Serene and laconic, yet powerful and lethal, Dalton is an expert in martial arts and the best professional bouncer in the business. With such a reputation, Dalton is summoned in a small town in Missouri to clean up the sleazy bar called The Double Deuce from the troublemakers who terrorize the customers, without knowing, however, that the villainous local entrepreneur, Brad Wesley, wants things to remain unchanged. As Dalton cleans up the nightclub, and with it, the town from Wesley’s hired goons, a deep wound from a knife will inspire a passionate affair with local Dr. Elizabeth “Doc” Clay. Now, the corrupt Wesley has enough reasons to take Dalton out of the way, nevertheless, the bouncer has the final say.

Also Known As: Bar Fedaisi, Namas prie kelio, Придорожная закусочная Soviet, Ο μπράβος, Országúti diszkó, Bar routier, Крайпътна къща, Kuca na putu, Road house - kuuma kapakka, Matador de Aluguel, El duro, Road House, O bravos, De profesión: duro, Wykidajło, Road House West, Clubul de noapte, Drumska kafana, Kuuma kapakka, Road House - Kuuma kapakka, Profissão: Duro, Il duro del Road House

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