The film depicts a day and a half in Harry Stoner’s life. Harry is down on his luck, and trapped in his own indulgences. He daydreams about his youth, trying to escape from the fact that business is rotten and his company owes bundles of money. His day is filled with unusual episodes as he picks up a hitchhiker/prostitute, arranges for his company’s warehouse to burn down so he can collect the insurance-money, he hires strippers for his buddies and gets engaged in an animal rights campaign, a fashion show and experiences a rather uncomfortable flashback to the war.

Also Known As: Mentsd meg a tigrist!, セイブ・ザ・タイガー, Rešite tigra, Sueños del pasado, Save the Tiger, Спасите тигра Soviet, Salvaţi tigrul, Kaplanı Kurtar, Salvad al tigre, Spasite tigra, Manden i midten, Salvate la tigre, Ocalić tygrysa, Sonhos do Passado, Salven al tigre, Pelastakaa tiikeri, Rettet den Tiger! West, Спасете тигъра, Rädda tigern, Soste ton tigri, Sauvez le tigre, Det blåser på toppen, Σώστε τον Τίγρη

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