With the sweet smell of blood still lingering in the water after the encounter with the lethal predator in Shark Attack (1999), the marine biologist, Dr Nick Harris, finds himself fighting a losing battle. As the oceanic monster escapes from Cape Town’s theme park, Water World, and joins a school of six mutated great white sharks, once more, helpless swimmers fall prey to the invincible apex predators. Now, there’s no turning back, and Nick has to team up with the experienced Australian shark hunter, Roy Bishop, and the beautiful Samantha Peterson to put an end to this nightmare. Is there a way to stop the second wave of the deadly shark attacks?

Also Known As: Atak rekinów 2, Shark Attack - The Killer Is Back, Shark Attack II South, Shark. El demonio del mar, Shark Attack 2, Τα Σαγόνια του Τρόμου 2, Žralok útočí 2 Czech, L'attaque des requins tueurs, Ta sagonia tou tromou 2, Rykliai vel puola, ディープ・ライジング, Tubarões 2, Bestie z morza powracaja, Акулы 2, Tubarões Assassinos 2, Shark Attack II, El ataque de los tiburones 2, Lo squalo bianco, Gyilkos cápák 2., Attaque du requin 2

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