After the sudden death of her father leaves a teenage girl without a family, she becomes lost in her own anger and sadness. Her family doctor (Daryl Hannah) informs her that her father had a secret, that the mother she never knew (Claire Forlani) was alive and well. When she travels to meet her, she befriends a horse trainer (Colletti, Stephen) and discovers that in caring for the horse, she is able to overcome her hardships and emotional trauma. Together they begin to win many races and upset the favorites, owned by an egocentric mogul (Eric Roberts). Through the victories and new friendships she forms, she learns to find her way back to happiness.

Also Known As: Shannon szivárványa, Wyścig po szczęście, Dès le premier regard, Ein Pferd fürs Leben, L'incredibile gara, Shannon's Rainbow, Amazing, Amazing Racer, La course d'une vie, Imparables, Aprendendo a Viver

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