Genre: Thriller
Director: Naveen Nanjundan
Stars: Srushti Dange, Kathir, Laguparan, Marimuthu, Neelima
Countries: India

A kidnapping gone wrong leads to mounting tension between Prabha, the kidnapper, and Kathir, the policeman assigned to the case.

Also Known As: Sathru

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  • elisabet-goransson
    elisabet goransson

    This film actor in the lead role doesn’t know acting.This guy is not even competent to become a junior artist. Movie is good but when it comes to the actor I won’t even give -1 rating coz he spoiled the entire movie with his nonsense acting.

  • andre-azevedo
    andre azevedo

    Power packed performance and very tight screen play &. Story..Wow

  • julia-araujo
    julia araujo

    One of the worst movies with pathetic acting and direction.. Waste of time.

  • ricardo-castro
    ricardo castro

    Overall poor script, direction and wrong casting including hero.

  • mirsad-pecnik
    mirsad pecnik

    Any film that respects its audience is considered as a good movie. The debutante director of Sathru has done a good job in that aspect. It’s a simple cat and mouse police game, but with a number of well written (not well staged) interesting twists. The director did a very good job by making the movie almost without any logical loopholes. Though there was a scene of coincidence, the plot development manages to justify it. Again, its because the director respects the audience. The places where the movie struggles are dubbing,screenplay and the climax. I think the director wanted the movie to be under 2 hours, that’s why the climax felt rushed up. I would’ve happily traded an extra 20 minutes for a more interesting climax , which I think the director is very capable of. With slightly more budget, better screenplay, and better climax, this movie could’ve been a first class thriller like Thani Oruvan. But nonetheless, all this can be neglected, given that it’s the director’s first movie.

  • anastazja-pazera
    anastazja pazera

    Excellent Screenplay and performance of artist… Director done fablous Job. I love this film… watched three times in Theater.. Dont miss it

  • vanesa-gronskis
    vanesa gronskis

    One of the best movies of the year 2019. excellent screenplay and direction. no songs & no love scenes which is another plus to the movie. a neat commercial movie.

  • teemu-lindroos
    teemu lindroos

    Dont listen others review…watch urself and decide urself….!