It’s 1968 in America. Change is blowing in the wind…but seemingly far removed from the unrest in the cities is the small town of Mill Valley where for generations, the shadow of the Bellows family has loomed large. It is in their mansion on the edge of town that Sarah, a young girl with horrible secrets, turned her tortured life into a series of scary stories, written in a book that has transcended time-stories that have a way of becoming all too real for a group of teenagers who discover Sarah’s terrifying tome.

Also Known As: Lidérces mesék éjszakája, Upiorne opowiesci po zmroku, Histórias Assustadoras Para Contar no Escuro, Страшные истории для рассказа в темноте, Siurpios istorijos pasakojimui tamsoje, Scary Stories, Histoires effrayantes à raconter dans le noir, Chuyen Kinh di Luc Nua dem, Sipourim Mafkhidim she'Mesaprim Ba'Kha'Shekha, Jezive priče iz mraka, Histórias Assustadoras para Contar no Escuro, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Historias de miedo para contar en la oscuridad, Страшнi iсторii для розповiдi в темрявi, Sausmu stasti tumsam novakarem

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  • mr-declan-tomlinson
    mr declan tomlinson

    I personally enjoy the horror films that have been released in recent years. Yes, there is the predictability, which is becoming more of an issue. I agree with another review that pointed out that devote horror fans seeking quality might be disappointed in this film. And I’ve read reviews that stated their disappointment. But for a basic horror, I enjoyed it. I have no intention of stating the plot, and giving away the film.

  • daniel-mosley
    daniel mosley

    This is one of the worst adaptations I have ever seen. I’m a HUGE fan of the books, and this film is an embarrassment to the material. Scary Stories isn’t about a couple of kids. It’s about the Gdamn STORIES. Don’t tell that to the film makers though. They seemed to have missed the memo. The ONLY good part of this film is the makeup/special effects. They did a great job there, but the story? Oh my God the story. I was INCREDIBLY bored watching this film. I genuinely could not wait for it to end so I could go home and watch something good. This film is a MAJOR skip. Do not waste your time or money.

  • damiano-bellini
    damiano bellini

    This movie dragged and never kept me captivated. It was terrible and not scary at all. I mean it was literally like a Disney version of horror. Its like a movie you would watch if your high just for the laughs at how terrible it dragged and how terrible the stories are. Not scary at all. The trailer totally fooled me. I dont know the back story if this was based off goosebumps or a novel or something or is its own book. But the scary stories were catered for little kids and not scary at all. Save you guys money for IT 2. I walked out halfway through it. If I see the director or creator of this movie on this street I would probably have some unpleasant words at how terrible this flop of a movie is.

  • stanislaw-rzeszut
    stanislaw rzeszut

    I love the story & all the monsters. They created the monsters quite scary and some of them even made me goosebumps & uncomfortable. I guess there will be a sequel for this film (?). Go watch it guys!

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      walsinats tuszsezr

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  • natalie-farmer
    natalie farmer

    Seriously a scary movie. Unfortunately, some plots seem under-explored. For some, this film might not make u difficult to sleep, although some disturbing scenes might be quiet disturbing. However, this film not use too many jumpscares like other horror films, it slowly frighten the audience until the heart beats fast and makes us guess what will happen next. Not too predictable. Props for that!

  • sig-ra-nathan-conte
    sig ra nathan conte

    Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, is one of the creepiest, scariest, and terrifying movie of the summer that’s based on a children’s scary novel by: Alvin Schwartz, and original illustrated by: Stephen Gammell. This summer, by Guillermo Del Toro, will make you scream go more Scary Stories, where the stories, write themselves, and all comes alive, on the big screen.

  • miroslava-zemljic
    miroslava zemljic

    The whole movie was put together beautifully! The acting was amazing, the costumes & cgi was beautiful & terrifying, anyone who says this is a bad movie has obviously never seen a bad horror movie!

  • harald-oderwald
    harald oderwald

    It was ok. Seriously tho, this movie was not bad, but it was not very good either. Its a completely enjoyable flick, but doesnt really bring anything new. There was not one scene where i even felt a twinge of fear, so if you are there for the horror, look somewhere else. Cgi was ok, could have been done practically, but to no surprise they didnt choose that route. The movie feels very slow phased at some moments, something that led me to yawn several times. When the climax finally happens, it – wait a minute? What climax? There wasnt one.

  • larry-gonzalez
    larry gonzalez

    Nothing scary here. I guess if you are 8 or so maybe……Didn’t know this was based on children’s books. Pretty boring and the rest of the audience seemed the same. Lots of kids there so that should’ve given me a clue.

  • sakalauskas-donatas
    sakalauskas donatas

    This movie was so predictable you knew everything that was going to happen. The toe scene was so dragged out you knew exactly what was going to happen next. Waste of time.

  • zachary-watson
    zachary watson

    I’m very surprised to see so many positive reviews. This movie is a mess. It’s not scary, the “comedy” is painfully cheesy, and the acting is mostly horrible. Do not waste your time or money. Worst movie I’ve seen in theaters in years.

  • sasha-rizzo
    sasha rizzo

    As a kind of anthology sort of feature, Scary Stories wasn’t actually a bad movie but it didn’t fulfill my expectations, specially in terms of scare factors. As a huge fan of André Øvredal (director of Trollhunter & Autopsy of Jane Doe), expected it bit more twisted & eerily creepy particularly around the different monster/entity encounters at different segments. Among the ghostly entities, The Jangly Man & The Pale Lady were the most interesting; and while they could have done more with The Pale Lady (looked like a creepy character from a Japanese manga), the intro to this character was kind of disappointing & somewhat same like Harold the Scarecrow. The Jangly Man was the most satisfactory one…wondering what James Wan would have do with it?! Speaking of Wan, at times it just came to my mind that considering the format & the stories…I think Wan or Mike Flanagan would have been a better choice for this film than Øvredal.It got potential to be more darker, scarier & entertaining but PG-13 approach turned out to be a let down for me. Overall, found it kinda mediocre, though the effort was fairly decent.

  • bjorn-saether
    bjorn saether

    As a fan of the books I wanted to love this movie but the horrible sub par acting and very slow and boring plot really made me disappointed. What a missed opportunity to make a great movie from the source material.

  • gema-salinas-diaz
    gema salinas diaz

    Fantastic adaptation from the book, this movie for being a pg-13 horror film was amazing. There was nothing I didn’t like about the movie! Must see!

  • jacob-velasquez
    jacob velasquez

    This movie looked so good from the previews, but leaves you leaving bored and disappointed

  • marissa-spencer
    marissa spencer

    To clarify, I am a lifelong horror fan and a child of the 80’s. I grew up with these books, and therefore they hold a special place in my heart. I should have listened to my heart when it told me that this film never should have been made so I am mad at myself for paying to see it. I guess this is on me, because, alas I did.Having said that, I must say that I am speechless at how bad this film was. The original books left so much to the imagination but this film version has none and leaves no room for audiences to use theirs. Yes, I know it’s a “PG-13 horror film”, but there are countless PG and PG-13 horror films that are excellent examples of the genre and outshine this wretched mess on every conceivable level: “Poltergeist” “The Gate”, The “Monster Squad”, from the 80’s are a few examples, if we are talking kid-friendly. “Get Out”, 2002’s Mothman Prophecies, and “Insidious” come to mind if we are citing more current PG-13. In fact, some of the scariest films ever made were PG (if you don’t believe me, check out Disney’s Watcher in the Woods from 1980 or 1980’s The Changeling for starters).Technically the film is perfectly average. The musical score is recycled from every modern film of it’s type, cinematography stale, and the CGI effects out of place, as they undermine the books’ old-fashioned sensibilities. Speaking of old-fashioned sensibilities, the film’s depiction of small town America, especially 60’s America, is hollow and inauthentic. Every authority figure and adult character is an unlikable stereotype, each lacking the warmth and innocence you would find during the time. The main teen characters are all stock, lacking any semblance of charisma or nuance, and speak in distractingly modern day colloquialisms. These are kids of today that act and talk like kids of today.The film’s ultimate misstep is by creating a perfectly unnecessary narrative thread designed to link all the disparate stories together. This adds absolutely nothing to the proceedings and results in the majority of the main characters spending half the film’s running time reading aloud from books “searching for the answers” to help them destroy-whatever is-never mind, it doesn’t matter. If this was a mystery, that would be perfectly fine, -but it’s a film based on one to two page stories, intended to scare the living daylights out of its readers- and should have been presented strictly as an anthology (ala Creepshow). Scary Stories (stories and/or films) were meant to be visceral-to be experienced on a primal level-and I would expect a film based on famous books that did just that, to follow suit. Instead, Scary Stories seems more concerned with pandering solely to fans of “Stranger Things” and the “It” crowd.One last note: for a modern day PG-13 horror film, Scary Stories is far more gruesome than all the aforementioned films of it’s type I cited earlier, while still managing to be infinitely less scary and well made.

  • douglas-elliott
    douglas elliott

    The movie itself was not bad. However if people see a movie’s description as ‘horror movie’ they tend to expect one. Sadly, Scary Stories to tell in the dark was just a scarier Maleficient. If you have kids and you want to slowly start them to watch horror movies then this is definitely the one to start with. The way the ‘bad guys’ were portrayed in this movie reminded me more of the ‘Ghostbusters’ remake than any other real horror movie. Heads down to Harold though.

  • kristen-perez
    kristen perez

    **If you haven’t read the books, you’re better off not seeing it or you most likely won’t like it**This movie is based off children’s books that were published in 1981, 1984 and 1991. Most of the audience this movie will garner will be from people who read these books when they were kids. Hardcore horror fans will PROBABLY not like it. You will not be scared except MAYBE with the jump scares.I’m sure kids will love it, just be mindful of the age your kids are and how they handle horror. This isn’t like goosebumps. People who scare easily will like it too.They did a wonderful job getting the “scary” characters to look exactly how they were illustrated. In the books none of the stories are connected. Here, a main story was created to connect them. It’s actually not that bad. It’s scarier and less cheesy than what passes as children’s horror but it’s not like what adults expect. An in-between horror film with some good, CREEPY and FUNNY moments. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it but sheer childhood nostalgia drove me to go see it.

  • courtney-parsons
    courtney parsons

    I was a bit skeptical about how the trailers for this looked, but I decided to see it anyway because Guillermo del Toro was producing (who I love.) I have not read the book on which it is based. Unfortunately, the film was a mess, and I’m honestly pretty surprised that Del Toro attached his name to this, even though he’s not directing this time.The film tells the story of a group of teenagers who enter a haunted house on Halloween, and end up reading a book of scary stories that comes to life. Unfortunately, far too much of virtually all of the stories are revealed in the film’s trailers, which reduces the impact of them on the viewer. Additionally, most of them except the “Jangly Man” story at the end are too short to really have a real impact on the viewer. Unlike other Del Toro-credited efforts in the horror genre, like the Gothic horror film “Crimson Peak,” this movie overloads itself with loud and obnoxious jump-scares, which is one of the laziest tropes in modern horror movies. There’s no genuine suspense or dread building. The script is generally rather weak, and the characters are underdeveloped. The writers try some attempt at social commentary by making some parallels to some of Richard Nixon’s worst instincts (the story is set in 1968) to try to highlight similarities between Nixon and Trump. Unfortunately, however, this attempt at social commentary feels too forced, unlike in (for example) Jordan Peele’s films where the social commentary is both subtle-at-times yet strikingly genuine. I will give Del Toro credit for making visually interesting creatures/monsters in the stories, as we can always expect from him. But otherwise, this film ends up being a misfire. It’s also not clear who its target audience is, as it’s too scary for children but too childish for most teen and adult viewers. Not recommended. 4/10

  • andrea-del-hoz
    andrea del hoz

    I went into this movie knowing blood was not going to be a thing I was going to see in this film. It is based on a book series for teens after all. Me being a fan of the books as a kid I was super excited when I found out about this and I wasn’t disappointed. It isn’t a fast paced scare, scare and scare again movie. It takes its time in places but it doesn’t feel slow. The CGI and creatures were super creepy and awesomely effective.Was it the scariest thing I’ve seen? No.. far from it but I will watch it again and hope it might get itself a unrated version for the more intense moments. I didn’t feel like they held back to much like I was scared they would do like they did slender man and sunk it to the bottom of the ocean.Watch it! It has its harsh moments and it gets vicious at times. Someone even gets impaled and the deaths are shown on screen so don’t worry it won’t cut away right before the good stuff. It gives you that good stuff tho slightly tame but super scary and effective.

  • carina-karlsson
    carina karlsson

    The trailers really mislead this one. It appeared to be a dark and ominous horror film. Instead, it’s a very mild mystery with some great visuals. No scares at all in this one. Somewhat interesting, but overall I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

  • corey-mendoza
    corey mendoza

    I enjoyed this film mostly because this was part of the Scary Stories Collection that I read when I was about 7 to 9 years old and the monsters and ghosts look straight from the original illustrations of Stephen Gammel.If you’re expecting this to be along the vain of IT or blood and gore type of movie, or if you’ve never read the books before you may not like it. You have to remember the stories target audience was designed for kids, young adults and those who have read the series.I think this was a pretty well done film for a family as my 10 year old loved it. The acting was good,I was expecting a modern time period movie not a Vietnam era type of movie. And it’s cool they left it open for sequels like the title of the other two books in the series, More Scary Stories and Even More Scary Stories.

  • tretiakov-florentin-efremovich
    tretiakov florentin efremovich

    As a fan of the books for over thirty years, I couldn’t wait to finally see these terror tales on the big screen. Let me just say it was definitely worth the wait. This is one seriously scary movie! From corpses, scarecrows and creepy spiders, there’s plenty to make you jump and cringe. The cast was amazing and Natalie Ganzorhn can definitely scream! I would avoid letting kids see this movie because it’s very creepy. I must’ve jumped at least ten times. To be honest I’m surprised it managed to avoid an R-rating. Rest assured this is a fun, scary fright flick. I loved every second of it.

  • eryk-bujko
    eryk bujko

    Good: The main story that is tying the ‘scary stories’ together is interesting and a fresh take as the ‘scary stories’ are short and filler needs to be made for a feature film. The direction from Øvredal is great finding the right amount of scares to be had with built suspense from the grisly production by Del Toro.Bad: The cast is fine, nothing spectacular or atrocious, it is something you would expect from a horror film. Some lines are cheesy and laughable. The main story could have been shortened.Overall: Although there is nothing innovating it is still a solid fresh straight-up(less jump scare, more imagery) horror of 2019 that can pass the time with entertainment and chills to be made.3.5/5

  • nathan-vitali
    nathan vitali

    While this film doesn’t break any new ground or add innovation to the horror genre necessarily, it brings the stories we grew up with to life and gives them a richer visual identity. Ovredal/Del Toro excel at giving us chillingly well constructed tension filled scenes of ominous creatures, haunting spirits, and just an atmospheric overall feel that puts the viewer right into the stories. While the teen characters are by the numbers and wreak of goosebumps/IT/Stranger Things influence, they are serviceable for the particular story. The horror visuals take the main focus and steal the show for the 108min runtime which is actually longer than most horror’s of this nature and build off scene to scene effectively. Even viewers that are unfamiliar with the classic stories of the same name will be very satisfied with this film and hopefully be inspired to go back and read the books. I hope this film spawns a franchise and I’m happy to say this thoroughly surprised me as i was cautiously optimistic as to how they’d adapt it.