A recently married scholar goes on a quest for knowledge of other people’s wives, based on his philosophical differences with the Sack Monk. He encounters the Flying Thief, who agrees to help him find women, but only if he attains a penis as big as a horse’s. The scholar has a surgeon attach said unit, and he’s off and running on his mission, only to find that there are obstacles to his new lifestyle, such as jealous husbands and treacherous females.

Also Known As: Sex and Zen - Il tappeto da preghiera di carne, Секс и дзен: Ковер для телесных молитв, Yuk po tuen: Tau ching bo gam Hong, Yu pu tuan: Tou qing bao jian, Sex and Zen Hong, Sex and Zen, Yuk po tuen: Tau ching bo gam, Sex und Zen

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  • henrique-melo
    henrique melo

    When this movie first came out, I never expected it to be the classic that it has become. It’s really a somewhat unlikely, and silly story about a man who doesn’t know a good thing when he gets one, and ruins his life. Hong Kong actress Amy Yip who was known for her nice figure was the attraction for seeing this movie.The other attraction that was somewhat unexpected was the scene between Rena Murakami, and Isabella Chow. Rena was starring in both Japan, and Hong Kong in the early ’90s, and was a much sought out talent. If you see this scene, you can see why.This movie received lot of endorsement from Hong Kong Penthouse magazine when it first came out, and probably this publicity helped in making it the commercial success that it was.It’s a lavish production for a Cat III movie, and is made very well. The success of this movie seemed to benefit future up coming stars that has appeared in part 2, and 3 of this movie, like Siu Qi. So it had rather wide reaching effect as well.Not an artistic movie, but good entertainment from the ’90s Hong Kong.

  • shawn-romero
    shawn romero

    There’s no Zen here, which someone slapped on the English title, just the sex. A needy imperial scholar goes around trying to have lots of it. We see areolas rubbing together. Two women in all fours share a flute. Calligraphy brushes, whips and chains, some bondage. It has proper decor and costumes, a sense of plot. It’s still Emmanuella stuff.The same thing grates as in all the other skin flicks. Is sex just two bodies slathering together? In a teenager’s mind maybe or if sexy means seeing a boob. Or is it a matter of context you inhabit, in which you change someone? More proper to call it sexual or erotic, it has started long before you enter the room and glows long after. Women know about this more than we do. Mind blowing sex is always with someone you know or can harness yourself in a context in which you do; the rest is monkeying around to extinguish a boner.So what’s sexy about a thing like this? What’s deviant or risky? Cardboard characters who we don’t know in the slightest go around rubbing themselves on each other. One pretends to be ravished, another pretends to be aroused at being whipped. It’s like fake bondage for a Penthouse spread.

  • shot-a-elizbarashvili
    shot a elizbarashvili

    Sex and Zen is the kind of movie that you need to watch without knowing anything about the plot,the characters or any common sense in the real world cause this movie will leave you speechless by the time you finish it and it not because the movie is that groundbreaking but it just need to be see to believe.As a fan of Hong Kong cinema I’m very self aware about how much wacky and bizarre these movie can get but still when I watch Sex and Zen for the first time today it shock me to the core and make me realize how much of a small fish I am compared to the subgenre:”Hong Kong sex comedy”.Seriously this movie make Erotic Ghost Story release 1 year before look like a PG-13 softcore porn and although there no wuxia kung-fu fight it make up back with many over the top and bizarre sex scene that it will make any pervert out there uncomfortable and weird out.if you think I give this movie too much credit than how about watch it for yourself ?

    • ja%e2%80%99kyilah-mccullough
      Ja’kyilah McCullough

      How do you know about sex

  • penny-everett
    penny everett

    Well I don’t know if this is supposed to be a sexcomedy but it is. Man can’t get gorgeous women due to size problems. Man gets transplant from a horse, this sorts out problem but brings many further bizarre difficulties. This is strange Hong Kong Category III movie making as only they can produce.

  • pani-marianna-pietryga
    pani marianna pietryga

    While I have a great fondness for this awful gem, I just don’t buy that bit. Two women? In that position? With a flute? There’s just no way.The first thing that sold me on this movie was the flying medieval thief guy. Everyone knows that any film is made intrinsically better by the inclusion of an amusing flying thief. 😉 The amusing preparation of the young scholar’s wife for her first sexual experience was the second. Especially, the look on Our Hero’s face as he attempts to deal with it!This movie is very silly and surprisingly strenuous in sections; two memorable scenes include a rampant, gymnastic almost-rape among bolts of hanging silk, and an incredible cardiac workout underwater.If you like silly martial arts movies and sex, you will probably enjoy Sex and Zen. It is softcore, so you don’t really see anything more than breasts or the odd bum. The subtitles are unfortunately a little hard to read, but the entertaining action speaks for itself.

  • hege-saether
    hege saether

    Sex and Zen (1992) is one of the most popular of the category III genre films. This film has reached a far more mainstream audience world wide. It has appeared in art house theaters and video stores. To give you an idea about this movie I am going to pose a question for you. What does Amy Yip, a man who loves the ladies and a horse have in common. Alone, nothing at all but watch the movie and you’ll have a good idea. Bizarre erotic fun from Hong Kong (courtesy of Category III). In Cantonese with English sub-titles.Stars Amy Yip, Lawrence Ng, Carrie Ng and Kent Cheung. A strange period piece that’ll have you wanting more. Don’t fret, they made a few more sequels that were even more sexually charged than the first film. For shame the Chinese government put an end to this films. They saved the film making industry (for awhile).Highly recommended.

  • james-melendez
    james melendez

    I wonder what the original title “Yu pu tuan zhi: Tou qing bao jian” means, but the English title “Sex and Zen” sums the movie up nicely, if you translate Zen as “you know, Asian stuff: drinking tea, silly daggers, eating rice, kicking the stuffing out of your opponent”. Sex and Zen is an interesting and genuine Asian twist on your average softcore / erotic skin flick, a tasty offering of steamy sex scenes which are loosely tied together by an story. For my taste, the storytelling was a bit too loose and erratic as I’m a big fan a of plot, narration and development. I found myself wondering somewhere in between the rape scene in the fabrics warehouse and the calligraphy-by-shoving-a-brush-up-your-unspeakables segment how it all fits together. Overall it’s well worth a viewing, but because of the surreal and incongruent storytelling it didn’t really grab me.

  • anya-ayvazyan
    anya ayvazyan

    This is a Category Three film from Hong Kong, and it is explicit in its nudity, carnal desires and all around perversion. What sets it apart from similar films is the production values. The cinematography is very good, the movie is vividly colorful. The film has a general good rhythm to it. It is unabashedly erotic, both with the male and female characters. At the time, this film had to be a revelation, but it still holds up today as a sexually charged drama/comedy. The rating I gave can be anything, meaning it all depends on what you’re looking for in this genre. Suffice to say, everyone looks great (especially the beautiful Amy Yip) and the film was a deserved success when it was released. If you’re adventurous, check it out.

  • shawn-king
    shawn king

    Keep in mind: this isn’t some second rate snuff film. Sex and Zen has a story, has good acting, great costumes and setting. And also, sex.The scholar in the film tries to fulfill his sexual appetites. Lucky guy, right? However, as the story progresses, I kind of felt sympathy for him. There is humor in this one which keeps the film lively. I winced during the operation scene with a funny cameo by Kent Cheng. The thief who helps the scholar adds some comedy as well.Amy Yip really stands in this one. She is unbelievably sexy and her character is played nicely. The other beautiful ladies Isabella Chow and Carrie Ng also light up the screen. The sex scenes aren’t too explicit, but there are some parts where you’d watch in disbelief. The whole scene in the end, S&M, “musical appreciation”…original concepts you’d probably only find in Hong Kong cinema.Overall, the film doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s erotic, funny, and there’s a moral to be learned! Watch it for my hon Amy!!

  • dawn-lewis
    dawn lewis

    “Sex and Zen” is trully a gem. It combines beautifully good looking women with gorgeous bodies, humor, plot, and ending with a moral. I think it inspired after copycat movies to follow, but then none that came after it could achieve the climax “Sex and Zen” had achieved.Without giving too much away, watching “S&Z” is like watching a Hong Kong swordsplay movie but this is on the topic of sex. A trully unique experience that can only come out of Hong Kong movies.A 8/10 on my book.

  • margaret-juarez
    margaret juarez

    I rented this sex comedy a couple of years ago and I was definitely not ready for the fantastic nature of its sex scenes. If you can imagine if the same techniques used for martial arts films applied to an erotic film, you might get a feeling of what this film is like. Sex and Zen is loosely based upon the 400-year old “The Carnal Prayer Mat” and is one of the best known of the Hong Kong Category III erotic films. The plot involves a scholar, played by Lawrence Ng, who believes that enlightenment can be achieved through a hedonistic lifestyle. For some reason, a wealthy man thinks that it is a good idea to arrange a marriage between the scholar and his sheltered, prudish daughter, played by Amy Yip. Yip was famous both for the size of her breasts and her refusal to perform fully nude; a body double is used in particular shots. After the scholar has introduced his new wife to the pleasures of sex, he is soon tempted by other men’s wives. Unfortunately, his efforts to woo these women are hampered by both his poor staying power and his undersized genitals. In order to be a more effective seducer, the scholar agrees to undergo a rather extreme surgical procedure to enhance his abilities. Following the operation, the scholar undergoes a sexual odyssey while leaving his wife neglected at home.This is a sex comedy and the humor can best be described as adolescent, although I must admit that I chuckled a few times. However, the film’s raison d’etre is its lovemaking scenes. The sexual encounters in this film start out as “merely” vigorous and then escalate to the physically impossible and then to the gleefully excessive. What “The Blues Brothers” did for car crashes, this film does for sex scenes. There are several distinctions between this kind of filmmaking and Western erotic films. First of all, the women in Sex and Zen are stunningly, naturally attractive and don’t have any silicone implants to detract from their beauty. Moreover, the film has significant production value. Whereas murky photography is used in sex scenes in most American films, here vivid colors are used in the art direction, costuming, and cinematography. As a result, the film has a surreal, fantastic sort of atmosphere. Sex and Zen also deviates from vanilla sexuality and includes elements of sadomasochism, lesbianism, and bondage, although all of this is carried out in a playful, nonrealistic manner. Also, like most erotic films, this is geared mostly towards heterosexual males but there is a bit of male nudity and simulated male genitalia for any women or gay males who might be interested.Finally, a couple of caveats. An “R” rated version of this film can be found at many Blockbuster stores. Although this was enough to impress me on the first viewing, the editing was clumsy and the unrated film has much juicier comedic and erotic bits (such as misplaced genitals, an unorthodox way for two women to use a flute, an interesting bit of toe-sucking, etc.) The unrated VHS and DVD versions give you the full effect of the film. Also, there is a scene in which a man rapes his wife that is performed in the same surreal erotic manner as the rest of the film. Although this initially seems unenlightened, given the overall comic fantasy tone of the film, it’s hard to be too offended. Overall, this is a well made piece of erotica recommended for those looking for something different.