Julia becomes worried about her boyfriend, Holt, when he explores the dark urban legend of a mysterious video said to kill the watcher seven days after viewing. She sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend and in doing so makes a horrifying discovery: there is a “movie within the movie” that no one has ever seen before.

Also Known As: The Ring, Дзвiнки, El Aro 3, El aro 3, Vòng Tròn Tu Thân, Körök, The Ring: Rebirth, Halka 3, The Ring 3, Krug 3, Avertizarea 3, Krogi, Rings, Les cercles, Skambutis 3, The Ring 3D, La llamada 3, Rings: Σήμα κινδύνου 3, Звонки, Krugovi, Le Cercle: Rings, O Chamado 3

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  • cosmin-nemes
    cosmin nemes

    This is the tale we all know from the first two films. Watch a tape and you die in 7 days. That’s where this starts out and we follow along with the characters as the story unfolds. Except for the little twist in the plot. The tape changes with the lead character having seen it she receives a mark on her hand on the first day instead of the 5th. The new tape is played and no one watches but the main heroine. This story is a little different with churches, burning bodies, etc. So she and her boyfriend are off to find out why the story is different, searching to set Zamora free. The eventually find out who is Zamora’s real mother and father and are able to set her to rest by burning her bones. Only problem, the heroine has been marked and for a reason. As she pulls the fish line out of her mouth, her boyfriend begins to decode the markings. At the same time, she realizes her mark has turned to loose skin that comes off and she has Zamora like skin underneath. Meanwhile, the video of the new film that was digitized and put on computer begins copying itself and sending to all email addresses that are stored in the email program. As her boyfriend tries to stop it, he realizes that the marking spells something ominous, it spells rebirth, and his girlfriend has become Zamora for a new generation.

  • roy-lewis
    roy lewis

    First of all don’t listen to the critics. As a fan of the first two I was looking forward to this movie ever since it was announced. The delays and the re-shoots had me worried but the final outcome of this movie left me satisfied other than the unnecessary opening sequence. I wouldn’t call this a horror movie but instead a mystery thriller. Samara lacked screen time but the movie delivered a good mystery that often left me guessing until the end. Some would argue that it was a tad bit predictable but even then the movie was still better than some recent horror movies that came out the last few years. The entire premise of this movie was interesting once we were introduced to the 7th floor things got really interesting without spoiling it for anyone. As I mentioned before it felt to me that Samara wasn’t seen enough in this movie taking away some of the horror elements. The movie often relied too much on jump scares and failed to create the same eerie atmosphere as the first. So in the end I highly recommend this movie. It’s a good popcorn flick to check out on the weekend. Leave your expectations at the door and try not to read into it too much prior to seeing it because the trailers gave away a lot of the good scenes. In the end, you won’t be disappointed.

  • elvis-lusis
    elvis lusis

    Horror sequels are a tricky thing. By their very nature, horror films are supposed to shock and surprise, yet a sequel’s nature often is to give you more of what was provided by the first round. The outcome is that usually a horror sequel is at best a watered down rehash of what came before, and at worst a disaster that makes the original film feel worse than it was when you watched it the first time. Rings isn’t quite the latter, but at times it comes close.At the opening of Rings we are treated to a sequence in which an individual who had viewed the infamous video of antagonist Samara is traveling by airplane and believing being in a public space will keep him safe from harm since his 7 days are up. Oh, so wrong, for him and his fellow passengers. Next, the film introduces the leads, Julia (Matilda Lutz) and boyfriend Holt (Alex Roe) as he is headed off to college in a distant city. At first they keep in touch by Skype, but Holt first acts weird and then is unresponsive to Julia’s attempts to reach him. Concerned, she drives to his school and via some sleuthing, discovers that Holt has fallen under the sway of a professor (Johnny Galecki, who just can’t seem to break away from an academic setting) who has created a cult of sorts around the Samara video and is trying to research it to accomplish . . . something (there is some dialogue alluding to the professor’s goals, but frankly it’s all just rubbish).When Holt, who has seen the video, is fast approaching his seven day deadline, Julia takes the hit of watching the video, starting a new cycle. But this time something odd has happened when copying the video and visions that Julia keeps seeing leads her and Holt to a small city where Samara once lived believing this will help find the key to Julia’s salvation.Despite a moment or two of off kilter imagery, Rings is not the least bit scary. Perhaps some of the reason for that is because the proverbial cat has been let out of the bag regarding the story’s key “hook” (watch disturbing video, seven days later you meet a gruesome demise) and that all the original film’s power to scare is gone and we are left with lukewarm leftovers. But the simple fact is, director F. Javier Gutierrez and screenwriters David Loucka, Jacob Estes and Akiva Goldsman just don’t seem to be trying. Rings feels less like an out and out horror film and more like an occasionally creepy mystery drama, and isn’t helped by the fact that the mystery aspects of the film aren’t engaging. At least one “twist” is so obviously telegraphed that you wonder if any audience member would be surprised by it, which represents about all this tepid film can produce.The acting is generally middle of the road. Lutz and Roe fill the typical slots of fresh meat for the grinder, not generating much interest of likability. The screenplay wants us to root for them, but it’s a forced affection. Johnny Galecki is briefly vacating his Big Bang Theory sitcom cocoon, and his character has a bit of intrigue to him, but there isn’t that much for him to work with. Vincent D’Onofrio makes a late film appearance as a local priest, and while he always brings something to pretty much any role he takes, there is nothing particularly remarkable here to make him stand out aside from being one of the few recognizable names in the cast.Rings exists because, as has been common in filmmaking in recent years, this is a recognizable and familiar franchise that Paramount owns the rights to and can churn out another entry on the cheap and hopefully make a few bucks on. It is a rather depressing state of affairs that that is all that is necessary to warrant a film from a major Hollywood studio be produced these days, and that might be the most horrifying thing about Rings.

  • dodo-merabishvili
    dodo merabishvili

    I’ve just seen the new Rings, I don’t really want to include this movie into the franchise. But the story is good, because people are confused of this movie. This is NOT a prequel/remake. It’s a simple sequel. I hate it and I love it. I agree with the ‘cheap’ jump scares, but when you’ve seen the older movies. There were barely of them. When I’ve seen The Ring 1, I think it was scary because Samara was such a mysterious girl who kills people over a video tape. The Ring Two was a great story about her before she was adopted, but I didn’t like it compared to Rings. Rings showed us the REAL Samara and her REAL parents. Even though the story was a bit rushed, the ending was perfect! “I’m sorry, but it won’t stop!” explained it all! Samara is and still will be evil. No matter what you do, she IS evil.Rings is great, but the trailer looked better than the movie. There are lots of scenes that they didn’t show us. I hope that they will release them on DVD. I’m buying it.Some things that I disliked, everything happened too soon. They revealed Samara too much and it had bad jump scares.I’m also confused how people consider it as “the worst movie” ever made. They honestly haven’t seen the earlier movies. (The “Ringu” franchise doesn’t count.) It’s not because they delay a movie early in the year, that it’s a bad one. Instead of 4,5/10, I would say that this movie deserves at least a 6.

  • jyaa-loknaattyon
    jyaa loknaattyon

    Rings is not a bad film , but it’s just you can’t call it strong horror Maybe Thriller or Mystery .. The story is good and could have been served better to increase the scary content of it . I consider it a good continuation of the Ring series Although I’m missing Naomi Watts . Acting was okay . Music and Picture were fine .. Overall it’s not as bad as you might hear , and not better than the first two parts ..

  • acikel-erdogan
    acikel erdogan

    The movie was better than it had any right to be, but it didn’t try to do anything new. I actually enjoyed the mystery aspect of the film, but it kind of failed as a scary movie, as it wasn’t scary at all and was filled with cheap fake jump scares. The acting from the two main people isn’t bad, but you can tell they got the parts just because they were pretty. This movie seems much more of a sequel to the original movie The Ring, forgetting most of the nonsense from The Ring 2. Rings also seems to take more inspiration from the original Japanese films, where a lot more is learned about Samara’s birth parents.From the trailers, I thought that this movie might have a lot more stuff with social media, but other than a few things, this movie could have taken place a decade ago. The only thing to show that the film’s in the present is that they copy & paste video files, and they use smart phones as flashlights. Overall, the film isn’t horrible, but it also isn’t very good, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it.If you want to see my full review in video form you can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JstAEbfzXwI

  • sofia-galijn-boogaerts
    sofia galijn boogaerts

    This movie is boring, predictable and just unnecessary. I got the feeling of watching a low budget unofficial rip-off film, especially because of the horrible acting! However, the biggest critisism to this movie is the bland and stupid story. Nothing happens until the last 30 minutes, and nothing new happens during the movie at all. It’s as if they made a remake of the first Ring movie, only they’ve rewritten the story into something cringingly bad. Don’t bother!

  • natalia-medvedev
    natalia medvedev

    I liked the film and would see it again no probs.. it is not that bad.. for starters, it links to the first film, has a start, has a development and has an proper ending.. most of horror movies nowadays are terrible, and this is not one of those at all, I’m sorry, it isn’t.this film has structure, meaning, consistent and there are parts where you really get to be scared..I’de recommend, loved it..

  • jarrod-parker-dean
    jarrod parker dean

    SPOILERS! This movie starts with a scene so bad it may as well be “Scary Movie 6.” A random girl starts a conversation with a guy on a plane. The guy immediately says something like: “I saw this video tape 7 days ago and I got a phone call saying that I’d die right about… (checks watch) …now. In 5, 4, 3, 2…” (Why the hell would the guy get on a plane if there was a chance he was going to die?) Anyway, this really has nothing to do with the main plot, if you can call it that. The leads are so bland I wasn’t sure who was supposed to be who in the beginning. They talk about Samara and there are lots of hushed ominous conversations, but there’s zero sense of dread or foreboding. In fact, it’s all a big mess of nothing. I’m giving it 2 because I kind of liked seeing Leonard from Big Bang play a serious character.

  • kristian-berg
    kristian berg

    ‘RINGS’: Three Stars (Out of Five)The third installment in the American supernatural horror franchise, following 2002’s ‘THE RING’ and 2005’s ‘THE RING TWO’; the series is based on the 1998 Japanese horror movie ‘RINGU’. This sequel has a college student, and his girlfriend, trying to survive the curse of Samara Morgan; which haunts you for a week, before death, after watching a mysterious video tape. The film was directed by F. Javier Gutierrez, and it was written by David Loucka, Jacob Aaron Estes and Akiva Goldsman. It stars Matilda Lutz, Alex Roe, Johnny Galecki and Vincent D’Onofrio. The movie has been a hit at the Box Office, so far, but (of course) it’s received mostly negative reviews from critics, and fans alike. I found it to be pretty disappointing. A college professor, named Gabriel (Galecki), discovers the curse of Samara Morgan; after buying an old VCR at a garage sale, with a mysterious tape in it. He creates a college experiment out of the curse; where he assigns students to watch the tape, and then he finds them someone else to show it to (which saves their lives). Holt (Roe) is one new student that’s unlucky enough to get the assignment. When Holt’s girlfriend, Julia (Lutz), doesn’t hear from him, she comes looking for him.The film starts out pretty promising, and it’s creepy enough (like the others), but it loses it’s way pretty quickly. There’s definitely some cool, and somewhat frightening, scenes in it; but they’re mostly all in the first half of the movie. This sequel is definitely not as original, or as memorable, as it’s predecessors; but it’s worst crime is that it’s just boring. The first half is mildly amusing, but the second half is definitely a bore!

  • armine-azatyants
    armine azatyants

    “Rings” is a horror movie in which we watch a young woman trying to reach her boyfriend who is missing in his try of exploring a dark urban legend (a mysterious video said to kill the watcher seven days after viewing). In the meantime and as she is trying to save her boyfriend she discovers something about this movie that none has ever found. Something that maybe can change everything.I have to admit that I expected more from this movie and of course I was disappointed from it. It’s the third movie of this series and I believe is the worst. The plot is at a very basic level which makes the movie boring and without any suspense, something that it’s mandatory when we talk for a horror movie. In addition to this the direction which was made by F. Javier Gutiérrez is not so good due to the lack of experience or imagination of him or even because of low budget that this movie has. The interpretations of Johnny Galecki who plays as Gabriel and Vincent D’Onofrio who plays as Burke, they can be seen as “supporting players” in this film and nothing more.Finally I believe that “Rings” is a simple – medium movie with low budget, poor cast and direction which used a name in order to make money and of course it failed. In comparison with the previous two movies I have to say that it’s the worst and I don’t recommend it to anyone, you are going to lose your time watching it.

  • michael-newton
    michael newton

    As you know i went live stream but few people saw my video thats why im going to review If the 2nd one went in a bad way this one is considered An insult and an offensive to the sequel An story and plot twist are way way less than what we saw in the past films, julia’s character is of course full of good things and lots of feautures but Functionalization is shitty unfortunately made her loss every good thing she had they had to rely on her, samara isn’t the main villain and i wont say who is it cause i don’t want to get into spoilers and the events are not related at all i felt that who wrote the screenplay is lost he was spining and confused and it didn’t have any jumpscares its just creepy, maybe its suspenseful in the end but it had some mystery scenes and gaps in the end its shitty movie and I will never see it again my score for this is 2/10

  • kevin-elliott
    kevin elliott

    Can we just take the time to appreciate the original Japanese horror and the American remake. Just…a little bit longer…ok done. The scariest thing about this convoluted mess of pointlessness was that it wasn’t titled ‘The Ring Three’…they just pluralised it instead. Ignore the first two good chapters, we follow the two most boring young adults in existence as they uncover the truth behind the demonic TV ghost-lady, Samara. However, a professor comes across the tape and…oh forget it, I can’t be bothered describing the plot. This. Was. Pointless. Why does this even exist!? Who possibly thought this was a good idea! Rehashing the same plot points from its predecessors and somehow turning it into an incoherent ball of blahhhh. There’s more clarity in Samara’s tape which consists of ambiguous imagery that looked like it was filmed in the 1960s! I feel for her, I really do. Now that a professor (someone who has a doctorate in something, obviously) creates an experiment where students watch the tape. Get this though, prepare yourself, in order to avoid dying in seven days they have to copy a ‘.mov’ file and get someone else to watch it. That…was the best they could come up with. Poor old Samara is having to phone everyone whispering “seven dayssss” as if it’s a full time job! Then once the mystery is “solved”, in which amounts to nothing, there is a final plot twist. You see that tagline on the front cover? “Evil is reborn”? Spoiler alert, that’s the final twist. But heck, you guys won’t care. It’s riddled with atrocious acting, coincidences upon coincidences in a coincidental story about coincidences, legitimately zero scares and the stupidest first scene ever. Only Gutiérrez’s creative directing style prevents this from getting the worst score. My god, this was bad. Makes ‘The Ring’ look like a masterpiece. Yikes!

  • anne-jacobsen
    anne jacobsen

    Like someone already wrote on here Rings 2017 is the untimely end of the American branch of “The Ring”. And that may actually not be such a bad thing…This franchise killer features a cast of lame characters, that you hope will fall prey to Samara rather quickly before their annoying screen presence becomes too much to bear. Sadly they mostly last all the way till the ludicrous end.Rings 2017 is based on a poor script with a re-imagined story. Thus this production is a rather dumbed down Reboot of the Gore Verbinsky classic.The camera here is flat, the music doesn’t fit, the editing rushed and uninspired. The below average acting in Rings 2017 leaves much to be desired.Even if this was just an American TV re-imagination of The Ring, it would still be a bad production by those standards. Bottom line: if you like The Ring, you better stick to the Japanese films. Samara is finally dead, much to the delight of her older Japanese sister, Sadako Yamamura. Good riddance!

  • dr-fazekas-zsoltne-jakab-terez
    dr fazekas zsoltne jakab terez

    “Life sucks when you can’t sleep.” “Yeah, tell me about it.” “Sometimes it helps to talk about it.” Story of the videotape that kills you, communicated from slick jawed ‘cute’ guy to meticulous, concerned girl. And this new chapter of ‘The Ring’ cycle begins.1998’s Japanese original ‘The Ring’ was a fine film, and despite Naomi Watts’ attempts, so was the 2002 remake. And yet the story was always pretty thin. This needn’t matter if there is enough imagination floating around the production team to create an atmosphere of unease, characters you care about and exciting situations. Guess what? ‘Rings’ has none of these things. Of course, it brings back the old routine with some good effects – oily black water, upwards rain, the child-voice whispering ‘7 days,’ and yet these brief moments exist in isolation.Self-assembly teens with choreographed intensity and catwalk emotion, dull as can be, pretty as paint. Can you act? Hell no, but if I smother my face in make-up and raise the occasional eyebrow, no-one will care. What about the dialogue? Shall we have any jokes, any natural discourse, any emotion? Nah, just spout some perfunctory slang, and add a bit of sexless titillation. We’re so pretty, we don’t need anything else. It’s galling to read reviews that proclaim a certain film as the worst ever made. This isn’t the worst film ever made. But it’s the worst I’ve seen for a very long time. It’s competently put together, had a few million dollars thrown at it, and a soundtrack desperately trying to tell us something of worth is happening. And yet everything that made the original so unsettling has been reduced to diva teen drama, acting strictly confined to the school of daytime soap, the anaemic kind of thing you’ve seen many times before and will probably see many times again, as long as there is popcorn and boredom.Even the much maligned ‘Ring 2’ (both Japanese and Hollywood versions) possessed at least an extension of the sinister spirit of Samara and her tragic evil. Here, whatever she has become is just another standard lurking presence. Her appearance stirs the dullness around it, rather than lifts it. Usually, there is something of merit in a film. Even if there is perilously little, I still recognise that someone, somewhere, has probably lavished time and thought on the project and that is always worth consideration. I can’t imagine anyone involved in this giving two hoots, other than to justify a pay-packet.There are rumours Ring films could become the ‘new’ annual Halloween release, like ‘Saw’ and ‘Paranormal Activity’ before it. If this Scooby-Doo-without-humour bore is anything to go by, it might well be better to forget it. If only I could forget watching this. Absolutely dreadful.

  • juan-exposito-gomila
    juan exposito gomila

    So basically this movie completely ignores all of the information from the previous films and re-writes the story entirely. And not in a good way.SPOILERS HERE ON OUTThe Priest did it. Because in Hollywood, a Christian Priest is the biggest possible villain. Priests are apparently rapists and murderers. Just because.It doesn’t make a bit of sense. Avoid at all costs.

  • olo-santoro
    olo santoro

    “The Ring 3” Movie Review “No Spoilers”I honestly expected more from this movie,I mean it took them some time to make a new one! I saw it’s low IMDb Score but i was like the critics are always harsh and it won’t be this bad ,But man oh man i was so wrong. If you are going there hoping to watch something Scary then really don’t waste your time and money, Don’t even bother watching it in the comfort of your home unless you were so Bored and Have absolutely nothing at all to watch! Actors not that Good, Boring Long Story “1h:45m” and a Shitty Ending. Be Warned!.

  • christophe-turpin
    christophe turpin

    Me and my girlfriend went to see this together, expecting it to be bad. We are both big horror movie fans. I loved Friday the 13th, Hellraiser, and I seriously enjoyed the new Ouija movie also. (so did my girlfriend) anyway we went to the theater expecting a “meh” and mostly bad movie, but this was just HORRIBLE. The acting was beyond cringe, and we had more fun laughing and making fun of the movie then we did actually watching the movie. Nothing made sense and it felt like they were making it up as they went. It was not even slightly scary, long and boring, bad acting, horrible plot, and pointless things happening that had no connection. It also basically just re told the first story as well. I do not recommend wasting your money on this horrible movie.

  • jasmina-erjavec
    jasmina erjavec

    I’m not really sure what I just watched but this was a far cry from the previous two movies. The worst offense that this movie has to atone for is the fact that it wasn’t scary. Not even in the slightest sense. Keep in mind that this was supposed to be a Horror movie.Right from the get-go it was pretty much clear “who would make it out of the movie alive” [“The Chosen One”-trope]. And that’s why the whole movie flopped. There was no real danger. The entire movie felt like a “documentary” about the origin story. Also, Samara was barely in the movie, which for the record was the main reason for my disgruntlement.Final verdict: This movie is more of a filler. It’s main purpose is to connect the links from the past to what is yet to come. This may sound wrong but the end of the movie was actually the best part (and it wasn’t because the movie ended. It’s because we were left with an intriguing cliffhanger. I like that). I remain hopeful for the upcoming movie in the franchise.

  • baegjeongsu

    I liked The Ring, I even liked The Ring 2, neither were the best horror films ever made but they had suspense, they had scary parts, and there were some scenes I genuinely jumped. Rings was dull. While the teasers hinted there would be more then one Sammora…. this movie barely had one, and when she was in the movie it wasn’t out of no where or scary and much of the story is about the protagonist trying to “Save her”. On top of that the ending isn’t just bad… it’s predictably bad… adding to the boringness. There was no reason this movie needed to be made and watching it actually falls into the category of sequels that ruin a franchise (Son of the Mask, Home Alone 4, Halloween Resurrection, Ace Ventura Jr, Christmas Vacation 2 etc).

  • vazha-ch-ach-anize
    vazha ch ach anize

    Not much to say, after watching the “Rings”. If you have seen the first two movies, then you should just skip this one. It’s a disgrace for the series. Repiod.Awful story, terrible acting, not even a single scary scene. Even when Samara appears, you are not scared, but sad… Not because of her story, but because of the series falloff…Personally, I loved the first movie and enjoyed the second, even though I found it mediocre. This one, however, is one of the least interesting movies I have seen in my whole life. Shame, shame, shame…

  • iaroslav-vivcharenko
    iaroslav vivcharenko

    Seven days! A simple phrase that struck terror in our hearts oh so many years ago. Certainly, you know I’m talking of The Ring, the horror movie about a death delivering video tape certain to scare you to death. Samara’s tale has fallen on to the backburner for some time, but like the cursed video, the series has resurfaced to the modern world to once more have you cowering at your screens. Will Rings live up to the potential? Robbie K here, once more sharing his opinions on yet another film. Let’s get started. LIKES: • Decent acting • Nice blend into the modern era • Strong story for a horrorSummary: Okay, this movie is certainly not going to win awards for best performance, but Rings’ cast has some skill in their performances of college kids plagued by an evil spirit. Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz and Alex Roe are the leads of this tale, doing a great job of balancing romance and detective work, finally a power couple who wasn’t annoying. And Johnny Galecki trades one nerd role for another, though this time his scientific qualities had a little darker twist to the mix. Overall, the cast gets a pat on the back for establishing some good characters to hook on to. Yet the major things this reviewer liked involved the story components of the movie. Rings has jumped into the modern area, dropping the outdated VHS tapes for modern day MP4 files. It will help bridge the generation gaps, and add a new element that the other installments were missing. And the story was much stronger than I anticipated. Rings has more mystery to it, trying to find the answers to the elusive mystery of Samara’s origins. Where it fits in the grand scheme of things is a little up in the air, but at least there is some character development and drama to spice things up. And as for the ending, it too is a little ambiguous, providing some delightfully dark closure, but still leaving it open for future installments. Not the strongest finish, but also not bad. DISLIKES: • Scare Factor at A Low • Some plot elements lackluster • Not the same RingSummary: Rings story may be on target, but the scare factor still didn’t reach the same levels that the first movie was able to achieve. This installment resorted to jump out scare moments, mainly trying to make you jump with sudden loud noises and hallucinations appearing from out of nowhere. Many of these moments weren’t well timed, and to be honest many of the objects just weren’t scary. Think of the first film and how creepy everything was, the unknown always teasing you until something sprung out of nowhere. All that was very diluted in this installment. Even though they finally show you how she kills her victims, the team didn’t quite make it as horrifying as I thought it would be (think ghost rider’s soul stare without the flashy fire). Rings was lacking this element, and had more of a mystery theme to it than an actual horror. In addition, there were also some plot elements that didn’t shine as much as they wanted. For this reviewer, there is still some questions they still haven’t fully answered that you have to draw yourself. The bottom line of the dislikes is that Rings didn’t quite hit the same level the first movie had all those years ago. The VERDICT:In conclusion, Ring is not so much a horror movie in this round, but a mystery film about uncovering the origins of Samara. While the cast is decent, the story is mostly thought out, and we have some answer, it still didn’t feel like the Ring series we’ve come to know. If you are looking for a movie to scare the pants off of you, sorry this isn’t the film to do it. And you can probably guess, but yours truly doesn’t recommend this one for the theater and implores you to wait until it hits home rental stands. Only people who might enjoy this one in theater are those who care about the story element of the movie, but I still think you can wait for home (I mean we have been waiting twelve years for this one right?). My scores are:Drama/Horror: 6.5 Movie Overall: 5.0

  • ulf-rasmussen
    ulf rasmussen

    …to not waste yours.Remember the writers strike of 1988?How bad a good pie recipe is without a cook? How poorly your car runs with no gasoline? How your puppy seems lacklustre and not at all playful since he died?There was more suspense on Teletubbies when I didn’t see the green one for a few seconds. Remember Duckman? I did, after I struggled thru 46 minutes of this I borrowed my parents VCR and watched it instead.

  • dr-kovacs-kovacs-laszlo
    dr kovacs kovacs laszlo

    From the start, this movie seems to not know what it’s doing and has some difficulty having to come into its own in the midst of what’s already established as a major, well-known franchise.The very start seems to either subtly undermine the “rules”, by having Samara not actually just kill a viewer, but kill hundreds of random bystanders who have not seen the tape as well, which kind of really makes me angry, especially as we see a Samara kill happen later where Samara explicitly does not kill someone who is basically in the same room as a victim but who has not seen the tape. themovie then sets up this rather convoluted club going on at the protagonist’s boyfriend’s college wherein a biology professor has a group of students watching the tape, then making copies to get others to watch so they don’t die. Somehow this is supposed to contribute to his research about life after death and the soul, but there’s no actual information to gather; you watch the tape, get a prank call, then get attacked and killed 7 days later. No one comes close (or is supposed to) come close to death or to actually trigger Samara’s appearance. The only data the professor seems to be gathering is pictures of their warped faces on cameras and occasional body markings. From there, we get an entire secondary plot involving a NEW The Tape which was hidden in some frames from a copy of the tap, which, apart from the way it was discovered, could essentially be its own completely different movie. It’s tie-in with The Ring’s story just feels contrived and stupid no matter how you try to justify it. The NEW The Tape is a retread of the old; a seemingly random assortment of esoteric images and video clips that are revealed throughout the movie to be relevant to the unfolding of the plot. While the first two movies pretty clearly established that Samara is evil and won’t stop, one thing this movie did fairly well was establish a sense of confusion on that count. It’s never clear whether the protagonist is being lead along by Samara or by Evelyn, and it’s simultaneously unclear if she really was evil, or if it was some manner of “curse” or a matter of “release mah spirit and i’ll stop”, but as the previous movies established, “you knew I was a snake when you took me in” All throughout the film, there’s tons of laughs to be had. Unfortunately for the film, they weren’t meant to be funny moments. Virtually every serious dramatic point is just badly blown by questionable acting, even more questionable dialogue, or overly convenient “random” events, like the completely out of nowhere lightning strike that knocks down a power line to kill a character before they can reveal some important information to the protagonist. That moment was probably one of the most hilarious. Over all, the story is passably bland but what really makes this movie stand out is the laughably awful execution of just about everything. Every single important dramatic moment either fell flat or was unintentionally hilarious, and every single jump scare, EVERY jump scare, was hilarious and laugh-inducing. I haven’t laughed at a horror movie this much in at least 4-5 years.

  • kikilia-karamane
    kikilia karamane

    Twelve years have passed since we last caught a glimpse of the waterlogged Samara clambering out of the well; twelve years. I want you to remember that because evidently the makers of Rings, the newest installment in the series forgot. They forgot that the origin of their vengeful specter has already been told and the supposed rules of Samara’s curse need maybe a refresher at most. Yet given the fact this film simultaneously ups stakes and downplays expectations I have to ask, what are we supposed to be looking at: a reboot? A sequel? A spin off? I can’t honestly tell you what we’re supposed to be watching, but what it looks like is a really s***ty horror movie – one that plum forgot to bring the scary. Jump scares abound in this movie and if that’s all it takes to jolt you out of your seat then watch out for the loud claps of car doors closing and umbrellas bursting open. Otherwise the second scariest thing about this movie is it makes an entire rural Georgia town look like the McPoyles from It’s Always Sunny (2005-Present).After an absurd opening hook provided by the single worst in-flight movie ever, the film begins with a young teenage couple inexplicably agog about the legend of Orpheus. Male Meatbag #1 (Roe) is headed off to college leaving Female Meatbag #1 (Ingrid Lutz) to wait for the inevitable turkey drop back in their hometown. The film insinuates she’s taking care of a sick family member but we never see them and the plot thread drops as soon as Male Meatbag #1 stops answering his phone. Female Meatbag #1 becomes upset and makes her way to the guy’s college where we meet (or rather re-meet) Male Meatbag #2 (Galecki). #2 is a biology professor who in addition to barely teaching classes also somehow managed to start an experimental death cult to protect himself from the cursed tape he recently found. Male Meatbag #1 is involved; Female Meatbag #1 sees the video, Female Meatbag #2 (Teegarden) dies and we all go on a glorious adventure to stop our flat screens from attacking.The main problem that every film in the Ring Series (2002-Present) has to try to overcome is finding a second act that matters. The concept all but requires the main source of fright and threat to bookend a narrative dead zone whereby victims anxiously await their fates. The Ring (2002) accomplished this with an engaging mystery. The characters were given a clear time clock, elevated stakes and clues within the cursed video to give the audience something to play with.Rings attempts the same thing, but since the audience should have some context (again it’s been twelve years), we’re all just twiddling our thumbs waiting for the characters to catch up. The mystery is a slightly different take on the curse (it’s also a slightly different video), but it hardly justifies this airless, soulless cash grab. Especially since the Gothic atmosphere of the first is completely absent and all we’re left with to mull on is a late appearance by Vincent D’Onofrio.For what it’s worth, supporting players Vincent D’Onofrio and Johnny Galecki outshine the leads in this insipid film like rusted tin cans in a rubbish tip. They’re not by any means good, but they wisely play to their strengths unlike Ingrid Lutz who looks like she’s about to burst a blood vessel trying to fake an American accent. Of course in comparison to Roe, she actually looks like she’s trying to sell her role. Roe ambles onto the screen like a last place relay racer who suddenly decided “I just don’t give a f*** anymore.” This film is a redundant farce lacking any of the inspiration that made the first American remake not just good but a J-horror trendsetter. The chills and thrills are non-existent and story can’t help but flounder in a sea of inattention and indecision. What is Rings supposed to be? I honestly think it might just be a bad joke twelve years in the making.