While being transported through the Arizona desert in a van, six convicted prisoners escapes after a car accident. Their leader kills the security guard and they kidnap a female guard trying to reach the Mexican border. In their runaway, they find a gold medallion and later they reach the house of an old Apache, and they ask the direction to reach Mexico. The Apache tells them that in the opposite direction there is a hidden Spanish treasure. They decide to seek the gold and they stumble in an old ghost town, where the friendly population is formed by vampires and zombies and the local sheriff Drake is evil.

Also Known As: 7 Múmias, Oi 7 moumies, Treasure of the Seven Mummies, Legend of Doom, Seven Mummies, Dead Evil, Seitsemän muumion aarre, 7 Mummies, 7 мумий, Οι 7 μούμιες, Skarb mumii

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