In 1993, the IRA member Collette is arrested in the London tube after leaving a bomb in the facility. MI-5 Agent Mac offers a deal to Collette to become an informer. She accepts the agreement to protect her son and in return Mac offers a new identity to her after a period working for the MI-5. Soon Mac learns that his superior Kate Fletcher is using Collette to protect her mole inside the Irish organization. Mac tries to find the identity of the informer and protect Collette.

Also Known As: Kryptonim: Shadow Dancer, Čovjek iz sjene, Kettős játszma, Nombre en clave: Shadow Dancer, Igrač iz senke, Shadow Dancer, Ο χορός των κατασκόπων, Тайный игрок, Dança das Sombras, Plesalka v senci, Agente doble: Shadow dancer, O horos ton kataskopon, Des ombres au soleil, Doppio gioco, Gölgede Dans, Танцьор със сенките, Árnyjátékos, Agente C - Dupla Identidade, Agente doble

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