College students visit a secluded Halloween haunt. There they discover, the scariest thing about a haunt in the middle of nowhere, is the people who work there.

Also Known As: Scariest Night of Your Life

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  • koroleva-iraida-eduardovna
    koroleva iraida eduardovna

    Brotherton delivers again. Can’t wait for the sequel.

  • antonia-stan
    antonia stan

    Hands down, this goes in the books as a horrible movie. First of all nothing but talk happens They go to this scary house operated by weirdos but never wonder why there are no other patron in the parking lot as they talk and talk and talk for 40 minutes. Then they walk some more and see creepy people in the near distance but never interact with them. They just talk. It’s god awful. Plus the director is the worst of all. The sound ranges from too low to distortionally loud in a split second.Oh, and did I mention that they do a lot of talking? It goes on and on and on. I cannot underscore how much boring talking goes on. Who wrote this garbage?Finally, after a lifetime they reach the scare house. But do they go in? Nah. That would make sense. Instead they — you guessed it — talk. And talk and talk.More than a third of the movie is over by this time and absolutely NOTHING has happened. And suddenly the sound drops out and you have to turn the volume all the way up.Finally they are indoors and, yep, MORE TALKING.The meet the creepazoids and decide to have a conversation with them. Where’s the freaking action? By the time half the flick is over you are hoping they all just get murdered and the movie ends.The acting sucks too. Everything about this movie is terrible. I don’t have one good thing to say about it. It shoudl have been entitled “The Boringest Talk fo your Life.”

  • armin-jakel
    armin jakel

    I don’t usually review movies, but this movie is awful. The sound especially. The volume of the screaming and talking close to the camera is WAY louder than the volume of the whole movie. It hurts your ears. This movie is slow, takes forever to get to anything potentially scary, and was extremely typical/predictable plot. Definitely pass on this one.

  • bogdan-annamaria-rozalia
    bogdan annamaria rozalia

    This movie was one of the worst found footage movies, I’ve ever seen. For being the Scariest Night of your Life, this movie failed in character development, writing and special effects…this one you can pass on…

  • madeline-patterson
    madeline patterson

    Lack luster, the dialogue is boring and often annoying because the actors are pretty bad. The audio is poorly executed, goes from soft to loud and distorted. Master your audio. How does that even make it off the editing room table like this? As for character development, they become increasingly more annoying as the movie goes on. Wack AF!

  • aurora-mazilescu
    aurora mazilescu

    Poor sound, poor acting and a story that could have been good under the direction of someone better. It tries to play on the everyday fears of people, but just turns out to be a mess.

  • gronskis-deividas
    gronskis deividas

    Worst movie ever….puke.Give me my 3 dollars back.

  • fokina-daria-arkhipovna
    fokina daria arkhipovna

    I never review movies, but if this saves just one of you from watching this garbage than it’s worth it. Awful acting, awful plot, more awful acting. Just don’t.