosing and finding yourself, facing your inner demons and getting over it by becoming a better person.This movie might also offend and/or shake you, if your view of the world is very rational and materialistic. (This quick-analysis is based on the reactions of my friends after seeing the film, and on the image I have of them as persons. Not very scientific, but seems true. 🙂 The film is very heavy on symbolism, and the narration of the plot is on the spiritual side, quite loaded with shamanistic views, but it is not just a fancy gimmick to mess with your head. Most of all, it’s not a weakness in this film, but it’s strength. There really is a big truth to be found underneath all the visual candy and mysterious notations. Just be patient and SEE it. ;)Apart from visuals and story, I loved Michael Madsen and his character in it. Blount was riddled with contradictions and filled with both mystique and madness, and the way he materialized it all on the screen with very minimalistic but intense gestures, mostly with his raspy voice. (Of course, you’ve seen him on screen doing mad things for dozens of times, but you have to admit, he’s very good at what he’s doing, right?)This could have been a full 10 out of 10 film to me, but I must drop few points from the score, for the film being a bit too long and confusing at times, both in a bad way. A little tightening up of the story here and there wouldn’t have hurt the whole package. You might also like to criticize the film for being based _very_ loosely (from what I’ve heard) on the Blueberry comic books, but that’s not my field of speciality, since it’s been years since I’ve read even one Blueberry album, so I leave it for you to decide, whether the liberties taken are a good or bad thing.All in all, a must see for the fans of cinema. With open mind, it might give you a lot. If you like it, I’m sure you’ll come back second time. I know I did, and will return again.This is my truth. What is yours?

  • hakan-persson
    hakan persson

    ‘Blueberry’ is a famous comic book character from France. The books feature the same image of life in the ‘Wild West’ as most European Westerns do: grimy, brutal and characters with mostly shades of gray in their moral outlook. Not the ‘white hat- black hat – “let’s shoot up some injuns” stuff (older) American Westerns tend to feature.As I like European westerns (esp. the Leone films) and was familiar with Blueberry, I expected to get a modernized treat of ‘Leone-style’ action fun. Even the back of the box promised it too.Boy was I wrong.The movie starts well enough, and the acting is good. The music is hauntingly good. The pictures are pretty.But it is no ‘real’ Western, contains barely any action, and strengthens my belief the French mainly produce pretentious artsy-fartsy stuff.Basically (and this is why I checked ”spoiler”- alert) after the promising opening you get to watch doped-out cowboys for about the last HOUR of the movie. We’re even expected to believe the main villain goes about committing atrocities, braving the elements and hostile Indian tribes just to get spaced out. Couldn’t he just lick a toad or something? At least Indio (For a Few Dollars More) offered some excitement with his druggie-antics.So: if you like your movies pretentious and dull, you’ll love Blueberry. If you want to watch a Western for the fun of it, steer away, you’re better off watching a Leone for the x-th time.

  • prof-dr-pinterne-nagy-andrea-eva
    prof dr pinterne nagy andrea eva

    This is an odd duck of a movie. I became interested since I’m a fan of Eddie Izzard who plays a mad Prussian lusting for gold. I knew it would be intriguing since its based on a Moebius comic strip, but I wasn’t really expecting what I got.The movie tells the story of Mike Blueberry, a US Marshall in the old west. As he lays “dying” we drift back through his life, stopping at about the point the crazed Prussian is getting everyone hot with gold fever and an old enemy returns to haunt him. Add to the mix shaman, bounty hunters, spirits, double crosses and peyote (for the crew as well as the cast) and you have a unique western.Its a weird film with portents and visions criss crossing with hypnotic cinematography. This is a movie that looks great. There is a first rate cast, although I do have to say that I found some of the accents, Izzard’s and star Vincent Cassel’s a bit out of place.Pretty much everything works except the screenplay which seems intent on being oblique for the hell of it. There is a heavy dose of Indian mysticism that seems to have been put there just to make things seem like they have a deep meaning (I think there was too much peyote behind the scenes). I’m not sure they do. The obliqueness and constant mystic reference slow the movie down to a crawl. After a while I stopped caring and started to look for the DVD remote. (Even worse is the fact that you have to pay attention to this movie or you’re going to end up lost, so once I found the remote I had to back it up to see what I missed.) This is not a bad film, its just a rather dull and confused one. I’m sure in the right frame of mind this plays wonderfully, but I haven’t determined what that is. I’ve rated it five out of ten because of the parts. The parts are interesting even if the whole is often a crashing bore. For fans of the cast, rabid western fans and those looking for head trip films only.

  • reet-pettai
    reet pettai

    Here’s a trick you can try right now. For an immediate sneak-preview of Blueberry’s peyote-soaked finale, scrunch the ball of your palms firmly into your eye sockets. The ensuing geometric light show is but a fraction of what’s on offer in this loose adaptation of Jean ‘Moebius’ Giraud’s comic strip. In the 1870s, wild-child Mike Blueberry (Cassel) is adopted by Chiracahua Indians and, Carlos Castaneda-style, initiated into their shamanic rituals. Later, as a small-town sheriff, he encounters an old nemesis, the mysterious Wally Blount (Madsen), on the hunt for hidden Indian ‘gold’, climaxing in an all-out, psychedelic showdown. Suffice to say, the treasure Blount seeks isn’t of the bankable variety (but it glimmers all the same). Blueberry’s pretty unique; its closest cousin is probably that other ‘existentialist Western’ El Topo. And like Jodorowsky’s movie, it’s mesmerising at best, unfocused and pretentious at worst. There’s some gorgeous cinematography here, while the astonishing CGI-rendered visions (featuring multi-tentacled hydras and other entheogenic plant spirits commonly reported from such trips) not only make 2001’s ‘Star Gate’ sequence look like a walk in the park, but have also been authenticated and approved by real-life South American shamans. That’s partly the problem: director Kounen spent a long time researching among the shamans, and Blueberry does betray the conviction of the newly converted at the narrative’s expense; the cast (including Eddie Izzard cameoing as a Prussian mercenary) often seem slightly bemused themselves. A failure, then, but a noble and courageous one.

  • lic-esteban-linares
    lic esteban linares

    Apparently opinions on this film are sharply divided, maybe because of its use of hallucinogenic substances. Well, I have never used them and never intend to, but I still thought this film was an incredible masterpiece of magical realism.From the very beginning it was obvious that this was a very technically as well as aesthetically ambitious film, and throughout the film it realized and exceeded this ambition. It was shot with great beauty, originality and flair for new ways of arranging scenes. It never fell back on clichés, it was totally engaging, and filled to the brim with incredible scenery.The fantastic “2001”-like end was the best part of it all. The computer animation was so amazingly beautiful that it blew me away. The fight on the astral plane was intricate, dramatic and fabulously visually effective. I’ll definitely have to get this on DVD, as it absolutely deserves more than a single viewing.If there’s anything to criticize about this film, it is that Michael Madsen once again reprised his all-too-typical role as an evil bastard, which I thought wasn’t a great idea, but fortunately it doesn’t get out of hand. I would still have liked the bad guy to be a little more complex. Instead of gold, he was after the mescalin, which also shows that the film makers do not one-sidedly endorse tripping, but after the final revelation about how the saloon woman (she wasn’t his GF!) from the beginning of the film was killed, I hoped the villain might be shown to be not-so-bad after all. But, oh well. They needed a really bad guy for the big finish, to ensnare Blueberry and all. One thing I didn’t get at the end; was Maria ever with Blueberry in the cave, or did he just hallucinate that?Anyway, it is a fantastic film that all serious film buffs should treat themselves to. You won’t be sorry.I rate it 9 out of 10.

  • arturo-silvano-caban-lerma
    arturo silvano caban lerma

    All I’m going to say about this one is, if you’ve ever done Ayahuasca, or a lot of Peyote, or done shamanic journeying, this film is for you. If you haven’t, you might enjoy the computer generated images — which are truly fantastic and amazing — but you won’t have a clue what’s going on. It’s an inner drama, with the ultimate showdown taking place in a different dimension or reality. The camera work also is creative, appropriate, and interesting. The acting is a bit flat, but that’s not exactly where the action is — this is a genre movie, with a hackneyed plot (like some kind of recycled Gunsmoke episode) and mostly stereotyped characters, but as I say, it’s just a vehicle; the real story takes place behind that. (Going to see this one stoned will NOT help you understand it.)One of my all time favorite movies.

  • jari-alatalo
    jari alatalo

    Jan Kounen’s latest effort is an existentialist western with opulent visuals, threadbare characterization and a shamanistic undercurrent. It is really unique, but it really isn’t brilliant in its uniqueness. The only film that it vaguely reminds me of is EL TOPO, but taken in full, it’s still quite different from anything that’s out there.It’s a yarn that is suffering an identity crisis – it really doesn’t know what it wants to be, and no one element of it wins out in the end. It will not appeal to most western genre fans because even though it has the trappings (and cliches) of a western, it doesn’t follow through with them and the characters are too one-note to be likeable or dislikeable. It fails as a revealing exploration of shamanism because it doesn’t give the uninitiated any background.BLUEBERRY has a great cast, but for the most part they’re wasted (no pun intended – Tcheky Karyo, in particular) and some of the casting seems gimmicky, especially that of Ernest Borgnine. Even Cassel, who is usually compelling and tries hard, fails to engage. Juliette Lewis does hold interest in a sexy turn as the spirited girl (favorite line – after hitting the weasely character Prosit who stumbles into the saloon, interrupting her rendition of a folk tune, she blurts out “You ruined my song!”) in love with the protagonist, and there are some nice full-frontal shots of her in the nude underwater towards the end – one of the film’s assets. Kounen seems to have made a conscious effort to make something really different from his previous film, the brilliantly over-the-top DOBERMANN, and he has succeeded, but the film itself is somewhat disappointing. It has its moments, though. Some sequences are very strong visual storytelling. And I’m sure some people will be annoyed by it, but I actually enjoyed the ponderous pace of the film.The film is in English and a rare Native American language, with a light sprinkling of French. Subtitling on the non-English parts (there are some fairly extended sequences in the Native American language) would’ve really helped, I think. Some of the CGI visuals in the peyote trip sequences are beautiful and genuinely disturbing. In general, the parts where Blueberry is among the tribe are the most intriguing and seem to belong in a different film.Perhaps this one gets better on a second viewing, or after a few hits on some psychotropic substances…

  • meelis-poom
    meelis poom

    … although I see a lot of weak points in terms of narration. But these points didn’t disturb me at the first vision, which happened to be in the place where it should be seen: a cinema. This movie is an experience as the french tag line mentioned: “l’expérience secrète”. Don’t expect a traditional western. It feels like it but isn’t, because of the fact that the hero isn’t one, and the final sequence just is at a thousand miles you’ve ever seen (you could compare it a bit to the final voyage in 2001 from Kubrick). Just let go and enjoy this sensory piece… Finally something daring and new.Just give it a try, it’s worth just for the pictures and the music.

  • marijana-plese
    marijana plese

    This movie really blows me away!I’m not the biggest fan of western movies, although I do enjoy them. But almost every western I’ve seen seems to be written on the same pattern. This movie however takes a certain distance from the classical western-stereotypes. It’s based on the images and senses more than the usual-for-western-movies classical shoot-out scenes. The action sequences however are well-acted as well as enjoyable plus they have a good flow related to the story. I must admit that I haven’t ever read the comics, but I don’t find that necessary in order to enjoy this movie. Some might think that this isn’t a western movie to recommend to people who aren’t already fan of the genre, but I think this one should be enjoyable for almost everyone who’s into a movie with at little more soul and feelings, in contradistinction to the traditional westerns.Highly recommended!

  • marko-hiltunen
    marko hiltunen

    First I would like to make it clear that you cannot appreciate this movie if you are, for some reason, anti-shamanism or anti-hallucinogenics -as in, regarding those as a meaningless joke- because that’s a big part of the movie. On the other hand if you’re interested in shamanism, DO make sure you see this.Most of the movie is visually very well done and it is, really, storytelling. there is only a light amount of action, though when it does go off, you can recognize Kounen’s style, like for instance his habit of zooming in really close on strange but cool facial expressions from his actors etc.I never read the comic. And seeing this free from expectation, I found it pretty good. not as attention grabbing as Dobermann (that goes with the type of movie) but definitely worth a watch.Don’t listen to the negative comments (especially those making fun of the effects, those people seem to be obeying a deeply rooted feeling that hallucinogenics are somehow evil) and make an opinion for yourself. I give it an 8.

  • olivier-de-groot
    olivier de groot

    Wow! That is all I can think of….wow!!! I have never been glued to the screen like I was with this movie. It is strange and unusual and there were times that I wasn’t sure what was happening or why, but the visual effects are unlike anything I have seen before. I found the scenery gorgeous and breathtaking. I watched with interest to see just where it was filmed. The cast is very good. The main character I am unfamiliar with but there are a lot of good character actors in this movie. Geoffrey Lewis and his daughter Juliette play father and daughter. Ernest Borgnine is cast as “Rolling Star”, a sheriff confined to a wheel chair. All of the characters are strong and well acted and the computer generated sequences are majestic and at the same time, eerie.If you are like me and find it hard to sit through the predictable movie, you will want to put this movie on your “must see” list. I recommend it highly!!

  • szabone-kerekes-magdolna
    szabone kerekes magdolna

    I cannot believe the low ratings this film has gotten. It’s got something for everyone, and not only that, but it’s the German chocolate cake for genre-lovers. I have a list of reasons why people SHOULD love this film: 1. Michael Madsen. He’s the best thing about this movie. He plays it subtle but he’s got bad-ass pouring out of him. He’s got everything a villain needs: a quality of making you feel guilty for loving him, a presence that blows you away and keeps you intimidated, and most of all, he’s got his own agenda. Not only is he a great villain, but a deep, complex character as well.2. Everybody else. Vincent Cassel, Julliette Lewis, and Djimon Hounsou especially. Cassel plays Blueberry as a likable hero, although, properly and meaningfully, bugs the audience on the factor of “he just hasn’t learned yet”. Julliette Lewis, though isn’t given much, well, makes what she’s given seem like a lot more than it is. I’m sure a lot of her wound up on the cutting room floor, though. Djimon Hounsou has an amazing presence as well. He’s responsible for one of the most memorable scenes in the film. The rest of the cast played their roles respectively too. Colm Meaney played a good friend and was more than just the “comic relief character”, although delivers comic relief when it’s needed. Eddie Izzard loses the German accent occasionally, and plays the easy-to-hate coward in a, well, easy-to-hate way. But by the time he delivers his “men are monsters” line, you know that’s all changed. Temeura Morrison add more to being the sage (yes, that’s a pun) than just being the proper race. He’s got the being-in-the-know thing down.3. CGI at its best. Though your purist self may usually be screaming at CGI, you will be screaming “To Hell with practicality!” by the end of this film. Marc Caro was behind the special effects department, and you truly will be convinced that Jean-Pierre Jeunet has been wrongfully taking his credit the whole time.4. The music! We’ve got our smörgåsbord of properly American West flavors with a beautiful orchestra on top of that.5. The balance. It was in everything. From pleasing us with proper Western blood and violence while still maintaining a lack of senseless gore. The dialogue being able to remain practical and not drawing attention to itself while still keeping a Tarantino-esque flare along with it. The French art dousing the film while keeping a western attitude as its proper foundation. The cinematography of making you feel dirty and sweaty but while still making you free within the film’s beautiful scenery. The pure originality this film radiates while still not forgetting what genre it’s in. Even the balance between our love and hate for every single character for this film.Here are the only possible reasons I can imagine someone not being able to like it: 1. Genre-haters, this ain’t for you.2. The “why-in-god’s-name-did-Phil Collins-betray-me” purists, this film may be a tad too original for you. This film definitely defies the laws of tradition 3. Impatient sitters. Yes, it’s true the first act was slow and slightly confusing. But it makes the rest all the stronger.4. People who hate French-style heavy-handedness. Yeah, they didn’t exactly need the “eyes of the eagle” thing. There’s also this really bothersome scene where they have flowers blooming cut in, just to show “growth”. That’s actually probably the only problem with the picture actually. There’s many instances where they use symbolism to state what the viewer already knows.5. People who hate Michael Madsen. Well, there’s probably enough else in this movie for you to like about it. But after you watch, I’ll probably be at your house already making sure you experience a slow, horrible death.Bottom Line: Heartbreakingly UNDERRATED. But usually with underrated films I can understand why I’m the only one who liked it, but this film seems to have a whole lot anybody of any bias can dig. In my bias, it all traces back to the balance: this film is fun and re-watchable while at the same time complex and original.

  • mikhailina-romanchuk
    mikhailina romanchuk

    I took the time to write this because I had to come back to IMDB and change my original score of a 6 to a 10. After trying to understand the German, Spanish, and Chiricahuan (Indian) to correctly represent it in English, I noticed how beautiful this film was as stills and in motion. The dance between actors, frame focus, and camera movement has never been clearer to me than after my task. Every shot composition is meticulously gorgeous. This movie really needs to be viewed as a whole, judged only after it is complete and not during the film (which I am always guilty of). At first I faulted the film for quickly covering a lot of ground, for seemingly bizarre transitions between plot stages, and short time spent on/in many interesting characters/situations. After watching the film once, and not liking it all that much, I thought about it (as I wrote a better subtitle file) and realized how much better everything is “after the fact” – after watching it. Some people may say a movie is bad if it requires 2 viewings to appreciate and that is valid. A good memory and a moment to reflect after the credits roll should change any viewers negative opinion on Blueberry as entertainment, a story, a depiction of the classic comic book, a movie, and finally art. This movie is definitely worth a purchase as an adventure tale similar to great comics. It is not an Action movie. It is like the Indiana Jones series rather than the films, giving more story of a larger time period than more action in a short time period.The Animation is CG that represents the mystical ~cacti induced Indian experiences.Pay attention to the beginning credits. Better yet, watch them again after watching the movie. They will make a lot more sense.Thank you for taking the time to read this.