Having a welcome strategic expertise in both the hot and dank Florida swamplands and the local tribe of Seminole Indians, the brilliant and ethical West Point graduate, Second Lieutenant Lance Caldwell, is transferred to scheming Major Degan’s Everglades outpost, in 1835. Supposedly impeding the development of white civilisation, the Seminoles must be expelled from their native lands at all costs; all that stands between the aspirations of the venomous commanding officer and the last of the Indian clans is Caldwell. Sooner or later, a dead sentry and a fiery clash with the men of the powerful Seminole leader, Chief Osceola, will stain the vast and impassable marshes with blood, as a strong-willed beautiful woman stands in the middle. Can Caldwell be the voice of reason and compromise?

Also Known As: Fort King, Oi adamastoi, Οι Αδάμαστοι, Massacre, L'expédition du fort King, To apospasma exontothi, Seminola West, Fort Kingin petturi, Die Rache der Seminolen, Семинолите, Pluma roja, Traición en Fort King, Seminole, Séminole

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