In this action thriller, Denzel Washington plays Nick Styles, the assistant district attorney of L.A. The film opens in his early days as a cop on the L.A.P.D. During a carnival, master criminal Earl Talbot Blake creates a scene after a botched drug deal. Styles and Blake confront each other, during which Blake is wounded by Styles and later sent to prison. Seven years later, Blake escapes from prison during a parole board hearing to carry out his revenge against Styles, and what follows is a violent series of events that destroys Styles’ career. This sets the stage for one last bloody duel between Styles and Blake.

Also Known As: Ricochete, Psykopat på fri fod, Sem Limite para Vingar, Ricochet - Harhaluoti, Ricochet, Ricochet - Der Aufprall, Visszakézből, Rykoszet, Рикошет Soviet, Rikoschett, Ricochet - besatt av hämnd, Рикошет, Rikošet, Suçlu Kim, Verdetto finale

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  • ricardas-pocius
    ricardas pocius

    Ice T is an absolute horrible actor. He reads his lines as if off a cue card, with no emotion whatsoever. This still holds true 11 years later in his TV show. Ok but back to this deliciously ludicrous movie. Russell Mulcahy, if memory serves he did videos back in the early days of MTV, and blew us all away with his original style. Something he maintained with Highlander. It is not his fault this movie lacked plausibility. That guilt, my movie going friends, goes to the script. Laughable dialogue, and an insane ending, so preposterous they need a final scene of a news lady to explain what the tower execution of always awesome John Lithgow would mean for protagonist Denzel Washington and his career. I’m just glad it eventually led to 2 oscars in spite of being part of this USA late night favorite.

  • sig-gianriccardo-d-angelo
    sig gianriccardo d angelo

    MILD SPOILERS, PERHAPS!!!!!!There seems to be strange anomaly in the career of Denzel Washington. It is one that finds him in both a high caliber production and an exploitive action film, within close proximity of each other. Observe: GLORY (1989)/HEART CONDITION (1990), DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS/VIRTUOSITY (both 1995), HE GOT GAME (1998)/THE BONE COLLECTOR (1999). That is not to say that he is not good in all these films, I mean, he even won an Oscar for the tepid TRAINING DAY. Perhaps his agent wanted Washington to diversify into different genres, including successful action pictures ($$$). The point of all this is, is to establish a better understanding of why, coming off a success with MO BETTER BLUES (1990), Washington would chose 1991’s RICOCHET as a follow up project. It is another example, perhaps the most obvious, of the trend I have discussed above.RICHOCHET opens with young cop Nick Styles (Washington), taking down a treacherous villain named Blake (John Lithgow). Well, the sensational arrest leads to bigger and better things for Styles, as for Blake, he is plunged into a prison sub-basement for gladiatorial games with the Arayan Nation. One day, Blake decides to escape from said prison and creates havoc in the life of his old nemesis, Nick Styles, through implausible machinations and deceit. The ensuing tension begins to drive Nick Styles mad, as Blake further mounts evidence to ruin Styles’ career/freedom/life/family. As far as the plot, I will stop there (although the story is pretty formulaic and predictable). There are no new revelations or twists in RICOCHET, and the movie concludes with a ridiculous finale, which finds both hero and foil talking and climbing.The role of Nick Styles gives Washington very little to do, except to react to the evil devices employed by Blake. One can feel the plot playing upon this character, in his reactions and especially during his choices at the end. John Lithgow, as Blake, hams it up and is over the top, but that’s probably just what the story called for. Kevin Pollack, still in transition from comedian to actor, treats us to his Peter Falk impression (something he has since ceased doing), as Styles’ friend. Ice-T, who also penned a song for the film, shows up for a glorified guest appearance.The film has very little style, thanks to director Russell Mulcahy, who after HIGHLANDER II, THE REAL McCOY, this film and THE SHADOW, has not helmed a major motion picture since the mid-nineties and might never again. Alan Silvestri adds some needed support with a pounding musical score, although he basically variates his theme from PREDATOR. There is just not many good things to say about RICOCHET. So why did Denzel choose this film over any other at the time, we may never know, but one can’t help to surmise that there might have been a more worthwhile production he could have become involved with. 2/10.

  • helena-juntunen-kallio
    helena juntunen kallio

    This is probably the only R rated film, Denzel ever did, and is one of those films that does take me back. The great titled Ricochet has a smartly constructed story which can’t be faulted. Revenge has never looked so good. Lithgow plays one of his best baddest roles, as a guy Denzel puts away, after a slick takedown of the wanted criminal, where Denzel’s promoted to a much better life of riches, outside of being a cop, an overnight success. How this has angered Lithgow, is immeasurable. He escapes and puts his diabolically constructed, foolproof plan of ruin on Denzel, that includes drugging him, getting videotape on him, having sex with a hooker, who gives him the clap, where he’s finally reduced to a mental wreck, by the psychotic mastermind. Ricochet is stylish too, but is so cleverly constructed, in one of the best revenge scenarios I’ve ever seen, where the only thing that can take down Lithgow’s plan, is Denzel killing Denzel. Ice T who plays a bad guy relative of Denzel’s, who helps in Denzel’s plan to outwit Lithgow, while also bringing some rapping lyrics, though was really wasted or forgotten, in the fact that he wasn’t really needed in this film. An Impressive film, directed by Aussie’s Russell Mulcahy (Razorback, Highlander) fans of Denzel’s should view it, and also if craving revenge, it’s a bonus, Lithgow, a villain here, who can’t be dead enough. What a surprise is Lindsay Wagner, turning up in this as a police commissioner, trying to help Denzel get a grip on his luckless predicament, at the hand a mastermind psychopath, who has a leech of an assistant, childlike, who won’t shut up. One thing you shouldn’t do about this movie. Violence is at a minimum, though it’s images are strong.

  • juliusz-pogorzelec
    juliusz pogorzelec

    You know what they say about sex. Well, the same applies to Denzel Washington. Even a bad Denzel flick is better than no Denzel flick. I’m not saying this is a bad flick, but the story line is pretty predictable. The racial overtones, the rough language, the hard action – all in Denzel’s films, but in others it is a little more polished. John Lithgow plays the criminal out to get revenge and boy, is he scary! I wouldn’t want him after me. he makes Hannibal Lecter look saintly. And, for those fans out there that like having a rapper in their movies, we have Ice-T. Totally cool!

  • sara-kennedy
    sara kennedy

    A great film thanks to 3 very talented actors. In my opinion what makes this film exceptional to other revenge thrillers is that the antagonist doesn’t focus on killing the protagonist, he focuses on destroying everything that means something to the protagonist through sex with prostitutes, stealing, cheating, and murder. I wonder why it didn’t get a higher rating because Ricochet is an excellent film that shouldn’t be missed.

  • vera-zarins
    vera zarins

    Denzel Washington, a policeman in law-school is playing basketball with the neighborhood toughs.He achieves fame by bringing down a drug dealing character, played extremely well by John Lithgow, who by his acting of a psychopath, put a new dimension into his acting abilities.Washington has it made as the years pass. Lithgow plots revenge while incarcerated and breaks out violently at his parole hearing.He turns the tables on Washington in several ways including the killing of his friend and fellow officer, nice played by Kevin Pollak. Washington is blamed for the killing. He kidnaps Denzel and shoots drugs into his system and provides him with a prostitute.The two eventually tangle on top of a high area before the obvious ending occurs.A good story allowed to go awry by crazy staged events.

  • petrauskas-jurgita
    petrauskas jurgita

    I’m really glad I caught this flick on the Action Network, because this is one way cool movie! The excellent performances by the two main actors is alone worth watching. Denzel is great at whatever he does. As for John Lithgow…I am not exaggerating when I say he plays the most terrifying villain in movie history! His cold stare alone sends shivers down my spine. He plays the kind of cold-blooded murderer that would make Hannibal Lecter cringe. This movie proves Lithgow’s versatility as an actor: He can play the lively, farcical Dick Solomon on “3rd Rock from the Sun” as good as he can a cold-blooded serial killer. The plot is full of twists and turns, and I didn’t lose interest for a minute! I felt Denzel’s pain and anguish as he would try to convince everyone around him that Lithgow was still alive and abducted him, and no one would believe a word he said. I wouldn’t normally regard any movie with Ice T in the cast as “great,” but I’ll make an exception this time around. Aside from some laughably bad dialogue, this film is absolutely excellent and is definitely one of the best action/thrillers I’ve ever seen! I said it before and I’ll say it again: You gotta check out Lithgow’s performance in this movie! “Ricochet” is a MUST-SEE!!!!My score: 9 (out of 10)

  • janne-ingeborg-nygard
    janne ingeborg nygard

    This movie gets worse with every passing minute. I was really excited to see John Lithgow playing a villain, and some guy named Denzel was in it too. The main problem with this film is that it tries too hard to establish Denzel as good and Lithgow as evil, and both end up as simply unlikeable characters.Lithgow is so evil that there’s nothing to sympathize with. He kills without remorse, gets in with the Aryan brotherhood, and while diabolical, he isn’t even that smart. His plots are simplistic, and only work because everyone else is pretty dense too.Washington is so good that there’s nothing to sympathize with. His only flaw is a righteous cockiness, which he earns by having never done anything wrong in his life. Normally, when we see this sort of character in a movie, at some point he has to make a choice between the lesser of two evils and do something commonly perceived as “wrong.” Not the case here. Any “wrong” he does is beyond his control.As for the ending, you’ve seen it a million times in different movies. So don’t hold your breath.

  • despina-cristea
    despina cristea

    Nick Styles is a cool cop who whilst on the beat with his partner captures and embarrasses on live TV, ruthless crime maniac Earl Talbott Blake. Styles goes on to achieve fame and lands the job of Assistant District Attorney, whilst Blake is sent to prison from where he plots a mission from hell that will destroy Styles life wholesale.Whilst not amounting to more than your standard revenge thriller, Ricochet does have grizzly devilment within its plot to make this a recommend for those who enjoy the popcorn thriller. John Lithgow is always great as a loon bad guy, and here he is a cackling grinning maniacal maelstrom of hate, and some of the lines he gets to deliver are icy madness personified. Denzel Washington is routinely good as Styles, handsome and believable as the cop done good who gets his life flipped upside down by the revenge thirsty Blake. The film is tight on action (including a couple of gross scenes for those inclined), no little suspense, and a wonderful homage to White Heat into the bargain.It’s no award winner, it’s for those who like to be entertained with a bowl of no brain popcorn on their laps. See this if you enjoyed Lithgow in Cliffhanger, or purely if you like Washington period. 7/10

  • kathryn-galvan
    kathryn galvan

    Denzel Washington as a district attorney who is hunted and teased by a crazed escaped convict (John Lithgow) that he had put away when he was still a police officer. Crazed and silly action thriller that wastes the talents of its two leads with oddball sequences and twists galore. The supporting cast is no help and the screenplay is way too dumb to generate much interest after a fairly successful start. Lithgow’s demented character chews up the scenery and Washington seems somewhat lost himself in the disappointing mixture. Typical would-be cop thriller of the time period that does very little to set itself apart from other works of the type. 2.5 out of 5 stars.

  • gianmaria-longo
    gianmaria longo

    You know an actor is in trouble when he gives a less convincing or heartfelt performance than Ice-T, and yet the Academy saw fit to award this film an Oscar for his later performance in a film that looks like a mere extension of the gangland visit scene in this wreck. I swear, the Oscars get more meaningless with each passing year.John Lithgow puts in a fine performance as the bad guy, but in the end, you wind up rooting for him because Denzel Washington’s acting makes one believe that he just doesn’t give a damn. Hasn’t anyone else noticed that he plays every single role he gets, regardless of its dimensions, exactly the same? Unlike other actors who do this, such as Russell Crowe or Jack Nicholson, he cannot even do it in an interesting way.One thing this film does have going for it is the violence, which was graphic enough to get the film an R-rating in Australia during a period when the OFLC was a touch more relaxed, but unfortunately there is not enough of it to make the film interesting to watch, as was the case in Virtuosity (another steamer in which Washington is out-acted by the pot plants).I used to enjoy Ricochet as a guilty pleasure, but after seeing Denzel Washington get the highest of accolades for a film that was out of theatres here almost as quickly as it was released, I won’t be watching it again. It only gets a five out of ten from me for John Lithgow’s devilish performance.

  • eriks-klavins
    eriks klavins

    This movie rocks! The double cat-and-mouse game played by Washington and Lithgow works. If you are looking for an action movie that provides plenty of thrills, conflicts, drama, chases, and breathtaking suspenses and actually has a PLOT, then this film is for you.Washington and Lithgow are both first rate, as always, and this movie does not disappoint. Watch it!*** out of ****

  • nataliia-verkhola
    nataliia verkhola

    I’m only reviewing this because I suspect it’s the worst action-thriller I’ve ever seen. The plot is idiotic; Lithgow’s villain uses tactics that could only work if he knows exactly how his target will react, and if the latter uses absolutely no strategic thought. As is typical of the genre, all of the hero’s problems are instantly erased by a final battle. But this piece of junk goes one step further, having a reporter announce that obviously, the mere presence of the villain clears everything up. Puh-leeze.

  • kirsi-lehtinen
    kirsi lehtinen

    The characters have absolutely no depth, the good guy too good, the bad guys too bad, nothing to make them anything more than cartoon characters, and every performance was overacted.I rented this with a group of people and I think it cost us about 50 cents a piece.. and I still wanted my money back.Horrible

  • snjezana-miskovic
    snjezana miskovic

    Rookie Cop (Two Time Oscar-Winner:Denzel Washington) has come a long way from the tough streets of L.A., Nick’s life changed forever when he becomes a celebrity. When he stopped a ruthless psychotic killer by the name of Blake (John Lithgow). Nick becomes a media sensation, when it was captured on video by a bystander. Nick’s career takes off as a lawyer, while the criminal is behind bars. Seven years has passed… Nick never realize that Blake is being planning the perfect plan of intimidation, public humiliation and murder. Nick has no choice to ask for help, when he ask his old friend (Ice T). Which his old friend has become a Street Hustler while dealing drugs and stealing cars at the same time. Together with the help of another friend (Kevin Pollak) to set a trap for Blake.Directed by Russell Mulcahy (Highlander, Resurrection, The Shadow) made an entertaining, lurid, action/thriller. This film is also campy at times, especially for this interesting premise. Lithgow offers a scene stealing performance as the villain, which he is entertaining. Mulcahy even manages to give a Highlander homage in a scene. Victoria Dollard (T.V.’s Spin City) also co-star in the film as Nick’s wife.DVD has an sharp non-anamorphic Widescreen (2.35:1) transfer and an terrific-Dolby 2.0 Surround Sound. This film has never been a box office hit but it did become a cult hit on video and a television favorite. The film’s only flaw is the silly conclusion but Mulcahy keeps things moving in the film. Do not miss this far-fetched but strong Action/Thriller. Screenplay by Steven E. de Souza (Beverly Hills Cop 3, Commando, Street Fighter). From a Story by Fred Dekker (Night of the Creeps) and Menno Meyjes (Max). Panavision. (****/*****).

  • shelly-henson
    shelly henson

    ********SPOILERS*******There is one serious problem with “Richochet.” It is not good.I say this with tongue-in-cheek, because one of the fundamental rules of being a film reviewer is to never say that you do not like a film, but rather why you do not like a film. The problem with “Richochet” is that I just don’t like it, and I can’t always tell why. Perhaps because it is made up of recycled film cliches that got old the millionth time they circled around as something fresh. I may never know. But I’d rather not know than sit through “Ricochet” again.The film opens with an establishing shot. What does it establish? Pretty much nothing, but here’s what I gather. It sets up star Denzel Washington as a rookie patrolmen, Nick Styles, at a small fair. He stops madman Earl Talbot Blake (John Lithgow) from killing a hostage, by shredding off his clothes. A reason for women to see the film? Probably.An amateur photographer videotapes the dramatic collar and sells the tape to a Los Angeles television station, and they become interested in Styles.Seven years later, Styles is a happily married assistant district attorney well positioned to enter the local political arena. He is the father of two, and his newest project in mind is focused on building a children’s center under the Watts Towers. (Cliche no. 1: Set up good guy as a good, nice guy.) In the meantime, Blake (Lithgow) has been growing progressively more loony in prison, where he has joined an Aryan pride group. Here’s the catch: He’s not racist. He’s just trying to get out of prison with a fiendish plot. Once out, he drops the White Ones and fakes his death, so that he can commit himself full time to making Styles’ life a living (beep).”Ricochet” borrows and borrows and borrows and borrows, and after that, it borrows some more. Here is a more complete List ‘o Cliches:1. Bad Guy gets locked up in jail by Good Guy and plans revenge.2. Good guy has good life until Bad Guy comes back into the picture.3. Bad Guy sets Good Guy up for something he didn’t do (in this case, sleeping with a prostitute), and Good Guy fights back by getting Drug-Sniffin’ Drug Lord to help him. 4. Showdown on top of a multi-story building, in which Good Guy is about to die when Drug Guy comes to the rescue with his band of Cool Dawgs.5. Happy, sappy, predictable ending, resulting in Bad Guy’s death.That sums the film up. You’re probably thinking that there has to be more to it, but in all honesty, everything else in it is a bunch of borrowed cliches, too. All underlying tidbits are borrowed flaws; cliches that worked the first or second time around, but don’t work the millionth time. I love Denzel Washington. I think he’s a great actor, and I always enjoy his performances.I love John Lithgow’s screen presence as a villian. And y’know what? I must say it worked here. There were some scenes where I was held in awe with a sick feeling in my stomach (the scene with Lithgow and Washington’s daughter). But other than the two main actors being good, the film fails on most levels. And, furthermore, the actors themselves didn’t seem to strike any sense of chemistry between each other, which is essential for a film like this, even if they are enemies.”Ricochet” comes off with mixed credentials in that it’s directed by Russell Mulcahy, the man held responsible for “Highlander,” and written by Steven E. de Souza, who wrote the screenplays for “48 Hrs.,” the “Die Hard” films, “The Running Man” and “Commando.” So what, exactly, went wrong here?Well, here’s what I put together.The cop-buddy bit with Denzel and Kevin Pollack is borrowed from “48 Hrs.” The battle between Lithgow and Washington (which ends in a battle on a tower) comes straight from “Die Hard,” while the idea of a man taking on an army of disbelievers, or bad guys, is ripped-off of “Commando.” I wonder if Steven realized he was ripping-off his own work so much while he wrote this script.1.5/5 stars -John Ulmer

  • sean-moran
    sean moran

    Drama starring Denzel Washington and John Lithgow. Nick Styles (Washington) is a rookie cop who captures the quite sadistic Earl Blake (Lithgow) in an unusual fashion. The publicity surrounding the arrest gets Styles and his partner promoted to deceive and within 2 years he becomes deputy DA. Blake however rots in jail attacking everyone and anything that gets in his way thinking about getting revenge on Styles. He soon escapes after some silly fighting in the prison (samurai style sword fights in what looks like the canteen, with books strapped to each other as protection) and sets up Styles in a true Hollywood way. Washington was the highlight of the film although Lithgow was truly over the top Hollywood bad guy.

  • andreas-eliassen
    andreas eliassen

    This rating means so bad it’s great. Over the top to the point of a Monty Python movie. Bad American Action movie finally becomes enjoyable comedy.Too many highlights to mention, but I’ll try. John Lithgow showing he can’t stop mugging–a sad thing from someone who was a great actor before he became a mugging TV sitcom actor. Denzel in his most embarrassing moment, stripping off all his clothes down to his undies to distract the villain. And the scene with the hooker when she walks up to a drugged out Denzel who is begging her in his drugged state to not have sex with him (she does anyway) and she says “I love it when they beg” Over the top music score helps push this into bad movie heaven as does the “making crap great” director R.M. working at the top of his bad movie MTV form. I miss him now in these days of Michael Bay etc, he had style to his crap that saved some of the films or elevated them to be fandango’s of excess and lighting. Outlandish in every sense also tasteless on every level this is Hollywood product at its most SUPER SIZE ME level.The only thing that may hinder your enjoyment is if you like Denzel and Lithgow (I certainly liked them at their best) and don’t want to see them totally take this job for the money. Also a problem if you can’t take the attempts at nasty film-making as comedy, which you have to to enjoy this mean spirited ridiculous trash, your apt to be offended and would have every right to. But not taken seriously this is a real gem and should become a cult item in the future.

  • tiiu-kuusk
    tiiu kuusk

    This is just one of those average Die Hard spin offs that in most cases I try to avoid. John Lithgow is pretty convincing as a stark raving mad inmate, but to many aspects of this movie fall flat on its face. Some of this stuff is just to far fetched for me to buy into. Do men in prison really dress themselves up in ghetto armor and masquerade around the lunch hall with swords and battle to the death? Do juries really buy into bashing the defense attorney personally, and do they allow DAs to jump around the courtroom waving his hands in the air like a madman and screaming like a girl? Is it possible to goto a parole hearing, tell a man on the parole board you are going to have sex with his wife and his daughter AND HIS DOG, and then have 3 prisoners just magically bust up in there with power drills and electric saws (with no plug-in around) and kill everybody, then make an escape on a van filled with books for sale? I mean cmon when do you want me to stop? I am able to suspend disbelief for a film in many cases, but then there is this fine line between entertaining and just plain ridiculous. The only reason this movie gets a 4 is because the acting was exceptional. Btw, drug me up on heroin and cocaine and I bet you still can’t convince me to have sex with someone I don’t want to, even if she is a white hooker with CLAP. 4/10

  • cheryl-huynh
    cheryl huynh

    Ricochet is an intense movie that stars Denzel Washington,John Lithgow,and Ice-T!I really don’t want to say much in case you haven’t seen it. I will point out a few things though.Lithgow really steals the show here as he puts on a great performance as a very mean villain!There is one small sex scene and a little nudity in a bard but it really doesn’t show it that long.The music is excellent by Alan Silvestri!I love it when the haunting music starts when Lithgow shows up in some scenes.There are some really intense moments.Jesse Ventura is in the film for a while and boy does his character look different than his others in previous movies.Washington and Ice-t were very good.Anyway it a cool film directed by Russell Mulcahy!If you haven’t seen Ricochet before than now is the time to check it out!

  • amalija-bizjak
    amalija bizjak

    Over-the-top vehicle for Denzel Washington, here playing policeman-turned-District Attorney who puts slimy killer John Lithgow away, but quickly becomes the psycho’s main target after Lithgow escapes from prison (in what must be the most nondescript prison-breakout in movie history!). Ridiculous, sometimes enjoyable non-think entertainment doesn’t take itself too seriously, and Washington is solid throughout. Lithgow appropriately hams it up, but Lindsay Wagner is wasted as a fellow D.A. Film tails off near the finish line for a formulaic climax, but otherwise isn’t too bad. ** from ****

  • teresia-akesson
    teresia akesson

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Denzel Washington. I like John Lithgow. I just don’t like them together in this movie! Too many implausible situations for me to believe anything like these events could actually happen in real life even though yea, I know, it’s ONLY a movie. No real character development, just a lot of action, sex, violence. And we’re supposed to believe Denzel, as the cop, paid his way through law school?? One scene towards the end was right out of “White Heat”. I’m sure they weren’t paying homage to that excellent James Cagney movie, the director probably just ran out of ideas. Watch once if you feel the need and forget about it………or watch Philadelphia instead.

  • clea-basile
    clea basile

    Remember when John Lithgow used to be menacing? Remember when he was a demented psycho in Blow Out? or the magnificent transvestite in The World According to Garp? What about when he was a demented paranoid in The Twilight Zone – The Movie? And that religious tormented Reverend in Footloose? Even De Palma’s Raising Cain was good in Lithgow’s gallery of freaks. Yes, John Lithgow used to be dangerous as an actor. And one of those great performances was given in this little seen thriller directed by Russell “Highlander” Mulcahy. Denzel Washington, in a full, maniacal “Die Hard” mode, is Nick Styles, a maverick cop who is framed fro murder after Blake (Lithgow, in electric psycho mode) escapes form prison seeking revenge on Styles, the man that put him on cold seven years ago. The pace is really fast, the situations are extreme and the movie even manages to include some over the top, twisted violence. Sure, it has the very same conventionalisms and clichés of every other action movie (Styles partner dies, et al), but still, Ricochet goes over the average thanks to bravura performances by the two leads and some damn fine action sequences and camerawork.But now, Russell Mulcahy has stepped into oblivion and John Lithgow has become somber family fodder in mind numbing sitcoms about aliens and rock.

  • clara-marta-campos
    clara marta campos

    A strong opening sequence, reminiscent of titles straight from a Hitchcock movie, bodes well and it’s Denzel to the max from the opening frames. ‘Ricochet’ is very much a product of the 80’s in its look and sound, and there’s a hard edge and some snappy dialog that really pushes the action forward without pulling any of its numerous punches. This is most likely down to the screenplay being penned by Steven de Souza who wrote Die Hard; DH 2; 48 Hours and Another 48 Hours, some of the previous decades’ defining films. John Lithgow’s performance is suitably deranged, Kevin Pollack provides solid support (nice impression in the early stages). It’s a good story, not without a Hitchcockian twist or two, arguably not particularly polished as a final product, but still a barrel load of kitschy ’80’s fun. Worth a look, especially for Denzel fans.

  • uch-a-begiashvili
    uch a begiashvili

    This is a typical Denzel Washington film: well-acted, rough language, a racial theme and an involved story that holds your interest. A lot of his movies fit those categories.Washington plays a preacher’s kid and its nice to see he has such respect for him.So many times, Hollywood portrays fathers and especially clergymen in a bad light. John Lithgow is the villain and is such a crazy over-the-top loon he’s fun to watch. There are no lulls in this story, yet the action scenes weren’t overdone. It gets predictable in the end but I like the analogy in the film to the classic movie, “White Heat.”I was sorry to see a few things: once again, white people are all the bigots; Lindsay Wagner, television’s nice lady of the past, now using very profane language here and looking hard.Overall, this sometimes looks like a “B” action film more than a classy one but it’s still an interesting crime film that sports a few different angles. It may not be one of Washington’s better-known efforts, \but it is still entertaining.