An elderly woman living in Nagasaki Japan takes care of her four grandchildren for their summer vacation. They learn about the atomic bomb that fell in 1945, and how it killed their grandfather.

Also Known As: Hachi-gatsu no rapusodî, Августовская рапсодия Soviet, Rhapsody in August, Sierpniowa rapsodia, Rugpjučio rapsodija, Rapsodi i august, Hachigatsu no rapusodî, Rapsódia em Agosto, Rhapsodie en août, Rhapsodie im August, 八月の狂詩曲(ラプソディー), Augustirapsodi, Ağustos'ta Rapsodi, Rapsodia ton Avgousto, Rapsodia en Agosto, Рапсодия през август, Rapsodi i August, Augusztusi rapszódia, Rapsodia en agosto, Elokuun rapsodia, 八月狂想曲, Rapsodia in agosto, Ραψωδία τον Αύγουστο

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