Chris Redfield enlists the help of Leon S. Kennedy and Rebecca Chambers to stop a death merchant, with a vengeance, from spreading a deadly virus in New York.::Tony Ishizuka

Also Known As: Pritajeno zlo: Krvna osveta, Resident Evil: Vendetta, Обитель зла: Вендетта, Resident Evil: Vendeta, Resident Evil Venganza, Biohazard: Vendetta, A kaptár: Vendetta, Resident Evil: A Vingança

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  • rndr-samuel-masek
    rndr samuel masek

    I wait it for long, my hope get high, cause once again my favorite character Leon S. Kennedy wiill meet my second favorite character Chris Renfield, hope it will overstep ahead RE animation adaptation before (Read RE: Degeneration and RE Damnation), but i get goddamn wrong and this one is really disappointed as RE die hard fans, compare to RE Damnation. It whole trash and cgi-porn, okay i admit it, quality of animation is really good and candy in my eyes, but with their bad story, even good animation one can help it become less bad, tragic. Sorry, i understand for RE die hard fans like me, we still watch it no matter what review say, but i warn you, its really not worth your time, i wanna forget this one is ever exist and believe RE Damnation is the last one RE animation adaptation i ever watch, it far more beter than this one, in every aspect except maybe animation quality level.

  • dr-sefiye-gulsiye-bilgin
    dr sefiye gulsiye bilgin

    Great Funon a Sunday evening I was thinking hmm…nothing to do..so what to watch ..& tuned into this with not much expectation. At the end of it, I would review it as one of the finer action ‘movies’ I have seen till date , i.e if this can be termed as a movie.Action: 9.8 /10 (I don’t know what’s holding me not to give a 10 here) I want to see Chris and Leons moves again in slow-mo, all moves they made were not ‘cartoonic’ at all..but real life dynamic moves which will yield more or less the same results :). Too good..thx. CapcomStoryline: 6 to 7 . with some RE clichés like always saved by the bell..no..rising choppers.Overall: Very very satisfied with my Sunday evening choice 🙂

  • justas-galdikas
    justas galdikas

    Purist want survivor horror. They want more something similarly themed to “Silent Hill”. However, the direction of the franchise from the films, animation, to the games have taken a more action oriented approach.The action in this movie takes its source material from Resident Evil 4-6 where our protagonists Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield are super human. In those games, you can see both of them doing things that no human can actually do in real life. This movie is almost a mirror image of those games, especially Resident Evil 6.Don’t watch this movie if you expect survivor horror.Watch this movie if you like zombies getting killed with a John Woo-esque type of fashion. The action is over the top and entertaining if you like watching Hong Kong action films.

  • stephanie-johnson
    stephanie johnson

    I’d love to watch them all in order and get the whole story but I just don’t know the series like that. I have played the video games, but I’ve been unable to keep up with any of the movies. I still like the designs of this one and it the quality was great!

  • vidar-tveit
    vidar tveit

    This animated movie is nicely done and that is the only positive thing I can say about it. The story-line off-course is predictable: a bad guy unleashes a virus as a revenge or to make money, this becomes not quit clear, the good guys fight a lot of zombies and find the cure saving New York. The “action” is unbelievable, the good guys are both some sort of Superman and the professor some kind of Einstein. If you like the games a lot (for the record: I play computer-games but never Resident Evil) than maybe you will like this “movie” but if you just are a regular movies-fan save yourself the time and do NOT watch this product.

  • tara-francoise
    tara francoise

    firstly, i was taught to save more ammo instead of wasting it all over the zombies. This is some kind of “resident evil” style more than any other zombie movies. Secondly, who wouldn’t believed that it was finally the main antagonist dead, or do the final transform ( which always almost at the end, showed up with extra-muscle appearance, and also yelling the main protagonist name ). I don’t get the reason why the developer would create this kind of cgi-movie. Well at least a person like me, who enjoy “resident evil” franchise so much, i believe this one is the most boring one. Bringing Rebecca that switched to professor? pfft. kiddos. Come on, resident evil now is at the edge of it’s popularity.

  • ase-henriksen
    ase henriksen

    I had to write something as it seem this generation had a grudge to complain about everything. The story is true to the resident evil series and it’s simple to understand for even first timer layman. The sound effect and animation is really good.I played resident evil from pc to 3ds and seriously I don’t really care about the story, just had fun killing zombies. However I do not like plot to go into messy spiral, and talk about transformer movie series are example of it. I had watched lot of AAA movies and these day lot of sequel should belong in the trash category, pirate of Caribbean come to my mind. And it’s no wonder I rate this 10/10 as it surprised me and I had an enjoyable evening watching this.

  • marlene-iversen
    marlene iversen

    This movie is just as good as a video game. It is not trying to look any better or any different than anything made to this day. Sure, the characters are maybe not so multi faceted but you do not need them to be. When you have played more recent RE titles you know that they are highly focused on animations and cut scenes. The gameplay itself is not as thrilling as it used to be. And this is this. Resident Evil Vendetta is a joyride. You are tagging along for the ride. And if you loved Chris, Leon and Rebecca (not so much, mind you) then you will find yourself right at home.I give it a 9 out of 10 because the action scenes are SO BAD ASS that if you miss them, you are absolutely missing out on some actual creativity.Watch it.

  • isabel-carranza-cuevas
    isabel carranza cuevas

    This film is awful. Every minute i was hitting myself in the face. So many absolutely predictable moments, so many idiotic plot twists, so many mistakes breaking the logic. CGI is better than previous films, but physic of movements is still like a movements of wooden Pinocchio. The villain is combination of Wesker and the villain of RE Degeneration, boring and dumb. The idea of several types of viruses is good, but…realization…no comments. P.S. Hey, developers! Where is your Japanese imagination and originality? Why are you putting the same things from film to film? I’m fan of RE games, and even last games were doubtful, it’s too stupid even for them.

  • paige-leblanc
    paige leblanc

    This movie is everything that I wanted from a Resident Evil film; campy tone, over the top villain, ridiculous action, and effective horror. The movie is by far the most outlandish of the Resident Evil films, including the Milla Jovovich ones, however, this does not detract from the experience. You just have to be willing to accept to the insanity of Leon being thrown 100ft into the air by a monster before diving and kicking said monster in the face. The movie features the returns of fan favorites Leon, Chris, and Rebecca and all characters are used effectively. Leon is the scene stealer with his absurd stunts and motorbike skills. The highlights of the movie were the opening in the mansion as that managed to capture that classic feeling of dread when you’d encounter a zombie in the classic games as well as the hallway scene in which Leon and Chris use their Resident Evil 6 martial arts and destroy a horde of zombies. The fight choreography was amazing- some of the best I have ever seen in any movie – it was very reminiscent of John Wick.This movie feels like a love letter to all of the aspects of gaming that Resident Evil has encompassed over the years. The mansion at the start is genuinely creepy while the action toward the end is reminiscent of the RE6 style of stunts. It was also nice to see characters like Chris in situations in which there was nothing to fight which allowed us to see the human side of Chris. It feels like a large budget B-Movie which is exactly how Resident Evil is supposed to feel in my opinion. The animation was top-notch besides some problems with the lip-sync which is to be expected in a Japanese movie that has been dubbed in English.However, the movie is not without flaws, I felt as though the story was a little rushed and not all plot lines were fully resolved (did Leon ever help that guy’s family?). Chris’ new voice actor, while mostly okay, had some moments where he seemingly forgot how to act (‘He’s a merchant of DEATH.’). All of the BSAA redshirts were underdeveloped which was unfortunate as they seemed legitimately interesting. Rebecca has some fantastic moments near the start but is quickly pushed to the side once Leon is introduced. The plot was very predictable but this is to be expected as Resident Evil isn’t exactly fine-art.None of these problems really detracted from my viewing experience but I do feel as they could have all been easily resolved so it is a shame that they were present. The movie did deliver essentially everything that I wanted and expected and I left the theater feeling very happy that I had watched the movie. I would recommend to anyone who likes Resident Evil and can accept the crazier action of the later games. Non-game viewers might not enjoy it as much due to the fact that the movie assumes you know the world and characters.

  • marjatta-maki-seppa
    marjatta maki seppa

    While the live action Resident Evil movies stand on their own, the CGI movies are what fans of the series really want.Degeneration and Damnation were good on their own, but in my opinion, they felt a bit lacking. Vendetta more than made up for it. It has the creepy atmosphere of the original games, and the non-stop action of the newer games. The beginning of the movie was very reminiscent of the first game and they did the horror part extremely well. The rest of the movie keeps your attention with the story going forward and keeping interesting events on screen.I’m also very glad to see new, but familiar faces, in the movie. It was cool seeing how Leon became the weathered hard-ass that he is now, but it was refreshing to see Chris, and especially Rebecca, who hasn’t been seen for 15 years. I’m hoping next CGI movie will have Jill.The CGI has also improved a ton since Degeneration. It looks extremely realistic and the character’s faces are just amazing. Rebecca looks gorgeous. They put a lot of hard work and love into this movie and it shows. If you’re a die-hard fan of Resident Evil, or even just a casual fan, or horror movie fanatic, definitely check out this movie. It is the best Resident Evil movie I have seen yet.

  • charles-chavez
    charles chavez

    Excellent movie for Resident Evil game fans.Good Action, close and fast-paced combat make it exciting.Good Plot, you’ll see legit reason why the antagonist took revenge.Much Zombies, there’s much zombies in this movie, and much blood as well.Not Bad Jokes, there’s some joke that hardcore Resident Evil fans especially Leon fans can only understand.Horror, but only in the first part of the movie.Unlike the Live-action movie starred with Milla Jovovich, the story of this Animated CGI movie is related to all Resident Evil games story.Especially “Resident Evil 4” game, You’ll see a connection between them.The classic Resident Evil game hero, Chris Redfield, come back with his big arms, but now a bit skinny.The most loved Resident Evil game hero, Leon S. Kennedy, come back with his perfect hair.The rookie 1998 Resident Evil character, Rebecca Chambers, come back with her experience in medic.I watch this movie with my 2nd older brother, who play RE4, RE5, RE6 and 2 RE:Revelations series, but not too deeply fan of RE like me (my brother didn’t know Rebecca yet before watched this movie). After watched it, he said this movie is quite exciting.

  • liba-purmals
    liba purmals

    I went to the one night only premiere of Resident Evil: Vendetta tonight the third C.G.I. motion picture movie of Resident Evil and I can honestly say is the best of the three.The movie deliver in more ways than one that fans of the Resident Evil series will super appreciate.First off we got to talk about how amazing the movie looks this is some of the most Phenomenal animation works I ever saw the characters and environments are so realistic that you can often forget that you’re watching a Computer Generated Animated Movie the movie crew hired actors for motion capture to show case how real the characters look and move on screen they all deserve points for doing such a great job to make the movie look so great.The voice acting is top notch with in my opinion the voice work and characters Chris Redfield (Voiced by Kevin Dorman) Rebecca Chambers (Voiced by Erin Cahill) Leon S.Kennedy (Voiced by Matthew Mercer) Glenn Arias (Voiced by John DeMita)bringing great performances that really shows amazing work it makes you feel like you really watching a drama play done so well the voice work the cast does is so well done with the writing being very smart the writers took their time that’s for sure.The story really is powerful throughout with the writing again being well through out. The cast performances also helps the story makes you draw into the plot to wonder what will happen next.The action in the movie is awesome it felt like you’re playing the game and the effects are impressive barely enough time to rest as the action keeps you on the edge of your seat as you wait to see what goes on next.The only thing this movie needs is a mic drop because it really show why Resident Evil has had such a success the movie is made for fans of movies and Resident Evil. I will no doubt be glad to watch this movie over and over again.With amazing C.G.I Animation,Excellent Voice acting, Strong powerful story and action that leaves your jaw drop you really will love this movie.I give Resident Evil: Vendetta an 10 out of 10

  • frau-gabriela-oderwald
    frau gabriela oderwald

    # Intro #Stuff you should know before watching this movie:You should watch Resident Evil Damnation, before you watch this movie. They will spoiler essencial parts of RE Damnation in RE Vendetta.They changed the face of Chris Redfield and now he looks like the son of Chris Redfield and Freddie Mercury.# Review # This movie surprised me – it was okay to watch, even though it had some typical B-movie moments. I’m talking about “Zombie Dobermans chasing cars on a highway, throwing them through the air”-moments. This is the point where I usually decide to stop watching or continue but Resident Evil Vendetta was good enough to be watched til the end.The GCI-Quality was great and they had an eye for details. Dead zombies where bleeding out like in the old PS1 RE-Games (I started laughing every time a zombie died.). I also enjoyed the violence level in this movie, very well balanced.The story was okay – but too much melodramatic…a typical Japanese CGI-movie. You can watch this movie and you will not be bored. Since this has to be important for some people 😉 – These are the Resident Evil games I’ve finished:RE 1 (original) RE 1 (remake gamecube) RE 1 (remake ps4) RE 0 (remake gamecube) RE 4 RE 5 RE 6 RE Revelations RE Revelations 2 RE 7

  • denisa-vavrova
    denisa vavrova

    At first time, i was disappointed when my girlfriend ask me to watch this movie, because at first scene shown us an animated movie, i don’t know this movie before, because i never see the trailer before.But, in 10 minutes, everything’s change, OMG this movie is so epic, Chris Redfield, Leon, Beautiful Prof. Chambers, everything has reunited there ..Beautiful characters, good plot and scene, and bring us nostalgic moment :DThanks Sony, Thanks Capcom

  • fru-dagny-nielsen
    fru dagny nielsen

    For the fan of the original game, this movie is taking you back to the old good game, if you fan of the original series (RE 1 & 2), you will like it.I just hope that Capcom will make a new Game just as the good old games my suggestion to them to make a game based on this film.

  • camila-pereira
    camila pereira

    Last night my younger brother and I watched it and we both have different opinions. As I am a classic Gamefreak who played games in late 90s till at the end of 00s I loved its simple stories. But my brother who is a modern gamefreak found it too simple and didn’t like it much. What I am trying to say is older generation of gamers will love it but most newer ones wont… Thank you Capcom for making a great movie and make another one in the near future! Very Satisfactory visuals, awesome good soundtrack and a very classic Resident Evil story. Some action sequences are really exaggerated(Leon’s), but the scenes led by Chris Redfield are really good, specially the fights against Glenn Arias.

  • dr-virag-d-ferenc
    dr virag d ferenc

    I went into this movie expecting the standard Resident Evil zombie/body-horror experience, knowing full well there would be some corny voice acting and 80’s action movie cliches. And honestly, that’s exactly what I got. This movie would have been a 5/10 (passable) for me if it wasn’t for how profoundly ridiculous it gets at certain parts. Within the first 20 minutes of this film I saw two separate characters scream dramatically into the sky while the camera pulled away. Awe-inspiring.This movie truly commits to the cheesy action genre it was inspired by, and it’s hilarious to watch. While it was probably not the director’s intent, I’d much rather scream “WHAT” at the screen than be bored. And trust me, you will be screaming “WHAT”. 6/10

  • mare-schroeff-van-rossum
    mare schroeff van rossum

    Just returned from the theatre. With the movie still fresh in my mind, I’m writing these thoughts.This is a true Resident Evil movie by Capcom, unlike the abomination franchise by Paul W S Anderson and Milla Jovobitch, both of whom I hate with a passion. I will not talk about them. Back to this movie.The mansion at the beginning of Vendetta is fantastic. The location is reminiscent of the creepy mansion from the original game. The suspense of the bedroom scene is so well done. The idea of the boy’s remote toy truck… brilliant!The corridor scene of Chris and Leon killing the walking dead is awe inducing. Great action! And the motorbike chase scene with the zombie dogs, fantastic! You can’t go wrong with Leon on a motorbike.Now, I say this from the perspective of a fan. There seems to be a major plot hole. Later in the movie, the toxicity of the A-Virus is intensified. But why is it that the enhanced virus takes 20 minutes to take effect, whereas the normal A-Virus takes only five minutes? Glen Arias, you said the virus was made stronger, right? Well… Not that much stronger, it seems…Also, my complaint with this movie is the absence of Ada Wong. Be sure to bring her back next time!

  • anka-sever
    anka sever

    Boring, predictable, shallow, over the top, ridiculous. The worst animated movie of the series, as bad as Anderson’s movies. The only good thing is the impressive CGI, animations and details are really incredible. The rest is totally pointless. Basic plot line, one dimensional characters, absurd and not realistic situations. Plot is the same story told over and over again over the games: new villain spreads a virus, heroes fight zombies, heroes fight a final boss and save the city. There is absolutely no twist or a new focus on story that could make it more interesting.Only recommended for Resident Evil hardcore fans, casual viewers be warned: this is a total waste of time.

  • gregory-jensen
    gregory jensen

    Action: 9/10, best action CGI movie compare to previous two CGI movies (Degeneration & Damnation), looks like John Wick rip-off movie with a combination of zombies (in a good way)Storyline: 5/10, predictable story, lack of emotion compare to RE: Damnation, have a cliffhanger at the endOverall: 8/10, Great, way better than live action movie, recommended for Resident Evil (video games) fans

  • david-skinner
    david skinner

    Hi guys, back with me again, I’ll divide this movie from this 3 scores: Story (no story, no movie), Graphics (more reality, more we can feel the movie itself) and additional genres assessment which the purpose of the movie (such as Action, Fantasy, Adventure, etc.). Hopefully, by scoring to those criteria, readers can be interested to watch the movie. And of course this assessment is subjective (but i’ll try to be objective as much as possible)Resident Evil: Vendetta Disclaimer #1: I am a fan of Resident Evil, both game and animation series, and the movie series Disclaimer #2: This is an animation spin-off movie; don’t expect the same result as a real-life movie. Want to enjoy the movie more? Play the games.Story: 6/10 Yeah, it is a spin-off, has no deep of the story. But for a Resident Evil fans, they will watch it just to link every stories Resident Evil was made. But, what I like from Resident Evil developers, they always show new kind of viruses which create new result of the infected. And then there’s Rebecca Chambers XDD, so long this character didn’t show up.Graphics: 7.5/10 (Animation) I give my assessment as an animation movie. For it, RE: Vendetta gives great graphics of animation which can be enjoyed in entire of this movie. Additional Genres: Action: 8/10 (Animation) As I disclaim previously, nothing in this animation movie is real- life, so every impossibilities could be denied in the assessment. As an animation movie, RE; Vendetta gives a lot of action scenes which every of them success to make my eyes didn’t blink. It was also helped by great viewpoint taken and slow motion.Thriller: 6.5/10 Trap in the room filled by zombies and facing B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapon) while your friend is dying are success to make my heart rate increased. Zombies, as one of the best component in every thriller movie, are inserted well in this movie.Overall: 7 To promote its game through the movie, RE; Vendetta did a great job.

  • jack-linton-munro
    jack linton munro

    First of all, I must say that I had such high hopes and expectations for “Resident Evil: Vendetta”, especially since I really enjoyed the previous animated movies.However, they opted to pull the same approach as they did in the actual movies, making it more about mutations and grotesquely huge aberrations, more than it was about zombies and terror. And of course, it has the obligatory rogue agent gone bad.The storyline in “Resident Evil: Vendetta” was simplistic to the point where it was trivial and mundane. You saw everything coming a mile away, and there were no surprises or plot twists along the way. So it felt like you were strapped in for a ride that just went straight ahead with no ups and downs.Now, I must admit that I am more than impressed with the quality of the CGI and the sheer level of details they manage to put into the CGI here. I mean, the textures and the minute details to everything was just spectacular. Just as it has been since the very first animated “Resident Evil” movie.The characters in “Resident Evil: Vendetta” seemed a bit generic. Sure it was nice to have Leon and Chris in this particular animated movie, but they weren’t subject to any real character development or growth, so it felt a bit tame, to say the least. And it was a bit too over the top with the way that both Leon and Chris could take on a large group of zombies and not even get scratched or come close to being in danger, and the motorcycle scene was just too far out there.As for the zombies, well they were there, but unfortunately it wasn’t the primary cause of attention in the movie. And I really don’t get the thing with the hulking brutes that they like in the series – be it game or movie franchise. They are so out of place that it is an eyesore and an embarrassment to witness. And the hulking brute with the iron mask in “Resident Evil: Vendetta” was not particularly impressive, and when he evolved into something even bigger, I must admit that I was on the brink of just getting up and leaving.”Resident Evil: Vendetta” is not an impressive animated movie in terms of story, characters or in comparison to its predecessors. Sure, it was a visual tour de force and a spectacle to behold. But I was left with a very shallow feeling once the movie ended, and actually said “was that really it?” This is definitely a movie for the hardcore fans of the “Resident Evil” game line.

  • indrjit-pusskr
    indrjit pusskr

    I’m a huge Resident Evil fan, from the games to the movies and including the previous animated attempts. They didn’t exactly set the world on fire but they were perfectly watchable efforts.I was very excited to hear about this being released so perhaps my expectations were a tad high, and I can confirm they were not met.The story very generic, the animation sub-par and the fight scenes were let’s just say interesting. For some reason the creators thought they’d blend Resident Evil with The Matrix as the characters seem to be able to move neo-style to such extents I found myself cringing. These are average joes not ninja *Slaps creators wrists” bad creators, bad! Seriously why is Leon Kennedy doing bullet time triple back-flips with a dragon screw rotation while shooting zombies in the head and throwing knives and writing an essay and having a length conversation with his girlfriend before even landing? I mean okay that’s a tad exaggerated but not as much as you’d imagine.Vendetta isn’t bad, it’s just silly and anti-climatic compared to the previous films.

  • annette-farmer
    annette farmer

    chances are, if you are like me (a fan of R.E. who hates the live-action atrocities but embrace the animated films), no review will change whether or not you see this movie. i’m writing this so people aren’t let down the way i was. visually, the movie is stunning. they did an incredible job on things like facial micro-expressions and other great little touches. i consider it nothing short of a triumph of animation. unfortunately though, the pros end there. our heroes have apparently utilized a Doom-like invincibility cheat; i have no problem suspending disbelief for zombies and monsters, but i draw the line at things like a plane’s wing blowing up, except, it’s our heroes’ plane, so, it’s just arbitrarily alright. it’s interesting how often you can use the word “arbitrary” to describe what goes on in this movie. a lot of the action makes you wonder why our heroes aren’t wearing tights and capes; they regularly take hits that don’t maim or kill only them, and every now and then do things that make you wonder whether or not they are from the Matrix. there is a core character who is so oddly under-utilized you wonder why she’s even in the movie (until you consider the need for filler, of course). apparently the zombies can move like cheetahs if they wish, but most of the time choose not to do so. there are red herrings which ultimately only serve to anger the viewer, such as the zombies being able to target specific people, a plot device used quite shamelessly for just one situation in the whole movie. overall this is a movie you should watch on mute, because you won’t be missing anything; it looks good, but the filmmakers are obviously quite aware that anyone into R.E. is going to see it, and consequentially there is a lazy, almost cash-grab feeling to the story. for a movie whose plot is a Raccoon City fiasco in NYC, honestly it’s quite boring, and almost all of the action scenes are pretty much just lifted from other, better movies. if you’re an R.E. fan, i’m sure you’ll see this no matter what; just don’t say you weren’t warned!