Almost three years after their last adventure in Rush Hour 2 (2001), Carter is now working as a Los Angeles traffic officer, while his friend and ace Hong Kong Police inspector, Lee, escorts the Chinese Ambassador, Han, to the World Criminal Court, to disclose crucial information about the Triads. However, after a botched assassination attempt, the mismatched duo will find themselves in picturesque Paris, struggling to retrieve a precious list of names, as the murderous crime syndicate’s henchmen try their best to stop them. Once more, Lee and Carter must fight their way through dangerous gangsters; however, this time, the past has come back to haunt Lee. Will the boys get the job done once and for all?

Also Known As: Tipptund 3, Piko valanda 3, Una pareja explosiva, Oră de Vârf 3, Чaс пик 3, Giờ Cao Điểm 3, Alexisfairoi detective 3, Hora de Ponta 3, Ful gas 3, Spriedze 3, Godziny szczytu 3, Gas do daske 3, Година пік 3, Una pareja explosiva 3, Una Pareja Explosiva 3, Rush Hour - Missione Parigi, Csúcsformában 3., Bitirim İkili 3, Αλεξίσφαιροι ντετέκτιβ 3, Heure limite 3, Krizovatka smrti 3 Czech, Hora do Rush 3, ラッシュアワー3, Час Пик 3, Hora punta 3, Rush Hour 3

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