The products at Shopwell’s Grocery Store are made to believe a code that helps them live happy lives until it’s time for them to leave the comfort of the supermarket and head for the great beyond. However, after a botched trip to the great beyond leaves one sausage named Frank and his companion Bun stranded, Frank goes to great lengths (pun intended) to return to his package and make another trip to the great beyond. But as Frank’s journey takes him from one end of the supermarket to the other, Frank’s quest to discover the truth about his existence as a sausage turns incredibly dark. Can he expose the truth to the rest of the supermarket and get his fellow products to rebel against their human masters?

Also Known As: Zabava viršli, Salsicha Party, Саламена фиеста, Upor klobasic, Buchty a klobásy Czech, Buchty a klobásy, Sôsêji pâtî, Virsliparti, Sausage Party, La fiesta de las salchichas, Повний розковбас, Полный расколбас, Πάρτι με... λουκάνικα, Sausage Party: La vie privée des aliments, Sausage Party - Vita segreta di una salsiccia, Cisinu klubs, Party de saucisses, Sausage Party - Es geht um die Wurst, Festa da Salsicha, Dešreliu balius, Mesibat naknikiyot, Petrecerea carnatilor, Sausage Party 3D, Vorstipidu

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  • nia-clark
    Nia Clark

    This movie was boring I almost fall a sleep

    • nia-clark
      Nia Clark

      Fall a sleep? Learn some grammar

  • dania

    I love sausage party the movie it is a funny movie to watch.

  • vermont

    Dosent wor

  • anonymous


  • emily-clements
    emily clements

    Surprisingly clever adult animated film. It is offensive, racist, crude, sexist, and low brow in the extreme – which is were its charm lays. Being a fan of animated Grindhouse films like Fritz The Cat, Heavy Traffic, Shame Of The Jungle and Hey Good Looking to name a few, it feels great to have something like this in theaters in this day and age. It gives a much needed middle finger to our atmosphere of enforced “politically correctness”. It tries very hard to offend everyone equally in a manner that allows the audience to laugh at their own short comings and beliefs. On top of the low brow humor there is some very clever plot twists and gimmicks – which I’ll leave you to discover. Solid animation, story, voice acting, and soundtrack – what more could one want in a movie that is just for an adult audience with an open mind and a broad sense of humor. Thanks to Seth Rogen perhaps there is hope for more adult animated fare, a Heavy Metal 3 or a Sausage Party 2.

  • tali-verim-soylu-tevetoglu
    tali verim soylu tevetoglu

    The primary villain is a douche. . . Like, a literal, anthropomorphic vaginal irrigation tool.Do you seriously need to know more?! Okay, here goes:The movie’s “plot” (and I am using that term very loosely) is supposed to be a parody of religion. Unfortunately, that religion angle is hammered down as hard as Norm of the North’s environmental message. Translation: You’re going to be yelling at the screen to STFU five minutes in.The “climax” of this plot is when the grocery items fight back and KILL the human customers using darts laced with bath salts. . . So now our movie that thinks it is being so deep and clever about the dangers of religion is pro-chemical warfare. Bravo, movie! Bravo!Think it can’t get any worse? Wrong. After celebrating their victory with an orgy (yes, really), they are informed that they are merely cartoon characters being manipulated by animators and voiced by celebrities.Attention movie: Unless you’re the Looney Tunes or Deadpool, breaking the fourth wall never leads anywhere good.So the plot is an utter embarrassment, but this is clearly a check-your-brain-at-the-door comedy, I hear you saying. Well, this movie’s “humor” comes in three varieties:#1: Stupid ham-fisted pokes at religion.#2: Things that have no purpose except to be vulgar and disgusting (because they think “vulgar” and “disgusting” are synonyms for “funny”, not things that often go hand in hand with comedy).#3: Food torture porn.The first two, you can easily make yourself, by yourself. And the third can be found by watching The Annoying Orange on Youtube.This is not a movie. This is Rogan, Goldberg, and their many a-hole friends thumbing their noses at everyone else out there who has ever had an idea for a movie. This is the Movie 43 of animation. IT IS THAT BAD.Do not let them get away with this. Do not watch this movie. Animation deserves to be recognized as a medium instead of a genre, but movies like this do not do the medium any favors. Do not give these bastards your money — give them the finger right back at them.

  • rhita-abgaryan
    rhita abgaryan

    It’s vulgar. Over the top. And completely hilarious. It even has a serious message about religion and why we are here. Anyone that says this movie is not funny does not have a sense of humor. I never write reviews but this movie was just to funny to see people on here claiming it’s not. They just broke new ground for a genre with adult animation. Why not? I’m tired of all animation being just kid movies. Easily best comedy of the year. I hope they make a sequel because I think it will be even better knowing they did something outstanding. Every character has its funny moment. I loved nick roll as the douche and Danny mcbrides honey mustard. I’d like to see mcbrides with a bigger part in the next one because he is just too funny. Krumholtz as lavish was awesome. I believe it will be even funnier a second viewing. And the final 20 minutes there is a scene so bizarre and hilarious the fact it’s animation is just awesome

    • just-me
      just me

      thak zou for saying this

  • alyssa-buchanan
    alyssa buchanan

    When I first saw this film advertised I really looked forward to it. Within minutes of it starting I thought, “Yeah, oh well… let’s give it a chance”. Pretty much everything from that moment is lost time I will never re-coup.Maybe if the plot was good I could give it more stars, maybe if the jokes were funny I could give it more stars, maybe if the scenes were engaging, maybe, maybe maybe. But none of that was to be. The only reason I gave it 2 was that the animation was pretty good, but that’s hardly a redeeming quality to overcome the the vacuous and childish premise of the whole film.I like swearing just as much as the next red blooded Australian. But only 10 year old’s would find the way it was used in this film more than slightly amusing. Along with that and the infantile sex jokes, the whole thing took me right back to primary school… except we weren’t subject to such crass stupidity from adults then. We were kids and made it up for ourselves. It was a very short lived phase of childhood. I find it hard to believe there’s people out there that didn’t mature past that point.Gladly I can say that I didn’t watch the whole thing, neither will I waste my time writing much more about it. You can save yourself further disappointment now, too. It’s not too late.Avoid.

  • hans-haugen
    hans haugen

    Nothing in the trailers will prepare you for this movie, including what it’s actually about. SAUSAGE PARTY is an allegory about religion and how ridiculous it is, but also about how we can overcome our differences and learn to get along. Granted, there is no solution proposed nor does the humor rarely rise above obvious sexual puns and stereotypes (different foods represent ethnic groups, minorities, etc.), but the throw-everything-at-the-wall approach guarantees that at least some of it sticks. And importantly, for a comedy, there are plenty of genuine laughs to be had. Then there’s the ending, which I will not spoil. Suffice it to say that it seemed oddly appropriate…and that you can get away with quite a bit more in an animated film than live-action. This wasn’t the craziest or funniest thing I’ve ever seen, but it made for a few dollars and a couple hours well-spent.

  • hakon-olsen
    hakon olsen

    My brothers wanted to see this Friday. I thought the trailer was ridiculous, but had no intention to see this. Brother offered to pay, so I figured why not?This movie was so stupid. Food that is alive and tell crude jokes and then revolt when they discover that humans eat them alive without care or remorse. So stupid. Seriously, why does Seth Rogen still get work? He’s not funny. The appeal of this movie, I assume, is that people find humor in the fact that it looks like the standard CGI kids movie pumped out by Dreamworks or Pixar, but then has crude, adult humor. That’s the only draw I see to this movie.And 83% on Rotten Tomatoes. For real?And they gave Suicide Squad a 26%? Why do people trust critics anymore?I’d say “don’t see this movie”, but I’m someone who believes that someone else’s opinion (especially cynical paid critics) shouldn’t matter to you when it comes to movies.I didn’t enjoy it, but maybe you will. The only funny thing about this movie to me was that some uninformed parent in the theater I was in brought their four small children to see it. Because when the baby carrots starting crying for their Mommy the mother had to get her four screaming kids out of the theater. Highlight of the movie.You want to know how bad this movie really was? I’ll tell you. I got more enjoyment out of Ghostbusters 2016 than I did this movie. Just let that one sink in for a minute.

  • jose-maria-jorda-abellan
    jose maria jorda abellan

    Okay, to start this off: this movie is definitely NOT for kids. It definitely deserves its R-rating. Sausage Party is one of those movies that will make you say: what the hell am I watching?To be frank(see what I did there?), this movie fulfilled every bit of expectation I had, no more and no less in its “well, I think I’ve seen enough” factor. What I mean by that, is that this is the most vulgar and xenophobic animated movie I’ve ever seen but in a good way. As obnoxious as this movie is, I can’t help but giggle half the time when I’m watching it, even though how disgusting and indecent some of the scenes are, especially at the end. And mostly because of that, I will never see food the same way ever again(the animation is pretty good though).Maybe my only true complaint about this movie was the ending, since it seems it was just tacked in there “just because” but to be fair, the movie was already weird as it is. So yeah, the ending for me felt kinda random and I feel that it should’ve ended in that particular scene before it but overall, I don’t think it won’t affect what most people thought about this film. Though I expect that this movie will offend a lot of people but to hell with that! let your immature side take over for a while and enjoy this film about food getting it on and on and on….. and on.If you like humor that is both weird and outrageously crass but still remotely funny, then look no further since Sausage Party is the movie for you.

  • wenke-tasche
    wenke tasche

    Sausage Party was hilarious, original, and a great story. One of those movies you’ll catch something new with each viewing.Although its probably like tofu (love it or hate it). I thought of it as a rare treat …like a banana split! Big overflowing scoops of indulgent hilarity, enhanced by healthy dollops of creativity, perfectly garnished with a huge variety of offensive sprinkles!I’ll be 60 this year (if you can’t hide it, paint it red.) I say this for a couple reason. 1) to lessen the sting and 2) You don’t have to be a 12 year-old boy to love a funny, creative, raunchy comedy that makes you think.

  • anthony-conley
    anthony conley

    I expected a funny movie, it turned out to be a boring sequence of unjustified F-words. I think a 12 years old would enjoy this movie very much, but a 12 years old is not allowed to watch it.I heard funnier sex jokes in 5th grade. Since they want to stress out that is a movie for adults, they keep saying unnecessary profanities (I never heard an adult speaking like an 8-year-old boy that just discovered the F-word). The result is a complete loss of humor (that was present in the trailers). The plot is OK, I guess, it is just difficult to see it behind all that swearing.I can’t believe how bad it is.

  • kelly-duncan
    kelly duncan

    When I saw the trailer, I thought it would be fun. But when I watched the full movie, I was totally embarrassed. Its not a matter of religion, nor a matter of anything – but this animation started with a great starting but it failed miserably at the end. Characters were funny, story was great at the beginning, But food sex ? Seriously ? You could Mark the Film as a 18+ Animation. Sorry, but watching this animation was a great waste of my time . I couldn’t even watch it with the kids.Boring story line made it even worse. Try to make a better film next time. I can’t say more. I wish, I could give it a Zero. But, sorry, I can’t.

  • michal-stoj
    michal stoj

    Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have reunited once again in this incredibly raunchy R- rated comedy following their success with ‘This Is The End’ and ‘Neighbors’, except what’s different this time is this comedy is an CGI animated feature revolving around talking food products rather than human characters (though there are a few). For a movie starring and written by Seth Rogen, you would expect to see a straight forward raunchy comedy with no-holds-bar vulgarity and abundance of four letter words. This comedy however, manages to squeeze in a surprisingly thought-provoking allegory to religion along with the predictably irreverent humor, similar to what we saw in ‘This Is The End’ which followed a cast of characters trying to survive the apocalypse. Featuring the voices of Seth Rogen, Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, David Krumholtz, Salma Hayek, James Franco, Bill Hader, Paul Rudd, and several others to name; this movie follows a wide of cast of food products at a local supermarket who live their lives awaiting to be taken away by the “gods” (shopping customers) into a world known as the “great beyond”, a place of comfort and endless happiness. When they discover the ugly truth of what really goes on in the so-called paradise, Frank the Sausage (voiced by Seth Rogen) must rally up his friends to help save from the unspeakable terror that awaits them.A comedy about foul-mouth talking food? Yeah, kinda sounds like a dumb idea, right? Well, with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg behind the writing process, this movie unexpectedly manages to be much smarter than what you may anticipate while at the same time, being hysterically funny in blatantly absurd ways. Advertised with inventive marketing, this highly anticipated comedy delivers much more than just a string of raunchy R-rated humor and a no-brainer of a plot. Rogen and Goldberg accomplish this by formulating the plot that serves as a metaphor to Christianity, with the food being purchased by shoppers and taken into the “great beyond” which serves as a clear analogy to heaven. One line in particular is “the gods work in mysterious ways”. This also includes some comedic dialogue and humor that falls metaphorical to references of the bible including a silly musical number in which the film opens up with. Yes, the humor has no reservation of being politically incorrect or downright offensive, especially with all the seemingly non-stop profanity. At the same time, Rogen and Goldberg know how to make it funny and subversive. Sure, some of the jokes do fall on the mean-spirited side, or under the not-so-rare circumstances push the envelope, particularly the massive food orgy scene. Though it is meant to be funny, it’s necessarily clever or even charming in the slightest. On the other hand, the film as a whole knows how to be funny in a way that works, even without the constant vulgar gags thrown around here and there. Sausage Party is a funny and irreverent animated comedy that shows Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg still have their A-game, even if their over-the-top humor isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. This movie is astoundingly hilarious and is worth seeing. However, although this is an animated feature, parents are strongly discouraged of bringing their children to this one. So if you are a parent, please hire a babysitter and leave the kids at home. This is not a film you’ll want to expose to their young eyes.

  • balazs-eva-adrienn
    balazs eva adrienn

    Interesting concept – the entirety of the interesting part can be seen in the trailers. Save yourself both the money and an hour and a half of your life.Once you get past the shock novelty of food talking and being ridiculously raunchy the movie becomes pathetic, repetitive and dull.Bottom line- Should have been a 5 minute cartoon. Beyond that it is really just a raunchy, garbage philosophy, amorality play – A vehicle for the usual nihilistic liberal memes involving sexuality, romanticism of hard drugs and atheism. I could forgive the vacuous leftist part if the movie were genuinely creative and funny. It isn’t. It is an Utterly stupid, vacuous waste of time.

  • gerd-eriksson
    gerd eriksson

    Here’s the thing about propaganda films. If they are bad when Christians do it (God’s Not Dead 1&2, Kirk Cameron Saves Christmas) they are not going to be better when atheists do it. That’s what it felt like watching this movie. Sausage Party is the God’s Not Dead of an atheist propaganda movie. You are preached at for the entire run time on why it’s bad to believe in a religion, while having to sit through painfully obvious jokes that don’t land. (Oh the douche is a douche. Hahaha creative) Now before I’m accused of being some whack job fundamentalist let me say that I hate the other propaganda films. If I want to watch propaganda I’ll go to the source and watch it. Sausage party is even worse because the trailer doesn’t show how preachy it actually is.It’s sad too because the cast is super talented too. (Kroll, Whig, Cera, Rogan, Hayak) which means that the fault lies solely on the writing which comes off more as a summer camp sketch than a movie. It relies way too heavily on recycled racist tropes that were done better in a 50s Looney Tunes cartoon. That mixed with just yawn worthy sexual innuendo makes the film unbearable and leaves you praying that the film ends soon. Which is ironic because that’s the opposite of what the film wants you to do.

  • jeffrey-kramer
    jeffrey kramer

    i went into this movie expecting to at least enjoy something? i wanted to like it. but more than anything it was just underwhelming and mediocre. it was extremely boring, i laughed at maybe 5 jokes (none of which were memorable). wouldn’t recommend personally but if you like movies with a script that was obviously written by 4 high rich dudes completely out of touch with society, forced unfunny jokes reminiscent of a 12 year old lets player on youtube, and uninspired visuals that look like they went with the first draft, then this might be a good movie for you.wouldn’t recommend to anyone who enjoys good movies, would recommend to anyone who is easily amused n thinks its funny when dudes are high and kids cartoons say f)ck a lot

  • victoria-cobo-llorens
    victoria cobo llorens

    Sausage Party is a foul, crass, mean-spirited little film that pits grocery products against the horrifying realization that their use in this world is to be consumed and tossed away without a second thought. Centering on a courtship between a sausage named Frank (Rogen) and a hot dog bun named Brenda (Wiig), the very fact that the discontented ten year old in all of us didn’t just giggle at the thought of how they consummate their love is enough proof that this film is juvenile. Yet despite leaning, nudging and winking towards the least discerning of low-brow audiences, Sausage Party is funny enough to have people rolling in the aisles, smart enough to lend itself to cogent meta-commentary and vulgar enough to live in teenage-screen-hopping infamy. Make no mistake, this film is the brass ring, the real deal, the funniest film you’re likely to see this year and given this year in comedy, I say it’s about damn time.Before the events of Sausage Party, Brenda and Frank live inside their separate packages; Frank being partnered with friends Carl (Hill) and the diminutive Barry (Cera) among others. Every morning, the denizens of Shopwell sing a song of joy while they lay in waiting for a benevolent god (human) to choose them and take them to the “great beyond”. Failure to be chosen, or worse dropped on the floor, means produce is to be thrown away in a seemingly bottomless abyss of a grocery store garbage bin. Frank and Brenda however like their chances. It’s a few days till red, white and blue day; what could go wrong? One returned container of Honey Mustard (McBride) who forecasts doom is what can go wrong. That and a particularly testy Douche (Kroll) angered by a grocery cart accident that sullies his chances to be useful.As an animation, Sausage Party is artfully, colorfully and simplistically rendered. Each section of the grocery store lights up with a look and feel that compliments the local produce. After the doors close the Mexican food area resembles a rustic western cantina, the cookware section beams with the silvery glow of shimmering straight edges and the alcohol aisle is just one big rave. Environments outside the store are limited yet realistically depict the kitchen of a prim housewife and the dingy living room of a bugged out druggie. The less I tell you about the brief street scene, the better. Overall, it’s obvious there were limitations in the budget yet if compared to the similarly themed Foodfight! (2012), this film’s animation is an artistic triumph.The embedded oddness of the story lends itself to some pretty unique and funny jokes. Ones that hit the funny-bones of all not easily offended or grossed out. Such highlights include a bagel (Norton) and a lavash (Krumholtz) arguing about having to share an aisle, a Grits (Robinson) package being misplaced by “dirty good-for-nothing’ crackers,” and legions of sourkraut looking to exterminate the juice. Needless to say there are times when the film get’s lost in the tall grass with over-broad ethnic stereotypes (A Native American liquor bottle named Firewater certainly ranks among the most egregious). But let’s face it, if you’re sold on the premise of a R- Rated animated comedy about food-stuffs you probably won’t be too concerned.Sausage Party is a funny, funny, funny movie that doesn’t just hand in shock value laughs for the sake of shock value laughs. It’s also a well-created hero’s journey with something to say and avoids all the pratfalls of modern comedy by A: not relying on broad improvisational humor and B: lands that third act like it’s its b***h! Speaking of which: don’t take your kids to go see Sausage Party. This is not the film you can harangue “cool mom” points with, seriously. Keep those little tykes at bay at least until their old enough to purchase their own heroin syringes.

  • jozef-szajek
    jozef szajek

    It was good until the orgy. No, seriously. It ends very poorly. Very badly.Weird. Just. Weird. I think I would have enjoyed the movie a whole lot more if it weren’t for the end. Also, Seth Rogan in another movie where he’s a stoner. Shocking.

  • bay-aclan-delil-alemdar
    bay aclan delil alemdar

    Here’s the entire scriptFood 1: F**k Food 2: F**k S**t innuendo Food 1: Motherf**k S**t C**t (Repeat for all scenes)A great story idea which could’ve got people thinking completely ruined by a script with no real jokes. Being British, it’s in my nature to swear unnecessarily every other word, but when will Seth Rogan and his mates realise that swearing constantly is no longer funny and people are just bored of it. This film could’ve been something so special that would sit forever in that group of amazing did-it-firsts that everyone tries to copy but fails at. But someone will do it better. This was just F**king S**t

  • arshak-zatikyan
    arshak zatikyan

    I honestly didn’t think I’d like this movie nearly as much as I actually do. I went in essentially expecting a typical Seth Rogan comedy, just random jokes and nothing else. But the rumors were true, it actually is more clever than it has any right to be.I’ll first say this, I don’t think everyone will find it funny. If you aren’t already a fan of Seth Rogan’s movies, like I am, the humor probably won’t do much for you. But I don’t think anyone can deny that the movie’s story is very smart, and I think might make up for some of the negatives you may have about the movie. The early reviews were right, it has a lot of clever things to say about religion, about taboos in society, about bigotry between cultures, and it’s not lazy about any of these subjects.Let me talk about the jokes for a second. Yes there are plenty of sexual jokes in it, a lot of which I found funny. But I think the majority of the laughs I had came from the different ethnic foods interacting with each other. I could watch the Bagel and Lavash argue with each other all day. If anything I think the majority of the sort of sexual jokes people expect from the movie happen at the very end, like the last 10 minutes of the movie.The voice acting is also top notch. All the voices fit well with every character in the movie. I would love to see all of the actors in this in other animated roles. Some of the actors play there roles so well I had no idea which character they were. I had no idea that Edward Norton was the Bagel, or that Paul Rudd was the main Grocery Store employee. They all give great performances.But don’t get me wrong, there are problems. Probably the major one being that the villain really doesn’t need to be there. He just kind of serves to be a slightly disturbing character, who sucks out other products’ juice to become stronger. If they cut him out of the movie we wouldn’t have missed anything, apart from a few jokes from him. Also the ending is very, well, an ending, in that it ends the movie. It’s one of those endings I wouldn’t really describe as “bad” or “good” it’s just sort of “I don’t really know how else they could have ended it, so yeah I guess that works.”The animation isn’t all that great either, I mean it’s not awful, but it really shows that this is this particular company’s first animated film. One thing in particular that put me off was the designs on the human characters, they’re so hideous to look at. I have a feeling that’s part of the joke, but they really do look gross, and off-putting.There is one more thing I have to say though. In the long run I’m a little worried about the impact this might have on other R rated animated movies. I’m a little worried that this might affect other movies in a similar fashion as how Shrek affected kids movies. Like how Shrek was funny and made a lot of money, so other studios, and Dreamworks themselves, tried to replicate the success, and we ended up getting really bad “Self-Aware Parody” movies like Chicken Little. I just don’t want the same thing to happen with this movie.I wouldn’t call this movie “typical Adult Swim fodder” like I thought I’d be calling it. It’s too clever to deserve that label. It’s a movie that actually understands what “Satire” is, and in a day and age where we have people just posting racial obscenities and calling it “satire” when called out on it, I think it’s great to see an R rated animated movie actually understand how to do satire.I would recommend giving this movie a chance. I really respect that it doesn’t just throw crap at the wall and expects you to laugh. I wouldn’t go as far as to call this one of my favorite animated movies of all time, but I will say I’m glad I saw it, and I had a lot of fun watching it. I would give this movie an 8/10. It’s not one of the greatest movies ever made, but I do respect it, and I want to see more good R rated animated movies come out of it.

  • grzegorz-wszola
    grzegorz wszola

    Seth Rogen described this film as a dark take on Disney films, saying, “People like to project their emotions onto the things around them: their toys, their cars, their pets . . . So we thought, ‘What would it be like if our food had feelings?’ We very quickly realized that it would be effed up.” I love this movie, I originally saw it in theaters and now own it on Blu-Ray. I do think it’s hilarious unlike some say, maybe they don’t like crude/inappropriate stuff in a cartoon I don’t even know it makes me nauseous wondering why people hate on good movies. Also I love profound movies with metaphors more than any others and I feel heartwarming when I watch a comedy so ridiculous plus it’s a refreshing story nothing like this has been done before!

  • snizhana-vitruk
    snizhana vitruk

    So this is the animated movie that came out of nowhere and got a bunch of people of talking all because of it’s trailer. Let me tell you right now, the red-band trailer for this movie is funnier than the movie itself. And the whole reason the trailer made me laugh was because at first it looks like a regular animated movie, then the swearing and sex jokes happen. Speaking of which, this movie is nothing but swearing and sex jokes, oh and stereotypes. Because writing personalities for animated characters is so difficult, almost every character is just a walking stereotype. The bagel’s Jewish, the lavash is Muslim, the sauerkraut is a Nazi, are you laughing yet?!? That is the extent of this movies “humor”, it is literally just that. So if you think swearing and sex jokes is the pinnacle of comedy, then this’ll be the funniest movie you’ve ever seen. However, if you’re above the age of 14, then this movie will just exist, exist and not be funny in the slightest. This movie only made me chuckle twice, I laughed more during “The Theory of Everything”, and I’m pretty sure that movie wasn’t a freakin’ comedy!!! This is without a doubt the worst animated movie I’ve seen, and it’s a shame that actors like Edward Norton had to be in it. I can’t wait for the eventual sequel where all the food comes to the real world and interacts with their voice actors, won’t that be hilarious?! Does anybody else think that the makers of this movie paid off top critics to give this positive reviews? Because I honestly can’t understand why anyone who’s old enough to see an R-rated movie would find this funny at all.

  • govindaa-baaptt
    govindaa baaptt

    Before I start this review I’m telling you that I generally love Seth Rogan’s sense of humour and all of the actors that were voicing the characters I love as well, but this movie made me cringe. The entire plot of the movie sounded great and watching the trailers definitely caught everyone’s attention, and it’s not that often that an adult animation comes out and gets that much hype. It had a really good unique idea. The voice acting and animations were done really well. That’s about where the positivity ends.The first time I tried to watch it with my boyfriend, and we shut it off after the “rape scene” with the douche and the juice box about 15 minutes or so into the movie. I mean, I can get how it can kind of be comical because I mean, it’s a douche and a juice box, but just the fact that they were trying to compare it to rape was a bit screwed up and made me uncomfortable.The second time I tried to watch it was with one of my friends who swore it was hilarious and we just had to watch it so I was forced to watch it and finish it. The entire time she was laughing at every stupid and lazy attempt they made at humour and I was sitting there straight-faced wishing it was over.I have a pretty good sense of humour but the constant sexual jokes in this movie weren’t even clever at all and they were pretty pathetic.. the kind of twelve year old boys make when they try to make everything sound sexual. I was happy when I thought movie had finally come to an end when suddenly all the food randomly started having this massive orgy which was another 5 minutes of pointless ridiculousness.Honestly, this had a good idea but just turned out to be complete trash, and not the funny kind. It was just pathetic and sad that people wasted so much time and money to create it. If you have this certain sense of humour that finds absolutely everything funny, you’d probably laugh a few times. If you’re like me where it takes more than some weak sexual innuendos and over-the-top deaths to make you laugh then please do yourself a favour and skip this one. Everyone I know that has seen this (except that one friend) hated it.

  • oleg-dubina
    oleg dubina

    Have you ever seen a movie so terrible you create an IMDb account *just* so you can warn the rest of the human race? How, god. HOWWWWWWWWW does this movie have even one good review.Sausage Party is that scrawny, rape-stach’ed white dude who struts into the bar with an exaggerated swag, dirty wife-beater, backwards snapback and sunglasses on who takes the mortified look on your face and repulsed “no” as invitation to continue grandiose-performing, flexing his lack of muscles in your face, and repeating the F-word ceaselessly (ground me now, mom!! lulz!!). Eminem did it once, so…When you signal to the bartender and try to escape, he follows you around… For an hour and a half. And just when you finally sigh in relief that your friends have come to save you, he hops directly in front of you and pulls down his pants.Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate some good crude humor. Family Guy. American Dad. Archer. All fabulous examples of dangerously crass, raunchy humor being pulled off remarkably brilliantly.But the word “humor” is more than a stretch here. (Wait, the douche is a douche? Is that what you said? No no, could you blatantly tell me that the douche is a douche? Because I didn’t get that the douche is a douche.) Every racist stereotype under the sun is personified and paraded around as characters to make up for personalities that don’t exist. The dialogue is flat and nauseatingly postured. The plot is predictable within the first five minutes and reeks of nuance-less anti-religious propaganda. There is an actual, entirely unnecessary rape scene. (Is rape funny to confederate-flag-sporting, sister-banging twats? Must have missed some memo.) I only made it up until the scene where a few of the characters come to a dirty Mexican bar (because, get it? Mexicans are dirty drunks??), but apparently the film continues its downward spiral right up to the point where they actually have an orgy. Take that, God.I genuinely cannot imagine this movie being funny to anyone with an IQ over 20. Maybe to bro-tastic idiots with seven rape allegations and a hate-crime assault charge who only get by cause daddy runs a big corporation and knows how to throw a tantrum.Please don’t watch this bulls**t.

  • dipl-ing-konstantinos-dehmel-b-a
    dipl ing konstantinos dehmel b a

    Let me start off this review by saying I like Seth Rogen. I like low-brow, shock humor. I love biting satire. By all metrics, I should’ve been the target audience for this film. But I couldn’t remember the last time a movie actually made me as angry as I felt watching Sausage Party.Look, I *get* what this movie was trying to do. Really, I do. Its admirable ambition is the ONLY reason I give it a 3/10 and not a 1. But it fails in every place it was trying to succeed. Let me explain.1. It fails as a send-up of saccharine Pixar animated films. Parody really is an art form of its own. To do it well, the medium needs to look and feel – at first blush – like something sincere, which allows the artist to invert expectations of the audience (thus, humor). Just look at the best satire: The Onion takes on the tone of a daily newspaper; Young Frankenstein feels like a classic horror film; Weird Al Yankovic sounds like the musicians he parodies. Parody requires a nuanced and keen understanding of whatever source material it’s sending-up.Sausage Party seems to think it’s a Pixar parody because it a) uses inanimate objects as characters, and b) is animated. But that’s not what makes Pixar movies Pixar movies. They have emotion, they have clever characters, and they make unexpected and subtle observations on humanity.The closest Sausage Party came to giving us Pixar-inspired characters were the queer taco and the Stephen Hawking-esque piece of chewed up gum, and neither is on screen long enough to carry the film. The rest of the “parody” is dependent on the fact that animation as a medium is most commonly used for children’s entertainment, and Sausage Party clearly isn’t for children. If that’s parody, then it’s parody in its laziest, most artificial form.2. It fails as shock humor. I get that this is subjective and everyone has their own meter for “what is shocking,” but I’m going to go out on a limb and say no one over the age of 11 thinks cartoon characters being vulgar is shocking. South Park busted down that barrier two decades ago. Adult Swim has been around for almost as long. In a world of Borat, 4chan, and There’s Something About Mary, if you want to go for pure shock laughs, you need a lot more than f-bombs and sex puns.That being said, for shock humor to actually be *shocking* it needs to come as a surprise. If the entire film beats you over the head with profanity, drug references, and wiener jokes, then by definition you can’t be surprised. It becomes tedium.3. It fails as commentary on organized religion. This was probably the most disappointing failure because the idea that humans are gods over food and food has to tell themselves the gods are bringing them to a “great beyond” to give their lives meaning is indeed a clever concept. There was an opportunity for Rogen n Co to make an anti-Veggie Tales that could’ve been something sharp and brilliant. They blew it.Matt Stone and Trey Parker did the anti-belief message beautifully in The Book of Mormon. In it, the characters grow to question their faith, and their new-found skepticism pays off with a unique and clever spin at the end (with lots of smart laughs along the way).In Sausage Party, on the other hand, instead of using religious skepticism as a vehicle for character development, it was more the bow that tied a bunch of juvenile jokes to some pseudo-intelligent theme. There was no organic transformation. It was a forced conclusion to justify ending on an orgy (because ultimately nothing really matters and all we have is joy and pleasure in this life yadda yadda ya get it?! GET IT?!?)The fact Sausage Party had such potential makes the results all the more annoying. In more skilled hands it really could’ve been a fun, acerbic send-up of Pixar AND religion. Instead, what we have is an over-long, single-joke animated SNL skit with all the charm and brilliance of a jackhammer. Awful.

  • beatriz-moura
    beatriz moura

    If your idea of funny is excessive unnecessary profanity (it seems almost every line in the film contains it) inserted instead of actual humor, uninspired sex jokes, gross images with no pay off, and lame satire, then you may enjoy Sausage Party.Allegedly, the inspiration for making this movie was the creators’ desire to make the first “adult” 3D animated film. The interpretation of “adult” here seems to be the same as when it’s used to describe porn–in other words, “adult” in the sense that you wouldn’t want children to watch it but not in the sense that it shows much sophistication.I have nothing against gross or low humor. But that’s just it. There aren’t really any jokes in this movie. Punchlines here are usually someone dropping an f-bomb. If you are not 11 years old, you may want something more. Visual gags are sometimes interesting, but do not induce laughter. The animation is well done and there are many celebrity voices involved, all of whom act well, but to what end?Anyone familiar with the sort of movies Seth Rogen ends up in (toilet, sex, and drug humor) then you will have a fair idea of how this pans out. There are characters taking drugs and talking about “getting baked.” HA! HA! Items from the grocery store make crude remarks and simulate sex acts. HA! HA! Many of the characterizations simply involve people yelling a lot. HA! HA! There’s brutal violence. HA! HA!News emerging since the opening suggests that the artists working on this project were treated cruelly and unfairly. That’s how I felt as an audience member.

  • eghish-varosyan
    eghish varosyan

    This film is the equivalent to a sixteen year old, fairly privileged middle class boy, who has a baseball cap, curtains and t-shirt with the marijuana leaf on it yet has only ever smoked one spliff and made a huge deal about it. He thinks that smoking weed makes him relevant. So he needs to let everyone know he does it because there’s nothing else that will appeal about him. Because he doesn’t want to come off as a nerd, he lowers his intelligence and because he is too ‘dumb’ to actually be funny, he swears every 10 seconds to constitute humour. Possibly still faps over that one single poster of a tanned girl in a bikini that his Uncle bought him on his birthday because he was ‘becoming a man, bro.’It was described to my boyfriend as ‘offensive’. It wasn’t. It’s vulgar. It’s not even the funny kind.I watched it last night with my boyfriend. Only us and a group of three ‘lads’ were in the cinema. Understand, we all laughed more during the adverts and trailers than we did the actual movie.Within the first five minutes, I was embarrassed that I subjected my boyfriend and I to this and knew it was going to disappoint me.Immediately, you’re met with profanity. Now, once or twice to give the impression that hot dogs swear is fine. Swearing so much to substitute for lack of humour is just pathetic. Amidst the language, nothing funny was said. That’s bad writing.There’s the joke that hot dogs are having sex with buns when they’re put into the buns. That makes sense as a joke. It’s a safe bet. This would have been modestly funny had it not been repeated throughout the whole film.Yes, we get it. The sausage is a phallic shape and goes into a bun.It really puts it to you within the first few minutes. A pack of sausages shaming each other about their size and shape. (BECAUSE THEY ARE METAPHORICAL PENISES DON’T YOU KNOW! HAR HAR!) Again though, not funny or clever. Then courting the lady-buns by being vulgar. Sausage calls bun a b***h.It was clear that I’d sat us down for an uninspired and lazy flop.I laughed modestly twice. I laughed out of obligation and embarrassment about 5 times.There were a few clever bits. I am a fan of wordplay, so to see someone riding a bottle of ‘Horseradish Sauce’ was satisfying. The Frankfurters were played as Nazis who hated ‘Juice’ and their symbol was ‘ff’, made to look the Nazi alternative. Offensive, yes, but a little clever. I like offensive humour.There were so many opportunities for actual humour it hurts. Nothing that could have been funny was displayed for more than a second.There was a graphic rape scene.I get that it sounds ridiculous when you hear that it’s a douche forcefully sucking the juice out of a carton.You might think I am being silly, but I swear to you, if it had been humans, it would have been pretty horrific.Because it was a cartoon, you were expected to laugh at rape.Ha ha. No. I don’t think any of the viewers found that funny, even the ‘laddish’ blokes at the back didn’t crack a humoured grin.There’s also this really awkward sex scene at the end where all the food engage. This is to really bring home the hot-dog/penis metaphor.A taco has lesbian sex with a bread roll.My fingers hurt from typing.If you’re 12 years old and completely new to sex, drugs and swearwords, you and your dude-bros will love this.If you require a little more maturity and intelligence in your humour, AVOID. Otherwise you’ll leave needing to take a shower and needing to withdraw from cinema.