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Also Known As: L'Homme de Main: L'Ennemi Public #1, Return of the Footsoldier, Восхождение пехотинца 2, Rise of the Footsoldier Part II, Rise of the Foot Soldier II, Reign of the

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  • charles-farrell
    charles farrell

    Considering this is Ricci Harnetts directional debut i think it is an excellent effort.The dark undertones that became the fabric of Carlton Leaches life were brought to the fore with my particular favourite scene being the meeting with Norton played excellently by Jasper Britton with the intimidation from Britton and the fear from Harnett just oozing out of the scene.Carlton Leach led a dark and often dangerous life and i believe no better person than Harnett could have been chosen to portray him with his brooding swagger and attitude when playing the part.The DVD package itself is basic but well equipped with extras such as directors commentary and the making of.Leach himself making a cameo was a nice touch but purists in that world might like to have seen a few more notables such as Bill Gardner putting in an appearance.But all in all a very good title where i hope Mr Harnett is considering a ROTFS 3.

  • krssnnaa-llit
    krssnnaa llit

    Review: I really wasn’t expecting that much from this film, especially when I saw that it had something to do with the Rettendon killings but it actually turned out to be quite entertaining. The raw, intense and gritty storyline was, surprisingly, quite gripping and the Essex backdrop was put together well. The violence, sex and foul language did go a bit over the top but that was expected from this English, gangster type movie, which was based in Essex, at a time when the Rettendon murders were still in people’s minds. All of the actors put in a decent performance, and they made the movie seem extremely real but the person that I was most impressed with was Ricci Harnett (Carlton Leach), who was pretty brutal and unlikable at the beginning but he found some redemption towards the end. When Carlton finally decides to “Knock It On The Head”, to live the quiet life with his family, he is pushed to limit and his past catches up with him, so I would like to see a 3rd instalment, to finally see if he has turned his bad ways, to the good. The only downfall about this film is that there are a lot of movies in this genre which, are the same in many ways but I still stayed interested throughout, and I found it quite enjoyable. Round-Up: This movie was also directed by Ricci Harnett, who played the leading role, so he really did give this project his all. The London born actor/writer/director has also starred in movies like 28 Days Later, Vendetta starring Danny Dyer, Top Dog, the impressive Ill Manors, the Rise & Fall of a White Collar Hooligan, and some TV series like the Bill, Buried and Dubplate Drama. He also starred in the first instalment of this movie, so he wasn’t new to the project. Anyway, for his directorial debut, I personally think that he done a good job with this movie and his acting was top form but it would be good to see him tackle another genre, because this one has been done to death.I recommend this movie to people who are into their crime movies starring Ricci Harnett, Steven Berkoff, Luke Mably, Craig Fairbrass, Terry Stone and Tygo Gernandt. 4/10

  • todd-bernard
    todd bernard

    It is a good film, well put together and fun. They overdo the sex scenes a bit. Most people who watch this film have seen a pair of tits before.The characters are pretty well cast. Leech is good but the actor looks totally different in almost every way which is a bit frustrating at times.The people the film is based on are clearly no angels. But the film does not falsely try to make out they are great blokes. The problem in my view is that some young blokes watch films like this and then sort of look up to these people as glamorous.They are in fact horrible caaants, especially the bloke who gets a lot of pleasure out of horrific torture. The fact he is a fictional character that is best mates with Carlton could be an illusion to something else if you catch my drift.But I cannot deny that although I don’t think there is any honor in being a gangster, I like many others find their world fascinating.There are better gangster films about bigger cheeses out there but this one is still enjoyable and actually has a good climactic ending. It does not suffer the same shocking production values as some really budget gangster films

  • susana-falco-sevilla
    susana falco sevilla

    The first was possibly the most realistic and best example of the ‘Brit Gangster’ genre. This one is almost as good but as expectations were the highest, it’s just a shade under. See the first (a must), first. Once again contains some superior and hard gangster action but what is more disturbing, is it’s all based on the experiences of (the real life) Carlton Leach. Impressive.

  • wendy-newton-johnson
    wendy newton johnson

    The conclusion to the first film meant that a remake would be pointless.We are over the 90’s, and the point of the original was to document the eventual demise of big time drug dealers.My dealer at the time got done for 3,000 pills, 5 years in nick, but I never saw any violence. He’s a painter and decorator now, he enjoyed making people happy selling happy pills and he was nothing like the big time drug dealers portrayed in the media, he would chill out at my parties, I knew he was ‘something’, but he wasn’t a thug, let’s paint it real.

  • sherri-thompson
    sherri thompson

    The original Rise was told from Carlton Leach’s perspective, ‘Rise II’ doesn’t appear to have had a lot of input from Carlton himself as far as story goes it’s pretty thin on plot. The acting varies wildly from good (surprisingly, Craig Fairbrass and solid as per from Ricci Harnett) to downright awful – Steven Berkoff, his days have been numbered for some time. Terry Stone is forgiven as although normally the worst of the worst, his performance as Tony Tucker in the original ‘Rise’, even with the laughable wig, was outstanding. Here he is seen in flashback and it’s just about okay. As I mentioned, the plot is thin but at least most of the actors tried to make the best of what they had to work with, in the end it’s a by-the- numbers film that barely keeps you interested and then only really by Fairbrass and Harnett. I didn’t fall asleep so it must of had something.

  • uvarov-evstafii-venediktovich
    uvarov evstafii venediktovich

    RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER PART II is one of those mindless little British gangster films made on a very low budget indeed. If you’ve seen the first film in this series, you’ll know the story was conclusively tied up at the climax, leaving this a pointless sequel following a peripheral and minor character. What kills this film is the absolutely diabolical script, which is full of endless expletives and no kind of with at all. The main actor seems bored by the whole experience and the plot is a mindless mash up of male testosterone and antagonism in warehouses, strip joints, and nightclubs.

  • rafael-anjos
    rafael anjos

    Watched this last night. Wasn’t sure as to how it would be, as sequels can often be something of a disappointment. However, after a wee bit of a slow start, it got going and it focused on Leach’s life, post the murder of his friends. It wasn’t afraid to show the less glamorous side of crime and that it’s not all that it’s dressed up to be, by some. Good to see Leach’s efforts to reconnect with his family. Good performance from Ricci Harnett and I also wasn’t aware that he had lots of input behind the scenes. Obviously something of a labour or love for him.It’s also been left open for a third installment. I wouldn’t mind seeing that, if it comes to fruition. 🙂

  • elen-melik-adamyan
    elen melik adamyan

    The original RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER was unfortunate in that it arrived very belatedly in an era when most British films seemed inspired by Guy Ritchie . There’s only some much mileage you can squeeze out of a formula so by the time RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER came out everyone had become bored by mockney gangsters . That said I found Julian Gilbey’s true life crime movie to be rather underrated and if there was a British equivalent of GOODFELLAS that might have been it . Crime doesn’t pay ? Tell me about it . Despite this the idea of a sequel seems needless and I can see why this continuation of Carlton Leach’s life story came and went without the slightest fanfare In its favour director and star Ricci Harnett concentrates on continuity with the prior film . Some of the cast are resurrected and we have the same look and feel as the 2007 . There is a slight difference and that where Leach became a very peripheral character in the second half of RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER here he appears in nearly every scene and is the constant central character of the narrative This leads to a fundamental problem though . While the lives of Tate , Rolfe and Tucker were unremittingly violent and made the first film compelling here there’s considerably less violence which makes for a less compulsive film . Don’t get me wrong , you won’t confuse this with Walt Disney family fare but this tends to draw your attention to another aspect – self justification . Carlton you see isn’t really a bad man and only maims and beats people who deserve it and the understated violence is only inflicted on people who deserve . Perhaps even worse there’s an element of redemption running through the narrative subtext but how does a former West Ham ICF thug and gangster redeem himself ? The answer is he probably can’t . It’s not a bad film but if you need convincing that crime doesn’t pay the message has been spelled out in better films without trying to elicit sympathy from the audience

  • michael-rose-jr
    michael rose jr

    (I’ve not gone into great detail about the plot, but some of the story is outlined below.) The first part of RotF was ultimately the story of the Rettendon Murders in the mid-90’s as it unfolded around the life of young football hooligan, and later gangster, Carlton Leach, played masterfully by Ricci Harnett. RotF Pt.II is how Leach tries to come to terms with being the survivor of the gang, his ensuing drug addiction, divorce, criminal activities and part-redemption. Well, personally, I found this second movie to be even more absorbing than the first one. The character portrayals were so well-done I had to remind myself I was watching actors at times. Carlton’s and Shawn’s parts were played stunningly and their minimal dialogue was delivered straight as a bullet. If you’re at all interested in English gangland activity, I can’t recommend this and the first installment highly-enough. Full marks to Ricci Harnett for directing PtII, as well. Guy Richie he most certainly ain’t.

  • daniel-lambert
    daniel lambert

    Not only did Ricci Harnett write this film, He directed it as well. Ricci plays Carlton Leach in this 2nd parter of a film about how Carlton Leach went through his life and what Carlton Leach was all about. Not only are these guys now part of each others family Ricci plays Carlton very well. A true to life film about what really happened. The story starts off with loads of Action from start to finish He plays a very angry fella in a club that he looks out for and sorts it all out more or less one handed. I can’t give too much away as I would not want it spoilt for people who have not seen this. If any DVD sells out within a few days this year it will be this one. Well written, well directed and very well produced. If this does not get a 3rd film I will be surprised. GO OUT AND BUY A COPY AND MAKE SURE IT’S AN OFFICIAL AND NOT A BOOTLEG. KEEP British FILM GOING THIS IS A 100% FANTASTIC FILM 100/100

  • sharon-jones
    sharon jones

    I can only assume Berkoff needed some quick money as an actor of his ability should not have gone anywhere near this tosh. This film exaggerates the importance of Carlton Leach in the underworld. The acting is mostly dire but the script they are working to is unoriginal with dialogue that could have been written by a semi literate 12 year old. The direction and accompanying music just grates.

  • amanda-perry
    amanda perry

    Where do I start…acting is awful, bordering on on parody. Hard men who don’t see bad things happening to them. It’s 1985 gangster wonderland. I hope the idiots who made this got forced to watch Michael Mann and Tarantino films for a month. Amateur at best, swearing is pathetic. A poor film of a poorer subject. AVOID.

  • frank-frye
    frank frye

    After reading all carltons books and then watching the first film I’ve been so interested in the murders and also carltons life.. What ricci has done is amazing.. Don’t get me wrong the first film is unreal but that was because there was a lot to tell and a lot of characters to involve etc… This is based on a bloke who lost his best friend and family.. Got bang on the drugs hit a all time low paranoia the lot but came back from it all with help from his mates… Alright he ain’t a saint but he’s lived a fascinating life and especially looking at it from the outside its unreal to think what goes on in the underworld… His story makes a great book and fantastic film… Hope there’s a 3rd!! Must see if your into crime.. Actors are brilliant such a deep film loved it well done too all involved!!

  • nrendr-daadaa
    nrendr daadaa

    In the vault of unnecessary sequels, this has to be up there with The Last Exorcism 2, Single White Female 2, and 8mm 2. The film serves nothing more than to be a vanity project for Writer, Director, Caterer, and Star, Harnett.The first Rising of the Footsoldier was pretty solid stuff to be fair, it was the umpteenth telling of those shootings, and why and how they took place. They featured all your favourite bad boys from cockney based soaps, and had more C words in it than the song ‘My Coo Coo Ca Choo’. But it was purely filler, and was milking the dregs of a strange phenomena that Ritchie started in late nineties, and Nick Love continued to semi revive in the mid- nineties………that of the British crime movie, and then merging your cockney wide boy story with added on true events for good measure.And in the last few years, they have been coming out on DVD almost every other week, and almost every one features the word Essex in the title.So this is basically ‘what Carlton did next’ and if this film is anything to go by, it’s that he goes totally paranoid, almost loses everything because although he’s getting on in his years, he still wants to be the hardest man on the street.Now, with any other film, you would conclude that the writer is stretching the truth just a little bit, but when you have the real Leach appear in the film for nothing more than to hug his fictional counterpart, you wonder if it’s all above board, or whether some people have huge egos.And it’s just another atypical, by the numbers gangster movie that has absolutely nothing new to offer. So the film consists of Harnett having a fight, getting paranoid, having a fight, getting paranoid, getting his family paranoid, and so on and so on.None of the characters are likable, the film glamorises idiotic, beer swilling louts who like nothing more than to smash stuff up, treat women like animals, but are the salt of the earth, because they are loyal.You’ve seen it all before, better and worse, and there now must be at least fifteen to twenty films in this sub genre released every year.And the worse thing is, is that the film feels like the middle of a blooming trilogy.A worthless inclusion to a worthless genre, feeding the wannabe criminals pipe dreams of destruction.

  • anica-varga
    anica varga

    Two hours of my life I will never get back rubbish

  • lisa-stafford
    lisa stafford

    Not a patch on the original William/Julian Gilbey Rise of the Footsoldier. This concentrates on the aftermath of the Rettendon Range Rover murders. I am not sure even Director Ricci Harnett, who once again plays Carlton Leach, knows what to do in the movie. The script is like it was made up as he went along. No wonder you can buy the Blu-Ray for a couple of quid at major online retailers. This straight to DVD job went straight in the bin after viewing.

  • laura-roos
    laura roos

    Rise of the footsoldier(the original) I saw 3 times. NOT because it was good, but because I ABSOLUTELY FORGET I had seen it and slogged my way though it again ‘hoping’ it would redeem itself by the end. It did not. None of the 3 times. (How the heck it got a 7+ rating I have no clue) This one was worse, I could NOT finish it so I guess my rating is not totally fair (I Just could NOT finish, about 1/2 way though I decided to spend the extra time watching something ‘interesting’) SO while I have no ‘right’ to rate it, I CAN say ‘the first half’ of the movie is boring as hell, at least Rise of the Footsolider(2007) had a LOT of violence to keep one watching, this one was just… BORING.IMO a 4 is generous, and am only giving it such a high score because I did NOT finish it.

  • maxim-de-grunt
    maxim de grunt

    I’m not sure what most of the other reviewers watched, but it must’ve been a different film to the one i saw. Either that or they were sniffing the same stuff as the main character did for most of the film! This was one of the worst films i have ever seen. Everything about it was garbage. Avoid like the plague.

  • mr-dennis-valenzuela-dds
    mr dennis valenzuela dds

    I was at the premiere of this film from the beginning of the night to the end of the night it was a brilliant event I thoroughly enjoyed the film and I thought considering it was one of the actors directorial debut i thought he turned out a brilliant effort both directing and acting and I thought all of the actors were brilliant and if you want to see a all round film this is for you it had everything the story was really well told and had a load of depth to it and to top it off the question and answers session after was the icing on the cake i can’t wait for this to come out on DVD and all the people that didn’t get to see it at the cinema you should definitely get the DVD/Blu Ray as it is well worth the money you won’t regret it

  • brandy-salazar
    brandy salazar

    7 years ago a biographical British Gangster film set in the Essex crime world was a successful hit and one what divided critics. It was also a film that highlighted more than ever the dividing line of snobbery that exists in the British film community. To explain what I mean by that, there are the big commissioners in the industry with great connections to the Baftas and other awards and anything that falls outside of that sphere is often looked down upon, much the same way as the stars of Soap Operas are somehow regarded by the same establishment (wrongly) as less serious actors than their contemporaries. I mention all this because its important to put into context how this film will be viewed by many. ROTF 1 was in many ways not an easy film to like. It was a story about unsympathetic characters, small time crooks and their way of life. (A very similar premise to Goodfellas) It was dismissed by many (wrongly in my opinion) as trashy violence, but I actually thought it should be regarded as one of the best British films of that genre about that era. It was essentially a biopic of ICF member, Carlton Leach, and later a key figure in the Essex underworld, and friend to the murdered Tony Tucker of 1996 Ranger Rover murders.This sequel examines the aftermath that Leach had to deal with his slow climb back to a reality where he finds some sense of normality. Carlton (Played again by Ricci Harnett who also writes and directs) starts the film in a downward spiral. He works all the time and when he isn’t sniffing coke and stealing from dealers, he’s cheating on his wife with a bit of skirt in an alley round the back, his behaviour is alienating his friends, his work colleagues and not least of all his family, especially his wife, Denny (Coralie Rose, superb) who soon moves out taking the younger kids with her. Carlton is soon forced to re- evaluate his attitude and his life but while pushing coke off the table comes with relative ease when the stakes are so high, leaving behind the life of crime comes with more difficulty and is harder to extricate himself from. An unexpected reunion from the past soon forces him to make changes in his life for the better of those around him. Those expecting a balls to the wall gangster caper may well be disappointed as Hartnett opts for a far more realistic depiction of the downside of the less glamorous side of the life of crime. This is a film about a damaged man and his slow steps back to recovery and while yes the gangster life is still there, the story here is smaller, because this part of Carlton’s life is set on a smaller stage, entirely his own. While the shady deals and debt collections are still very much the backdrop for the journey the story this time is less about the crime and more about the fallout damage of that life style. For some this might make for less compelling viewing but I personally think it was a very brave decision by the film maker. This film might be uncomfortable for those who have experienced drug addiction, anger issues and broken marriages to watch but for many it may well come hand in hand with being in this line of work. Hartnett wisely assembled a team of very competent actors in his supporting cast to fill out the other roles – Luke Mably is in a class of his own as best friend Shawn, the loyal torture specialist whose speech about his love playing a record will make you squirm in your seat. I felt like we needed to see more on his back story though one can just accept him as a member of Carlton’s firm easily enough. He is supported by Johnny Palmiero as Mad Jack who gets all the best lines and brings much needed humour to the piece, because if you have even dipped your toe into that world you will know that many of the real characters are faster than anyone with their comedy come backs. Joshua Osei and Scott Peden do well with very under written roles to make their mark and the likes of solid actors Nabil Elouahabi and Jasper Britton add strong credibility to their characters.Despite a tight budget and being aware that Harnett had a very difficult journey getting the film finished the film doesn’t feel rushed or cheap. The shots of sex are done with some degree of taste while the violence is cleverly more implied (with much greater effect I might add) than it is shown. Well shot by Alfie Biddle, it is a well produced compliment piece to its predecessor and a very different kind of animal and even though the setting does change from Essex to Tenerife it doesn’t feel quite as epic but clearly that was not what Hartnett was going for. This is sadly a world where female characters take second place, with the significant dialogue going to Coralie Rose as Carlton’s wife. (Rose is a massively under rated actress and should be seen on our screens a great deal more) However, as a film which continues to tell the story of Carlton Leach, it does exactly what it says on the tin – I only have a casual interest in films of this genre and there have been some truly dire films over the last few years which have tried to capitalise on the continued telling of stories connected to the Range Rover killings. This film does not feel like one of those at all and while its general appeal maybe fairly narrow its a competent well made piece of work with some stand out performances which will certainly need a third segment to bring it to its final conclusion.