At the offices of a Japanese corporation, during a party, a woman, who’s evidently a professional mistress, is found dead, apparently after some rough sex. A police detective, Web Smith is called in to investigate, but before getting there, he gets a call from someone who instructs him to pick up John Connor, a former police Captain and expert on Japanese affairs. When they arrive there, Web thinks that everything is obvious, but Connor tells him that there’s a lot more going on.

Also Known As: Soare răsare, Anatellon ilos, Ανατέλλων Ήλιος, Solen stiger, Восходящее солнце, Rasarit de soare, Nouseva aurinko, Gyilkos nap, Sol levante, Wschodzace slonce, Blodrød sol, Sol Nascente, Vycházející slunce Czech, Yükselen Günes, Die Wiege der Sonne, Vzhajajoce sonce, Rising Sun, Изгряващо слънце, Soleil levant, Tekanti saule, Izlazece sunce, Tõusev päike, Izlazeće sunce, Sol naciente, Blodröd sol

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