Fiore, an old friend from Mamoru’s lonely childhood who couldn’t survive on Earth, returns with flowers he promised Mamoru. But, the evil flower Kisenian overpowered Fiore’s weak mind and manipulated him into spreading Kisenian’s seeds over Earth in an effort to drain energy from everyone on Earth. Kisenian manages to do this because he’s deceived Fiore using Fiore’s long-lost friendship with Mamoru. It is up to Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi to stop Kisenian.

Also Known As: Sailor Moon, la película, Sailor Moon - Movie: Gefährliche Blumen, Sailor Moon R: La promesa de la rosa, Sailor Moon R the Movie: La promessa della rosa, Sailor Moon R: la película, A Navegante da Lua R o Filme: a Promessa de uma Rosa, Sailor Moon R: The Movie: The Promise of the Rose, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R: The Movie, Sailor Moon R the Movie: The Promise of the Rose, Sailor Moon: les Fleurs maléfiques, Sailor Moon R: The Movie, Varázslatos álmok: A rózsa ígérete, Gekijô-ban - Bishôjo senshi Sêrâ Mûn R, Красавица-воин Сейлор Мун Эр, 美少女戦士セーラームーン R

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  • maja-miloslavic
    maja miloslavic

    Even after watching this several times, this film still leaves a very strong impression on one. It helps if you at least have some familiarity with the Sailor Moon saga (and the thrill will be intensified a lot of you happen to be a major fan, it did for me at any rate ^^). But even those who only know the series by name will have a good time watching this; it’s not too hard to follow for the non-fan.What’s mostly impressive is the lightning quick pace of it all; after an introduction to the film’s (admittedly flimsy) intrigue, we’re treated to a -tremendous- battle scene in Tokyo between the Sailor Senshi and a flower monster. Backed by some hyper-infectuous music and all the funky transform and attack scenes of the early seasons, it’s a supreme treat for Sailor Senshi fans. And it’s only the beginning; the battle moves to an asteroid in space afterwards. There, the impressive action scenes continue and the plot thickens with insights into the “villain” Fiore that reveal him to be a very interesting character.Granted, the concept of a misguided “non-villain” who is not properly evil has been done before, but the theme is treated with lots of style in Fiore’s case and works excellently; both his sympathetic moments and his flashes of nastiness can be related to, making him a well-built character (and he looks damn cool with that hair, even if it -is- an obvious take on the earlier Ail and Ann designs). All the other characters get some very good moments as well, with Mamoru in particular gaining some much-needed depth to himself in the form of a dark childhood and the mention that he’s “been alone all his life”. The others do a good job of providing moments of touching friendship and understanding of each other, as well as some utterly hilarious comical moments that manage to give one hysterics every time (Usagi landing flat on her bum while the other leap through the air with grace springs to mind). And of course everyone’s amusing typical character traits we know and love from the series rear their heads.The theme of despairing loneliness, and how it is to find a friend who breaks through all this seems to be the main message of the movie. The way it’s treated may strike some as a bit corny, but it works well for those who are prepared to use their imagination for it. It’s mainly due to the pretty images and the great music that the film succeeds in making you feel moved and excited all along. Beautiful color palettes are used to create different moods, especially during flashbacks, and there are several subtelties in the visuals that deserve praise; note how the rooms in both flashbacks between Usagi and Mamoru look oddly similiar but with very different colors, and the recurring image of a flower is quite beautiful (there’s also a scene that seems like an amusing little nod to Aliens, see if you can pick it out). The thrilling final descent back to earth, set to the beat of the gorgeous song “Moon Revenge” is a simply unforgettable moment which on it’s own gives the movie a lot of impact (and it’s reason enough to avoid the US dub like the plague; I’m told they chopped out the song as well as the usual scandalous butchery job they’ve done to the series). It’s animation directed at it’s very best. The only niggle I can find about the story and the directing is that the Senshi are somehow able to breathe in space, apparently. But, this being a fantasy story, one can hardly blame it for being built on… well, fantasy, basically.The overall quality of the animation has stood the test of time well and remains very presentable despite never really soaring to eye-popping levels. The detail on the artwork and characters is still quite good and refined, and as stated above, it’s the clever use of colors and images that give this movie a lot of strength in the sentimental moments. All of this action, emotion and beauty packed in just over an hour makes for a stunning film that leaves one impressed time and time again (Disney, and in fact all of Hollywood can merely stand and weep in front of Japanese skill of this calibre). It has all the typical fun a Sailor Senshi fan can expect coated with plenty of extra gloss and even a good deal of substance. Fans of the saga or of pretty shojo series in general need not hesitate, and others are encouraged to let themselves be tempted by this little gem. It has that special kind of spark that makes a movie fun to re-visit time and time again.

  • dipl-ing-henni-barer-b-a
    dipl ing henni barer b a

    The first and greatest of three Sailormoon movies made in Japan. This one is set right after the R series and is about Mamoru’s friendship with an alien named Fiore, whom he met after his parents died in the car accident. Believe me, of all three this one is definitely worth watching!

  • rein-koiv
    rein koiv

    This is definitely one of the better movies. The moments are so touching, and you get a real look at the relationships all the characters have, particularly between Usagi and Mamoru. The animation is good and the story line is great. A must for all die-hards and then some (particularly those who do not favor the Usagi and Mamoru relationship).

  • nils-larsson
    nils larsson

    “Sailor Moon R-The Movie” Is a wild romantic, adventure which finds the Sailor Soliders facing a menace named Fiore. WHos is out to cover the world with deadly flowers that drain away peoiple energy. On top of the, he wants to be Tuxedo Mask’s only firend. Can Sailor Moon and The Sailor Soliders save earth from Fiore? Personally I found the movie to be very well done, and well written. (this is the subtitled version I am talking about.) With some good voice acting, and awesome Special Effects. (The “Moon Revenge” sequence was great!) If your an SM fan I recommend this film for you!

  • thomas-lawrence
    thomas lawrence

    ahhh, subtitled, uncut sailor moon. where would i be without it? the crap shown on cartoon network can kiss my ass for all i care. anyway, this was the very first subtitled sailor moon i ever saw. i loved it, let me tell you. it was a welcome change from the annoying dubbed and influenced me to begin collecting subtitled anime. ah, two years ago it was, at the anime convention. memories. lol. anyway, the story is very good, revealing a little more of mamoru’s past, and the romance and action are very extreme. i have to admit, i almost cried at the end of this one, but things always turn out ok in sailor moon, 90% of the time. heh. anyway, see this if you like romance.

  • celina-dumont-boutin
    celina dumont boutin

    This is the best of the 3 Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon features. It has a theme of friendship, love, and loneliness. It is a great movie on its own, but with the cast of Sailor Moon, it just makes it better! If you’re an animefan, then check out this movie, you won’t be sorry.

  • vitalija-nauseda
    vitalija nauseda

    I loved this movie. It was my favorite of the three. S was just .. weird and SuperS was dull. I don’t like Chibi-usa much, so that probably explains the dullness of SuperS to me. Why did I enjoy the R movie the best? It had a good amount of Mamoru in it! I love Mamoru. He’s great character that is so often hated and overlooked (by mostly idiots). So that’s about it. R is my all time favorite.

  • traci-curry
    traci curry

    This is the first movie of 3 movies of the Sailor Moon series. It basically uses series information from the first 2 seasons of the TV series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon and Bishoujo Senshi SailormoonR.In this movie, Naoko Takeuchi attempts to do something that perhaps she couldn’t do with the TV series. She adds deeper brush strokes to the makeup and workings of the central characters of the series. Finally in the tearful ending of the movie, you find out how they all basically fit together as a team. Despite the sort of misfit characterization of each of the central characters (the Sailor Team less Sailor Moon), they all share one thing: A friend who is a true non-judging, very caring and emotionally supportive friend in Sailor Moon.If you have taken the time to have watched any part of the TV series, including the english language adaptation and skipped over this movie, then you have done yourself a great injustice. If you enjoyed any part of the TV series, then this movie will not just be a must watch, but a must keep as well.

  • jouko-saastamoinen
    jouko saastamoinen

    If you have ever seen Sailor Moon, this movie is a must see. My friends and I can’t figure out where in the series it comes from because Chibi-usa is in it and she knows who the scouts are. It is mainly about Fiole and Momoru’s friendship. How Fiole was alone until Momoru came and how he wants to kill everyone but Momoru. Fiole is under the spell of the evil Kisinean flower that feeds on the weak minded individuals. You absolutely have to see this movie. If you are reading this entry than you must be slightly interested in Sailor Moon and have to see this movie.

  • tom-van-de-klashorst
    tom van de klashorst

    Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, one of the top rated animes in america has now come to the movies! This is the best of all the plot lines, even though Fiore does look exactly like Ail from the series.

  • jacob-lee-smith
    jacob lee smith

    At the height of its popularity in Japan in the early 90s “Sailor Moon” made the transition from TV to the big screen. “Sailor Moon R: The Movie” gives the fans of the series what they want out of “Sailor Moon” especially me.Taking place during the R arc of the series, Mamoru (Tuxedo Kamen) gets a visit from the past from a otherworldly friend (that somehow resembles Al and En’s race from the TV show) who returns to Earth to destroy it because he was brainwashed by an evil sentient flower named Xenian into believing that the people of Earth left Mamoru all alone. Its up to Usagi and her Sailor Senshi to save Mamoru and the Earth from the Xenian flower before she brings out the apocalypse.Since this is a big budget film the animation is slightly better than the TV series and the action scenes are very intense but the Cg in this movie is showing its age and doesn’t clash well with the traditional animated scenes. The Japanese version of the movie is better because the English dub cuts out the best parts including a scene that’s very funny where Chibiusa holds an unconscious Usagi’s mouth and nose shut for almost a minute before she gasps in a hilarious manner. As for the dub in terms of voice acting and dialog; its very mediocre because of bad puns and bad lines especially where its not needed in scenes that were originally silent in the Japanese version. The movie also strongly focuses on the themes of friendship, loneliness and stays true to the “Sailor Moon” formula that fans love so much. One thing that does bug me and its just a minor gripe. The movie seems to have you believe that Usagi and Mamoru knew each other before the events of the series when they were just children. In the first episode of the show Usagi and Manoru clearly didn’t know each other and in fact despised each other at first before they developed a romantic relationship. But even with that minor gripe I say watch it if you’re a fan of “Sailor Moon”.

  • luigi-mulichen-kade
    luigi mulichen kade

    This is the best Sailormoon Movie ever. The animation was great, and the plot was divine. Set during the season with Fiore, it develops his character as well as Mamoru’s better than the t.v. series ever did. The ending, while extremely sad, was perfect. In conclusion, everyone should watch this movie.

  • pani-ewelina-kolsut
    pani ewelina kolsut

    In my opinion, this is the best of the three Sailor Moon movies. However, if you’re a true Sailor Moon otaku then watch the Japanese version with subtitles. The English dub is filled with mistakes in attack names, translation errors to protect America’s “sensitive children”, the bad American voice actors, and the list goes on. They also replaced the movie’s trademark song “Moon Revenge” with a cheesy, watered down teeny bopper song called “The Power of Love.”Overall, the uncut movie has an engrossing plot that shows how Sailor Moon has matured both as a character and a phenomenon from the first season. The film has something for everyone in it: romance, drama, comedy, and hooks for both young and old anime fans alike. The music is infectiously catching, and they actually pulled off making ChibiUsa likeable.If you want a good Sailor Moon movie that will keep you hooked then go for this one. Rent it, buy it…just make sure you watch it!

  • sigrid-aasen-dahl
    sigrid aasen dahl

    This movie is really amazing. Out of the 3 Sailor Moon movies this one is definitely the best. The animation is amazing and the story, although only and hour long, keeps changing enough to keep you interested.

  • nika-gogich-ashvili
    nika gogich ashvili

    After years of waiting, Sailor Moon fans of the US finally get to view the first of the three movies to be released outside of Japan. Proving that the wait was worth it, Sailor Moon R never fails to entertain and is absolutely breathtaking in it’s animation. The story of Fiore and the evil flower Casinian (I probably spelled that wrong!) is well-written and action packed with plenty of attacks from our heroines the Sailor Scouts which proves that our scouts are always ready to save the day. The film also has romance but it isn’t ultra-sugary compared to many animated films of today. This film is great for the old and young, male or female and should be view by all.

  • barsamos-grammatikopoulos
    barsamos grammatikopoulos

    This movie teaches that the power of love is powerful enough to overcome many obstacles! There is something I really like about this movie and that is that it teaches two lessons. Firstly that love is a very strong feeling that helps anyone as I said before overcome many obstacles; and secondly that true friends are there when you need them, and they stick by you through thick and thin. Well this movie is highly recommendable for people of all ages. I hope when you watch it you like it as much as I did.

  • meagan-norton
    meagan norton

    This movie teaches that the power of love is powerful enough to overcome many obstacles! There is something I really like about this movie and that is that it teaches two lessons. 1:love is a very strong feeling that helps anyone as I said before overcome many obstacles; 2:That true friends are there when you need them, and they stick by you through thick and thin. Well this movie is highly recommendable for people of all ages. I hope when you watch it you like it as much as I did.

  • grete-lund-hansen
    grete lund hansen

    As with so many anime movies one will see that the difference between the sub and dub is enormous. In its subtitled and unedited version, this makes for a great viewing experience. However, since this is viewed as a child’s cartoon by most, the edited version is horrible and the voice casting is some of the worst yet. The story is at times beautiful, and at other times just a little silly. I would recommend this title to everyone.The Otaku

  • suvorova-marfa-anatolevna
    suvorova marfa anatolevna

    I haven’t really watched Sailor Moon more than a couple of episodes, I checked out this movie to see what it’s about because apparently it’s one of the best things that came out of the franchise.It’s great.It starts in the middle but having seen the first episode of ‘Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon’ I already knew the gist of the thing so it wasn’t hard to follow, and the movie actually introduces us to characters that I surmise are already familiar to those who saw the entire series. Very helpful.Ikuhara likes his homosexual overtones, and here it’s guy-on-guy more than girl-on-girl. Mamoru-kun alias Tuxedo Mask meets a mysterious man from the past who claims ownership to his heart, much to the chagrin of Usagi alias Sailor Moon. Turns out the man Fiore is an alien from outer space and plans to destroy the earth with an ocean of pink flowers – or is he being manipulated by the flower itself? There’s some surreal, fantastical imagery. The final fight takes place in space. The one flaw of the movie is that it’s so short.

  • adrian-uliczka
    adrian uliczka

    This movie is just as great as the show ever was. One flashback scene involving Mamoru and Usagi is particularly nice. This is one for the library. Worth the 1 hour and 10 minutes you’ll put into watching it.

  • margarita-blazquez-izquierdo
    margarita blazquez izquierdo

    I was lucky enough to be given a fansub of this movie many years ago, before I really knew anything about the original version of BSSM. It might sound corny, but this movie changed my life. I knew the dub playing on television wasn’t the real version, but I didn’t know how much had been changed, or how much better the original was, until this! The “R” in the title stands for “romance, but the theme of this movie is definitely loneliness. Mamoru was lonely when he lost his parents as a child, Fiore was lonely when he had to leave his only friend, the Senshi were lonely before they met Usagi. . . the only thing I would have to disagree with is that Usagi is the answer to all loneliness. But then, Usagi is the answer to just about every problem in BSSM, so I shouldn’t be surprised 😛 . What surprised me about this movie when I first saw it was that this wasn’t some dumbed-down little girls’ show like the television dub made it out to be. The characters were much less one-dimensional, the plot darker, the voices infinitely less annoying, and it was my first exposure to the recurring theme of homosexuality in BSSM. Fiore is like an obsessed ex-lover of Mamoru’s rather than an estranged friend. This is good not only for the comic relief of the girls’ speculations on Mamoru’s sexuality, but also that Fiore is a very sympathetic character– even those uncomfortable with homosexuality (as I was when I first saw this) can’t help feeling sorry for him, knowing Mamoru will never return his affections the way he wants. The crew interview compares the movie to _Romeo and Juliet_, which may be a bit much, but their Shakespearean influence definitely shows, as this is by far the most beautiful and dramatic of the BSSM movies.

  • kay-de-bock
    kay de bock

    Sailor Moon R the Movie is a handful of scenes away from being a great movie. I am a huge Sailor Moon fan so my criticism is not for lack of adoration, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The animation of this film is a step up from the series, but with a 60-minute run time, it seems as if minor, yet important details have been skipped.I won’t drag the film down with negative stuff right off the bat. The action scenes are very good from the first fight in the city, to the battle in space and finally the last stand on the comet.The setup for the film is textbook and the end is very buff, but I feel as if something is missing from the middle. I was hoping for at least a 90-minute “movie” feel, but that wasn’t the case. Everything seemed rushed after Fiore takes Tuxedo Mask back to the comet.As always, the music is top notch. The scene where Usagi wants a kiss from Mamoru is comical and the Moon Revenge song will stay in your head for a few days. Hell, I thought the American song, Power of Love, was pretty good as well.Chibi-USA, whether you like her or not, is essentially useless in this movie. I can only speak of Sailor Moon R the series in which Chibi-USA is a focal point in determining the fate of the future Usagi and Mamoru. No such danger exists in the film.Fiore is a complete knockoff of Ali from the Doom Tree series. He looks just like Ali in both alien and human form. The animators should have at least added Ann and a Doom Tree while they were at it.My suspension of disbelief kind of went out the window when the senshi were able to breathe in space.Despite these drawbacks, I think R the Movie is solid and with some more meat in the middle of the film it could have been great. I guess I’m just spoiled by the first season of Sailor Moon and Naoko’s manga.

  • john-hamilton
    john hamilton

    Sailormoon was created for kids, but adults can enjoy it too. The plot is unique, and all over the characters interesting and complex for a cartoon. The movie is definitely worth watching if your in the mood for a very good amine. Sure there are some lines that are a bit cheesy, but things are lost in translations. 4 1/2 out of 5 stars if you rate it by itself, and 4 out of 5 if you compare it to some of the other stuff that’s out there.

  • vilks-inga
    vilks inga

    I love all of the Sailor Moon movies but this one is by far the best! I wish Sailor Moon was still on TV….. Anyway, this movie is emotional and the animation was excellent. I don’t want to spoil it, but I will with a brief description O_o. If you haven’t seen this movie, don’t read the rest of this review. There’s this evil being know as the Kiseanean Blossom that wants to suck all the energy out of every star and planet! She took control of this alien guy named Fiore who was Darien’s childhood friend. They send this flower monster thingie to Earth where it sucked many people dry of their energy. Soon the Sailor Scouts defeat it (in like, fifteen minutes O_o!) Then Fiore appears and trashes them. When he’s just about to kill Sailor Moon, Darien jumps in the way!! He just barely survived. You’d think Fiore would stop after he sees how close Serena and Darien are to each other, but NOOOOO! He takes Darien away with him, leaving Serena crying. It’s up to the Sailor Scouts to save Darien, the Earth, and Fiore from Kiseanean Blossom. Hey! A little later on, (like 5 or 6 minutes later!)Fiore says to Darien “Now only I can give you flowers!” What a stupid yet funny thing to say! 😀 This movie easily deserves 10 stars. The American version, anyway, and yes the voices were weird, but I like the movie all the same. I REALLY LOVE THE “POWER OF LOVE” SONG AT THE END, IT’S SUCH A GREAT SONG!

  • sasa-modric
    sasa modric

    Sailor Moon R: The Movie is really really good. Even if you are not a big fan of the show, you will enjoy this film. The animation is terrific and the story is great. This film has something for everyone, romance, drama, action, suspense, and comedy. This is also a great family film, (at least the American version is) and teaches a lot of important values, such as friendship and love. No matter what age you are, you will surely enjoy this Japanese treat.