Twenty-four million years ago, the gigantic Megalodon, a 20-tonne killing machine with a 10-foot gaping bite, ruled the prehistoric oceans; but, thankfully, it became extinct. However, when the marine biologist, Cat Stone, discovers a massive shark tooth off the Mexican coast, her worst fears surface–the most menacing creature to ever rule the waters is still alive and mercilessly feeding on anything that crosses its path. Now, as the massive beast terrorises the workers during the maintenance on an underwater cable, they must hunt the fierce oceanic killer and destroy it, before there is no one left to stop it. Is there an escape from the jaws of terror?

Also Known As: Rykliai puola: megalodonai, El ataque de los tiburones III, Shark attack 3 - emergenza squali, Ta sagonia tou tromou 3, Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, Atak rekinów: Megalodon, Lidožrout Czech, Ta sagonia tou tromou 3 - O megalodontis, Žralok útočí 3: Lidožrout Czech, Deep Rising: Conquest, Terror en el abismo, Τα Σαγόνια του Τρόμου 3: Ο Μεγαλοδόντης, Hamleye Koose 3: Megalodon, Gyilkos cápák 3: Őslények tengere, Tubarões 3, ディープ・ライジング コンクエスト, Τα Σαγόνια του Τρόμου 3, Shark Attack III, Samudranka Aatank, Shark Attack III: Megalodon, Shark Attack 3, Акулы 3: Мегалодон

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