Years after the Raccoon City disaster, Alice is on her own; aware that she has become a liability and could endanger those around her, she is struggling to survive and bring down the Umbrella Corporation led by the sinister Albert Wesker and head researcher Dr. Isaacs. Meanwhile, traveling through the Nevada Desert and the ruins of Las Vegas, Carlos Olivera, L.J., and new survivors K-Mart, Claire Redfield, and Nurse Betty must fight to survive extinction against hordes of zombies, killer crows and the most terrifying creatures created as a result of the deadly T-Virus that has killed millions.

Also Known As: Baiohazado III, Resident Evil 3, Biohazard III, Resident Evil 3: Extinction, Resident Evil: Extinción, Resident Evil: Zagłada, Resident Evil: Zánik, Resident evil - La extinción, Оселя зла: Вимирання, Ölümcül deney: İnsanlığın sonu, Resident evil 3: La extinción, Resident Evil 3: A Extinção, Absoliutus blogis: isnykimas, Resident Evil: Tuho, Pritajeno zlo - Istrebljenje, Resident Evil: Η εξόντωση, Resident Evil: I exontosi, Resident Evil: Zánik Czech, Resident Evil 3: Extinção, Заразно зло: Изтребване, Resident Evil 3: Istrebljenje, Resident Evil: Extinction, Resident Evil: Disparitia, A kaptár 3. - Teljes pusztulás, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Обитель зла 3: Вымирание, Resident evil - Väljasuremine, Resident Evil 3: Extinción

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  • paul-lacroix
    paul lacroix

    This film was a huge disappointment for both my friends and myself. First it completely departs from the game, they just throw in names from the game and no story line actually occurs. Second the continuity errors are so prevalent, the point in the movie where the rage zombies come out, the survivors killed like 30 of them and more were just spilling out, how many were stuffed in there plus they were able to climb and kill chase and a few survivors? When in the hell did zombies gain the abilitiy to climb? That was also a huge ‘wtf’. Also, Alice and her “psychic abilities” is just silly and completely retarded. Now she can manipulate fire and levitate cars and rocks? What is this XMen? You can’t get a bigger zombie genre fan other than myself and am a huge fan of the RE series, but this was just a giant letdown.

  • vazha-aladashvili
    vazha aladashvili

    While this RE3 was a cracking zombie movie, it strayed to far from the original concept and excepted storyline. In my opinion this has rendered the movie pointless in the RE franchise.Let’s not forget that Resident Evil owes it popularity to the game series, so I think it’s only right that they try and stick to it, even if it’s just a little bit. It seems very much like the director wanted to make an updated version of Day of the Dead, if you’ve seen DOTD you’ll see what I mean in the first 5 minutes of RE3.If this were a stand alone movie I would have given it 10/10, but it isn’t, they’ve tried to be too creative and the director has tried to make a different movie. By doing this he’s make a cracking zombie film. but a Resident Evil film, I think not.I only hope this isn’t the last one, it would be a terrible waste.

  • violetta-masliak
    violetta masliak

    Transcript of a pitch meeting between Paul W. S. Anderson and Screen Gems studio suits. In the interest of not being sued, all dialog but Anderson’s has been removed.”So here’s a pitch for a new movie I want to make. First off, it’s set in a post-apocalyptic desert, like “The Road Warrior”. Oh yeah, I loved that movie. I gotta use that tractor trailer rig with the fuel tank in it sometime. I always wanted that thing to explode at the end, instead of being filled with sand. I’ll fix that in my movie! Anyway, Sarah Connor, you know, from “T1” and “T2”, leads a group of expendables around. Hey, remember when she said, at the end of the first one, “There’s a storm coming”? I’ll drop that line into my movie, just to show the fan-boys I like the same movies they do. Hey, did you ever see “The Birds”? I did. Man, was that creepy! I got it! The rag tag fugitives are attacked by birds at some point! I’ll figure out why later. Maybe they’re robot birds or something…Let’s see… these survivors are looking for a safe refuge. How about some place far away from the desert, someplace isolated, so they’re safe from the cyborgs. An island? No, that’s too much like the remake of “Dawn of the Dead”. And “Damnation Alley” had them going to, like New Jersey or something. Hmmm… how about Alaska? Yeah, that’s it! They’re going to Alaska.Hey, did you ever see “Planet of the Apes”? Not the remake, but the original. I did, and that scene with the Statue of Liberty really stuck with me… hey, they’re in Vegas! New York New York Casino has a statue like that! I’ll do an homage!So anyway, speaking of “Dawn of the Dead”, I like zombie movies. I’ve done video game movies and horror movies and sequels and stuff, but not a straight up zombie movie. Did you ever see “Day of the Dead”? The one where the scientists are underground, trying to work on the zombies to see if they can cure them or control them? It was cool.Speaking of movies I saw, did you ever see John Carpenter’s remake of “The Thing”? Man, that was one batsh*t scary movie! I love that part where the floorboards are being torn up form underneath as some kind of monster comes after Kurt Russell… I could use that bit. Oh, and the creepy dark lab, where stuff runs past the camera in the foreground? Classic Carpenter bit. I’ll borrow that, too.Hey, did you ever see “Re-Animator” or “From Beyond”? Some good horror creatures in those films. I ought to introduce poor Johnny-come-lately horror fans to the monsters from those movies.What do you mean, you don’t want me to make this movie? Are you nuts? It’s a sure fire thing!”Resident Evil 3″? Yeah, I did the first two, but I’m done with those. I don’t want to do that one. I want to make this big budget tribute movie to everything cool I ever saw growing up, the one I just told you about!Hey, I think we may have a ‘You’ve got your peanut butter in my chocolate’ moment here, guys… but can I direct this one? No? What do you mean, Russell Mulcahy! That guy may have done the original “Highlander”, which was actually very cool, but he hasn’t directed much of anything of note since then…Fine, just pay me and I’ll have a script for you in two days.”

  • linnea-hansson
    linnea hansson

    In every movie masterpiece there is that one scene or factor that grabs the audience and pulls it in, trapping it for the duration of the film. Sometimes it is an action sequence, sometimes a drama sequence, other times love or just odd. RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION does NOT have that scene. The only way this movie manages to keep your interest is to have you on the edge of your sit waiting for that scene to come, waiting to finally be pulled into the movie.This movie was mediocre at best. None of the characters, including Alice were developed at all. So much lack of development was there that I didn’t care for any of the convoy people at all. That’s a shame cause they had real potential with the Alice romance.I wish the directors would not have changed. This director tries to be a great cinema director, with great scenes but just serves to show that Milla does have blemishes on her face when the camera is a millimeter away from it.THE FOLLOWING COMMENT IS A SPOILER. DON’T READ IT IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED.In what I have to deem one of the dumbest and most far fetched moments in comic/ vigilante/zombie/video game movies a Fourth movie is left open for in which an army of fighting Alice will destroy the umbrella corporation. AN ARMY OF FIGHTING ALICE. HUNDREDS OF THEM. What in gods name? Come on I know that in a video game that would look cool, but it has already been proved that if you have hundreds of the same person, i.e. the agent in the matrix movies it just looks corny and stupid. This movie proves that Hollywood is beginning to make movies that will appeal to the ignorance out there. The people that don’t have enough sense to understand good movies. This coupled with Superbad proves what our parents have feared for years.It is you people who watch these movies and go, “Wow that was good,” that will be responsible for the destruction of not this country but the world when you take charge. You don’t even have enough common sense to understand the smarter things in life.

  • mixeil-gorgilaze
    mixeil gorgilaze

    I went to the movies expecting an awesome movie. I am a huge Resident Evil fan and to tell the truth, this movie left me leaving the theaters shaking my head. The previous two movies were better than this movie.It seems like everyone dies in this movie, of course the black guy has to die too…what’s up with that. Carlos dies too… Lame, he couldn’t have died some other way, he had to go and get bitten so he ends up just sacrificing himself.Claire Redfield… Her role in the movie was nothing like the game (at least in the last movie you knew that Jill was with S.T.A.R.S.) you might as well name Claire Lucy Ricardo because her name was just a name. She had nothing to do with the games or anything; her role didn’t mention anything about her looking for her brother Chris, or the fact that she even had a brother.Claire acts like such a bad ass and she reminds me of Sarah Conner from Terminator 2. Claire, a leader of this group she organized? It also seems like she has had some military training or something by the way she acts and also the fact that she can fly a helicopter! There were no Lickers in this movie, c’mon, Lickers are so awesome! And what the hell happened to Jill Valentine? She was such a bad ass in the 2nd film and now? Poof! Doesn’t exist! Never happened.Leon? Omg! He wasn’t even in the movie or mentioned.And to just throw in Wesker!?!? What the hells with that? He’s like the leader of Umbrella or something, but like I said about Claire, wesker seems just like another name or person. He has no back story or anything.This movie totally blowed! A nd then Claire and the rest of the survivors must make it to Alaska because supposedly there is no infection there.But what happens to Claire at the end of the movie? The movie just ends with all these open questions! Did they ever make it to Alaska? Was is true that there was no infection there? My god this movie made me upset.What else, Clones!? Oh my goodness! Clones! Man! Alice has all these clones that are apparently going to go after umbrella at the end of the movie and shut them down.It was ridiculous that the ending battle between Alice and the Tyrant ended the way it did. It ended with Alice’s clone saving her! Man that was totally lame.Also! Oh! I can’t forget this, Alice, what is she? A mutant from X-men? She freaking had all these powers to generate force fields to protect herself.My god I thought that was so lame when they showed a scene of her having a nightmare and he body starts generating all this power and then all these things around her start to levitate! Once I saw that, I felt like walking out of the theater.This movie feels like it just went off in some totally different direction leaving me feeling like a little kid who just got his balloon popped by a big fat guy…In other words, this movie was sad I am sorry to say.Well, hopefully Resident Evil 5 for xbox 360 doesn’t blow!

  • bek-a-c-anava
    bek a c anava

    Complain about my score, I don’t care. This movie was AWESOME!! It didn’t exactly scare me, but it gave me the same feeling I got when I played RE1 for the first time. It was fast and the action barely stopped. It actually felt like survival horror.I thoroughly enjoyed Wesker’s role in the movie. I was a little worried about how he would fit in. I know, I know, he did nothing but sit in a chair and talk. He did that in RE4, too. From the games I’ve played, I thought the producers had his character’s attitude perfect. It seems to me they are making him the one who is responsible for everything that has been happening. Umbrella Chronicles for the Wii should cover that, though. As soon as I left the theater, I had the urge to go home play RE4. Which, in my opinion, is what a movie should do. Well, maybe not inspire you to play a game, but at least make you want to play the game that the movie is based on.

  • ronald-holsten
    ronald holsten

    Survivors of the virus that has ravaged the world, turning the dead into zombies and the world into a vast wasteland, have learned to keep moving least the zombies find them. Milla Jovovich returns as Alice, zombie killer number one.After some lone wanderings in the Desert she hooks up with a band of travelers and looks to stop the evil Umbrella corporation once and for all. Not as good as the last film but better than the first one. I don’t think that the film’s plot makes a whole heck of a lot of sense, which is fine since the numerous action set pieces are so tightly wound you can pretty much forgive the poor plotting. I mean the last time I checked people tended to watch these films for the blood, the gore and the monster killing. Upping the ante with some killer crows and some beast which shall remain nameless this film just moves like the wind with in each extended action sequence (Forget Hitchcock’s birds these things are lethal). Each scene of violence left me exhausted and willing to deal with the non exposition of the main plot(okay its stupid I admit it). Worth a look for horror and action fans, though I’m not sure its really worth 10 bucks to see it.

  • emil-strom-ali
    emil strom ali

    I love this series. I love some of these movies more than the others, and for different reasons. I won’t go into those reasons, I’m just glad I can talk about another Resident Evil movie.I will tell you that I am happy that Milla Yovovich is back in this third Resident Evil movie. In this movie though we see multiple Alices, as Umbrella has cloned Alice in an attempt to figure out why the T-Virus reacts the way it does in Alice. Unfortunately for Umbrella without the real Alice, they can’t complete their research.Joining Milla Yovovich is Ali Larter as Claire Renfield, returning is Oded Fehr as Carlos Olivera, and joining the cast is Spencer Locke as K- Mart. The story line is pretty good in this Resident Evil. Paul W.S. Anderson did a very good job creating a story line that catches and keeps the viewers attention; only a little absurd toward the end when we get to Dr. Isaacs becoming a mutant.My favorite scenes begin with when Alice joins Claire Redfield’s convoy, about 10 minutes or so into the movie. The convoy has stopped at an abandoned motel for the night. When they wake in the morning it is to find a couple hundred crows all over the camp site. At one point K-Mart notices the eyes of a crow and asks about them. Claire replies that the birds have been eating infected flesh; crows being carrion birds. However, the best part of this scene is that the crows start attacking the different vehicles and are successful in many respects as they kill several characters. But it is when Carlos runs the protect a young girl from the crows and then a flame thrower that Alice joins in the fight. Alice stops the flames from reaching Carlos and then turns the fire against the crows, killing them all.I loved the scene closer to the beginning of the movie where Alice goes to an abandoned radio station. Alice gets ambushed by what appears to be a family of degenerates. One of the men attempts to prove how much of a man he is by attempting to rape Alice. Unfortunately for the man, Alice kicks him in the face and kills him. One of the other members of the family knocks Alice out. Alice wakes in a pit, and realizes that there are some infected dogs. Alice avoids the dogs and uses some electrical cables to tie them to a support post holding up the floor the family are on watching the events below. The dogs are pulling so hard that they pull the post down causing the floor to come crashing down. The family are deposited for fodder for the dogs, and Alice escapes.My next favorite scene is the fight scene between Alice and Dr. Isaacs, or I should say the mutated Dr. Isaacs. Everything that Alice does to try to kill Isaacs is a futile attempt because Isaacs can heal himself. However, Alice and Isaacs make it to the corridor with the lasers where Alice attempts to sacrifice herself in order to kill Isaacs. Killing Isaacs is successful, but an Alice clone saves Alice by turning off the lasers.A bonus scene I liked was when the different department heads are “meeting” with Albert Wesker to discuss the different items going on around Umbrella, especially in North America with Dr. Isaacs. After deciding to writing off the North American facility and deciding to transfer all data to China, Alice crashes the meeting (holographically) and warns everyone that she is going to hunt them all down. When she leaves the meeting, the camera pulls back and you see how many clones of Alice Umbrella has made.I give this 10 out of 10 stars. The story is great, especially depicting Las Vegas being reclaimed by the desert. The fight scenes are more elaborate. Milla Yovovich teaming with Ali Larter in this movie just increases the eye candy; it doesn’t hurt to have Spencer Locke either. And for the ladies, you have Oded Fehr and a few others.

  • michal-zapasnik
    michal zapasnik

    Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) will hopefully extinguish any plans for a 4th installment. The thin plot is held together by banal dialogue and cookie cutter gore that has become standard fare at the box office. Overall, very unimpressive and unoriginal. It is just another zombie movie except is has nothing scary or exciting to mitigate its lack of anything else. And most of the audience will walk out like zombies after about 2 hours of mind-numbing twaddle culminating in one of the most ho-hum endings in the annals of cinematic history. My recommendation: Avoid this grotesquely boring movie. It is really bad.

  • sophie-henry
    sophie henry

    The deadly virus has decimated the world, exception a little zone in Alaska where live people no-infected . Years later , one time Racoon was destroyed , the Umbrella corporation led by ambitious Dr. Isaacs(Iain Glen) continues his weird experiments with the deadly T-virus. But the Zombies spread the epidemic and those exposed to cruel bite suffer a complete transformation turning into meat-eating sickos. Alice(Milla Jovovich)is attempting to survive , and she finds new survivors(Ali Larter, Ashanti along with Oded Fehr and Mike Epps who repeat characters) traveling throughout Nevada desert . They must confront carnivorous crows, hordes of zombies starving of human flesh and an evil corporation chief who creates the most horrifying creatures ever made .The survivor group are surrounded , facing the world destruction by deadly epidemic.This exciting picture contains thrills, chills, action-filled with fierce combats and lots of gore and guts.The horror and action moments are fast moving and compactly realized. The film turns out to be a crossover between ‘the nuclear apocalypse of Mad Max 2’, the ‘George A Romero’s Zombies’ and genetic experiments from ‘Sigourney Wever-Ripley in Alien saga ‘. Of course, the film takes ideas from former parts as ‘Resident evil'(2002, Paul W. Anderson, here also producer and screenwriter) and ‘Resident Evil: Apocalypse'(2004,Alexander Witt)resulting to be a nice following. The creepy images of wide range from the genuinely fantastic to the bizarre along with an eerie and amazing frames. It’s predictable but we have seen the previous chapters but also its predictability is redeemed in part by the charismatic acting from the action-women, Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter. The flesh-eating mutants appearance deliver the goods, plenty of screams, shocks and tension. The make-up assistants create a truly horrible zombie cannibals. Horrifying and astonishing images about apocalyptic events with deserted and destroyed cities, such as the creepy scenarios in Las Vegas without people, totally uninhabited and covered of sand. Cool,luminous cinematography using steadicam by David Johnson and haunting musical score by Charles Clouser.The motion picture is surprisingly directed with startling visual style by Russell Mulcahy(Razorback,Highlander, Resurrection).

  • sergei-andreev
    sergei andreev

    i’m just simply gonna list: the storyline was weak at best, no sub plots or twists, no clear path established, basically i didn’t even see a “bad story” to be honest..; the characters were even worse, not to mention the horrendous acting by EVERYBODY, no char. development at all, and wtf is with the air brush on Alice’s face..very cheap in production value, can’t even Photoshop right; the special effects were terrible as well, again poor production value, continuity problems throughout, seem that they tried to rush the movie to theaters without really uh..thinking; the ending made no sense whatsoever, the regenerator got way too little screen time, really looked like they just try to pull something out of their asses to rip RE fan’s of their hard earned dollars. they are really drifting off from the whole resident evil game…the zombies were completely off…not to mention to rip off of dawn AND day of the dead…and the beginning sequence, though the only cool and acceptable part in my opinion, did not have any meaning and therefore is completely unnecessary, i guess they had to fill up the 90 minutes since they’ve got nothing else…the directing is just…unmentionable…anyways, it was overall just a horrible movie, but it didn’t disappoint me that much since i expected it to suck..but definitely not this much, i thought it would be better than the first two (which uh…), but i was very very wrong. I think I need to wash it out of my system with 3:10 to Yuma, or maybe eastern promises. i can’t decide what is worse: the quality of this film, or the fact that they’re making more.

  • dorothe-segebahn-b-a
    dorothe segebahn b a

    Being a male, I might be slightly prejudiced as Milla Jovovich definitely is entertaining to watch even on her own. But here goes my review: From beginning to end, this movie just really makes it as a hypnotically entertaining science fiction suspense/action film. Directing, acting, special effects, plot, all came together into a well executed cinematic creation. I was glued to the screen and even jumping out of my seat as surprises awaited every turn. I found no dull moments as each scene was entertaining in its own way. I would give this a higher rating, but found myself holding back because I generally do not like this genre of film. 8 would then be my highest rating for this genre. Glad I was talked into seeing it and would even sit through it again with pleasure.

  • samantha-leon
    samantha leon

    Of all movies made of video game franchises, Resident Evil is by it’s own right a fairly entertaining series of films. The games have always been a standout amongst others, so why shouldn’t the film adaptations.Extinction is by far the best of the three. Mulcahy was the right choice of director for this one. His atmospheric eye and fearless sense of close-ups take you for a 1 1/2 hour ride (that doesn’t feel like you wasted your 8 bucks).The attention to detail and finally plot that that resolutes, not to mention the film’s tight editing make this an entertaining ride.You finally care about why this event has happened, and most importantly you have characters who seem to care as well.Not a perfect film, but reasonably close. Will there be a fourth installment? I am pretty sure we all know the answer to that.Who will take the responsibility from here? That we must wait to see…

  • astrid-emma-tangen
    astrid emma tangen

    Oh my goodness i haven’t reviewed a movie in so long on here but after seeing Resident Evil: Extinction and knowing fanboys are gonna give it a bad score i was compelled to completely gush about how completely awesome this third installment was. To recap my opinion i thought the first film was really cool some little thrills, some neat special effects, but Alice was just so cool, i fall in love with [email protected]$$ heroines like that character with the exception of Halle Berry’s Catwoman for obvious reasons lol. The second film only furthered my adrenaline rush with Milla doing all kinds of crazy stunts and that film felt closer to the games also made nemesis look amazing thank god they didn’t use CGI. The third movie takes place in the Nevada desert.. well for the most part anyways Alice and a core few of the survivors unfortunately not including Jill *cries* are scrounging the world trying to survive and find food, gas, supplies etc without being eaten by the massive army of zombies that surrounds pretty much the whole world. Milla is amazing once again but this time she takes the reigns from Sigorney Weaver because this time Alice is no sex symbol she’s an angry woman on a nonstop rampage not afraid to kill and think twice. The action in this movie is so amazing the change of directors really helped get away from the choppy hand to hand fights in Apocalypse plus this is the director of Highlander here mister Russel Mulchy is no stranger to great action films. There’s a lot more scares in this one and a lot more gore and grizzly murder creating entertaining mayhem on the big screen. I love truly epic films like Alfred Hitchcocks work, The Departed, and Requiem For A Dream but i go to the theater to be massively entertained by more than just my bucket of popcorn and Resident Evil: Extinction keeps your eyes on the screen.

  • julie-rocha
    julie rocha

    I am happy to say that Resident Evil: Extinction was a great entry into the franchise. Being a fan of the games since their original inception, I was very skeptical seeing the series turned into a movie, as the trend for video game movies is to be completely terrible. I didn’t hate the first two movies, but I definitely left the theater disappointed. The first film tried to invent an original story line revolving around similar events which didn’t work that well because it just felt like the connections to the game were tacked on. Apocalypse delivered on the fan service by adding characters Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera, and tying in the movie to the third game in the series. And now with Extinction, Resident Evil has finally found a good balance. With characters from the games making appearances, nice comedic moments, and a gritty style of action I was not disappointed in the slightest bit. I also feel like with the third film in the series, it could finally open up into a more mainstream audience. The characters from the game give nice feelings of nostalgia for those that have been playing for a while, but their stories from the games are not necessary for any one coming to see this movie without any prior knowledge of the game series. My only two complaints with this film is that it doesn’t over view the last two films (which doesn’t bother me, but I can see how it would for any one who is just coming to see the movie without seeing the others. Although, it might spark their interest to check out one and two), and the film ends on a cliffhanger. With Milla Jovovich stating that the film is written as a trilogy, it makes me wonder whether or not there will be another entry. Overall I couldn’t recommend this movie more for some one who is looking for an enjoyable time at the theatre.

  • jeonyeongceol

    This movie disgraces the name of Resident Evil. In all honestly, all three movies disgrace the name of Resident Evil…But at least the first two were entertaining. The characters from the games barely make appearances compared to Alice (Whom they created for the movies. I feel that was a completely stupid idea.) Alice has some idiotic telekinesis powers in this movie. Why add magic tricks to a zombie franchise? They changed the storyline around, killing off key characters (such as Carlos) and turning it into an almost new story, basically turning the characters from the games into completely new people. They never mentioned what happened to Jill…or Leon or Chris or Rebecca Chambers for that matter. If you are going to see this movie because you are a hard core fan of the game since the mid nineties when resident evil first came out…(as I did), I recommend not going to see this. It will only upset you. I give this movie 2 instead of one star, because there were a few pretty good action scenes. Again…what a horrible let down…

  • lex-van-der-loo
    lex van der loo

    This movie defines the term Epic Fail. If you are a fan of the games or zombie lore at all, you will walk away wondering how anybody let this travesty run amok so badly. While there were plenty of scares (cheap startles and loud noises), this movie fails to deliver on every other level.****Possible Spoilers***FOR THE GAMERS: Just because there is some guy with sunglasses and slicked hair, do not actually expect any actual representation of Wesker. Additionally, red-hair and a gun do not turn Ali Larter into Claire Redfield. These were simply manufactured (forced may be a better word) elements to keep the fans happy, but after doing such a great job with Jill, S.T.A.R.S, Nemesis and Carlos in RE2, this was pretty insulting. Also, wasn’t RE about skill and willpower in the face of nightmarish odds and monsters? Meh…who needs shotguns when you can use your “magic” powers? I never minded Alice being super strong and such (it is the t-virus after all), but when did Invisible girl/Jean Grey fit in?FOR THE ZOMBIE FANS: I don’t even know where to begin. It would seem that slashing a zombies throat is just as good as shooting it in the head (and Alice is even carrying the finest chopping blade in history). The prop crew must have gotten a great deal om zombie masks in bulk, because most of the “Umbrella soldier zombies” are identical looking to me (and who thought putting them in uniforms made any sense at all). There is also a main character (LJ) who gets bitten, and despite battling zombies for the last few years, decides to conceal it from his allies. Can you guess what happens next? If you are looking for good combat against hordes of undead, you are not getting any here. The clichés are stale, and the tactics from the heroes are unimaginative. Despite shots that had throngs of the undead, most fights are against 2-3, not hundreds. As others have stated, this movie is a poor remake of “Day of the Dead” with better effects and Alice tossed in.FOR THOSE WITH ANY STANDARDS IN ACTION MOVIES: Why is LJ still carrying that ridiculous GOLD desert eagle? Why, in a gun fighting movie, would they not have competent tactical advisors? Clearly, someone showed the stars of RE1&2 how to move and fight with a gun, but I guess that detail was deemed unimportant this time (even though I thought everyone except Carlos looked very…awkward in their scenes). Further more, and this is just me, the yellow Hummer2 from a NAIL SALON was the lamest and most pathetic product placement I have ever scene. Kinda ironic to use a such a trendy and gas guzzling truck in the back drop of a global warming message.I could go on, but I think the point is made. I’ll let you go see this movie yourself, so you can discover all the other atrocities that this movie commits on the unsuspecting viewer. It is a shame this movie was poorly done, because I really enjoyed the first two. It may have tried to achieve too much, and ended up falling short everywhere because of it. It was nice to see Johnny Cage though…I guess Anderson threw him a pity role. I liked him in Mortal Kombat and Wyatt Earp.

  • govindaa-baaptt
    govindaa baaptt

    We saw this at our local hometown theater, Movies on the Parkway in Sevierville, TN. I have to start this by saying that this installment is a bit reminiscent of George A. Romero’s 1985 cult classic, “Day of the Dead,” in one major plot element. I won’t give it away, but if you’re a Romero fan, you’ll see it for yourself when you view this film.This work is wholly entertaining, whether you are a fan of the games, or not. There are new elements, old friends, and a plethora of great innovations – some of which I’ve never seen present anywhere, and a few which were reminders of former masterpieces. I would name them, but to do that would spoil these innovations for those of you who have yet to experience them.The acting, direction, and quality were above par, while the style was more that of the action flick with horror elements. The predecessors were horror movies with great action. The suspense, the intrigue, the atmosphere were all horror-oriented. This time, the horror elements were minimized and the action reigned. This is not a bad thing, fans. Without some change like this, the franchise will suffer franchise sickness! As it stands, there is no danger of that happening.All in all? We were totally entertained, enjoyed our movie experience, and were blown away by the wrap-up. See it for yourself to understand what I mean.It rates an 8.9/10 from…the Fiend :.

  • david-hansen
    david hansen

    After the second movie i was ready for this one to be cheap and boring… But this film totally proved me wrong. It contains The plot and suspense the first film had and the action the second film had. Perfect combo! The story is beyond amazing, Very creepy in a way yet totally awesome for the people in the theater watching it all play out. An apocalyptic world with few human survivors banding together, fighting, traveling etc. to try to find a place of safety from the infection and all the dangers that come with it. I’m guessing if your on this page you have read the plot so Anyways back to the review. The film was a pleasant surprise… though there was one setback, There wasn’t much time for any info or background on important members of the convoy, all you know is they are there… Your not really given time to hear a little out each one and kind of get each one to have there own amount of screen time due to the lack of time the film was working with, I mean come on… Why not make it 2 hours and add a little more in? Anyways besides that i thought the movie was a blast to watch and i am definitely going back to the theater sometime this weekend to see it again…

  • mihels-alksnis
    mihels alksnis

    What made the resident evil series interesting is that it is the thinking man’s zombie movie. It offered a typical sci-fi plot but it kept things based around certain rules, threw in some twists, and maintained at least reasonable premises.This movie strays from having any remotely rational plot and feels no need to offer explanations when it does. As a result it is a huge disappointment if you slow up looking for anything more than hacking up zombies for 94 minutes.(SPOILER ALERT) Here are just a few of the needlessly ridiculous premises you are asked to just accept without any further explanation…1. T-virus has spread and essentially wiped out humanity. Surprisingly, this caused all plant life to die and the earth turned into a desert. Take that greenpeace! 2. Alice is now a jedi and can use the force to move rocks, bikes, and flaming gasoline at will.3. Zombies are incapable of climbing the 8 foot chain link fence surrounding Umbrella headquarters, but can easily scale the Eifel Tower and with surprising stealth.4. Olivera shoots a zombie which is clearly munching on LJ but thinks nothing of it. The entire group has apparently adopted a don’t ask, don’t tell policy regarding infection.5. Zombies have been functioning without any actual need of food or water (according to doctors) and will continue to for, and I quote, “DECADES.” No further explanation given.6. Too much T-virus antidote turns you into an octopus.7. After reading an incoherent diary in Utah, the group decides to drive to Alaska, but opts to gas up in….LAS VEGAS! (damn these Umbrella maps) Umbrella anticipates this move and has an ambush waiting at the exact casino they stop at.8. Umbrella installed an on/off switch in Alice and cameras in her eyes but apparently did not find those things useful in tracking her the past 7 years or in confirming her identity when they spot her via satellite. Either that or Alice has no bars in rural Utah.9. Umbrella is cloning Alice and finds the best way to extract her blood is through repeated unnecessary and exotic deaths. Unfortunately cloned blood isn’t as ‘magic’ as regular blood and they only end up piling up Alice corpses in the back yard like lawn clippings.10. Umbrella is developing a nation of domesticated zombies for use as Walmart photographers.11. Umbrella is developing an army of extra angry zombies and goes to the trouble of putting them in matching uniforms.12. In the event that society falls, mormon hillbillies will opt to lure innocent people into their lairs to feed their zombie dogs. Remember that then next time a missionary stops by your house.13. Eating infected meat causes crows to get infected…but not really. It also causes them to go blind…but not really.14. Zombies rule the earth and Umbrella is essentially trapped underground but the primary challenge the company is facing is the shortage of cheap labor.15. Food, water and fuel are almost gone, humanity is vanished, zombies are everywhere but the primary challenge facing survivors is…Umbrella Corp.

  • jorge-tavares
    jorge tavares

    One thing that’s for sure is that the “evil” of the title is becoming less and less “residential.” This time around the nasty T-virus has spread all over the whole world and humanity is in grave danger. I guess that’s where the “extinction” part comes in.Once again we find ourselves not too long after the previous film left off. Humanity is in shambles and “Extinction” plays itself like a post-apocalyptic thriller, no pun intended. Alice is evading the evil Umbrella Corporation who needs to conclude some experiments but they can only do it with her blood and clones don’t work. While wandering the desert Alice finds out she has mental powers, meets a group of survivors, and happens to be tracked by Umbrella all within what must be one hour. I guess it’s not her lucky day. The audience however, providing you’re fans of stylized carnage, is in for a little treat. “Extinction” not only provides a more interesting plot than the previous film, it also provides much better action and special effects. These effects feature zombies (naturally) but also demonic crows and a nasty mutation at the end. The action scenes are nicely done with somewhat unpredictable approach to who gets munched and who doesn’t so tension is there throughout.There are also many absurdities, but they can only be expected in a film like this. For instance, the film is set in a desolate world with supposedly little supplies yet the women look like they put on make up every morning and regularly get a manicure. The GOOD women that is. Alice meets some BAD people in the beginning and these people somehow haven’t picked up any of those bathroom supplies and make up kits that are laying around. Those bad people are another thing, they appear in an early scene that demonstrates that Alice can fight and kick ass… seeing that this is the third movie in the series do they really need to make this point again? If they avoided it, then the climatic fight might have been longer and a bit more, you know, climatic. But I guess that wasn’t the point of that fight since right after it we are set up for Resident Evil 4.”Extinction” is enjoyable for what it is, but that’s it. — 6/10Rated R for violence/gore and horror. Ages 13+

  • pani-malwina-trochimiuk
    pani malwina trochimiuk

    I don’t see how anyone could compare RE: Extinction with the first two in this series. In addition to a lack of plot altogether, there are more holes in RE:3 than a golf course and more ripoffs of other movies than I’ve ever seen. The characters are so undeveloped that most shouldn’t even have come equipped with names. Both Olivera and LJ, who were the two leading males in the 2nd movie, are without energy and lack inspiration. The vehicles were outright ripoffs from Road Warrior, especially in the desert setting. In fact, you really get the idea pretty quickly that this movie is set in a desert to save money, whereas the first two movies obviously were pretty expensive in the setting department. Umbrella’s board of directors, who meet several times in the flick in an underground bunker, appear to be of the under thirty variety; perhaps they are the descendants of the former management. The bunker is a shameless ripoff of Day of the Dead. The zombie scenes are actually very limited, with few traditional up close yet slow battle scenes. Mostly the zombies in RE:3 jump out of closets with ferocious speed and bite somebody. There are running zombies in this movie, which do not fit the sequence at all.In general, this was a very poor finale to a good series.

  • srta-sophie-da-cruz
    srta sophie da cruz

    With Extinction, the Resident Evil franchise perhaps have made its mark as the most enduring computer game turned movie to date. Most of such movies usually make for cheesy lazy weekend entertainment, little in depth but filled with plenty of set action pieces, which for the most parts are nothing groundbreaking. But what this franchise has to credit for its longevity, is Milla Jovovich.OK, so she has made mostly mediocre movies of late (I sense some fanboys will get me for this, but let me put it straight, I’m a fan of hers too), especially with the lacklustre Ultraviolet, and the really showy .45. If not best remembered for her role as Leeloo in Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element (still credited in my books as the ONLY film I watched with having zero prior knowledge on anything about it), then it’ll be for her role as Alice, the zombie butt kicking superbeing whose blood holds the key to a reversal of the effects of the T-virus engineered by the evil Umbrella Corporation.The premise here is similar to that of 28 Days/Weeks Later, where the virus is now out of control, and mutates humans into flesh chomping zombies, spreading mayhem worldwide. Human survivors are few and far between, and where we left off from Apocalypse, Alice is now travelling the world alone, seeking refuge and peace, while evading Umbrella’s gunsights. It presumably takes place a significant amount of time after the predecessor, given that Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) doesn’t return for this, keeping the doors open for either an unlikely spin off, or a revisit into the gap in timeline should Guillory sign on the dotted line.But I guess as Juvovich fans, we don’t really care, do we? So long as we get to see our heroine in action, we’re satisfied, whether she’s causing misery to her opponents from her twin handguns, double Kukri knives or just her incredibly toned limbs, we’re rooting for her all the way, dressed in garb personally designed by Juvovich herself, which provides for both form and functionality. The trend of casting pretty women to pair with her continues, with the first movie having Michelle Rodriguez, the second with Guillory, and now, Heroes’ Ali Larter and Spencer Locke join the fray. However, they are relegated to more pedestrian roles as compared to previous partners, so don’t be expecting much from them, especially for fans of Larter.The story can be no more simpler than Alice serving as a messiah for a small convoy of survivors headed by Larter’s Claire, delivering them a message to journey to the promised land in Alaska. But of course the road to Peace and No Infection is plagued by challenges which culminates in a big battle in Las Vegas, where the trailers have teased with the entire city being semi-buried in sand. And like a video game, all levels will lead to their respective Big Boss to do battle with, and Extinction doesn’t evade that formula too. Watching Alice grow in power, provides a lot of kick in some of the cool things she can do, enhanced with special effects of course.Don’t expect the franchise to slam the door of opportunity shut on itself. By the look of things, we might even see a fourth movie coming up in perhaps two or three years time (the interval between the movies thus far). Expect plenty of blood and gore as our heroes cut through ugly zombies like hot knife through butter, and none other does it more balletic and graceful than Milla Juvovich. You go, girl!

  • patvakan-vanyan
    patvakan vanyan

    The increasingly tired premise of a zombie-producing virus has been around for some years, having replaced the seductive living dead mystery of prior generations. I don’t expect much of horror films, but I expect more than this. RE:E is just silly.The cast is all here: evil corporation, out-of-control scientist, hapless minions who get locked in with the experiments gone wrong, multicultural gang of human fugitives strangely dressed in skimpy clothing and carrying military grade technology, etc. The story is advanced, but only in the direction of absurdity. Alice is still alive, but this time it would appear she’s an android not only with superhuman agility and strength, but also with the ability to shut down satellites in space using her mind. She’s always been one. And if that wasn’t enough, she’s also psychic–with the ability to generate force fields around herself and her friends. Most of the zombies look alike this time, strangely clothed in identical gray jumpsuits. You can now kill them by cutting their throats, shooting them in the abdomen, or dropping them off short buildings.A few dozen overly loud bangs, crashes, and gunfights later and we get a showdown between Alice and the mutated evil doctor, carried out in a bad paste of unconnected rooms from previous films.Close on a scene with the greedy corporate suits getting a holographic warning of their impending doom from a snippy Alice, and you have a film designed to sell wholly on the game’s reputation and not because it’s sincerely engaging, scary, or even interesting.PS: here’s an idea for a drinking game. Every time Milla Jovovich is on screen and her face has been digitally altered to look smoother than it actually is, that’s a shot.

  • radek-zeman
    radek zeman

    Im not sure what video gamers were expecting when this series was turned into film. Just like books, comic books, and whatever else, the source material will more often than not be different from the film. However, that is not always a bad thing. Take Jurassic Park for instance. The movie was phenomenal, but nothing like the book. Anyways, the reason i’m saying this is because I myself have played the games and have enjoyed the movies quite a bit. Sure, there not masterpieces by any means, but I think they are time well spent to escape reality for a couple of hours. I think Milla plays a great heroine in distress and a serious badas s. The character development in this is non existent. You get a little speech to bring you up to speed, but if you haven’t seen these before, you will be lost in the film. (A friend that I had brought asked me how Claire Redfield knew how to fly a helicopter.) But you’re not in this movie for the character development. You want to see zombies die and Milla kick butt, and that is what this film delivers. There are some great scenes here and some pretty fun kills, not a whole lot that you haven’t seen before, but still entertaining. The movie goes pretty quick and has some very nice things to add. Alice’s telekinesis was very cool to watch, and I can see why she didn’t get to use it a lot. A lot of the special effects were much better here than they were in previous films, and that was a definite plus. The bad is that it ends for another to be made, and this is supposed to be the last. A lot of main players lose their lives, and that’s fine, cause the movie doesn’t give you time to care for them. Nope, the main focus here is Milla and she delivers the goods. Good fights, good kills, not much logic, pretty decent special effects, and the greatest pot smoking scene in history make this worth seeing in my opinion. If you liked the first two, you should enjoy this just the same. Personally, I don’t think any of them have been too bad.P.s. why did they keep airbrushing Milla’s face, she is entirely too beautiful for that.