When a strict judge gets stuck in a café during a snowstorm, he’s confronted by two people he made judgments against and learns that the truth isn’t always what appears on the surface. As he looks deeper into the lives of others, as well as himself, he finds the proper balance between justice and mercy.

Also Known As: Ruling of the Heart

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  • donna-ayala
    donna ayala

    A typical “Hallmark” story well acted by Randall Malin.

  • kristina-rozman
    kristina rozman

    Viewing this feels like watching a play. It has religious overtones that deal with accountability for past decisions and accountability. I enjoyed it.

  • esmee-driessen-lucas
    esmee driessen lucas

    Good storyline and well-written screen play. Well acted, and although it was obvious the 86 minutes was addictive

  • mercedes-orlando
    mercedes orlando

    Decent for a no-brainer evening. Basically just a hallmark movie.

  • sig-tosca-farina
    sig tosca farina

    It made me cried and make realise that every action we take it can effect others in a way we don’t even know. Listening each other is very important. Loved every minute, great acting. Made me cry 🙂

  • shot-a-xalvashi
    shot a xalvashi

    Terrible movie unrealistic about court bad acting😶😐😑.

  • ida-mosiolek
    ida mosiolek

    Love how the movie teaches, we don’t always see beyond actions as to why people have problems or trouble, which may or may not be caused by themselves. I am reminded of the song by Dottie Rambo, ” he looked beyond my fault, and saw my need”. So well demonstrated by the cafe owner. Refreshing to see this kind of film!