Aging ex-marshal Steve Judd is hired by a bank to transport a gold shipment through dangerous territory. He hires an old partner, Gil Westrum, and his young protege Heck to assist him. Steve doesn’t know, however, that Gil and Heck plan to steal the gold, with or without Steve’s help. On the trail, the three get involved in a young woman’s desire to escape first from her father, then from her fiance and his dangerously psychotic brothers.

Also Known As: De red efter guld, Pistoleiro do Entardecer, Vinande kulor, Pistoleiros do Entardecer, Duelo en la alta sierra, Ο εκδικητής της ερήμου, Djedal dar baadaz zohr, Os Pistoleiros da Noite, Pistoleros del atardecer, Pistoleros al atardecer, Délutáni puskalövések, Viheltävät luodit, Strzaly o zmierzchu, Sacramento West, Sacramento, Ride the High Country, Skudd ved solnedgang, Guns in the Afternoon South, Guns in the Afternoon, Revolvers in de Sierra, Pucnjava popodne, Călăreşte ţinutul montan, Скачи по высокогорью, Coups de feu dans la Sierra, O ekdikitis tis erimou, Ездачи в планината, To xrysafi den ftanei gia olous, Sfida nell'alta Sierra

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