While being transported through the Arizona desert in a van, six convicted prisoners escapes after a car accident. Their leader kills the security guard and they kidnap a female guard trying to reach the Mexican border. In their runaway, they find a gold medallion and later they reach the house of an old Apache, and they ask the direction to reach Mexico. The Apache tells them that in the opposite direction there is a hidden Spanish treasure. They decide to seek the gold and they stumble in an old ghost town, where the friendly population is formed by vampires and zombies and the local sheriff Drake is evil.

Also Known As: 7 Múmias, Oi 7 moumies, Treasure of the Seven Mummies, Legend of Doom, Seven Mummies, Dead Evil, Seitsemän muumion aarre, 7 Mummies, 7 мумий, Οι 7 μούμιες, Skarb mumii

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  • stephanie-proctor
    stephanie proctor

    There are numerous things wrong with this movie, of which I’ll just point out a few.The soundtrack was intrusive and borderline-offensive. You can tune out a John Williams score if you don’t like it, but nu-metal or mexi-rap-rock so loud it drowns out the (dubious) dialogue doesn’t have that option. If you don’t like it–and most people don’t–it kills the movie.The plot… what can I say? There were moments where it seemed a plot might emerge, but they inevitably turned out just muddying the waters further. My theory is that Thadd Turner woke up from a drunken stupor and simply wrote down what he’d dreamed while under the influence of alcohol poisoning. You can practically smell the stale beer and vomit in some scenes. The gosh-golly-we’re-in-the-Old-West-but-won’t-question-it situation was absolutely laughable. And correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t people mine gold in order to spend it, not so they can hide it forever? Are these Jesuit priests actually Smaug the Dragon? Where did they acquire elite kung-fu skills? The motives throughout are completely baffling. I’m still unclear on whether the sheriff was one of the seven mummies, whether he wanted the gold for himself or to protect it, or why he was after the amulet at all. Speaking of which, where did the other six amulets go? And the other three or four mummies? What are the chances that a gassed-up, operational Harley Davidson would be found under a mass of cobwebs in an Old West shanty? How did the dehydrated self-mutilator find the town, and why did he cart along a corpse? Whose corpse was it? Did the “heroes” ever return to burn that godforsaken town to the ground and claim the gold? Does anyone even care? The production values weren’t bad, aside from sound and lighting. It seemed the camera operators and editors had extensive practice in the adult film industry. Only a few moments really dragged on, mostly Sheriff Dusty’s monologues to his horse and Danny Trejo’s self-amused chortles. It was a -horrible- movie, but it wasn’t -unwatchable-. Those who claim so clearly haven’t seen just how bad movies can be. At the very least, there was no shortage of eye candy. Teenage boys would probably prefer this to a blank screen… maybe.Goonfactor: extremely high, but much of the gooniness was derived from equally goony but less atrocious pieces.

  • miloslav-fiala
    miloslav fiala

    This movie was one of the best straight to video’s All in all the acting wasn’t that bad It has Kinda Known Actor’s And Noreaga a Known Rapper The Storyline Is what keeps you into it.Six Convicts Find A Gold Medallion in the sand out in the desert.The Come Across Danny Trejo Who Gives them A Choice to Either Go Find The Gold Or To The Mexican Border To Freedom,Of Course They Try To Go For The Gold And Thats when the fun starts.The Chicks in the movie are hot The Death’s Are Awesome What more is there to ask for in a horror movie Don’t Be Fooled by the 1.8 Rating IMDb is giving it If you see this on a shelf at Blockbuster Pick it up and give it a watch for yourself,

  • britt-svensson
    britt svensson

    Lost treasure, old west cowboy ghouls, and great special effects. Probably equal parts horror, Western, and action/adventure. The story is based on the real-life legend of Tumacacori, an ancient Spanish lost treasure of gold, and is a fun romp through the Arizona desert. The music is scored well and moves the film nicely. Billy Drago is awesome as the wicked cavalry saber-wielding town Sheriff. Don’t expect a typical blood and guts horror pic, there’s more here to the legend, as the six convicts look for the lost gold and meet their untimely deaths. Great decapitation scene, and a very cool Harley Davidson/horse chase at the end. Rate it a six, maybe seven, but definitely worth watching.

  • mark-mendez
    mark mendez

    A shame this is so bad really, because I like bad horror movies and actually rather liked the basic premise: Back when the Spanish were being generally unpleasant to natives in America, they enslaved the local populace and got them to mine all the gold out of the mountains and basically ended up with a wet dream’s worth of gold. Overseeing the operation were seven Jesuit priests that vowed to protect to gold until the Spanish forces returned for it. They never did. Over the years they died and were mummified and buried with the gold by the remnants of the native population. Fast forward a few hundred years and a bus load of convicts being transferred escape with one of the guards as hostage (the only good thing about the film, the delectable Cerina Vincent). They bimble across the desert looking for the Mexican border, finding en route a mummified body buried in a dry river bed with a gold medallion on it; when they later find a mysterious Indian (the always reliable, although poorly cast in this case Danny Trejo) who spots the medallion, he tells them the legend. Naturally, having just crawled out of the desert and barely survived, they decide to go back and try to find the gold, ignoring the Indian who is now laughing manically at their decision. They find the town, and most of them die. It’s the vast majority of components that are wrong with this film.The dialogue was too quiet, even the slightest incidental music or sound effect totally washed out the dialogue, so you had no idea what was being said most of the time.The music was atrocious and very very loud, a mixture of gangsta rap and ultra heavy thrash metal, totally inappropriate and made the dialogue situation even worse.It was shot predominantly in total darkness, so most of the time you could not only not hear what was going on, you couldn’t see what was going on either, I imagine it would be like watching a group of people being stalked in a windowless warehouse by Carcass or Napalm Death.Now when they got to where the gold was buried, there was a wild west style town there, complete with an evil sheriff (Billy Drago! Yaay! Who actually turned out to be the prime antagonist, not the mummies of the title), lots of random grizzled 1860’s type western folk and the obligatory bar/cathouse populated with extremely buxom young lovelies. The gang of convicts do not question this one bit, they are not remotely bothered by the fact they seem to have slid back in time 150 years or so. The explanation for this is either simply not in the film, or is very briefly covered in sub-audible dialogue, but I gathered from a review that some wild west era settlers arrived there, settled, found the gold and woke the mummies, who subsequently killed the entire town and the inhabitants are now cursed.The convicts are enjoying the bar when the inhabitants turn into undead (terrible effects, ghouls look just like normal people, just with some blue eyeliner, right?) and the prostitutes turn out to be vampires (WTF??) that dispatch a couple of the convicts right there and then.The remaining convicts run around in the dark, breaking into boarded up buildings for no apparent reason, but they do eventually encounter some mummies, and they turn out to be ninja, high speed kung fu combat mummies with a propensity for crazy jumping around – to be fair, this is actually a pretty good fight scene (what you can see of it in the almost pitch black).The weird thing is that since things went belly-up in the cat house when the ghouls revealed what they were, the entire population of the town apart from the Sheriff has vanished. Eh? Why? No idea. The convicts spend the latter part of the film just being chased by the sheriff, the mummies don’t even join the pursuit after their one fight scene.And the ending with two blokes and a coffin is completely random and meaningless, it’s not anything to do with the rest of the movie as far as I can tell.I love crap movies, but please, this was dreadful in every conceivable way and it’s not often I watch a lousy horror movie and think to myself “Wish I’d done something else, like maybe got some sleep”.

  • ciro-giordano
    ciro giordano

    To start off with, it’s bad enough the heroes of the movies are a bunch of blood thirsty criminals. But the whole thing barely makes any sense. Seven monks brought some treasure over, but are they good monks or bad monks? A little more back story on the monks and why the brought this treasure over would have been nice and what about the town? Where did these people come from, since it started with a mere 7? What were these blood sucking monsters supposed to be? Mummies? Vampires? What? If they were mummies they didn’t look like mummies and I never heard of blood sucking mummies and if they vampires, then why were they running around during broad daylight? Plus, the title characters, the seven mummies didn’t make an appearance to like ten minutes before the end of the film. How lame is that, plus is Drake suppose to be one of the seven monks, because they never said. Finally, the final insult, without giving it away, the climax of the film makes no sense. A complete and total waste of time. THE RASBERRY.

  • heinz-peter-striebitz
    heinz peter striebitz

    i got this film cos I’m a fan of Billy drago, he was cool in it.I didn’t like the montages of images as they were walking through the desert, and that horrible choice of music (ganster rap) i didn’t catch anyones name, there were some plot holes in it, but that didn’t really bother me all that much. i did like the actual mummies, and i liked the fight scenes with them in it, but i don’t understand why is was so short, and what happened to them? they came, kicked back, and then vanished. i didn’t catch what happened to, billy drago’s two hench men either. i was left with lots of questions after this movie, but i still enjoyed watching it.but any fan of drago’s should get this anyway.

  • miranda-curry
    miranda curry

    Vincent is here strictly as eye candy and though I could stare at her assets all day long, they just couldn’t make up for this tedious flick. It went in and out of Hip Hop and rap-core metal which totally takes you out of the southwestern setting and era. Those of you out there that like your horror “rap artist free” may also want to beware as N.O.R.E., of “Oye Mi Canto” fame, stars in this mess. The two ethnic characters will literally make you want to cut off your ears off as they sling slang like monkey’s hurl poopy diapers. Some of their dialog sounds so silly you’ll swear it was improvised! I really don’t know what else to say about this film but steer clear. The story was bad and the whole film completely falls apart toward the middle. Character’s actions just don’t make sense and actors either barely act or are barely seen. Trejo and Drago were truly wasted talent.Kung Fu Jesuit mummies cannot make up for this train wreck. Somebody point me to the nearest opium den because I’ve got a major headache.

  • pan-ustim-cherednik
    pan ustim cherednik

    Having just watched Ted Mikels’ film “Apartheid Slave-Women’s Justice”, I was amazingly lenient when it came to viewing “Seven Mummies”. That’s because “Apartheid” and many of Mikels’ other films are NOT on the IMDb Bottom 100 list–and should be. So, by comparison, “Seven Mummies” doesn’t look THAT bad–but it still is bad.The plot is the weird sort of concept that works best as a video game–sort of like “Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare”. Seriously–which is the zombie western sequel to “Red Dead Redemption”. It has plenty of shooting and violence and bloody gore, but as a film, it lacks plot and dialog–minor things that tend to make a movie worth watching! This movie begins in the present day with a group of prisoners escaping and heading into the desert. They wander into a strange western town–circa 1870. Now this SHOULD have been their first clue that this was NOT a town where they should stay. But, there are lots of hookers–and these sleazy men have been locked up for some time. So, they stick around for some fun–and in the middle of this, the townspeople become zombies of sorts–and the zombie prostitutes start tearing several of the prisoners apart. However, the townsfolk seem relatively easy to kill–and you don’t even need a head shot! But, there are so many, they still don’t seem to stand a chance. And, after a while, it all becomes more and more boring–as there is NO PLOT–just zombie/vampire/mummy folks trying to kill our anti-heroes. I say zombie/vampire/mummy because they eat flesh (so they must be zombies), they call each other vampires (ditto) and the film has mummy in the title (ditto). Whatever…all I know is that the film was, as I said, like watching a video game. Not much plot, terrible acting and dialog–I can see how it made the Bottom 100 list, but frankly it’s not among the 100 worst films I’ve seen. Isn’t it sad that there are MANY films worse than this?!

  • dve-hnumaan
    dve hnumaan

    Let it never be said that having a low budget necessarily means you have to give up your dreams and go half-assed with things. 7 Mummies is testament to this. Managing to encompass Indian spirituality, zombies, crime thriller leanings, gun-toting action and crazy kung fu mummies in one film is a more than impressive feat.Like the earlier Convent, 7 Mummies main strength is the way it accepts the trappings of it’s genre and throws the kitchen sink in, making an idea that’s been done a million times before feel fresh and new by taking it all to crazy levels. If you like straight to video horror, you can’t really fail with 7 Mummies, it has lots of mad fights with crazy monsters, a genuinely unnerving villain in the always reliable Billy Drago (here kind of reprising his role from Tremors 4 but making him evil) and a whole bucketload of special effects and cool gore.Still, to continue the Convent comparison, 7 Mummies does not display similar leanings toward gross-out humour. It’s a shame really, as some of the movie is so daft that it’s inherently funny. It takes itself pretty seriously, which is a bad idea given how astronomically stupid the movie really is. You’re gonna need your ‘disbelief suspension gear’ on for this one.Also, some of the movie is unnecessarily confusing. I’m pretty damn sure I didn’t find out the characters names until halfway through the film, and characters seem to swing in and out of the main scene an awful lot, which makes your head spin a lot when some are genuinely getting killed off. Add to this the fact that the movie is stylishly but eye-strain inducingly dark, and it’s just as well the movie is a barrel of undead laughs as the storyline regularly gets lost somewhere in the dusk and the lack of dialogue.Still, most of the movie is of a consistently above-average quality. The actors aren’t required to do much aside from run, fight or die, but they do so well, and it’s nice to see Matt Shulze (remember him from Transporter?) and Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever) getting some more lead roles. Billy Drago elevates the quality of the movie purely from his presence alone, and once again proves why he’s the horror-director’s choice.The effects are good too, the zombies are suitably nasty and decomposed looking, and the gore is pretty grim (there’s a lot of nasty stuff in here, including a head smashed like a melon against a wall among others) , making for a good solid old-school feel. Action sequences are handled fantastically, with great choreography and a genuine feel of mayhem to the large OTT fight sequences.So, it’s a fun movie that’s exciting to watch. However, it can get really hard to follow at points, due to the physical amount of stunts and parallel scenes going on, not to mention the darkness of the movie. Worth checking out, you’re unlikely to not find something you’ll enjoy.

  • dalibor-kucera
    dalibor kucera

    Hard core horror fans might be disappointed, but this film has some good action-adventure with an Old West twist, which makes for a fun time. Vampires, ghouls, a decapitated convict, bad-ass Old West Sheriff and deputies, lost gold, all make for an interesting story, much more than your standard slasher flick. The film contains an upbeat score and strong talent, including popular tough guys Matt Schultz and Andrew Bryniarski, Billy Drago as the wicked Sheriff, Danny Trejo as the old Apache, and a couple of hotties, Cerina Vincent and Adrianne Palicki, nice! Rapper NORE plays a decent part as a convict, who looses his head when chased him down off horseback with a cavalry saber! Opens a little slow, but picks up momentum when the convicts get to town, with some good chase scenes and stylized fight scenes choreographed by Hong Kong action director Tony Hueng. Special makeup effects look good, especially the scissors in the eye and decapitation. Definitely worth a look.

  • filip-nemec
    filip nemec

    Having seen a lot of B movies, I can tell you that the idea of criminals on the run with a hostage encountering supernatural horror is not an original idea. But I wouldn’t have minded seeing it again had this effort been well executed – which it isn’t. It’s a slow-moving story, and despite the slow pace the movie doesn’t try to expand on the characters very much. In fact, I don’t think you even learn the names of the prisoners! Movie also suffers from setting most of the movie in near-total darkness, which makes it hard to determine at times just what is going on. The rap and thrash metal songs on the soundtrack also seem out of place.Oh, and if you are thinking of seeing this movie because you are either (or both) a fan of Danny Trejo or Billy Drago, be warned – Trejo just has basically one brief scene, and Drago’s role isn’t that much bigger.

  • hicsonmez-dumanli
    hicsonmez dumanli

    Seven Mummies starts out on a lonely desert road where a police transport vehicle has crashed, the five convicts can’t believe their luck & after killing one guard & taking the other (Carina Vincent) hostage they set off across the inhospitable desert terrain towards the border. En-route they find a gold medallion buried in the ground & an old Indian guy (Danny Trejo) claims that there is a town nearby which is stuffed with gold & they can use the medallion to find it, the escaped convicts need no invitation & before long their at the town which looks like something out of a John Wayne western. They quickly discover that the local population are in fact Vampire like zombies lead by Drake (Billy Drago)…Directed by Nick Quested who also has a role in the film as Deputy Carry I thought Seven Mummies was yet another below average, nothing special, utterly forgettable & stupid low budget shot on digital horror film that steal most of it’s ideas from better films such as From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) amongst others. To be honest I’ve had it with these poorly made, badly thought out, cheap, rubbishy & boring films. I love the horror genre & I’ll watch anything associated with it but there comes a point where you have to say enough is enough, right? There is only so much I can forgive, I mean the script by Thadd Turner is boring, makes no sense, has poor character’s, weak dialogue & a crap ending. The best thing I can say about Seven Mummies is that it’s watchable if you’ve got nothing better to do & it’s reasonably well made, other than that though I’m finding it very difficult to say anything positive about it. In case your wondering there are no Mummies in Seven Mummies, or at least of the typical Egyptian wrapped in bandages mummy, there are a few kung-fu fighting zombie Priests who look more like Monks at the end but there isn’t a bandage in sight I’m afraid.Director Quested does an OK job, the film looks alright although it’s not scary, it has zero atmosphere or tension & it lacks any significant gore or violence either. There’s a decapitation, a couple of stabbings, someone has their eyes poked out (although why this would make you cough up blood from your mouth I don’t know), someone is slashed across the breasts & not much else to get excited about.I have to admit that I was amazed to learn that Seven Mummies had a supposed budget of about $5,000,000, where on earth did all the money go? That’s a lot of money & it certainly doesn’t end up on screen. Martin Kove makes a cameo appearance but gets killed off, Billy Drago deserves better than this & a special mention goes to the babe who gets slashed by Drago as I have no idea what her character name was but she was hot & why did they have to kill her off?Seven Mummies is a pretty poor low budget horror film that offers little, if anything, in terms of entertainment. Maybe I’m being a touch harsh on it as I’ve seen far worse but I’m fed up of wasting my time with crap like this, having said that I’ll still be stupid enough to be the first in the queue when the next low budget piece of crap gets released. It doesn’t even have any real proper mummies in it, honestly…

  • annabel-westerburg
    annabel westerburg

    Two haggard old men are dragging a coffin full of gold coins out in the desert, long story short they’re killed. Fast forward to present day which has 6 convicts escaping when their transport crashes in the same aforementioned desert. Taking the hot prison guard hostage, and on their way to the border of Mexico, they run into an elderly Indian (played by Danny Trejo!!) who tells them of how riches beyond their wildest dreams could be had buried under an old ghost town. They decide to take a detour to get this gold while Trejo laughs… for minutes on end. However all the denizens of said town are a little long in the fang, to say the least. The community headed by Drake (good ol’ Billy Drago) has plans for these convicts. This flick while never something even approaching what someone might deem good, was enjoyable enough…up to a point. That point being when all the illogical nonsense going on got so high that I didn’t know what the hell was going on, much less cared. It would have made an interesting 20 minute short MAYBE, but as a feature film, it meandered too often. Drago was the main draw for this one, as Danny Trejo, normally great, is just plain weird in the movie. Too make matters worse the nudity is very poorly lit.Eye Candy: it’s very darkly lit, but Ananda St. James does bare her humongous rackMy Grade: D+

  • julian-kapciak
    julian kapciak

    For an independent film, this movie has a great cast. The acting is good, the stunts are simple but done well, and the makeup is great.As an inspiring SFX Makeup artist, I enjoyed the makeup and gore effects best. Most of the horror scenes are done with makeup, like the mummies/zombies and the characters that die by zombie attacks and other oddities, but there are a few CGI effects as well.If your an indie horror fan, i would highly recommend checking this out… for a couple hours of your time its worth it!As far as the release date, American World has not given an exact date, but I’ve heard its set for early 2006…Jan/Feb.

  • anthony-wells
    anthony wells

    While being transported through the Arizona desert in a van, six convicted prisoners escapes after a car accident. Their leader kills the security guard and they kidnap a female guard trying to reach the Mexican border. In their runaway, they find a gold medallion and later they reach the house of an old Apache, and they ask the direction to reach Mexico. The Apache tells them that in the opposite direction there is a hidden Spanish treasure. They decide to seek the gold and they stumble in an old ghost town, where the friendly population is formed by vampires and zombies and the local sheriff Drake is evil.”Seven Mummies” has a flawed and messed screenplay, with many unexplained situations, such as what happens when the seven medallions are gathered together? What has happened with the locals when the survivors leave the bar? Who are the two guys that are carrying the coffin in the end? Why the sheriff turned to dust in the sunlight, and then he is apparently “restored” chasing the two guys? Many dialogs are terrible, and I laughed when Travis promises Lacy that they will have a future together. The sequence in the bar recalls the turning point in “From Dusk Till Dawn”. But I have watched many movies worse than “7 Mummies” and IMDb Rating of 1.8 is unfair. I do not dare to recommend this movie, but also I found it funny and entertaining. My vote is five.Title (Brazil): “7 Múmias” (“7 Mummies”)

  • roosa-mustonen-seppa
    roosa mustonen seppa

    Acting – Diabolical Plot, _ Diabolical Dialogue, – Diabolical Lighting – Diabolical, Continuity – you guessed it Diabolical.Need I go on?? How this ever made it straight to DVD is beyond me. It is jaw droppingly awful. I had to watch it all the way through just to see what new depths would be plummeted.The plot jumps around all over the place, for some reason all the “undead” just disappear out of the film at some point for reasons unknown. The lighting looks like its been done by some bloke with a torch (flashlight). I just haven’t enough space to express how awful this was. I recommend that EVERYONE watches this film so that they can say they have watched the worst film of all time. And i thought one I saw in Singapore about a skateboarding monkey was the worst ever….how wrong i was.

  • jose-suarez
    jose suarez

    All I would like to say is better job next time. This movie will probably act as a spring-board for all involved but honestly it is flawed in nearly every aspect.Not to write any spoilers, although talking over the flaws would give some of the story away. So I’ll just write the 6 biggest flaws:1. Title sequence: this goes on for a very long time. Bored me to tears. 2. Sound: most if not all dialogue is inaudible. At times the music tends to totally obstruct everything. 3. Ghost Town: characters are totally unquestioning of their new setting, treating 18th century sheriffs as modern day police. 4. Romance: the two escaping heroes appear to be romantically connected but this is never pursued. 5. Ending: final ending making no sense. 6. Acting: Indian man laughing… if you watch this be prepared for irritation.The camera quality is very poor, but this is a low budget movie so that is be expected. Lot’s of blurring or high frame-rates.Some of the gore is actually well done, however one scene shows blood coming from a gunshot wound to the foot, the blood is far too thin and even has a froth.In general avoid, but if you are into seeing others low budget work, certainly one for inspiration.

  • nikolina-matko
    nikolina matko

    The opening scene is roughly 5 minutes of two men dragging a coffin followed by ten minutes of opening credits (THANK YOU DIRECTORS GUILD). The plot fleshes out fast and simply with not a thought to be wasted figuring it out, sadly it’s a plot more akin to a theme park Halloween show than an actual film. The dialog is blessed with more expletives than Eddy Murphy Raw, while maintaining a fresh ‘I’ve never heard actual conversations’ kind of pace. Now don’t go thinking this film is devoid of personality, why the opening credits star a very talented Tarantula who is for all practical purposes acting very natural. I think probably the most amazing thing about this ‘film’ is that somebody actually funded it and it found it’s way to DVD. HOW? WHY? There are tons of student films made every year that have this film beat in every way possible. Here’s a short list of what can be found here, breasts, vampires, mummies, cowboys and kung fu mummies (which are wicked nimble), all this to a hodge podge of music ranging from uninspired rock to ineffectual rap. Brilliant use of money and B-list actors.

  • janette-juncken-doring
    janette juncken doring

    First let me say I’m sorry for your pain and suffering if you have already seen this movie. The movie is no more than a poor at best attempt of an ongoing subject, Mummies and their curse. I’m still trying to figure out where the title “7 Mummies” comes from. Unless I missed something, which is possible since I had no problem going to the fridge without pausing this waste of time, I only counted 2 mummies. If the movie itself wasn’t enough to make you cringe, the soundtrack will at the very least will give you a “headbanging headache”.The bottom line is that if it weren’t for Cerina Vincent and the “Vamp Tramps”,it wouldn’t have even gotten a 3! The best part of this movie other than looking Ms Vincent was the fact that it is only 80 minutes long. Good thing, I don’t think I could have taken much more.

  • ljubov-malosev
    ljubov malosev

    Nothing special here. A low budget film shot in a low budget place. Bad guys try and take something from worse guys without understanding the price they may have to pay. Escaped convicts fall upon an old Spanish treasure protected by Priests that have become mummies whose soul purpose in death is to protect the treasure. The acting was OK for the most part. The script was nothing special. The camera work was low budget. If you want to see a bunch of people and monsters killing and being killed, then this is for you. Moderate amount of gore. Cerina Vincent was hot in her usual white muscle shirt. Danny Trejo was good, as always, in his character. Billy Drago was born with, and perfected, that creepy bad guy image.

  • julie-peters
    julie peters

    Admitted, I love bad movies (eg. Evil alien conquerors) and horror movies, but this movie was however bad in a REALLY bad way. It made absolutely no sense what so ever, horrible lighting, disastrous camera work, acting, etc…It seems the people writing the script thought of “cool” ideas for a 30 minutes movie and then just filled in the rest with meaningless nonsense. I cannot believe anybody would put their names on this kind of crap.I could go on for pages about how horrible it was, but being the optimist I am, I will mention the only two good things about the movie: It was the first movie I have seen, containing Ninja-Priest-Mummies and it contained quite some large boobies. Besides that it absolutely sucked ass!Do not watch this movie without serious masochistic tendencies!

  • travis-rodriguez
    travis rodriguez

    The title says it all. Danny Trejo isn’t the only similarity between FDTD and this bad copycat. The plot is so similar, the events almost exactly the same, it’s almost funny.It’s starts like a action/criminal movie, and then, in some dark bar, it suddenly turns into a horror type of thing. Sounds familiar???And it even isn’t done very good. The acting is poor, the creatures are poor, hell, even Danny Trejo is poor.So, as a horror fan, I can only give you 1 advice: Keep away from this movie. Actually, keep away from all movies that have “mummy” in their title

  • adam-wenzel
    adam wenzel

    I don’t even know where to begin. Just watching this movie all the way to the end was painful. The plot jumped around non-stop, and it was practically impossible to follow, even though it was incredibly simplistic. Other reviews claimed that the casting and makeup were ‘great’, but I didn’t think that either was especially good. I can’t comment on the ‘stunts’ because there weren’t any that were bigger than someone rolling off a 1-storey roof onto the ground.The lighting throughout the whole movie was horrible, so it was difficult to even see what was going on half the time. The music was poorly chosen and was played so loud that it drowned out the dialog. Although, drowning out the dialog may have been a good thing since the dialog itself was dull and repetitive. The so-called climax of the movie was in fact the most anti-climactic part of the movie.I strongly recommend that anyone considering seeing this movie should NOT see it instead. It’s too bad the vote system won’t accept votes lower than 1.

  • zdravko-kaucic
    zdravko kaucic

    Themovie opens with a horribly lame scene – two men in the desert, no town nearby, no horses, no provisions, and dragging a casket. Right! This is the opening to what becomes and even worse attempt at film making. Poor dialogue, poor story, unbelievable circumstance, and mediocre – at best – make up effects make this one big bomb of a stinker. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE fan of horror and have been since near birth. Love low-budget films since they nearly all contain the raw, gritty edge that Hollywood films almost always lack. But 7 Mummies is not worth anyones time let alone the money they spent to make this. The direction is just plain bad with overly long cut scenes and poor angles that do no justice to the forced story line. Just a big bunch of YUCK!

  • german-zasukha
    german zasukha

    Indeed a copycat as already was written. Makeup is nice, casting great, acting reasonable to good, but the movie itself is very boring. I like the genre but the music isn’t very good, there is no climax building up and the story stretches along slowly. One of the few movies I had to use the FF function to get to at least a little bit of things happening, besides the no good dialogs. Furthermore, metal or hard-rock (whatever it’s called) music is louder then spoken words which made me have to use the volume button more often. Loud music is no warranty for a climax and in this case it causes rather more of an anti-climax and irritation.I suggest you pass this movie or when you’re really a genre-lover, wait until you get it almost for free. No exciting and sitting on the edge of the couch in this one.Still I gave this movie a 3 because of cast, acting, makeup and stuff.